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  1. Based on groupings and the presser by Treliving, the Flames may carry 3 goalies to avoid any issues in case of injury. Sounds like Parsons knew he has no shot at the big club so didn’t bother coming to camp. Just headed straight to Stockton to get ready for AHL duty.
  2. The Thomas signing puts the Blues 1.2 ish mil over the cap. Demoting any one of Bozak, MacEachern or Clifford won’t clear enough cap. Likely Frolik and Neal, both on PTOs, will get cut. Sanford, Barbachev or Sundqvist need demotion to be compliant. If the Flames traded for either Barbachev or Sundqvist, the Blues would need to take back around 450 and 950k respectively at least to fit in Flames cap once demoting Froese. Should we do Ritchie and Phillips for Barbachev? I would prefer Sundqvist but Ritchie wouldn’t be enough and the next closest would be Dube who costs too much for The Blues. Maybe add in a third round pick for Salary retention on Sundqvist? Just thinking aloud.
  3. Well the idea may be there, the offer is nuts. Tkachuk is young, a skilled player already with good results and intangibles. He has also been primarily healthy and currently is on an ok contract for next season. Yes Monahan had a down year, but has a cap friendly contract for 2 years. He also wants a 1st round pick? The 3 for an often and currently serious (neck needing surgery) injury a with 10 mil cap hit who openly requested a trade? No thank you. Tkachuk is close in value to Eichel, Monahan is not just a cap dump candidate and a 1st round pick? No way. I would expect Eichel plus for Tkachuk and Monahan without including a first from Calgary.
  4. Big RHS power forward with a G, assist and a few big hits in his first BOA game who can skate, good hands and good hockey sense? Sounds like someone the Flames have needed for a while. One year of Walker Dueher in the AHL for extra seasoning and we could end up with a really solid piece in a couple years.
  5. The allowed offer sheet could be interesting depending on what happens this season. No Gaudreau extension, no playoffs, no real success, it wouldn’t surprise me to see this done although we would need to qualify him at least which he might take which is a raise from his current 7. I guess we will see what happens, but I won’t be surprised if he is no longer a Flame with or without Gaudreau next season.
  6. I get the whole balance thing and that is mostly my point. How can you have balance is you have 2 players eating a quarter of your salary cap? I agree that the Flames are LW heavy and could afford to move out one of Gaudreau, Tkachuk or Mangiapane without really missing a beat if it brings back a top C or RW. Brady is a LHS like Matthew and is listed as C/LW. Having both Tkachuk brothers does not create balance. If holding out in order to get more pay is a negotiating tactic, that doesn’t sound like a team leader move for me. Working only for personal benefit to possibly hurt the team does not a captain make.
  7. Yep, Matt is basically saying he will play hardball and is happy to hold out again to get his way. I would be happy to move him for a good return. What would be value for him? Trading with the blues, they only have 1.5 million in cap space, once demoting 1 D man, so would need to send equal cap back as they can’t even sign Thomas. The biggest problem for the trade is that the blues love to give out NTCs. Only players over 5 mil with no NTC are O’Reilly (their Captain), Buchnevich (LSW) and Parayko (RD just re-signed) at least one of whom would need to be included. Tarasenko would be nice, but has an NTC and is an alternate captain. Flames have about 1.8 million in cap space once they send Froese down, likely not enough for a Thomas signing if he is included. Would 2.5 million do for Thomas? Kyrou had better O stats last season and makes 2.8 on their team. So the Flames would have a couple of choices to make a move with the Blues, but would it be worth it? They can trade in a way that uses Flames cap space to allow the Blues to sign Thomas, or take back less cap hit in order to have cap to sign Thomas if he is included. To St. Louis Tkachuk To CGY Buchnevich (5.8) Thomas (RFA) Or Kyrou On the fence with this option as Buchnevich is good, but does it do enough? Ottawa has plenty of cap space, but do they really want to negotiate with 2 Tkachuk brothers? They have over 24 million in space to sign Brady and a 13th. Especially since they can demote a D for a little more, so they could easily carry the Brothers moving forward. Stutzle, Brown and Zub are the contracts up in 2 seasons which could affect the cap. At least 1 would be needed in return and other pieces to balance things out. I am going to spitball an idea, not sure if it would fly but who knows. To Ottawa Tkachuk (7 mil, RFA) LW/RW Ritchie (900k, UFA) RW Phillips (750k, RFA) C minors To Calgary Brown (3.6 mil, 2 UFA) RW Lassi Thomson (863k, 3 RFA) RD minors Conditional 2022 1st round pick (2023) 2022 3rd round pick Sens have the cap, and without Brown have more space in 2 years for Stutzle and Zub, even with the brothers both in the 8-10 range. Ritchie gives them the extra forward with experience for this season. Phillips likely has a better chance with the Sens than Flames due to size and roster. Basically used to balance a bit. Flames get a top 6 RW, an almost ready RD prospect and a couple of picks plus almost 4 mil cap space for future trades. Neither trade is perfect, and some fans will argue Tkachuk is worth more, but Brown is a bargain contract and the Blues have little other choice. Both moves remove a future headache and pain in the wallet, brings back proven talent and young talent. Not sure either one is the way to go.
  8. I think I have made my view clear with all the Eichel talk. M. Tkachuk is up for contract renewal and based off these comments, he will be looking for a raise. A combination of the brothers in the 8-10 mil range without a higher salary cap would handicap the Flames signing other players. For me, less than a tenth of the team should not make almost a quarter of the Salary cap. If Ottawa or St.Louis want to pull a Toronto or Edmonton, go ahead but I don’t want that in Calgary.
  9. The goalies likely for the games and practices. One is going back to Red Deer. Without them, Wolf is the only prospect available in net. College players ineligible for the camp. Basically a way to see what they have without any commitment and backup for Wolf.
  10. bosn111


