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  1. I see nothing at all as a link between the Hischier Deals and Backlund's contract. As Backs has a March birthday, he will be 35 when his contract is up. He has never put up huge offence but has helped out with 3 20+ goal seasons and 4 25+ assist seasons while being a solid defensive forward. 17/18 and 18/19 are actually both outlier years for him +/- with the first being uncharacteristically bad at -21 but the second being a record high of +34. He is typically in the single digit plus category against teams' best lines. I would say that in all likelihood, if teams were trying to sign him today, his current contract would be considered very good team wise, though not quite a steal. Brayden Schenn and Khadri are comparable contracts. Khadri, with multiple 30+ goal seasons at 4.5 per is definitely a steal. Schenn is more offensive and just signed a 6.5 mil per extension. So I would say that Backs, signing today would be in the 5.5-6 mil per range so 5.35 per is a little better than what comparables might get. Thankfully for his next contract, the Flames will be looking short term at reduced cost as anyone 35+ should not be getting huge contracts unless you are Ovechkin and still putting up around 50 goals per season. Even then the numbers need to start dropping and so pay does too. When it comes to the current roster, I look at a few things. Trying to determine how the team is built, what the results could be, what they should be and what they are. Who is being used where and why. What is working and what isn't. Like others, I don't believe that the way Treliving is building the team is necessarily the way that Peters wants the players to play. Either that or Treliving sees the potential in players that Peters doesn't tap into correctly. Either way, there is definitely a disconnect somewhere between the players and the game as a whole. From what I read with respect to the players, Treliving has assembled quite a balanced team. I mean this in both the best and worst possible ways. The best is that the team can play any style on any given night and could find success. They can be high skill with Gaudreau, Lindholm, Backlund, Mangiapane, Brodie, Tkachuk or they can be high speed pressure with Reider, Bennett, Czarnik, Brodie, Kylington, or they can be heavy with Lucic, Giordano, Hamonic, Bennett, or they can be a possession team with Backlund, Frolik, Brodie, Hanifin, Jankowski, Tkachuk. The worst part is that it is so balanced that the team doesn't have one single identity that can really make the team fire consistently. I look at a lot of current teams who live or die by their identity. Teams like Edmonton and Toronto are all about their top end skilled offense that they are almost always in high scoring games win or lose. San Jose no longer has the speed so they are a more patient, possession team who flashes offense at opportune times. Colorado is all speed and skill who pressure you and jump on mistakes. The teams who are always in the mix for just in or just out of playoffs are typically teams built like the Flames, good at most things but not great and any 1 thing. The wild and Flames used to win games by stymying the opponents offence and capitalizing on 1 or 2 mistakes to win games 1-0 or 2-1. Boring I know but efficient. I honestly would like to see the Flames opened up a little more from the reigns. Stop this stupid bump back whether on PP or on 5 v 5 and let the horses run. Fast breaks, attack with speed and pressure like Colorado does. The team is too worried about turning over the puck because Peters and Treliving seem to want them to be more of a possession team that instead of pushing the pace, they sit back. Let guys let Bennett, Czarnik, Reider, Mangiapane, Gaudreau and Lindholm fly. The speed they could bring carrying the puck into the zone instead of dropping it back to Brodie to carry up the ice every time would put other teams on their heels. It's why the Flames lost the first round of the playoffs last year, always on their heels. Let them do the same to other teams.
