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  1. Who in the west does Gaudreau get you? Not trading him to Edmonton or Vancouver. Colorado has too many FAs and they won’t consider Mackinnon, Landeskog, Johnson or Makar. Neither Donskoi nor Compher are enough, not even together. So Colorado is really a no go. SAN Jose and L.A. both going full rebuild so doubtful trading Johnny to them. Dallas maybe, but they likely would need to send an aging Pavelski to clear cap. Vegas I don’t see a trade based on who they might give up. Nashville and Minnesota don’t play Gaudreau style. Jets won’t move Laine, Connor, Scheifele or Ehlers. I just don’t see the trades in the west either due to not enough return or no need for teams to dump cap. Unless Flames choose time go back to rebuild rather than retool, it isn’t likely that Johnny or Monny are traded in the west.
  2. I appreciate that both players are likely cornerstone players and therefore more difficult to acquire if at all. I highly doubt both players go. Admittedly the ask to add Eberle was more cap reasons and the fact that he is one player who is possibly available for the right price. I wonder who you see as potential buyouts to make cap space? As I pointed out, they only really have about 10 mil to work with. I expect Pulock to be in the 5 Range like Hanifin and Barzal will be likely 6+ so that already is more than cap space without goalie either Greiss or replacement. The only players I see as even possible buyouts, who then need replacements are Boychuk and Leddy on D (both highly unlikely), Ladd at forward is the only one I see as likely and that is only 5.5, keeping them very close to the cap ceiling once they put in another LW and G. I also think that Bennett and Jankowski style have value for untapped potential. Both were 1st round picks and may be seen by some clubs as used incorrectly by the Flames. I would expect Bennett to be a top 6, but with Monahan and Backlund locking up C and Gaudreau locking up top line then adding Tkachuk, he never really had a shot except on RW where he is not very comfortable. Jankowski has been relied on mostly defensively in a 3rd/4th line role. Given free reign with better players he may show more offence. Again log jam at C reduces that shot. Would it make more sense then as follows: To CGY Pulock rights Ho Sang Ladd To NYI Kylington rights Bennett Conditional 2nd on Pulock signing Flames don’t need Ladd but if he is the cap dump that gets us Pulock? We then bury or buy him out. Benny gives NYI an energy LW with upside for less cap hit and shorter contract, Kylington is an NHL ready D with upside. Pulock is the most proven young player of the deal and helps the Flames in a position they really need at RD. Ho-Sang is a sideshow that NYI want to move but Flames might make him work on RW. That would leave Calgary more options if they chose to move Gaudreau and or Monahan as to the return they would need.
  3. I know that I will need help on specifics for this trade and I think it really depends on playoff performance by both teams, but I see this as a combination of a hockey trade and a financial one. As long as the cap stays flat, The Islanders only have about 10 mil space next year. They need a goalie, 2 D and a forward within that space or they need to move salary. They currently have Barzal (centre) and Pulock (RD) as RFA looking for likely significant pay bumps. They also don’t appear to have either 1st or 2nd round picks this year. So my suggestion is to target either of Barzal or Pulock with the same trade pieces. Either would be great adds to the Flames. As still need to sign, cost is a little lower trade wise. Flames have 17 mil or so space for goalie, 4 D and 4 F though mainly bottom 6 needed to fill. Most of those contracts can be filled fairly low cost. My suggestion therefore would be: To CGY Rights to Barzal OR Pulock Rights to Ho-Sang Eberle To NYI Bennett?? Rights to Kylington Rights to Jankowski Prospect 2nd round pick This works because it gives NYI more cap space without creating holes, CGY improves on the right side with Eberle and Ho-sang (maybe), either Barzal or Pulock would be big improvements on either Jankowski or Kylington respectively. Gaudreau Monahan Lindholm Tkachuck Barzal Eberle Magiapane Backlund Dube Lucic Ryan Ho-Sang? or Giordano Pulock Hanifin Andersson Valimaki ?? Looks better to me. Thoughts?
