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  1. Had the honour to buy Jarome Iginla his coffee at Starbucks today! Best day of my life!!!!!!

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    2. wally31


      Thanks Ring. Some people don't get it. It's not about money, it's about respect. He has done so much for this city, country, and hockey... The least I could do is not ask for an autograph/pic, but let him know that i respect him, and that it would be honour to buy his drink. He appreciated it

    3. TrippinVdUb


      thats a class act man, I think Id be too star struck to say anything. I sold Darcy Tucker a house full of furniture and stumbled through the whole sale lol

    4. ifiwaschucknorris


      Attaboy Wally. That's a classy move from a classy fan to a classy player.

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