  2. I agree rickross (maybe less with Janks), and I would add a few names to that list in Czarnik and Frolik. Gilles has simply lost his spot. He has been outplayed by other goalies and has never made it back fully since his injury a couple of years ago. With the rise of BSD, the apparent raw talent of Zagidulin and with Parsons and Schneider both 3 years younger putting up similar, or better play, there simply is no real reason to have Gilles continuing to take up a roster / contract spot for the Flames. Brodie is considered by many in the league as a valuable, big minute, puck moving D man. He is a good skater but is not overly physical. This is not a knock on him or his style, it is the way he is. There have been many quality D men in the same style, some of whom were run out of Calgary who wanted to be more physical and tougher to play (Bouwmeester). You look at Erik Karlsson as another example. The biggest difference I see is that players like JBo and EK make fewer mistakes than Brodie, have better vision and end up with higher offensive stats. If Brodie put up Karlsson type offensive stats, we may forgive his gaffs a little easier. Sadly he doesn't so we don't tend to forgive as much. The other thing with Brodie who put up 34 points and a +29 last season, is that we also have Hanifin who is 7 years younger who put up 33 points and +18 last year. Add in Kylington who is also a less physical, less D, more offensive 22 year old D and the easiest way to look at it is that Brodie is becoming replaceable by internal sources with potential to bring back a quality piece. Not leaving out Andersson who put up 19 points primarily in limited ice time on the bottom pair and who is a RHS RD. Andersson also plays well with Giordano and other players as well whereas Brodie seems to struggle more away from the Captain. Janks I think gets a bit of a rough ride from fans based on a couple of things. 1, like Colbourne, he simply is not physical and this causes fans, especially Flames fans, a bit of rage. Big body but not physical does not compute for us. 2, the whole Feaster drafting him with a higher pick puts more pressure on him (similar to Bennett). At his cp hit for what he brings to the bottom 6 is far from terrible. He is adequate in the role though I would not be against him being moved for pieces that may fit this team better. I do not consider him a move at all costs or need to move simply for cap reasons. He needs to bring back a viable piece that makes the team better. Czarnik is a reasonable luxury to have at this point in time. He has enough skill to be an NHL player, even if his stats don't really show it. Partly due to the fact that he hasn't had consistent ice time to really gel and get on a roll. I am not saying I think he needs to bump any other players from the regular starting rotation, but he can fit in at any time and not be a massive detriment to the team. He adequately fills a bottom 6 role, just not a standout in that spot. Frolik is an enigma for me. I still see him as a quality player who could add a lot to the team. The issue for me is that the team needs to get younger and more dynamic over the next few years. Fro will be 32 and a UFA at the end of the season. This means that he will be looking to max out his pay for sure and so far this season (I know only 4 games) but it doesn't look to me like he is playing for a big payout. He is absolutely a useful player right now who still does a lot of things well. What he does bring in puck control, defensive awareness etc. would be missed for sure if he was traded, but he is not a terribly dynamic player. Methodical is great for defending leads, but you need to get that lead first which is more difficult. The end result is that not only do I believe that Frolik is expendable but I believe that he should be moved by the TDL in order to recoupe 1 or more pieces to be used either currently or in the future. While gaining the cap room after the season is great, gaining most of that cap space while also adding a piece would be even better. I don't think the bottom pairing D has been necessarily terrible this year, they have not been stellar either. Stone did what he does in his first, and only, game this year. Steady, smart defensive plays and did fine. Andersson has done well enough to be promoted to top pair (at least last game) with Giordano. Brodie has been Brodie and Kylington is still a very young guy with plenty of growth still to come. Yes he makes mistakes but at least he seems to learn from most of them. Hopefully when Valimaki comes back, he is 100% and really steps up. I do believe that we could still do better with 1 more quality, young RD to play consistent 3rd pair and develop, plus another quality bottom pair young LD to challenge Kylington this season wouldn't be bad. The D has not been a huge problem from what I gather at this point. Change to the bottom pair would not be a terrible idea either though. Time will tell what the final results will be. There are only 9 teams who can really take on either Brodie or Frolik cap hits without sending much back. Pittsburgh is not a team currently able to take on cap in any way. They have some big names on LTIR but cap friendly still has them projected over the cap. Janks also doesn't replace a Galchenyuk or Malkin, not even close. Their cap space only exists as long as those players remain injured. Once healthy, they have to be compliant again. I see little that Pitts could do that would really help them out in a trade that the Flames would want to make. I think that Pitts would want decent players, or at least solid future potential in a player who is waivers exempt so that they can send those players down to the minors once the big guys are healthy again without needing to make bigger moves or risk losing a guy to waivers. From the Flames that would likely be Dube or Gawdin, neither of which I think the Flames should move.