  4. I don’t really know what it would take or how the Flames should go about making things work. Obviously there is something missing and as we move forward, decisions need to be made . This off season looks to be a back end mainly off season (goal and D). Flames have Brodie, Hamonic, Gustafsson, Forbort and Stone all UFA and Kylington RFA on D. That leaves Giordano, Hanifin, Andersson and Valimaki as the only D signed. Flames need 3 more D either signed, traded for or re-signed. They also need 4 forwards and a G as Talbot is UFA. Assuming that the cap stays flat, the Flames have just under 17 million to fill those holes. I am happier with Hanifin than others on here since he is signed long term, is only 23 and his cap hit is good for a top 4D. That said, I am also not stuck on keeping him. I would like to see what he could do alongside a Pietrangelo type player rather than a Hamonic. If we could sign Pietrangelo, that would be a huge step forward. I would be interested in seeing what it would take to get Gustav Lindström out of Detroit (21 year old RD). They are light on LD and heavy on RD, would rights to Kylington and Jankowski work for Lindström and a 2nd? (Detroit has 3). It could have our D as Giordano/ Andersson Hanifin / Pietrangelo Valimaki / Lindström ?? More balanced top 4, younger overall but lots of talent and potential. Pick up someone more veteran for the 7th D man for cheap like a Beaulieu or something. Just a thought.
  5. Cherry said a lot more than just "you people". The biggest issue around the whole Don Cherry firing is that people are focused on those two words and not the remainder of what was said. He I fact said "You people, who come here, and enjoy our milk and honey"... It is the whole "you people, who come here" which showed it as being about immigrants, not just the "you people". People who have focused on the simply "you people" are those who have only read the stories and did not see the actual clip. As for what Treliving said, he was far more general and was in fact likely referring to the media as "you people" as there was no further indication of who he was directing the comment at (In fact having watched the clip, I believe he nodded his head towards the media as he spoke those words.).
  6. bosn111

    Burn it Down?

    I get what you are saying about my choice in particular players. They were an example of how to go after players that may not be all stars per se, but fill in roles by doing what is essentially a 2+ for 1 type deal. My thinking is that Tkachuk could already take over the top line LW spot without dropping too much offensively after Gaudreau. Therefore I do not expect a single player back of Gaudreau caliber, but if 1 player can take over Tkachuks current spot plus add a second player who is an upgrade on RW and add a pick / prospect, then that type of trade still makes sense. When you say that the Isles have plenty of cap space, it is if they are able to move cap out to sign Barzal. They currently have 5.5 mil cap space. They will need to re-sign Barzal, Pulock and a G and either re-sign Martin and Brassard or their replacements. The only UFAs are Greiss (3.333), Martin (2.5) and Brassard 1.2. Barzal currently makes under 900k so at 9 mil, that is more than an 8 mil increase and you know Pulock as an RFA will get a decent raise as well. When added together, they have 12.5 mil for raises for Barzal and Pulock, plus signing a goalie and 2 forwards. If Barzal eats 8 mil of that, Pulock gets even 2 mil extra, then they only have 2.5 for a goalie and 2 forwards. That is not big cap space when they already have almost 6 mil cap buried in Ladd and Hickey. The perceived cap space they have doesn't really exist when you work out the math. Eberle and Ladd contracts are anchors for them to be able to re-sign anyone short or even over the next 3-4 years. This means that even if they get Barzal and Pulock re-signed, it gets harder to re-sign Beauviller and others moving forward. While Beauvillier has lower numbers than Tkachuk, he appears to be a 20-30 goal range player, playing middle 6 minutes, consistently in the + of +/ - at only 22 years old. He is signed for 1 more year at 2.1 and then is likely looking in at least the 5-6 mil range. Pulock plays in the low 20 minute range per game on average with 2 games over 25 minutes. At 25 years old, he is consistently a + D man, He may not chew up the offensive points but 9 goals and 37 points is not bad last season. He takes few penalties and the majority of his points are 5 on 5. Less than a third of his points are on the PP. If he isn't a top pair D then at the very least, he is a quality pair 2nd line RD who would be one of our biggest D men at 6'2, 217. Only Hanifin and Stone are taller and none are listed as heavier. Most seasons, Brodie is over a third of his points on PP, and his point totals are basically equal to Pulock's with 2 years 14/15 and 15/16 being slightly higher. Pulock is 4 years younger than Brodie. So basically Pulock is a bigger, RH version of Brodie stats wise who gets a bit less PP time and slightly better 5 on 5 results for currently lower money. Beauvillier may be a little behind Tkachuk and Gaudreau in points but at 22 he is on the