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  1. Davis1891


    It’ll be interesting to see what Treliving has planned for this situation. He can be unpredictable sometimes
  2. Davis1891


    Agreed, as long as it’s more of a filler for Rittich (and anyone else in the pipes) to continue to grow as opposed as a mentor role. If he shines, then it’s an added bonus
  3. Davis1891


    It’s a little higher then what I hoped for, 2.25 max is what I thought. I’m okay with it though.
  4. Davis1891


    I’m not seeing anything posted anywhere that he’s actually signed, can you tell me what his contract is?
  5. Davis1891


    I’m thinking someone should create a fight club thread to take these types of arguments into, instead of clogging up the hockey talk.
  6. Dallas; No way Dallas trades Seguin for JH, they already have Benn as LW. Maybe Monahan ++, so basically overpayment. Anaheim; No to Getzlaf. Flat out no unless it’s for something cheap. He’s too old for a JH trade (33) and injuries are beginning to plague him. New Jersey; I’m torn on Hall. I’d like to see him here, but I don’t think he’s ever played a full season due to injuries. I’d rather stick with JH here. Tampa bay; Theres a slim possibility that maybe Tampa Bay might be willing to do something drastic to shake things up. JH for Stamkos? I’d love to see Point or Kucherov but I highly doubt they’re on the table, I think I might be okay with Stamkos which moves Mony down to our 2nd line, and Backs to our 3rd, which is where both belong. I’d probably move Tkatchuk up to 1st with him and then see who else meshes with him, maybe Neal if we can’t find any takers.
  7. Davis1891


    I don’t post a lot, but I’ve been a lurker for years and always respected what FF always had to say. Very sad news. RIP Larry. I’ll have a drink in your honour tonight.
  8. If we're sending Monahan anywhere, it should be to the Isle's to bring Tavares back this way.
  9. Is this worth worrying over, or just political maneuvering?
  10. Davis1891


    So we could lose him if he's having a stellar season, and up for an injury recall/sent back down after. That's too bad
  11. Davis1891


    a question about waivers... I know Ortio has to clear waivers to be sent back down, but what happens, say, mid season we have an injury? Does he have to clear waivers to come back up, and again when he's sent back down after said injury?
  12. I can't imagine he'd come cheap. I couldn't even guess on what it'd take to pry him out of the leafs, but it'd probably leave our cupboards barren. I've heard, over the past few years, that he's difficult to coach. Wether it's true or not, I'd rather not sell our future to take that chance.
  13. I don't see us trading wideman at the tdl. Who replaces him next season? Sieloff? Wotherspoon? Neither will be ready for top 4d minutes next season. Even if we get a prospect back in the trade, it'll be the same problem for him as the other 2 I mentioned. What few D prospects won't be ready to replace his role, if ever.
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