  3. Just wondering if you missed the beautiful passing play from Tkachuk to Backlund to where Hanifin was about to be where the puck ended up in the wide open net for a goal last night? I don't think Backlund's offense has disappeared at all. He is regularly out against other teams top lines and still produces. Just because his focus is more on shutting down the other team and puck possession doesn't mean his offense is gone, it just isn't on show as often. The ability is still there, he just uses it less. He never had an amazingly hard or sneaky shot, but he passes very well.
  4. Can I ask why there is political discussion on a message board for the Calgary Flames, specifically a board that has NOTHING at all to do with politics and the politics themselves have NOTHING to do with the Flames? I do not mean to stop political discussion and you are free to carry and share whatever beliefs you have, but there is definitely a place to do that. I do not believe that place is here. If you want to take the discussion to a different topic under the heading "General Discussions" I believe that would be more fitting and appropriate. Leave the "Flames talk" section for talk about the Flames.
  5. The Flames have 11 contracts on the starting lineup this year that are up at the end of the season. They are slated at this time to have about 22 million to fill those 11 contracts. They also have 14 minor league contracts that are up. I am not positive that all of those contracts will be gone prior to the trade deadline, let alone after the season is over. I believe that it all depends on how the season is progressing. If the Flames are competing for top in conference going into playoffs, they likely maintain the primary pieces. Whether those players are re-signed in the summer depends on cap constraints and success in the playoffs. Gilles is the only player I am willing to guarantee 99% that he is gone next year. It is likely that Frolik leaves in UFA and Brodie likely prices himself out of the Flames, but that is no guarantee. Hamonic likely takes a bit of a hometown discount to stay in western Canada. Talbot depends on performance and none of the others are big ticket performers so no big ticket price tags. What the Flames do is a mystery, but with most contracts being RFA, including Andersson, keeping him 3rd pairing most of the season allows contract cap hit to stay limited. Therefore keeping Brodie top pair and Andersson third most of the season makes sense for negotiations. Andersson will get some chances to shine but will be held in top line reserve until he is re-signed to a better contract likely. I could easily be wrong, but it makes sense. I don't see Laine as THE piece to swing the needle, so trading Brodie, Frolik + is too expensive and leaves too many holes for my taste.
  6. On the radio here in the Vancouver area, Baertschi was passed by other players and Gaudette earned a spot. So basically bye bye Baer.
  7. Thanks for the info. I missed that Rinaldo already cleared.
  8. I am a little confused with the situation. It was my understanding that today was the last day for players to be put on waivers to clear cap space to start the season. Even with Dube and Quine heading to Stockton, they are still over the cap. They are just over 2 million over the cap right now, and Dube and Quine only save them 1.5. So they are still over the cap by .5 mil (about). I would think that they need to demote Kylington, leaving them with only 6 D Just to clear cap for tomorrow and then will need to waive another forward to clear space for a 7th D whether that is Kylington back up, AMac signed or whatever. I guess they will also have Valimaki IR space to bring back a 7 D. They become compliant but it is a little messy to do so. Either way, there is little to no space to spare on the cap to make any real moves if anyone falters out of the gate.
  9. With both Rinaldo and Reider signed, the Flames are 2.1 mil over the cap. Sending Rinaldo down leaves another 1.4 to move. That likely means Dube as he is waiver excluded and one of Czarnik or Quine just to be cap compliant.
