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  1. Ryan Murphy. AHL dman and former 1st round pick i believe. Think he was bought out shortly after we acquired him.
  2. I sense a Ryan trade coming with the Nordstrom signing. Could be insurance in case Gawdin can't quite handle full time 4th line duty. I like the band of Brothers approach with them bringing in people who are also close off-ice.
  3. On the topic of Columbus I wonder what it would cost to pry out Bjorkstrand. I think there's some seriously untapped offensive potential there. He is one hell of a shooter.
  4. DeAngelo is a solid player but I worry about bringing someone with his type of attitude on board tbh.
  5. My thoughts as well. Hed slot in on that blue line really nicely if im being honest. With Charas career coming to an end, he'd be a great mentor for McAvoy and Carlo.
  6. Andersson and Tanev is an improvement over Brodie and Forbort if you want to use that logic. Markstrom and Rittich is an improvement over Rittich and Talbot
  7. Brodie and Andersson were our best D in return to play. I think its fair to say Andersson slots in quite nicely as a Brodie replacement and Tanev replaces Hamonic as Hanifins usual partner. I may be one of the few here who genuinely likes the Tanev signing as I think he's the type of player a winning team needs.
  8. Kinda hard to debate that in the very limited time we've seen him play. Brodie was pretty rough around the edges early on in his career.
  9. That is a great deal for a guy that can fit nicely as a 6/7 dman. Good signing.
  10. Vancouver couldn't keep Markstrom even if they wanted to. He wanted term and a NMC which meant protection from the expansion draft. They got their tandem now in Holtby and Demko and don't have to expose Demko anymore. Personally, I think Markstrom is the superior tender anyway and im very happy with the signing.
  11. Kylington has the skating ability to play the right side.
  12. So they won't be keeping their captain. Hmm interesting
  13. Disappointed to not see Brodie back. Hard to find a defensive pairing with quite the type of chemistry Brodie and Giordano had.
  14. Any word on interest for Pietrangelo?
  15. In other news (wasn't sure where to post this) But it sounds like the team will be wearing both home and away retros full-time next season. Announcement expected ahead of entry draft. Good news to me ! Thems some good-lookin unis.
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