rise. These 2 are really the target of my suggested trade, not Eberle who I just noticed has a NTC clause anyways. Eberle was more of a cap balance who could play middle 6 rather than a direct target. If you think he doesn't really add to the trade, what about Josh Bailey instead? I just don't see Bailey being available as he appears to be their top line RW. What other teams would you look at, and which players that would look at making similar moves? Brodie is not likely getting a huge increase contract wise but on many teams is a serviceable D man. Looking at upcoming RFA needs, and teams who are likely looking to add around the TDL to push in the playoffs are those who might consider adding Gaudreau, Monahan or Brodie. You are not getting young players, prospects or picks from teams that are rebuilding unless they are considered to be on the edge of finishing their rebuild. Washington - Backstrom, Gundas and Holtby going UFA, no core RFA's to sign. Not a good trading partner for Flames. NYI - See my analysis above and suggestions. They could be willing and able to make moves. Boston - Coyle, Halak and Chara UFA, Debrusk RFA. Even if Coyle and Halak brought back, no big raises. Chara likely retiring at 42. Debrusk is only bigger ticket. Not a fit. St. Louis - Pietrangelo is the big ticket. Bowmeester is aging. They are more likely to try to sign Brodie off season is let JBo go. Not a fit. Edmonton - They would like Johnny, but not going to offer much in return. Not a fit. Florida - Hoffman and Dadonov are big ticket UFA. They may need to make cap moves in the summer to sign them, but not in season. Not a fit. Colorado - Has more issue for re-signing in the summer, but don't have a ton they want to move and bring back more salary. Not a fit. Dallas - Little cap space, but might trade picks for upcoming UFAs (Brodie, Frolik) to make a playoff run. Not sending immediate help back and not before TDL. MAYBE Arizona - Soderberg is only moderate ticket UFA, likely walking anyways. This would be a 1-1 type trade but nothing jumps out. Not really a fit. Carolina - Haula only big ticket UFA.TVR likely small raise but they clear a ton of cap with Marleau so no cap issues. They click now as a team. Not a fit. Montreal - Max Domi is only bigger ticket re-signing. No Cap issues right now but any moves likely need to be fairly balanced. Playoff push? MAYBE Winnipeg - Kulikov only real UFA, Byfuglin is the elephant in the room. No real cap issues. Add for playoffs? MAYBE Pittsburgh - Not going to trade for term players. Frolik for Playoffs for a pick? Unlikely Philedelphia - No cap issues or big signings upcoming. Only middle hockey moves maybe. Not a great fit. Vancouver - Not a fit, they are breaking out of rebuild with lots of young guys. Might add a vet for playoffs like Frolik, but doubtful. Vegas - Not a fit, they have no need of our guys. Toronto - Their contracts are far too rich. Not a good fit cap wise regardless of trade. Buffalo - Buffalo has a ton of upcoming UFA and RFAs. Some big tickets. Currently out of playoffs. Likely looking for players with term. Gaudreau / Monahan might fit here. Anaheim - Don't really see the fit. They don't really need cap space and both teams in similar position. San Jose - Do we really want to help them? Not really a fit. They have tons of cap space. Tampa - Not likely a good trade partner, even if they are looking for a shakeup. Columbus - Plenty of cap space for their re-signings of Dubois, Anderson and Korpisalo. Don't see a great fit unless they want immediate help offensively. Chicago - Strome is big ticket RFA, Goalies are the big thing here and we do not have a glut to choose from. Not a great fit. Nashville - Grandlund is the big UFA, likely not a huge raise if they even re-sign. Might add upcoming UFA for playoffs. Not best fit. Ottawa - Lots of contracts to deal with, already rebuilding. Other than Tkachuk, who would we want anyways? NYR - A few players might get small raises, but not beyond their capability. Rebuilding already so not giving us young guys. Not a great fit. Minnesota - Koivu only big ticket UFA. They have cap space. Don't see a good fit for what either team really wants / needs. LA - Looking like rebuilding team. Nothing huge to re-sign next year, maybe Toffoli. They might want Johnny / Monny, but not going to give young return. Not a fit. Jersey - They likely want to make moves, but who do we target. Hall will get paid as a UFA, so he is likely a rental as we don't have cap space to re-sign without significant moves. Not that him alone will cause cap issues, but we will need to replace Brodie, Frolik etc who are moved / walk in order to make space for him. They are rebuilding as well so no young guys coming back. Detroit - IF not already rebuilding, they should be. Don't see them moving young guys. When healthy, they should be fine. Not a great fit. However you look at it. The likelihood of doing much any time soon is just not there. A few teams might be willing to change things up to push for playoffs, but the market isn't there for big name Flames. Even though I make suggestions, I know they are unlikely at best. Time will tell the future but I don't see any big moves much before the TDL.
