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  1. Another one thats too late for me to watch. 😔 Hoping for the 1st game 2 win since 2015! GFG!! 🔥🔥🔥 Oh, and thanks for the GDT Carty, as always.
  2. Lol so truuu. I love this trade. Neal may score in bunches on occasion but he's an awful teammate otherwise. 3rd rounder is gravy
  3. They had negative posessiion stats against the Jets but they're playing rougher. As long as they keep the puck out of the net I am totally okay with them wasting the clock
  4. Man have our young guns been impressive so far. Its amazing what confidence does.
  5. Agreed. Bishop may be vezina caliber but Khudobin is no slouch as he had better numbers in the regular season. Need to get big bodies all up in his face.
  6. Yes nice response by the boys after giving up two quick ones. Still need to tighten up but I like the swagger they are playing with these playoffs compared to last year.
  7. Am here for the next two years! Working vacation if you will. Tis a beautiful place
  8. ohh shiza ill just tune out then... its clear I'm bad luck lol 😆
  9. Just tuned in and guys... We have a player in Dube. He reminds me a bit of Brayden Point.
  10. I feel this as well lol. 4:30 am is a little too early for me. I mean its that time right now but I don't work later today so 😄
  11. I wasnt able to catch the game live due to it being on at 4:30 AM here but I was impressed with the effort in the video I saw. Great tone set by Lucic off the opening draw and it seems like they carried that swagger throughout the rest of the game.
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