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  1. I have been going back and forth with the lines and wonder what Gaudreau with Bennett and Dube would look like? What if that was our sheltered third line? Too unreliable? Curious what others think the result would be? Obviously if it clicked and worked Ward wouldn’t use it, lol, but curious what others think? This assumes for me other lines are: Tkachuk - Monahan - Lindholm Lucic - Backlund - Mangiapane
  2. Thanks for the response, I don’t usually post to get likes lol, didn’t even occur to me that was a thing. I also like to process my thoughts which is why I usually post the next day. I hope that we are close to trading Gio, I identified the Leafs (even though Salary is difficult), that team would be a good fit. I also thought Columbus prior to their slump, but I do really like LA as trading partners. I don’t think your getting draft picks from them right now. I wonder if Gio + Dube works to get you Jaret Anderson-Dolan and a D prospect, I prefer Helge Grans (if there’s a way to get Akil Thomas) I really like him also.
  3. I am in the camp that I hate rebuilds, maybe it’s because I’m impatient, or the fact that I like certain players too much and am to proud to admit that they may be the problem. I also lately have noticed that my criticisms of the coaching staff and leadership group of this team have come across as negative which is why I have slowed down. But I wanted to attach a post I made and am curious to see what your response to it would be?
  4. The announcers saying, “you have to tip your hat to a coach who has a hunch and mixes things up in the final Minutes which ends up being the difference maker”. I don’t think he was talking about Calgary’s coaches?
  5. They better be ready for Toronto to go full tilt at them now, great goal boys
  6. I agree, I’m one of his biggest fans, but that didn’t look good. He seems to fight his instincts on that line, it’s the indecision of being a winger when your brain is telling you to attack like a Center man. No excuse for those plays though
  7. Agreed, they are respecting their offensive prowess a bit too much, but after escaping all those powerplays in the first, that’s probably how they feel
  8. This is a perfect example, Johnny was the first to the puck in the corner and didn’t win a physical battle but won a skill battle while the defence felt pressure and blew a tire, and he made a perfect pass to Andersson. This is the kind of forecheck I’m talking about, it needs to be different and unpredictable but still relentless.
  9. Really good interview, I maybe posted my analysis in the wrong thread. But I do believe that the players are too worried about systems and playing the right way (wards way) rather than just playing hockey. Also interesting that Gallant was the coach that came in when he was in Florida and turned the team around. please be very good foreshadowing, lol
  10. I agree with this 💯. Tier 1 Guys like Mang and Dube are not going to win a lot of physical battles down low, but they are relentless on the puck and can wear the opposition down by moving their feet and not giving defence any space (also Lindholm) Tier 2 Guys like Benny, Tkachuk, And Lindy are big enough and agressive enough to throw their weight around but can’t do it shift after shift, they’re not built like that. That’s why they need to be paired with the like of Mang and Dube to create a hybrid of aggressive forecheck and puck pursuit combined with the ability to bang someone when needed. Tier 3 guys like Looch, Ritchie, sometimes Nordstrom are quick enough to get to the battle but lose the skill battle most of the time and need to use their speed and size to punish d-men and wear them down physically. Tier 4 guys like Johnny, Backs, Money rarely engage physically but are pretty decent at possession and steals, they need to wait up high or in the wings in order to intercept potential breakout passes. Your top lines have to have a mix of all three so there hard to predict and you can attack in a variety of ways. You need to have a bottom line for energy, to punish and wear down the other team. This is exactly why the 3M line has success, as well I think we have the right mix of guys to have three lines to balance this attack. But dump and chase away, or better yet, enter the zone and button hook every time. Nobody will ever figure any of that out.
  11. Ok I admittedly am a big Bennett fan, but lately it has seemed like whichever line he is on seems to be the most visible. Is this my tin foil hat talking or am I seeing things.
  12. I suggested in another thread that Gio could be traded to Toronto for a 1st round pick and a cap dump (maybe let foot) and we retain half of Gios. Might make more sense, and maybe gets a better return now that Muzzin is out.
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