  7. bosn111

    Burn it Down?

    While The People didn't like my suggestion in Trade suggestions for what someone like Gaudreau could bring back, I think that the players themselves may not be the perfect deal but the concept is valid. My suggestion was Gaudreau (small, all star, p/g LW), Brodie (top 4, skating D) and Jankowski (bottom 6 C, PK specialist) for Beauvillier (22 yo, 2nd line LW had 21 goals and 36 points 2 years ago, 18 goals 28 points last season and has 7 goals and 14 points in 19 games this season, on pace for 28 goals and 56 points) + Eberle (2nd line RW who has been on a 20+ goal pace EVERY SEASON including a 34 g 76 p in 78 games season) + Pulock (Future if not current top pair RD), High end offensive young forward prospect and a conditional 1st/2nd round draft pick. Rather than a 1 for 1 star caliber, you are getting slightly better D, 2 upgrades at 2nd line with in house taking over Johny's top line spot, plus prospect and pick at the cost of 1 top liner, one top 4 D and a lesser forward. Basically you are stocking on futures without sacrificing the present. If Tkachuk wasn't showing he can handle the higher spot, I wouldn't make this suggestion. The issue is not trying to sacrifice the current team for futures, it is to upgrade the team as a whole while also building up the future. If you don't like players X and Y, that's fine, the concept I still believe is valid. IF you can upgrade the 2nd line on 2 positions plus upgrade D and gaining futures for a combination of Gaudreau and Brodie, I would go for it. I would not move Gaudreau just for picks, same for Monahan, it has to be beneficial now and in the future. Brodie as an upcoming UFA is a different question at the TDL.
  8. There're a few things to look at when discussing trades right now. I made a post in the "burn it down" thread so I won't re-type everything here. First, Treliving was brought in during a Flames rebuild. The team can basically look at a time of transition where a gm who had little experience, and overall was not the best GM was brought in to tear apart the current team and rebuild (Feaster). He was never expected to build a winning team, nor truly to advance the team as a whole. The writing was already on the wall. The thing Feaster was best at was finances. While the on ice product was lacking, the teams finances were in a decent spot. Feaster can also be used as a fall guy. Even though he did what he was asked by ownership and the president, his on ice lineup was lacking and so he fell on his sword to take the blame. He was then replaced by a smart, young GM with a vision of what a hockey team could be which was in need of a rebuild. The owners, under the supervision for the first year of an experienced NHL GM, he started the rebuild. The team saw intermittent success which impressed ownership enough that the mandate changed from rebuild to tweak for further success. Treliving has been a victim of his team showing intermittent success rather than allowing him full control of a rebuild. Had the Flames not seen success over the last 4 years, Brouwer, Stone, Neal and such would have never likely been pickups for the team. Brouwer and Neal were both seen as players who should have helped the core players take the next step, not be core players themselves. They didn't work out because the core itself is far less solid than many think and we are seeing that this season. What to take out of all this is that ownership has giving Treliving a mandate that they want a team in the playoffs and showing strong success right now, which has been the mandate for the past 3+ seasons. Rather than continue on the rebuild path, Treliving found success with a fairly young group overall and so the mandate was changed. You can see the shift very dramatically between 2016/2017 and 2017/2018 by looking at the players on the team. Of the 18 players on the 16/17 team, only 7 are still on the team today. D 4 of 12 and only 1 G. The additions of Smith, Hamonic and Jagr in 17/18 shows the team looking for veteran help, trying to catch former success and bring it to the present. This is not typical rebuild style. You could argue that Elliot and Johnson in 16/17 was along the same lines, but not when you look at forwards or D. Then with last year's success you know without a doubt that the mandate is to win now. No thought of rebuild at all. For this reason, there is no point making any suggestions of moving core pieces for picks or prospects alone. The team will not being going the burn it down rebuild