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  1. Also agree. What message does it send to have your leading playoff scoring start on the 4th line at the start of training camp? Yes, I know Ward and Bennett wanted to see more time at center ice, but I don't think that's what Benny had in mind. This whole thing is probably a nothing burger, as Benny's current usage and play makes him replaceable in the regular season. A wasted opportunity that has probably run its course.
  2. Totally agree. I dont even care if he plays center. With Tkachuk-Lindholm-Bennett you are maximizing the offensive potential of Bennett while minimizing his weaknesses by playing him with two of the strongest (perhaps the two best) two-way forwards on the team. Mangiapane-Backlund-Dube is such a solid, well rounded line that I think they would have great success. Then you have Johny-Mony and whoever getting fed offensive zone starts, and the 4th line can be used sparingly (with a lot of 4th line minutes coming from the PK).
  3. I'm disappointed because now I feel that Ward is costing us players. No, Bennett doesn't deserve anything for being a 4th overall draft pick, or being consistently the Flames best playoff performer. But he is not being put in the right situations IMO. I don't blame him for being disappointed when after leading the team in playoff scoring, on the first day of training camp he is the 4th line center, later moving to 3rd line winger. He wasn't given a single opportunity in the top-6, watching guys like Leivo, Simon, and Dube slot in over him. I think it's clear now that Bennett can not carry a line, isn't great defensively, and doesn't make those around him better. What he can do is play with skilled players, play big minutes, and provide energy/grit. So play him on the right side with Tkachuk and Lindholm. Dube is a more well rounded player and a 3rd line of Mangiapane-Backlund-Dube would be more effective as your 2nd shutdown and 3rd scoring line. I don't think you lose anything with Bennett on the top line, but it helps the overall team depth. At the very least Bennett should have been given more powerplay time over the past two seasons over guys like Lucic and Ryan. Stajan can tell me all he wants how Lucic's teammates are rooting for him and rally around him when he succeeds. I don't buy it, and having Lucic be a fixture of the second powerplay unit has been a joke. Bennett's effort level has never been called into question. Yes, he needs to rein in his bad penalties, but I don't blame him for wanting a fresh start.
  4. I think the Flames are totally misguided in their request for media silence. The lost the battle of public opinion, and so instead of trying harder to reach out to everyday Calgarians, they request media silence in the hopes that a deal can be reached with the City because it's in the best interest of the City. This is flawed for so many reasons: politicians never 'go silent' if it's not in their best interest, politicians aren't necessarily interested in the logical 'best interest' of the areas or constituents they serve, and you can not just ignore public opinion. The negotiations don't have to be conducted out in the open, but the Flames are very naive if they think they can conduct them free of media or public opinion. They must try harder to get their message across and the facts out to the public.
  5. Signing Tavares would be the ultimate "Get Out Of Jail Free" for this team. This includes a Brouwer buy-out. Once Valimaki can play NHL minutes you can trade Stone or Brodie and you have enough room to sign Tkachuk for next season. Sign some plug as the 13th forward for emergencies only. Dube, Foo, and Magiapane play forward due to any injuries. I wouldn't even care about the no right-shots in this scenario. Too bad it will very probably never happen. Although if JT looked around at where he can win multiple cups in the next decade...never say never.
  6. Slightly off-topic. To me the best new arena, would be one with a combined 2,000 seat, 8,000 seat, and 20,000 seat rinks. With this arrangement, concerts/events could be held in the arena that best suited the crowd size. For example, it may make more sense for the Hitmen/Roughnecks to play in the 8,000 seat rink some nights. I know some cities have built arenas with a practice ice sheet included in the building. Does anyone know of a facility with multiple ice sheets with different seating capacities?
  7. If for some reason JT signs in Calgary, and I'm assuming he does so at a reasonable cap hit (<10 mil) I think going Tavares, Monahan, Backlund down the middle won't be much of a problem, finding some right-shot RW will be. Tkachuk-Tavares-Bennett Gaudreau-Monahan-Ferland Jankowski-Backlund-Frolik Lazar-Shore-Hathaway This would still leave us without any right-shot, top-9, RWs. I think there's less than a 1% chance JT comes to Calgary if he actually hits the market. I also think you are underestimating what Perron will get as a UFA. Someone will overpay for him IMO.
  8. Perhaps his best game of the year, several scoring chances.
  9. Bennett RW on the 1st line with Johnny and Mony tonight according to pre-game line rushes as per Loubo.
  10. Being stratched tonight doesn't mean they will be traded tonight. They will be traded by Monday and teams are just protecting their assets. I don't know who we would be in on at this point. After last night, I wouldn't give these guys any help...
  11. I can't disagree with you and see the same things. I was actually looking through the top of the 2014 1st round today and a none of the forwards except Draisaitl have turned into anything special and even he has had struggles. What I keep reminding myself is Bennett is the second youngest player on the team by a fair margin and he missed almost his entire first pro year. I used to think his biggest problem was simply confidence and putting too much pressure on himself, this year I find it's more slow decision making on the ice. Did we ruin him by playing him down the lineup and at center for so long, time will tell. He has undeniable skills and I haven't given up hope that he can improve his weaknesses to become a very effective player. Any trade for Bennett I hope would return a 50 point winger, as I think that's what his over/under in a regular season down the road will be.
  12. It used to be talked about a lot more. Until the Devils went the the Stanley Cup finals with the 29th ranked faceoff percentage. It's important, but not critical. Tampa Bay is ranked 29th this season in fact, but I don't think it bothers them very much. I do understand your frustration on why centermen don't perfect their faceoff skills. Still, you have to consider that the guy on the other side of the dot may have perfected his craft as well.
  13. Geeze I hope you're right. Prospects just never seem hold hold as much value around the trade deadline so I'm not as convinced that those two puts you close on a productive player under contract for two more seasons.
  14. The only one of those I would trade is Gillies, because of the waiver situation we'll again find ourselves in next season with three goalies. The only decent roster player I would trade is Stone, and only to Ottawa to play with his brother (because he so recently signed with us). I am not against using next years' 1st round pick. I wonder what that 1st, Kylington, and Gillies gets you... I don't think anything of import will happen. We just don't have the pieces and I'd rather stick it out for a few years until the above internally improves our group.
  15. See I'm not too uptight about the 1st. By the time that - hopefully - late first rounder is ready to play, we should have rounded the corner into a contending team. With Fox, Andersson, and Valimaki coming, we'll recoup some picks when our existing Dmen get traded to make room.
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