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  1. Assuming there is an expansion, that will water down the defense even more already we see there aren't nearly enough top pairing defenseman to go around. Add that the NHL will be looking for ways to increase goal scoring, be it calling more penalties (one idea is no leaving your feet to block a shot). Making the nets just a little wider, or making goalie equipment smaller. Or Bringing the off side line back a couple feet to give teams on the pp more room to work with etc... One idea I actually don't mind is making icing still exist on the pk. Put more pressure on the PK, and would make pp's last longer. Anyways I think will see scoring go back up not to what it was but at least have players in the 120-130 point and that will allow players to spread the gap a little as right now there isn't much difference between the player leading the league and the player in 35th place in points etc....
  2. I agree, if the Oilers don't bring in 1 first pairing and 1 second pairing defenseman, then there's almost no chance they make the playoffs next season. Nurse will have ups and downs, I do think Klefbom will improve but you still need a lot of depth add to that injuries, Chiarelli has a lot to do, as for the goaltending I think if you fix the defense the goaltending isn't as much of an issue, Fasth, Scrivens, Dubnyk etc... all looks fine on teams with defense the problem with goalies as soon as you lose confidence you're going to let in bad goals, and as soon as the defense doesn't trust there goalie they are going to play hot potato making even more turn overs. It's a catch 22. I don't expect the Oilers to come in and be a top 5 team in the west. But I think they will be around 10th most of the season and maybe if they are lucky they will at least be competing for 1 of the wild card spots.
  3. If the Flames had the 1st overall pick, as a fan would you consider trading him? I actually would trade him for OEL, Domi, Gormley, (the 4th over all pick) and Arizona's next 2 first round picks. But from an owners point of view the value you get in people wanting to see your team the what "if" the jersey sales etc...... The pick really is priceless, and yes he could blow out a knee next series, but he comes with the potential of seeing something people have never seen before. Whether that happens or doesn't is what makes sports so great. But it isn't just Mcdavid the Oilers are adding, they have Nurse and Draisaitl with Mcdavid are 3 of probably the best 10 players in the CHL. They have a 16th overall pick. Could the Oilers still finish bottom 5 next year sure, of course Vegas probably won't think so.
  4. I like the Belov signing any cheap free agent signings you make, means less you have to give up in trades. We need more mean players.
  5. Haha I'm a die hard Oilers fan and that definitely made me laugh out loud, I just hope the potty training looks better then the diaper changing.
  6. ^ Intent does matter, otherwise Hansen would have got 5 games and Cooke would have got like 30 games. I still thought Cooke should have got 1 or 2 games you should be responsible for your skate. Technically he was leading with his shoulder knee and hip, I still agree a suspension was warranted though.
  7. I thought 1 game would be enough send a message, impossible to know the exact intent but late in a 3-1 game one can draw some conclusions. Hate to miss Hall for 2 games and even though the puck is close Clutterbuck was looking the other way it's a devastating hit, I hope he has a speedy recovery but I certainly wouldn't mind a little bitterness between these teams again. Hall will definitely be in line for his second nhl fight soon.
  8. I think John Mccarron will be the best NHL player from the 2012 draft. I may not know as much about drafting or scouting or hockey as Feaster but that's my hypothesis. Any one with double C and double R's in there name must be legendary.
  9. I think Daryl Katz wants to ensure the Oilers are a very very profitable team not by cutting corners he wants the best team on the ice with the best facility, etc... making the Oilers one of the premier hockey teams and atmosphere's he just doesn't want to pay for it but wants to make all the money from it. We may all think he is an idiot, rude and arrogant, but what he is, is a damn good CEO. He isn't making any friends but if he gets everything he wants the Oilers will not only be in Edmonton long term they will have tons of cash be able to luxuriate there players and spend to the cap every year. While obviously illegally donating generous donations to a party looks awful I actually don't believe it had anything to do with the Oilers, there are a lot of changing laws in the pharmaceutical business ,just as seedy, but I believe his donations were to aid him in his over the counter drug empire. Where he actually makes money.
  10. I think Eager could be a lot more beneficial this season especially if our new coach lets him play his game. Plus a player like Eager isn't that effective on a team that constantly loses.
  11. Hey Eager is willing to fight a more then likely larger bouncer, maybe he will fight on the ice this season. I wouldn't be to concerned about a bar brawl until the whole story gets out, amazingly enough drunk people when giving statements tend to exaggerate. Now there's a chance Eager was completely out of line and should be charged but I'll wait till there's more information before I have an opinion.
  12. The Oilers were spending close to the cap up until the last 2 years.
  13. You can add me, I feel like we are kindred already soley based on your name, Alice In Chains is probably my all-time favorite band!! Whale and Wasp BABY!!!