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  1. If we are going to go with a 4F PP again, I hope Valimaki and Kylington get some chances on on of the units. They have the tools and it could help their confidence to make offensive plays 5v5.
  2. Unless we pick someone else up i can see him playing more than a handful of games again. Sutter-type player
  3. Sarasti

    UFA 2021

    Wouldn't mind Stone back tbh. He looked pretty good in the limited viewings this past season and still has a cannon.
  4. Sarasti

    UFA 2021

    Seattle has a solid goalie rotation going into this season. Guessing Francis planned around signing Grubauer from the start
  5. Rotational A's for the year has my vote. At least until someone steps up and earns the C. Some combination of Backlund, Tanev, Tkachuk, Lindholm, and Monahan.
  6. Considering what Landeskog will get in FA he doesn't make a whole lot of sense for the Flames as a target. LHS LW that doesn't generate scoring chances as well without Mackinnon and Rantanen.
  7. Lol, been following as much as I can today. Sarcasm abounds. Good stuff. I will reserve judgement until after. Couple comments on the first round. Surprised Wallstedt went that much later than Cossa. Coronato seems like a solid pick. Lots of upside. I've been a huge supporter of getting more Mangiapane-style forwards in the system and he fits that mold. RHS, and plays all three forward positions. Lot of people I talk to back home wanted Lucius but he fell to the Jets pick when we didn't take him so perhaps there's something the scouts know that we don't.
  8. Was hoping we'd be in on Garland. Thats a solid pick up for VAN.
  9. I am emotional seeing Gio taken. Other than Iginla he is the only captain of this team I have known. Whatever your feelings are toward him this is definitely the end of an era and I wish him the best of luck in Washington state. That said this leaves us with a little cap to play with and seeing as EDM has given Hyman a deal until he's liver-spotted i hope we are much more intelligent with it.
  10. For anyone interested. The NHL just released the compensation tiers for offer sheets this offseason. Can't get my link to work but I imagine its relatively easy to find
  11. I didn't know this but it doesn't surprise me how his career has gone since. He actually had a promising start/solid rookie campaign despite the horrific plus minus.
  12. Realistic target. Considering our penchant for reclamation projects.
  13. Of the backups listed I really like Halak, and Dreidger. Issues would be age for Jaro, and potential salary for Dreidger.
  14. Thats okay. Wasnt planning on sleeping tonight anyway 🙃
  15. Arvidsson is off the table. Just got dealt to the Kings for a second and a third.
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