route. Second, the owners are about making money. They look at the players and determine who is likely to bring in revenue, who will put butts in seats and who will sell merchandise. Right now, Gaudreau is a large source of revenue. He has been the primary draw to seats and merch for the past few years. Tkachuk having signed a new deal and still being one of the few performers so far this season may swing that needle by the end of this year. Until someone does dethrone Gaudreau, it is tough to see the owners willing to trade him for anything less than equivalent revenue creation. Monahan, Giordano and others do not even come close and so ownership would be far more likely to ok their move. Where we will see a larger willingness to make bigger changes is if the team shows so poorly over the next 2 months that seat sales and merch become affected. If Gaudreau is no longer bringing in the income, he may be moved. Same with any of the others. It is a business after all. With the recent injuries and young guys coming up, they getting a chance to show what they have. Guys like Quine, Dube, Kylington and Yelesin should be playing not just to stick with the big club during injuries, but to take the spot from a player currently in the lineup when the players return from injury. Quine didn't run with his shot, so now it's Dube. Kylington has been off and on, now Davidson and Yeltsin try to stick. If any of these players can make a sustained impact, it is possible to see movement of other players. If Tkachuk keeps showing growth and Gaudreau continues to slump by the All star game and Tkachuk goes instead of Johnny, and the team is sitting out of the playoffs close to the TDL, I could see the team looking at moving Gaudreau to a contender or a re-builder out east. I will try and show a basic example of what I would expect in return. To NYI Gaudreau Brodie (They might re-sign or may just use for playoffs as he is upcoming UFA) Jankowski (To make contract numbers work) To CGY Beauvillier (Up and coming young LW, signed 1 more season then RFA) Pulock (D man upcoming RFA looking for significant pay raise, along with Barzal, they won't have the cap to do so. Flames will have cap space without Brodie and Frolik) Eberle (Free up cap space next season for Barzal who will likely be in the 9-11 mil range or 8-10 mil increase with only 5.5 mil space. Middle 6 RW for CGY) Ho Sang (He might finally do something), Would also look at Koivula as an option (maybe preferred even) as higher skill but not yet set prospects. Conditional 1st round pick (If Isles make it to conference finals) 2nd if not. Gaudreau is currently the best player in the trade. Brodie and Pulock put up similar numbers but Pulock shoots right and adds a little size. Beauvillier could likely be a 2nd line LW but not sure yet. Eberle is moved for cap reasons. It is basically Beauvillier, Eberle and part of the conditional pick for Johnny, Pulock and part of the conditional pick for Brodie and cap space. Ho Sang or Koivula for Jankowski. The contract numbers balance, neither team is left with any holes this season, both gain contracts to negotiate after the season, cap numbers work in both directions this season. Eberle's contract won't hamper the Flames as he is still a middle 6 / 2nd line RW which we need. And with Frolik and Brodie's contracts gone, Pulock becomes really the only bigger contract to re-sign next year. Easily get him in the 5 - 6 range long term. We would be looking at something like: Tkachuk, Monahan, Lindholm Beauvillier , Backlund, Eberle Mangiapane, Ryan, ?? Lucic, Dube, ?? Giordano, Pulock Hanifin, Andersson Kylington, Hamonic If the Flames also choose to move Monahan, could be: To Columbus Monahan Lomberg To CGY Dubois Conditional 2nd round pick (Based on Dubois re-signing) Prospect (no real insight here) Monahan has more history of offensive success and is signed to a cap friendly contract, Dubois will be looking for a big raise based on results so far. Lomberg adds a little grit for the Jackets and is waiver eligible prior to RFA, easy to re-sign. This would likely end up with Tkachuk, Dubois, Lindholm as your top line, Beauvillier, Backlund, Eberle as 2nd. Again this is all if the Flames decide the top line isn't working out anymore and the team needs a bigger shakeup close to the TDL. Also just suggestions based on what other teams may be interested and what the Flames might get in return. Not a "these players are exactly what I would target" but something of similar consequence.
  9. bosn111

    Burn it Down?

