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  1. Esposito didn't need elite playmaking wingers because he had Bobby Orr.
  2. I'd agree normally, but Tkachuk is our most dynamic player outside Gaudreau. In a more cycle-oriented style I could see this line as effective.
  3. How about a top 6 of: Gaudreau - Bennett - Neal Tkachuk - Monahan - Lindholm
  4. Provorov would be a tricky trade as well because: - It could cost quite a bit to trade for him. - If Myers is reported around 6M or so, I think his re-sign would be rather pricey. He's an impressive young defenceman.
  5. Sarasti


    You are right I forgot we had Schneider and Zagidulin. Perhaps Gillies is moved as part of a deal this offseason.
  6. Yeah for sure. Washington had some bigger guys in their bottom six as well. I would love to land Ryan Hartman RHS RW. Not the biggest guy but he plays a gritty game and works hard.
  7. Sarasti


    This is why I would be okay with the cheaper options for stability. Rittich's game started to show weakness at the same time the team as a whole did, so it isn't entirely on him imo. I also thought I read somewhere that he was dealing with a nagging injury later on in the season.
  8. Sarasti


    Any idea how much Lehner is asking?
  9. Sarasti


    True Binnington could end up being a flash in the pan, or not. The Bruins won the cup with Tim Thomas as their guy and I believe he played 55 games.
  10. Well I'm going to just say we'll have to agree to disagree.
  11. To be a playoff veteran you kind of have to lose first. Vegas had/has a nice mix of players who had varying levels of experience from multiple different teams. A lot of our key players have little post-season experience. It took Washington and St. Louis a long while with to win with their cores and many people were questioning if they could ever do it.
  12. I look at regular season success as a positive thing. It really doesn't matter where you are as long as you get in, true, but I don't buy this "burning out the team" in the regular season stuff. Just last year Vegas won the Pacific and made the Cup Final.
  13. I would like it if we got Reaves. He had a solid year and is a good presence come playoff-time.
  14. I don't know how much cap space St. Louis has but I think they'll try to retain Maroon. I also believe he'd want to stay.
  15. If there is a regression I agree it will be slight. Like Vegas perhaps. Still a contender, but maybe we don't win the division 2 years straight.
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