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  1. 2nd in Pacific, Oilers finish 3rd, BoA to start the playoffs! After last season I want something to get excited for and I see potential in this group, Neal is going to be that savvy veteran presence this team's been looking for, not another bottom rotation washout.
  2. I dont know, I'd like to keep Rittich but I may also be hung up on the idea of finally graduating a #1 from the farm. It's seems like goalie after goalie comes through the system and none of them ever stick and rarely do they find success with other teams. I think Mcelhinney has had the most success and he was one of the least hyped. It's such an anomaly.
  3. On 2 stacked team's, Doughty has never put the Kings on his back and won 2 straight playoff series. Quick in the other hand? Karlson is in a league of his own, the way he controls the game and attacks the opposition is uncanny. Doughty nor Hedman have that kind of impact.
  4. True but this is what we wanted and it's what has to happen. If we don't play Gillies and Rittich and give them chance to win the net what's the point in keeping them in the system? Goalies take time and unless you give them the net they will never properly develop. Could we use an experienced back up? Absolutely, but none of our prospects will be set back more by bringing in a vet then the puck stoppers.
  5. I would pay Karlson $11 mill and then I'd offer to shovel his walk through out the winter.
  6. Id argue that's he's the 3rd best player in the world behind McDavid and Crosby.
  7. I don't know if that's a fair assessment, it takes two GM's to make a trade. I think it had more to do with both guys sitting side by side on the floor for 2 days and hashing out a previous conversation. Brad seemed like he was on a mission to move Dougie before free agency. I'm willing to bet this entire scenario, starting with the trade all the way to Neal was on a white board or a note pad somewhere in the Flames offices among other variations that could have went down. He knew what he wanted and he went after it. My biggest shock is how little of the future he spent to acquire it all. 1 prospect and 2 core player's moved and no really ridiculous contracts on the books. He has had a commendable summer.
  8. What? Your line of thinking is out to lunch, I somehow doubt that Sean and Johnny are on summer vaction, sitting by the pool, talking about how Tree is disrespecting them by signing Neal.
  9. I seen that, James plays allot like Robert's. I'm really excited to see how he impacts the line-up. The NHL network panel were talking about how Neal contributed to the Knights quick start and helped them set the tone of the season, a problem that has haunted us for years.
  10. In his interviews every 2nd word is "WIN" he's obsessed with it, you have to think that's going to rub off on the boy's. They have been missing a high caliber veteran presence on this team, someone that can talk to a Chucky, a Johnny, a Mony and give them advise they can use on the ice. I don't think Brouwer and Stajan's leadership carries that kind of weight.
  11. He has a heavy shot and from all the highlights I've been able to track down he scores a few from the point and just above the circles
  12. J.Hockey/$Mony/Neal Chucky/Backs/Lindholm Benny/Janks/Frolik Mangi/Ryan/Brouwer or who ever And just like that the top 9 has been transformed
  13. If the reports are ture that Neal turned down 5×5 from Vegas, the you have to give Tre props on this signing, he picked him up for only a fraction more, managed to keep the term somewhat limited. For a top line RW in free agency, this is a good signing and it's a he'll if allot better then landing Patty Maroon who has Brouwer written all over him. It's going to be a fun season in Calgary!
  14. They are friend's and he did yell the guys on the fan he's been selling Neal on Calgary all summer long. I know Commy is a little touched but there could be some truth to what he's saying.
  15. I hold on to what assets I have left and see what we already have in the line-up. We need to refillthe pipeline
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