    I get entirely what people are saying from multiple points of view. I do not necessarily agree in any particular direction as I believe that there are multiple ways that a team can rebuild / retool and none of the methods are guaranteed to be any better than the other. There are absolutely examples of teams going each route and being successful while other teams tried the exact same method and failed. The fact is that hockey is a sport played by humans and therefore there is always the factor of players doing the unexpected whether for good or bad. You look at the number of "can't miss" draft picks who ended up as busts over the years, or the number of low round gems that found more than a little success in the league or better yet un-drafted players. Burning to the ground and building through the draft would be a way to go if we were talking about robots with full guarantees that they play an exact programmed way and never change. We don't have that, we have humans. Brent Krahn SHOULD have been our goalie of the future, but he got injured successively and it cut his pro career short before it ever really started. You can look at players like Lindros who should have had long, exceptional careers, but ended early due to injury. You look at names like Brendl, DiPietro, Daigle etc. who were supposedly can't miss and yet they never really made any impact. Whether injuries, attitude or whatever, drafting 18 year olds is definitely guess work. Trading big names for big names also doesn't always work. Some suggest Gaudreau for Hall, or Monahan for "insert top center here". You could always do some blockbuster trades and end up with players who have no chemistry or simply don't work with coaching staff or fit into the systems that you want to play. My personal preference would be to do a combination style rebuild, ONLY if the Flames are significantly out of the playoffs by the All Star break. By that I mean that the Flames look at moving out players who can be moved for value. My list has gone down for untouchable players in this scenario. Players that would be considered and for return are as follows: Absolute trade fodder: Frolik - Already has issues with the administration, upcoming UFA, Trade for a young middling player and / or 2nd round pick. Likely not re-signing here anyways. Brodie - Upcoming UFA. If he is healthy he can garner significant value for a competing team near the TDL. Return would be Andersson last year type D-man + mid round pick Stone - Move for a low pick, whatever you can get at the TDL. He is UFA after this season and teams might like him as depth for playoffs Jankowski - Upcomming RFA but is holding a spot without adding a ton. Likely a difficult negotiation, by the Flames, of a new contract so move him as a depth piece for a middling pick or prospect. Talbot - Upcoming UFA, if the Flames are not in the playoffs and other teams see trade value, move him for something. Can always try and re-sign him in offseason if they really want him back. Czarnik - At TDL move him for what you can if he is healthy. He is UFA after the season and hasn't really shown he deserves to absolutely hold a spot. Reider - If someone wants him for depth at TDL, move him, otherwise he walks in the summer. Willing to move at the right price (Must get a workable player + in return): Hamonic - Upcoming RFA. Most likely to re-sign at home town discount but if you can get value at TDL, you do it. I would expect a young D man just breaking in + a middling pick / prospect in return. Bennett - Some teams might like his grit. He likely isn't a sell high player so you are likely looking at a second chance type player or middle 6 player at best in return at the moment. I would not move him simply for picks. Giordano - I know, "Captain my captain", and this is an unlikely move, but at 36/37 he isn't young anymore and if someone makes a high value offer, hard to say no. If someone offers a good deal like Montreal for Danault or Suzuki + Noah Juulsen + Middling Pick I think you take it. Montreal can use the Veteran D help for a couple of years, and have the cap space to add Giordano, especially if Danault is the contract coming back. I would also be fine with Armia. Monahan - As a regular 30+ goal scoring center at only 25 years old, Monahan would be at a premium, especially under such a cap friendly contract for 3 more years. I would expect a solid top 6 forward + solid prospect + draft pick in 1st or 2nd round. Gaudreau - Same as Monahan, a perennial all star carries a premium. Even more so than Monahan I would expect a top young piece on a decent contract in return +. Backlund - A bit less than Johnny and Monahan, I would still expect a solid top 6 player in return or a young middle 6 + middling pick. The only players on current roster that are no go to trades for me are Tkachuk, Rittich, Lindholm, Dube, Mangiapane, Hanifin, Andersson and Valimaki. The reason is that they are all young and improving on good contracts. I see them all as future, if not current, core pieces of the team. I don't want a burn down as the big name, current core pieces I am willing to trade would need significant returns including current NHL players who could step into valuable minutes right away. I am willing to rebuild the team as long as it is done with a direct system of play in mind that is better than just "possession". I want speed and intensity a la Mackinnon, not like boring old Minnesota.
  10. I wouldn't necessarily be against either of them, depending on the long term outlook for Brodie this season. That being said, Fleury, other than size, has not really shown any more then Kylington. I don't even know if Fleury really uses his size or not. I also know very little about TVR as a player. Both players appear to put up reasonable numbers without either one showing fantastic basic stats. Hopefully someone who has watched them more can add more insight. If all we look at is cost, Fleury being an 850k upcoming RFA is easier to swallow than TVR at 2.3 mil and upcoming UFA. If the Brodie outlook is season ending condition, than adding TVR would be at least reasonable. That being said, I would almost prefer to see Yelesin brought up, at least for a few games, to see what he can do. The Flames aren't really blowing the roof off this season, why not give a young guy a shot and see what happens. Yeltsin is a RSD and is waiver exempt. If he doesn't fit, send him back down and make a trade then. Right now, the Flames need a spark of energy to get them going. Not sure who that piece is.
