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Status Updates posted by wally31

  1. 2G 3A for Johnny Gaudreau today in a 6-3 BC win.

    1. wally31


      He now has 19pts in 11games. Almost sitting at a 2.0 ppg in the NCAA

    2. wally31


      He now has 19pts in 11games. Almost sitting at a 2.0 ppg in the NCAA

  2. 2G 3A for Johnny Gaudreau today in a 6-3 BC win.

  3. Great road win by the Heat! 1-0 against the Texas Stars. Breen assisted by Baertschi..

    1. JAY-DOG


      Great game winner!!!!

  4. Another win for Abbotsford! 3 - 2. Irving was unreal, and Baertschi scored! Make that 10wins on the early season.

  5. Anyone know if Byron and Nemo are injured? Just curious.


    1. BobbyB12


      It was a Beauty!! Horak is looking really good in the game also!

    2. Coolie


      Just watched the highlights, so awesome.

  7. Jankowski with 2 goals already in his NCAA debut

  8. Baertschi playing his first AHL game. Jankowski playing his first NCAA game. Great night for hockey/flames fans!

  9. had the opportunity to talk to Roger Millions & Craig Conroy at the scrimmage. Jankowski looked great!

    1. Ring-a-ding-dong-dandy


      did you ask Millions what happened to journalistic integrity? Because he clearly has none

  10. Welcome to Calgary Dennis Wideman. Looking forward to seeing more goals from our blue-line.

    1. wally31


      ? I'm so confused

  11. Had the honour to buy Jarome Iginla his coffee at Starbucks today! Best day of my life!!!!!!

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    2. wally31


      Thanks Ring. Some people don't get it. It's not about money, it's about respect. He has done so much for this city, country, and hockey... The least I could do is not ask for an autograph/pic, but let him know that i respect him, and that it would be honour to buy his drink. He appreciated it

    3. TrippinVdUb


      thats a class act man, I think Id be too star struck to say anything. I sold Darcy Tucker a house full of furniture and stumbled through the whole sale lol

    4. ifiwaschucknorris


      Attaboy Wally. That's a classy move from a classy fan to a classy player.

  12. Congrats to the Abbotsford Heat on a great season!

  13. Finally those diving losers are eliminated! Sweep would have been nice, but I'll take 5!

    1. Bane


      Sweet, sweet karmic justice :) Now for 12 hours of riot coverage...

    2. wally31


      lol. no kidding

    3. Flyerfan52


      Penguins West followed their diving, hair-pulling brothers in the east to the golf course. Couldn't happen to 2 more hated teams!

  14. All I want for my birthday is a LA Kings victory! ABC

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    2. Pyromancer


      Happy B-Day - It looks like this Friday the 13th is your lucky day with the demise of the Nucks. A sweep would be sweet......

    3. Flyerfan52


      The Kings say Happy Birthday wally.

    4. wally31


      FF52 - Nucks lose, and Giroux with 6!!! points! You must be one happy fan! ::)

  15. Wow, even canuck fans on their message board are complaining about how much their team dives? Never saw that coming

  16. 2012 CS Final Rankings are in. Looking forward to the draft.

    1. Lil_Reaper


      I don't know if there will be any C's available with a high enough ceiling to choose. I really hope we somehow, someway... get Galchenyuk >.<

  17. looking like 14th. Highest pick without the playoffs. :(

    1. Young_Guns_V2


      Yeah they first fail to make playoffs. Then they play the best hockey in meaningless games to move to a worse position in the draft. Just like the Flames these days.

  18. Kesler is such a tool.. He bananaes when guys (kronwall) doesn't fight when he wants, but won't drop the gloves with iggy? TOOL

  19. 6 in a row tonight! I can feel it!!!!!! 7th place!

  20. Iginla in the top 10 for goals scored in the NHL this season. #8

    1. Lucid_Flame91


      He's in a 3 way tie for 8th.

    2. wally31
  21. Looks like Luongo is back to his regular playoff form.

    1. Louis23


      pray we get the nucks in the 1st round if we make it.

  22. 0.7 seconds :( uuggghhhh!

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    2. 403Loyalty


      its going to be a dogfight till the end :(

    3. Lucid_Flame91


      Atleast we have 2 games in hand on them.

    4. wally31


      I know.... it would have been better if we had 2 games and equal points...

      Lets hope we see a big win tomorrow

  23. NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! 0.7 seconds left and CO scores

  24. Heres hoping for a very physical, exhausting game between Vancouver & Phoenix!! Lots of blood! (jk)

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    2. DirtyDeeds


      Canucks are 1 win last 4. Whats going on? they turning into wet noodles again?

    3. wally31


      lol. Sedins 1 point combined in 8-9 games? I love seeing the nucks fail, but I definatley want a long/hard/lots of fight game with the canucks sneaking out a regulation win.

    4. DarthHenning


      This is the one game i WANT the Canucks to win. They can go back to sucking after this.

  25. NHL Cap could potentially go up 8million next season! Talk about cap space for the Flames

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