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  1. If Hall is possible, I would ask Johnny to move to RW, which I think he can do easily. Then have: Hall - Monaghan - Gaudreau Tkachuk - Backlund - Lindholm Mangiapane - Bennett - Dube Lucic - Ryan - Reider (or other speedy young forward) That is a deep lineup with threats on all lines, and gives you a very legitimate third line threat.
  2. I suggested trying a line of Gaudreau - Bennett - Mangiapane but in a more of a protected situation without favourable zone starts. I think it could work
  3. It pains me to say this, but Gio has not been good tonight, our d was better without him in the lineup, please send Bennett as the extra attacker
  4. I agree that most likely Chicago doesn’t move on dach, but that would be a prospect I target if your moving Monahan. I’m with you if it’s strome, I’m probably not interested. I do like Tippett I think he is a shoot first player we are missing.
  5. I have went back and forth on who to move either it be Gaudreau or Monahan. I think really they are the core that needs to be shaken up, as Brodie was woken up this year when he collapsed and has been playing really well without Gio lately. Backlund and Tkachuk have found their groove with Mang again. Don’t get me wrong I understand we have holes and defensive issues, but the two at the top need to be woken up. To answer my original question I think we can’t move on from Johnny. So what could Monahan get us? What about a shooter like Owen Tippet and another prospect out of Florida. Another target might be Kirby Dach. I think that is the direction they should go, and I think a major shakeup to the lineup is in order. I also think we can sign hall. This is what I propose: top line gets relabelled Tkachuk - Backlund - Lindholm (they can do some heavy lifting and should be able to produce) Hall - Ryan - Mangiapane (Ryan and Mang will be work horses for hall, on an off chance we can use our 1st and a couple prospects to get dach I would slot him in here) Gaudreau - Bennett - Tippet (let this line have protected minutes with favourable zone starts. Bennett is strong on the draw and strong on the puck. Johnny gets a legitimate shooter and with favourable pairings it may seem like an extra PP when they are out) Lucic - Jankowski - Reider (or hopefully better younger guys push them out of a job) i am also one one who hopes we can resign Brodie and Gus to have Gio - Brodie Hanifin - Anderson Gus - Valimaki I know some of it might be a stretch, but I have landed on moving Monahan is the way to go at this point, and get some younger skilled guys that fit with out group. sorry that was long winded
  6. The more the young d show up the more I see us ok with moving on from hanifin. Dangle that out there to get a top RW. I wonder if Montreal would consider Gallagher and Brooks (or Mete) for Hannifin and Pelletier. That way we get keep our 1st? maybe we use our 1st and Kyllington to also get Mantha?
  7. I’ve see a couple RW trade targets and have suggested some of my own. But if we can land a Mantha or a Toffoli or Palmieri or (please God, lol) Gallagher. It gives us the second top 6 RW either behind or equivalent to Lindy. My question is to give Bennett a fighting chance. Could he center a line of Gaudreau and Lindy on a 2nd line with favourable zone starts. And have a top line of Tkachuk - Mony - afformentioned RW. 1. Is Bennett good enough to fill that role? 2. Do Mony and Chucky compliment each other? On a a side note for the playoffs that would give us a very formidable bottom 6. Young fast energy line of Mang - Ryan - Dube and a very capable line of Lucic - Backlund - Reider / Rinaldo
  8. I am a stats and analytics nerd, and have ran a bunch of scenarios with janko on the top line with Gaudreau, and the results are almost the same as with monahan. It is a great thought to get a couple people going. To complete my theory I will still stand by or need to get Toffoli, lol a lineup of Tkachuk - Monahan - Toffoli (let this line do some heavy lifting against the best lines on the other team) Gaudreau - Janko - Lindblom (lindy can help with faceoffs, Janko can keep up with them) Bennett - Ryan - Dube (this should be an excitingly energy line) Lucic - Backlund - Reider (limited minutes, but can play a shut down role if needed, and in Rinaldo when you need to lean on a team, ala the bash brothers in the playoffs)
  9. I have been thinking about trading Gaudreau lately and in my mind have settled on philly, and would want the trade to Center around konecny. Something like Gaudreau, Buddy, and Hanifin for Konecny, Ghost, Patrick and a prospect to make the trade work (roster limit for philly). i also feel like a trade of Janks, and a 2nd should get us Toffoli. And before everyone says this isn’t the time to do such a big shake up. As cross said you only do this if either laviolette or gallant is coming in. Where it’s all a major shake up and a new coach can come in and say well you weren’t good enough and you lost arguably your best player, now what? I do believe that roster could compete and be more balanced. This is what I see. Tkachuk - Lindy - Konecny Mang - Monahan - Toffoli Bennett - Ryan - Dube Lucic - Backlund - Reider / Rinaldo Ghost replaces hannifin, lateral move. Then when Patrick becomes healthy that makes a lot more strong depth down the middle. It also gives you the most expensive fourth line in the nhl which will have to be dealt with in the off season. It is a lot more balanced lineup and a team that will be harder to play against. A new coach is the caveat to the whole thing though. Rant done
  10. I am not in the camp to bail the d man out with Martinez, but I think Toffoli has to be a target. I hope Janko and a 2nd plus a b prospect is enough to get that done
  11. I wonder now with Weber going down in Montreal if they would consider making some trades for the future? I wonder if there could be a play made for Gallagher?
  12. So with the need of 3 RW players, what could be available to us? In my mind players that we need to target are Anthony Mantha, Travis Konecny, or Brendan Gallagher, or maybe Josh Anderson. As all of them possess the kind of RW we need, will it cost us, of course it will. Anthony Mantha may cost us Hamonic and a 1st Travis Konecny would need to be a bigger deal and I dont know how it would shake down, maybe us trading Ghost with Hamonic, and another young peice, maybe Valimaki? Brendan Gallagher would take something along the lines of Bennett and Valimaki, plus. All three I would like us take a shot at atleast one, as it makes us harder to play against, and more lethal.
  13. Your absolutely right that he is an overage player, I don’t know if he is playing on a stacked PA team or not. But he plays an honest game and does a lot of little things right, I see him as another mark stone or even giordano type model, drafted late or undrafted (which he has been twice), and has now filled out, has worked very hard on his skating, and is now starting to show what he is capable of. He even went to the world juniors and put up 3 goals 2 assists, to be fourth in scoring on a team that couldn’t find offence. His compete level and retrieval of loose pucks is what reminds me of stone so much.
  14. This should be our target, along with trading for another 1st to get Raphael Lavoie. 2 Big RW RHS Forwards who can score and are starting to show an elite level of Hockey IQ. Will be a nice compliment to our LW in a year or two.
  15. It makes more fiscal sense to move on from Ryan, but I feel like Jankowski's value is higher in a trade. I do not want to move on from him at all, I think he is a great third line center, however the only way he stays and is a productive part of this team is if Backlund leaves, because Jankowski should not be a 4th line center.
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