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    I don't get it... Going after Talbot or Martin Jones probably indicates that Ramo is done with the Flames. But at the same time we have NHL - Hiller, Ortio AHL - Gillies, _____ How do either of them fit in? The only way that would work is to trade Hiller. But is Jones or Talbot an improvement over Hiller? Was really hoping we would actually use all three 2nd rounders, preferably drafting dmen. Flames should know very well what happens when a team gives up two 2nd rounders for an unproven player (Tim Erixon). Talbot is unproven as a starter, the most he has ever played is 36 games in a season. He was 21-9-4 with 5 SO's but any goalies stats would look good playing behind McDonagh and Girardi. So....Tree, please don't do this.


    All i know is, I love that we have two capable goalies. And so far, when one goalie is playing poorly, the other one steps up. So far, our goaltending has not been a problem at all. Fingers, crossed, knock on wood.
  3. WHAT A GAME IN SA! I'm going to the game in houston, I hope the guys won't be too tired after the effort they put in tonight :P

    1. wally31


      Great effort tonight. Relentless. They didn't even have Kolanos in the last 2 games... Enjoy the game in Houston

  4. Flames fans, we must all come to peace with the fact that our post-season chances are over. It is better to get that through our heads now. With that being said, the season from December on has been an extremely fun one to watch! Can't wait till next year, GO FLAMES GO!

    1. bigchief


      I'm going to wait until the vital signs are gone before I call time of death.

    2. DarthHenning


      We're not dead yet. Life support, but still alive.

  5. Kippers save in OT........epic.

  6. Decent trade Sutter, more trades to come I'm guessing. Hold on to your seats people, this season is gonna be an odd one.

    1. JordanG


      I disagree yeah sure white isn't doing that great but is IGGY OR JOKINEN, we lost a puck moving D-man which is hard to find these days for another plug im sick in tired of Sutter making these awful trades like the Jokinen for ALES KOTALIC, after we gave up alot to get OLLI we trade him for some moron who can't play hockey. I hope we miss the playoffs finish in the bottom so we can do what needs to happen, REBUILD it needs to be done what we are doing now is not working its been five y...

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