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  1. almost as funny as "The Flames' hard-hitting defenseman Jay Bouwmeester...". Maybe we should have a Bouwmeester humour thread.
  2. Good for Hodgson. He was royally screwed over by that back thing, but he seems to be over it now. If the Nucks weren't so deep at center, he could probably make the team this year. Maybe he still can if Kesler isn't ready for the season's start.. or if they need a middle rotation winger.
  3. why isn't there anything about the black/white game on the main page.................?

  4. chat again tonight.. maybe not for the whole game though

  5. good game--wrong result

  6. why don't they have every team play 4 games?? that way everyone plays each other once. kind of lucky for the Flames that this tourney happens to include the only two prospect systems worse than theirs (Winnipeg and San Jose IMO if you care). As it is, it looks like the Flames will get 1 win again this time around (San Jose). They've got a shot at the Canucks game too, but it really depends on who plays.. I think Edmonton walks away with this one though.
  7. Justin Dowling - a center with good size and work ethic. Has surprisingly good puck skills, but can't seem to put it all together (poor hockey sense? I don't know). Was decent in a short stint with the Abbotsford Heat last year. James Martin - a sort of no-frills shutdown defenseman. Has decent skating ability, is reasonably smart and has good size. Played with Joey Leach for a good part of last season, and ended up forming a pretty good shutdown pair for the Ice. Actually might find his way onto the Heat roster at some point C.J. Severyn - mobile grinding forward who is good defensively and has a lethal release on his shot. Has been playing in the NCAA since the flames drafted him in 2007. May play in the Heats' bottom six next season. basically they're mostly undrafted WHL players
  8. as far as I know, the only players on tryouts are the guys who were invited to the rookie camp.. No. Player Pos. 50 Dowling, Justin C * 62 Ehrhardt, Dallas D 65 Elson, Turner LW 81 Engelage, Andrew G 70 Gal, Blake RW 80 Jackson, Reid D 67 Kosterman, Peter D 68 Martin, James D 72 Severyn, CJ LW * 63 Sylvester, Dustin C * - has an AHL contract
  9. thows stoopid riters, wat well dey git rong neckst thyme?
  10. I do have some hope that Babchuk can be more than just a bottom pairing, top powerplay guy who starts 70% of his shifts in the offensive zone, and sees some of the most sheltered ice in the league. Some, but I haven't seen enough to be very confident about it. One thing is, as you mentioned, his size. If he can play more physically (especially in front of the net) that would immediately improve his defensive zone upside. Another is the fact that he's already an accomplished shot blocker. I believe he was in or near the top 20 in the league last season (Giordano was 3rd). If he could round out his game some, and be a legitimate 2nd pair defenseman I'd have more confidence in Feaster's projections for him. I fully expect Butler to find himself in a top 4 role before the end of the season. He's more reliable defensively than Babchuk, and he has good mobility. Sutter likes players he can rely on in the defensive zone (one reason I continue to have high hopes for John Negrin in spite of the injuries). However, Butler is only 25, and he was fairly sheltered for the majority of his time in Buffalo. I was perusing some stats yesterday, and I saw that Jay Bouwmeester's ice time has actually decreased since he joined the Flames (especially powerplay time). Mostly though, it has been shooting less (and presumably, less effectively, given his shooting percentages) that has seen his goal production dry up in Calgary. In the 2005/06 season, Bouwmeester had a 2.6% shooting percentage with 5 goals (comprable to his last 2 seasons with 2.3 and 3.3% respectively, only with more total shots). However, he also had 41 assists that year, a career high by a wide margin. The next 3 years, his shot% increased markedly (6.9,8.2,8.2) while the # of shots stayed relatively the same, resulting in more goals (12,15,15). Since he arrived in Calgary, his %ges have dropped again, but this time his shot totals have dropped as well, resulting in goal production approaching his career lows. If Bouwmeester starts shooting more again, will he start scoring more? Or even if his % start rolling back up to the higher totals of his last 3 seasons in Florida? Which % is more indicative of the real Bouwmeester, the 3.3% or the 6.9%? I think we may get an answer this upcoming season.
  11. if Edler keeps that 50 point pace, I don't think Giordano touches him. I don't see Giordano as a 50 point defenseman (then again, I didn't see him as a legitimate top 2 defenseman either ). As a side note, Feaster apparently thinks Anton Babchuk is capable of posting 50 points Don't know if he means this season, but I would think that implies Feaster thinks he's a top 4... I think it's about time Sutter figures out how to use Bouwmeester offensively. It's his goals that have taken a hit mostly since he joined the Flames. Ballard has a lot of significant players ahead of him on Vancouver, and he'll have to play his way out of Vigneault's dog house. Don't know. Bourque needs to re-learn how to play intensely. If Burrows plays all year with the Sedins he should get around 30 goals. Iginla will get more goals than Daniel. That might just be the Flames fan talking, but it's usually true. More shutouts..? I don't know, really. Kiprusoff has so much variance in his season-to-season performance, that it's really hard to say which Kiprusoff will play in the season. 09/10 version? 10/11? Given that Regehr is gone, it seems reasonable that Kiprusoff will have less than the 6 shutouts he posted last season. I'm betting that he and Luongo post the same number.
  12. the jingle wouldn't bother me overmuch since I keep my computer muted. San Jose is a bit of a conundrum, in that they have practically nothing waiting on the wings (other than goalies). their top six looks... well, spectacular. Bottom 6 looks... not spectacular. Still have plenty of cap space though. Defense looks great. CAPGEEK.COM CAP CALCULATOR FORWARDS Patrick Marleau ($6.900m) / Joe Thornton ($7.000m) / Martin Havlat ($5.000m) Ryane Clowe ($3.625m) / Logan Couture ($1.241m) / Joe Pavelski ($4.000m) Torrey Mitchell ($1.366m) / Michal Handzus ($2.500m) / Jamie McGinn ($0.680m) Benn Ferriero ($0.605m) / Andrew Murray ($0.575m) / Andrew Desjardins ($0.540m) DEFENSEMEN Dan Boyle ($6.666m) / Brent Burns ($3.550m) Marc-Edouard Vlasic ($3.100m) / Douglas Murray ($2.500m) Jason Demers ($1.250m) / Jim Vandermeer ($1.000m) Justin Braun ($0.875m) / Mike Moore ($0.512m) GOALTENDERS Antti Niemi ($3.800m) / Antero Niittymaki ($2.000m) CAPGEEK.COM TOTALS (follow @capgeek on Twitter) (these totals are compiled without the bonus cushion) SALARY CAP: $64,300,000; CAP PAYROLL: $59,287,501; BONUSES: $587,500 CAP SPACE (22-man roster): $5,012,499 I see them finishing awfully high, though.
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