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  1. Flame111, what about Potter 1yr @700 and Diaz 1yr @750? Also I believe that Raymond will turn out to be his worst contract as we had/have no defensive depth when Engelland was signed and his play has gotten better when moved away from Smid. I see him(Engelland) as being a good not great #5 as he has done okay with top 4 minutes but should not be there all year. As for Raymond I have a hard time slotting him in our lineup next year, I know some of you will say he was here to replace Cammalleri's production but we were and are in a rebuild so why did we need to do that? We could have played someone else there but that is another topic. I am very interested as to how he does this offseason, draft included since I don't think he had much impact in last years other that picking off the list(didn't really have time to help create it), as I believe it will be very interesting and pivatol to our future. Edit; I agree with the above with regard to Baertschi as he is the player I think could have and should have gotten Raymonds spot, still open to trading him but maybe we could have gotten more if he was in the NHL, don't think he could have been drastically worse. I just don't see Raymond as playing the style of hockey we are trying to build go forward.
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