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  1. My favourite Kesler fight was against Domi. Kesler had a major weight-class advantage and Max dropped him in one punch. Good stuff.
  2. Agree with this. Winnipeg doesn't seem like an ideal trade partner at this point.
  3. Either way I feel Dumba is an upgrade on both Brodie and Hamonic in terms of D-play (Brodie) and mobility (Hamonic).
  4. To add to the personality thoughts. I dont know much about Subban outside of what the media shows, but I went to the same high school as Dumba when he played for RD and he is a good guy off the ice.
  5. Agree with the last sentence 100%. I'm not sold on Ward just yet but I personally think he's earned a longer look.
  6. Goaltending was not to blame in this one. We outshot them badly but outside the first 20-30 mins. It wasn't exactly total dominance. High danger chances tell a story as they were much closer than the shot count and the Sens converted. Disappointing L. Hopefully they'll come back on the 28th refreshed and focused.
  7. Tkachuks comments after the game were perfect. Something along the lines of; "If he wants to react like that we'll take the PP, we'll take the game-winner, and we'll take first place in the division."
  8. Good stuff. Hopefully a suspension. If Lucic gets 2 games for the punch on Zadorov then what should Kassian get?
  9. Great game for the most part. All the lines had great shifts but again I was most impressed with Lucic - Ryan - Dube. They just do everything right. One little side-note: I think the officials need a refresher on the offside rule, because if we have a player in their zone after the puck comes out but the other team passes it back into their own zone and said Flame steals it away, that is NOT offside. I've seen it wrongfully whistled down SO many times (twice this game) and it drives me absolutely crazy.
  10. Excited for another installment of the BOA. Let's make it 2-0 on the season. Smitty has played well in 2020, but Talbot has been better. Should be a great game. GFG!!
  11. Agreed. The sloppy passing in the neutral zone is killing me.
  12. Despite the amount of shots it was a rather low-event affair. As it usually is against Minnesota. Big two points again to keep pace with the Oilers tonight.
  13. Great win. Talbot was fantastic tonight.
  14. Razzie is quickly becoming one of my favourite players.
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