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  1. I think he will sign on with the Flames at the end of the season and get a taste of the NHL. 2014/15 season I think he will be average, but eventually develop into a good top 6 forward.
  2. There was nothing draw dropping today with his 5 points. He's just so damn talented. Everytime he has the puck something happens.
  3. 2G 3A for Johnny Gaudreau today in a 6-3 BC win.

  4. 2G 3A for Johnny Gaudreau today in a 6-3 BC win.

    1. wally31


      He now has 19pts in 11games. Almost sitting at a 2.0 ppg in the NCAA

    2. wally31


      He now has 19pts in 11games. Almost sitting at a 2.0 ppg in the NCAA

  5. Great road win by the Heat! 1-0 against the Texas Stars. Breen assisted by Baertschi..

    1. JAY-DOG


      Great game winner!!!!

  6. Another win for Abbotsford! 3 - 2. Irving was unreal, and Baertschi scored! Make that 10wins on the early season.

  7. I'm so impressed with this kid. UNREAL skill set. I know its early, but I think he has the compete, drive, and skillset to make the NHL... Theres just something about him!?.
  8. Still can't message anyone since Keyhatch banned me, even Dirty Deeds too, I think? But if you go to Wiziwig forums, it gives you the feeds or streams, if available, for all NCAA games!.. CHEERS!

  9. Anyone know if Byron and Nemo are injured? Just curious.


    1. BobbyB12


      It was a Beauty!! Horak is looking really good in the game also!

    2. Coolie


      Just watched the highlights, so awesome.

  11. Jankowski with 2 goals already in his NCAA debut

  12. Baertschi playing his first AHL game. Jankowski playing his first NCAA game. Great night for hockey/flames fans!

  13. had the opportunity to talk to Roger Millions & Craig Conroy at the scrimmage. Jankowski looked great!

    1. Ring-a-ding-dong-dandy


      did you ask Millions what happened to journalistic integrity? Because he clearly has none

  14. While I don't agree with Derf, I think it's pathetic how many nucks fans are creating accounts to join in on a silly conversation... It's pretty sad actually. Just a bunch of stupid banter back and forth. No meaningful conversation or debate. _________________________________ Maybe I can bring some meaningful conversation to this thread, so it's not derailed by trolls.... I've been thinking about the two big names for the nucks hitting the UFA market this coming July. 1. Burrows 2. Edler What do buck fans think they will make? Cap Hit / Term? My prediction: Burrows 4 x 4yrs Edler 5.5 x 6yrs
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