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  1. Your absolutely right that he is an overage player, I don’t know if he is playing on a stacked PA team or not. But he plays an honest game and does a lot of little things right, I see him as another mark stone or even giordano type model, drafted late or undrafted (which he has been twice), and has now filled out, has worked very hard on his skating, and is now starting to show what he is capable of. He even went to the world juniors and put up 3 goals 2 assists, to be fourth in scoring on a team that couldn’t find offence. His compete level and retrieval of loose pucks is what reminds me of stone so much.
  2. This should be our target, along with trading for another 1st to get Raphael Lavoie. 2 Big RW RHS Forwards who can score and are starting to show an elite level of Hockey IQ. Will be a nice compliment to our LW in a year or two.
  3. It makes more fiscal sense to move on from Ryan, but I feel like Jankowski's value is higher in a trade. I do not want to move on from him at all, I think he is a great third line center, however the only way he stays and is a productive part of this team is if Backlund leaves, because Jankowski should not be a 4th line center.
  4. I have been wondering how much of a driver lindholm actually was on that top line, and now that he has switched to the second line it seems like he may be the catalyst. With that in mind, if we were to make a trade for Stone. I think we could shuffle the lines to look like: Tkachuk - Lindholm - Stone (New 1A line) Gaudreau - Monahan - Neal (Give them a better draw as a 1B) Jankowski - Backlund - Frolik (Full shut down line) Bennett - Ryan - Hathaway (Shift Disturbing Line) Moving into next year, this makes me ponder if Jankowski would be the odd man out?
  5. I have been in the get stone at any cost, but the more I see these “costs” I am no longer convinced (and I was a big advocate, shy of calling Newport my self, hahaha). But today I perused the free agent market for this summer, and I think that is the time for us to make some splashes not now. As it stands now there is the likely targets of stone, Duchene, Panarin, bob, karlsson; but there is also that second tier of Hayes, skinner, Nyquist, Ferland, Gardiner, Eberle (and a lot more). i just think with all the potential changes this summer, that’s going to be the time to strike on some of these guys, as well as move on from some of ours.
  6. A little bit off the board, what about a trade like mangiapane for Crouse in Arizona? Potential to add some size for the playoffs, reunite a buddy for Bennett from their Kingston days.
  7. By my account he is a comparable to William Karlsson in Vegas ($5.25), Brian Little in Winnipeg ($5.22), Brock Nelson in NYI ($4.25), or Phillip Danault in Montreal ($3.08). They are all very similar point producers, similar FO Win %, and this year Hayes is getting $5.175. Seems like that is what he should be getting, is is worth moving Jankowski + for him?
  8. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Hayes, Johnny's Center in Boston? If you compare his advanced stats with Monahan, they are not that different, which may be why Money and Johnny have always clicked so well. I am not in the mood to figure out cap considerations moving forward; BUT, if we could make a trade for Stone and Hayes. It may have the opportunity to have two lines of Johnny - Hayes - Stone and shift Money and Lindholm with Tkachuk. As well as adding some size to help Johnny, and although both Hayes and Stone dont play a fleet of foot game, they do think the game well and usually compliment skill players very well, while creating an unequally balanced second line matchups. Or we wait to the off season and make the pitch.....
  9. As far as his contract is concerned, this little slump might be saving BT’s bacon right now, lol. I think a fair contract is 7 years, which allows him to go to UFA at 28, still young enough for one more good contract. And at that time frame I don’t see $7 - $7.25 out of the question. Percentage of the cap wise it’s the same as Gaudreaus, and Tkachuk gets paid, with the chance for one more big payday, especially if he has a couple cups to his name.
  10. That is a dream 4th line for the playoffs, the question is whether the 2nd line gels and puts the biscuit in the basket. If they can’t, it won’t matter how good our 3rd and 4th lines are.
  11. Tkachuk seems off tonight again as well, and is trying to engage in the scrums after the plays. Which I love, but he can’t do it with backs and Frolik. I think Bennett needs to be his center, so they can drag each other in and out of battles.
  12. I feel like Marner is getting $11 AAV also, and dont know how in the world they are going to build a team around 5 forwards making $47 M / Year. I am also terrified of the Tkachuk contract and I think BT should bring the papers over to his house right now at $8 M for 8 years and get it over with before its too late.
  13. Interesting on a larger scale trade, would they consider: To Calgary: brady Tkachuk mark stone To Ottawa: Neal Dube Valimaki 1st in 2019?
  14. https://www.silversevensens.com/2019/2/1/18205071/ottawa-senators-tradebait-mark-stone-nhl-trade-rumours In the article, it says that contenders of interest are, “Winnipeg, Calgary, Nashville, Vegas, or SanJose”. If that is true, we almost have to make a play for him just to keep him off of those teams? No?
  15. I am not convinced that either are a huge upgrade over Jankowski at the present moment, I went through a bunch of their stats (not cherry picking, just the ones I feel are applicable), and this is what it showed me Schenn: 45GP - 9G - 18A - 27P - (-10) - 28 PIM (2 PPG - 5 PPA / 0 SH P) 53.1 CF % - 18:34 ATOI - 58.1 OZS % (Very limited PP Time, and almost No PK, and is favored starting in the O Zone) 307 FOW - 340 FOL (47.4%) 25 BLK - 87 H - 30 TK - 23 GV Brassard: 40 GP - 9G - 6A - 15P - (-6) - 29 PIM (2PPA / 0 SHP) 43.8 CF % - 14:45 ATOI - 41.6 OZS % (Almost NO PP, almost NO PK, but they due rely on him defensively) 200 FOW - 221 FOL (47.5%) 12 BLK - 69H - 24TK - 17GV Jankowski: 48 GP - 8G - 12A - 20P - (+6) (0 PPP / 4 SHG - 3SHA) 48.0 CF% - 12:21 ATOI - 50.4 OZS % (No PP Time at all, PK Beast, but zone starts don't seem to matter, trusted) 248 FOW - 220 FOL (53%) 34 BLK - 17H - 30TK - 18GV It seems like he is doing everything these other two are doing, minus the physical play, they are both more aggressive. But he is more trusted with all the PK time, and he seems to shine. I dont think he is a line generator, but based on this I dont think the other two are either? So we are trading for experience?
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