  11. No matter anyones personal opinion about him as a player, he is still a human and things like this happening are scary for everyone involved. Hoping for a full recovery.
  12. I would have to decline on both Petan and Marincin. Marincin at 27 is a career tweener for NHL and AHL. He just hasn't been able to make a quality jump to the bigs. Petan at 24 has not really shown anything in the NHL either. He may have the natural talent but at 5'9, 175 he is another small player. In 118 NHL games he has 6 goals and 25 points with a -18 and 32 penalty minutes. Ryan, who is similar size, had 13 goals and 38 points in 81 games last season alone with a +21. Mange who makes similar cost, is similar size, has 11 goals, 19 points and a +10 in 70 games. If we extrapolate to 118 games, Mange is on track for 32 points and he is a year younger than Petan. Even Czarnik has better stats than Petan at similar size. People are already complaining about the small Flames, so why add an even smaller one who has less success and is less balanced than those we already have. Unless Petan brings something to the Flames that the other 3 don't, I see no point getting him. If we want more physicality and not worried about offence, we already have Lomberg in the system.
  13. I am not quite ready to anoint Chucky just yet as a direct replacement for Johnny, but he is definitely earning his contract at this point. Having both Johnny and Chucky is a positive thing. I don't see the need to trade Gaudreau. That being said, I am not totally against trading him either, depending on the return. For me, that is what it comes down to. Considering Johnny is a bonafide top line player, a perennial all star, puts up near 100 points, is on a very friendly contract for 2 more seasons after this one, I would say that he has VERY high trade value. I don't see the Flames trading him even next summer. Getting a similar quality player for similar cost is near impossible. I know who my personal choices would be to look at if we were to go into a retool / rebuild though I guarantee that the players I would want are not available. What I would really want would be something like the following: Can Swap Johnny and Chucky Tkachuk / Mackinnon / Boeser Gaudreau / Bergeron / Wilson ?? / Backlund / Lindholm I know that it wouldn't really work in a cap world, and we don't have pieces to get all of those for sure. Those are the types of players that the team needs to have and make work. Maybe we look at trading for prospects or picks as to who could be the next Mackinnon, or the next Bergeron. I don't know. Thankfully I am not a GM. But the combo of speed, grit and talent would be the way I would like to see the team go. Don't need to be huge or overly physical, but enough to be able to handle themselves.
  14. I don't see the same full on wasteland at D in terms of prospects. While there aren't really any top pairing with big O potential, Yeltsin, Valiev and Nielsen appear to have potential to be able to handle 3rd pairing minutes in the future. We don't really know what they would be in the NHL. At the very least, they appear to be doing well defensively in Stockton. That being said, I really want them to be stocking the cupboards through the draft. It used to be that we had a backlog of D in the A that over ripened and never made the big team. Now we see that with the likes of Quine (Is currently with the big club), Philip, Lomberg, Dube and Gawdin at forward. Between Frolik, Quine, Jankowski, Mange and Reider, there are 5 upcoming RFA or UFA players at forward causing possible spots to be open. Reider is gone one way or another, Frolik is likely gone. That leaves options with Quine, Janks and Mange based on their play. Gawdin and Lomberg will also be RFA. Each of these players have futures dependant on their play this season.
  15. Horsman, you are being inaccurate. Treliving has been with the team since April 2014. Backlund Joined the team in 2009 under Sutter. Gaudreau was drafted in 2011 by Feaster and started playing for Treliving in 2014 where he has been a perennial all star since. Jankowski was a Feaster draft pick. Monahan was playing for the Flames in 2013 under Feaster. Brodie was drafted in 2008 by Sutter and started playing in 2011 under Feaster. Giordano is Sutter era entirely. So basically 6 pieces of the 22 have been with the organisation long than Treliving. Conroy (AGM) and Gelinas (Assistant coach) are pre Treliving as well. While that leaves a significant number of players, coaches and staff that were chosen specifically by Treliving, 5 players who most consider core pieces were here prior, 2 came out of the exceptional tough time of Sutter coach/GM. Players who we can thank Treliving for: Hamonic Hanifin Lindholm Tkachuk Andersson Valimaki Kylington Rittich Talbot All of whom are skilled players who add to the team. Yes there are others who he brought in who add less and were not great deals, but honestly the above list looks pretty good overall.
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