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  1. Flames need a goalie after this season. Ducks Frederik Andersen is pretty good - he's an RFA after this season, and it looks like Gibson will the goalie they hold on to. What forward (or prospects) could the Flames part with under contract or that are an RFA that might be a good swap to benefit both teams? Ducks are in need of NHL level forwards, as well as prospects. Realize you have a solid guy in Ortio, but are Hiller and Ramo staying too.....? The latter two being pretty expensive for what you're getting.
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    Your stats are meaningful, but given the choice, I would take Ramo over Hiller. Hiller is just not the same goalie he used to be prior to the vertigo battle. You get him moving side to side behind the net, he gets lost, and out of position. Anaheim exploited him in the same way that he was exploited when he was in the Ducks net.
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