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  1. I have been wondering about a trade for panarin and trying to come up with solutions, in my mind it would be mangiapane and a 1st, possibly even a d prospect like kylington, and then we get a 3rd coming back. You are also right that there has to be a salary dump for it to work, i thought maybe ryan, although stone would be better. The problem I have with it and I was mad when I realized it, we cant resign him, there just isnt the room. Tkachuk is most likely getting a 8 and 8 year deal, and panarin is going to be similar maybe a 8.5 over 7, and that leaves us no room for bennett, or goalies. Which is frustrating, because that means were all in for a cup and then figure it out. Ah well, not my job, lol.
  2. The only person that I have be considering is Brett Leason who should be in that range (and no I’m not bandwagoning, I have been keeping an eye on him). He may go higher up based on his standout year, but he could also fall to the 2nd round. He fits somewhat of what we need, big RHS right wing who plays a skill game (his play reminds of me of a bigger lindholm). I still have questions if he can translate to the NHL, but he has put his head down and out in the work which are positives for me. All of the other draft picks in that range seem to be USDP and are all headed into their first year of NCAA, guys like John Beecher, Drew Helleson, Trevor Zegras, but they’re all 4 year projects which is not what we need. Thus my dilemma, keep the pick and hope the kid you want is there for you, or gamble it for the now. I think we could put a good package together with our first in a TDL deal with Columbus for a pretty impactful player.
  3. I think one question that is linked to the trade deadline is whether we are keeping our first or not? If we’re all in and going to use our first round draft pick we have more ammo to load up with a more impactful player. But if we want that pick after not having one for the past two years, that limits our moves. I feel like we’re drafting somewhere between 27-31 with the team as is, so I’m inclined to use it in trade. But I’m not convinced yet.
  4. By the looks of this, Bednar will be available before Mackinnon, lol.
  5. If the goal is to create balanced scoring, and more importantly to get Neal going. 1. You have to create some lines and run them for 5-10 games to see if they are going to work (unless it’s terrible) I would like to see: Gaudreau - Monahan - Neal Frolik - Backlund - Lindholm Tkachuk - Jankowski - Bennett Dube - Ryan - Hathaway
  6. It would be nice to see them using Jankowski a bit more, even a swap between him and Ryan would be nice. I would also like to see a line of Tkachuk - Bennett - Lindholm, even if just for a PP. I think they could be dangerous.
  7. I wonder when it will be time to move up Janko? I’d like to see him center Tkachuk and Bennett, and have him and Bennet split the draws as need be. Then move Backlund back with Frolik (when he comes back) and play him with Dube to hopefully bring him along the same way they did with Tkachuk. I know this creates a Neal problem, but that might need to be a problem for the GM.
  8. What about Joel Armia for Brodie as the main pieces in a trade, obviously not straight up. But that would help our right side a lot, and they may be looking for a LHS d in the interim, we shed some salary. Maybe we get a good pick or prospect also?
  9. I honestly didn’t know much about Dube before the tournament. I tried to watch him objectively also throughout the tournament, and the first couple games I thought he was in a product of opportunity of playing with steel and kyrou, he’s a very unselfish player, typical team guy, good leader. But the gold medal game he showed up, he drove the play and was all over the ice. That makes me very excited for him, a gamer with a good motor, not to mention he is crazy fast.
  10. Raddysh is the perfect player to add to our core, I don’t think Fox gets it done, but i think we have the pieces to get it done. It gives us a potential top 9 with a lot of talent and allows us to play with the lines, that being said, we might need a new coach then, hahaha
  11. Do you mean like young forwards who could play as well? Because if your statement had merrit, would Stajan and Brouwer be playing. Don’t kid yourself, Brodie is solidified his spot same as Stajan, good or bad.
  12. I wonder if Brodie straight up would get us marner? I think we have some young d who can do just a good of a job as Brodie. That allows us to move Bennett with backs and frolik; and have tkachuk and marner reunited, put them with jankowski who plays a very similar game to dvorak
  13. Philly moved Giroux to the wing with Couturier at Center, and so far is doing very well. Obviously early, but I could see a similar situation with Bennett and Jankowski. A solid two way Center, allows Bennett to play his game.
  14. I think there are going to be good d men available, like shattenkirk or fowler, i just feel like we are missing someone who can score goals, we have a good collection of great players, but we need a pure sniper
  15. What about Brodie for a young Right winger, maybe Anthony Mantha?