  10. It was just reported that at least Reider is currently in contract talks. I still see AMac and Rinaldo in the mix too though no specific reports at this time. I see 2 reasons for holding onto SOME of the PTOs. 1 reason would be that if they hold onto them until the last moment, other teams have filled their rosters and these guys would therefore not be able to compete against us. 2 They aren't sure if some of the young guys are quite there. (Dube, Kylington, Czarnik, Jankowski) and so keeping the PTOs who are doing well makes sense, just in case. DSP has not shown well and so he is likely more a reason 1 guy. Just my thoughts though.
  11. I have not read into the whole buff situation in depth so I don't know all the answers. My understanding is that personal leave for varying reasons does not count as injured reserve. The definition of personal leave is to take time for something they need to do. Players often take personal leave for severe illness in the family, new child born, or what have you. From what little I have read, Buff is having issues mentally around the game itself as a whole which might be linked to physical play. As there is no specific inclusion in the CBA around personal days or mental health, it is up to the team to grant the leave on a case by case basis. Personal leave does not provide cap space at all. Typically it is such a short term situation that it doesn't affect teams anyways. If however Buff is considering his future in general within the sport, he is still officially under contract and thus getting paid. The only way to avoid this payment is to suspend a player, which to my understanding, the forfeited money like all suspensions goes to the NHLPA support funds. Suspended players do provide temporary cap relief for those games which they are suspended. Their full cap returns upon completion of said suspension and the team must become cap compliant again, similar to LTIR. Using this as cap circumvention would not be intelligent in this case as Buff is actually a very good D man. Their D corps is significantly reduced this year so trying to circumvent with him makes no sense. On the other hand, had the Flames done the same thing with Neal this year, or do it with Lucic, or Vancouver with Eriksson (underperforming, big salary players) then I would consider that circumvention. In this case, I think it is all on Buff, not on the team at all.
  12. I don't think the Flames actually need to trade anyone. Based on the waiver wire I have seen over the past few days with nobody being claimed, I would think that both Czarnik and Jankowski would easily clear waivers. Few teams have the cap space to take on 1 mil plus contracts for nothing which is why there are NHL caliber players, some with decent numbers, who are clearing waivers at this time. Guys like Wideman, Frk, Clendenning, Gerbe etc. Have all cleared. Czarnik has not done enough to be seen as better than them, nor really Janks. So really unless they choose to waive Brodie, Frolik or someone else of that caliber, I just don't see waivers as an issue right now. If either of Janks or Czarnik go to the minors and Reider, MacDonald, or Rinaldo are signed to league minimum there will be cap savings. No need to trade. If they do get picked up off waivers, then the cap savings increase. Not that I want to lose them, just pointing out the basics.
  13. I don't think the Jets fans will accept a full rebuild if the team is unable to sign the likes of Connor and Laine. They might look at a retool by trading one of Laine or Connor and trying to bring in more help, but I don't see a full on rebuild with the likes of Schiefle, Wheeler, Ehlers, and Little in place. The biggest issue I see for the Jets right now is on D unless they get Buff back.
  14. And yet somebody will be gone soon as they still need to clear 600+K in cap space just to fit under the cap or take a cap penalty next season (as I understand it). This means that the Flames will need to demote at least 1 forward (who will most likely need to clear waivers. Dube and Kylington are the only players who don't need to clear waivers in order to be demoted to AHL. The Flames are also so close to the cap even with 1 demotion that none of the PTO's can be signed to contracts without further trades / demotions. That said, if they sign MacDonald, you know Kylington goes down to the Heat. If they sign either of Reider, Rinaldo or Smith-Pelly, then at least Dube gets demoted. If multiple are signed, then they would need to waive at least one of Czarnik, Quine or Jankowski. While they don't NEED to eliminate a teammate now, there is no way to add to the team so likely someone is still on the way out one way or another.
  15. So basically Kylington, Stone and AMac fighting for the 2 6/7 D spots. DSP, Rinaldo, Rieder, Dube, Czarnik and Quine fighting for 4 spots (3 if Tkachuk signs). Why Gillies is still there, I have no idea.
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