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  1. is gillis incompetent or why does nobody want to go there thusfar... all these havlat/gaborik/hossa etc etc etc rumours and they sign...samuelsson... they want, puck moving d-man...rumours of..J-Bo, Beaucheman, Oduya, Anyone....there obly defensive move...let Ohlund walk...lol. now i the biggest Canucks fan wish i can hear is Cam Barker, and thats not gonna happen since the goof up in chicago isnt going to result in the dismanteling of a solid organization.
  2. please if all your going to say is flames >canucks...dont bother posting it, it doesnt help or proove anything and nobody can really bring an rguement against that for credible reasons besides...we all know this anyways i dont see how anyone thinks vancouver will be betetr next year... the canucks figured they need a top 6 legit forward...they signed samuelson who only had 40 points to a 2.5 million contract...thanks but glencross does that for 1.2, and not for the red wings who make everyone better. they also said they need a top defenceman/puck moving d-man...not only have they not signed one, they let a very solid d-man walk away... so...in making a plan...and sticking too it (THUS FAR) they get an F. calgary feels they needed...a new coaching staff and system....they work some sutter magic to bring in a highly regarded coach with a defensive mind...+1 calgary needs a puck moving d-man...not only do they sign one, they sign the most coveted free agent on the market...and all they gave away was one of new jerseys trades....(uncle lou, thanks for this off season) for this...they get a A+ now even if they the nucks do sign a free agent d-man whom they need....and even if it is beacheman, the best of the rest....hes STILL not as good of way to fulfill your needs, like calgary did, and you STILL let a very good d-man walk away. i fail to see any nucks upgrades yet. now i know what is going to be said here..."we won the NW and played better" etc etc etc..."you have cap issues" A) do you forget the lead we had for the majority of the season and how much better we were for a large part? and as it would wind up...we both lost easily to the same team... a cap issue remains to be seen and im sure darrly has learned his lesson. (if one person says omg you let cammi go, you fail, jokinen IS his replacement, not to mention phaneufs former coach will bring pahenuf back and get more out fo him, bouwmeester adds some offence, and bourque being healthy is good for some more....now your gonna say .."hes injury prone"...well....seeing as no hockey has yet to be played, and this whole thread is based on ON PAPER....everyone is healthy right now) okay nucks fans...now its your turn to tear me apart
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