    The Flames re-structured the goalie coaching staff back in December. Sigalet is now Director of goalie staff, basically overseeing from the top including drafting. LaBarbera is now NHL goalie coach with Speer being the AHL and prospect coach based in Stockton. Speer was formally head of US national hockey goalie development. I think we have less to worry with Sigalet and development now. I would say we have some goalies to be excited about, but also need to be realistic about odds. I honestly think Parsons is essentially out of the picture for the Flames unless he all of a sudden shines in camp and to start the season. I would think that they are hedging their bets with one of Wolf, Chechelev or Sergeyev to develop into a starter in 3-4 seasons. None of them are ready to be back up to Markstrom so they grabbed Vladar while Werner likely gives AHL experience in net to keep pressure off of whoever comes in to play (looks like Chechelev). Wolf likely overage back in Junior, Parsons loaned out or traded. Sergeyev in USHL.
  11. bosn111


    In the history of the Flames, including Atlanta, they have only drafted 5 goalies who have played more than 100 games in the NHL, only 3 of whom did it for the Flames, the last one being Kidd in the 90s. They drafted Anderson, but he didn’t sign and re-entered the draft. Krahn had potential to be an all star but was derailed by injuries, bad luck. Broissoit could still hit 100 GP, but not with Calgary. Wolf is the next option as it appears Parsons fell to the same injury curse as Krahn.
  12. bosn111


    So looking at goaltending, what I see as the depth based on Elite prospects would be NHL Markstrom Vladar AHL Werner Parsons Wolf (could play overage in Junior) Chechelev USHL Sergeyev ECHL Shortridge Greenfield Due to the crease congestion, I could see Wolf playing as overages in Junior, especially with last season being so short. That still leaves 3 goalies fighting for 2 spots on the Heat or being loaned out. I would think we may see Parsons get loaned out from the start, or maybe after a few games to see if he can step up. I just have no real idea what they will do with the extra goalies.
  13. bosn111


    Chechelev signed AHL contract with Stockton. Adds more intrigue to the depth and who plays where.
  14. If you trade Monahan without getting Eichel or Dvorak, the team will be a little behind in terms of C depth, but not in a terrible way. You would still have Lindholm and Backlund as 1/2 which is similar to when the Flames had Monahan and Backlund 1/2. Lindholm, Monahan and Backlund 1/2/3 is good C depth but is less effective without adequate support, so it depends what the return for Monahan would be. Monahan strictly for futures (the compensation picks) would not immediately solve holes on RW, leave a hole at 3C but would provide cap space for further moves. If Monahan is moved for a top 6 RW then I think the team would be in a better situation. The biggest issue I see is I think we are over valuing Monahan’s trade value. 2 down years, moderate cap hit and injury history likely brings down his value for other teams. As fans and for Treliving, that means he is more valuable to keep for now. I think Ruzicka should be fine as a 4C, working up to 3C but he is not going to replace any of our top 3 at this time.
  15. If I were to do a direct comparison, I would think it would be: Valimaki > Branstrom > Kylington because Branstrom has 17 points in 63 games over 3 seasons. Valimaki has 14 points in 73 games but only 2 seasons and Kylington has 16 points in 95 games over 4 seasons. The big benefit for Branstrom is RD but he is only 5’9. Mangiapane > White > or = Dube. Mangiapane is better goal scorer and better defensively than White with similar points per game and a better cap hit. White benefit of RS only. Dube could still pass both Mangiapane and White but current stats and usage put him a little lower maybe. Zary > Or = Pelletier > Grieg. Grieg is a late first round pick, essentially a junior player under 6 ft LW. Z and P both listed at C with better stats other than size for P. Flames don’t have a Thomson equivalent, closest would be Kuznetsov but I would put Thomson as higher due to stats, draft spot, RS and experience. Philip > Kelly > Kirkland based on stats and shot. Not likely to be much more than possible call up due to other players. So I would consider Kylington, Dube, Pelletier, Philip and a 1st would be a better offer based on stats. If Thomson is available, I would see what Ottawa would want in return.
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