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  1. The only way this makes sense, is maybe moving BT to a president of hockey role, and then having Futa as GM, but this looks and sounds like click bait. Even with Sutter / Futa history.
  2. My hockey philosophy, is that you need at least 1 really fast Center on your team, that can be everywhere on the ice. Someone whose aggressive, but also had the hockey iq to be defensively responsible because they know where to be, but can use their speed to help when they get caught out of position. I have wondered about Dube at Center as well. For example if their was a line of Mang-Dube-Lindy, Lindy could help with draws on the strong side and help balance out that line. Giving you another Line of Johnny-Money-Chucky. Obviously I don’t think it will happen, but wonder what the ceiling is for Dube
  3. I’m with you on this thought process, which is why I have wanted another Center like Dvorak. @cross16 mentions trading Phillips, and I think he could be a piece moving in that trade, similar to a garland replacement. It would also give up that top line with JG-Mony-Lindy, like you said and allow you to put Chucky-Dvorak with either Coleman or Mang. Giving you a pretty stacked third line of Coleman/Mang - Backs - Dube
  4. I agree on Ruzicka. But I think that pitlick plays with Backlund and Mangiapane on a pretty good third line.
  5. Ruzicka is definitely a Center. I have suggested it before but I think it would be great if our 4th line had two entirely different looks. When we need a heavy line to forecheck and be a force to punish others teams d, then we roll Lucic - Lewis - Ritchie (they should probably get 7-10 minutes a game). Then on other nights roll 4 lines with speed, being, Lucic - Ruzicka - Phillips those two had great chemistry last year in Stockton, and it’s not a far off look from one of our favourite lines of Looch - Benny - Dube. It gets these guys some games in the NHL to see what they are, and a 4th line that has the potential to put some points on the board more so than the first option. just my two cents
  6. I said if they traded Kotkaniemi’s rights prior to matching. Like I said, I don’t know if that is possible to do that, but it would ensure Buffalo gets 2 1sts, a 2nd and a 3rd.
  7. Could you imagine if Montreal traded KK’s rights, with Guhle, a cap dump (like Weber) plus a 1st and a 2nd to Buffalo for Eichel, then Buffalo would also get a 1st and a 3rd from Carolina. No idea if that’s allowed, but could be the best return Buffalo gets for Eichel, lol
  8. Where did you hear that? If that’s a package they’re interested in, I wonder if they would be interested in Kylington +
  9. I am definitely in the camp to get Dvorak compared to Eichel, as long as it doesn’t include Zary. If it was Parsons, Florida’s 2nd next year, and a prospect like MEP or Phillips, that would be crazy. I would even be ok if it had to include both our seconds next year (because they’re collecting them, lol)
  10. If that’s the case bringing in a Center like Dvorak would be ideal. And Lindholm playing on Monahans line allows them to both take draws on their strong side. I agree that the D group currently is a toss up, have the potential to surprise and see a couple of them break out or make that next step or be what they are.
  11. I apologize for getting the conversation off of Ryan. And I appreciate your analysis of prospects especially goaltenders, but sometimes wonder what you base your expectations of prospects on? Eye test, stats, both, neither? I also like the potential of Ryan, but he is not ahead of Pelltier, Zary, and by your own admission Coronato. He will have to work very hard over the next 3 years to be in the top 9 conversation (and for the sake of the flames) I hope your right.
  12. I had to go back and look at Tampa’s draft record to see how good they actually were. And from most recent to 2017, they have only drafted 3 players total to play in the NHL. Cal Foote, Nolan Foote, and Alexander Volkov (who has played the most 46GP). From there I had to go back to the 2015 draft where I finally found Cirelli who they picked in the 3rd round to find a core player. I understand they did well drafting Kucherov right behind us a long time ago, they made a good choice in Point a Calgary boy who never should’ve gotten away from us, and they got Vasilevski. But I would definitely have to argue that our drafting in the past 6 years or so is vastly better than them. Obviously they’re in a completely different time in their cyclical progression coming off two Stanley cups and not worrying about drafting, but in 3-5 years time when they have no one in their system, people will wonder what their scouts were doing.
  13. I’m really enjoying this discussion, it’s a nice break from the Eichel talks, lol. First thing regarding the performance bonuses are in deed limited to 35+ and rookie contracts (which are still mandated through the CBA) there is very little wiggle room how those contracts are negotiated. And you can’t compare it to the NFL, because they have an entirely different cap structure. Secondly, I have been a supporter of BT and I’m mostly ok with the amateur scouts we have. I do agree that there has been some local kids that haven’t been as high on their list that should’ve been, and that should be questioned. But my concern as was mentioned in the Pro Scouting, who we only have Steve Pleau. I obviously don’t know enough about the inner workings of the team to point the finger at him specifically. But someone mentioned that Stevie Y and Sakic are good GMs because they’ve played at a high level and understand the dynamics of building good teams and targeting the correct players. I also agree Sutter will be able to correctly identify the right players for his team, but I think the organization really needs to consider better investing in their pro scouting so as to better equip the GM.
  14. I agree with everything you said, but wanted to add to the bolder. I believe that Tree has been building a culture through the draft for a while, and though most don’t agree with the picks that he has made. They all scream the same thing. Consistent, hard working players, who have been leaders on their teams and in the rooms, and play with their heart on their sleeve. It started with Mang and Ras, then Dube, now Pelltier and Zary, most recently Coronato. They are all very similar players and are creating a culture. He has now added some older vets who are cut from the same cloth to reinforce that, with Tanev and Coleman. I know that you can’t build an entire team out of these guys, but IMO he has had a plan for awhile.
  15. pikey7883


    I have said for awhile, that the pairings I want to be developed in the AHL are Pelltier with Zary and a RW, maybe that could be Coronato. The other that already had a good year last year was Ruzicka with Phillips and a LW. For me Zary and Pelltier paired with a good RW have the potential to be a very good 2nd line. And I hope we have the chance to see Ruzicka and Phillips jump up here and there to play on a more exciting 4th line with Looch this year, because I think they have the potential to be a good 3rd line. That being said, I will agree with you that we don’t really have many game breakers, however, to put Francis ahead of the others is a bit of a stretch in my opinion. He is not a point per game in the Q, and his EV strength Primary points are less than 80% in Junior which means (IMO) he is more of a line rider than a line driver.
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