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    Classy tribute for a class act 🔥🍻🔥
  2. On 2 stacked team's, Doughty has never put the Kings on his back and won 2 straight playoff series. Quick in the other hand? Karlson is in a league of his own, the way he controls the game and attacks the opposition is uncanny. Doughty nor Hedman have that kind of impact.
  3. I would pay Karlson $11 mill and then I'd offer to shovel his walk through out the winter.
  4. Id argue that's he's the 3rd best player in the world behind McDavid and Crosby.
  5. I don't know if that's a fair assessment, it takes two GM's to make a trade. I think it had more to do with both guys sitting side by side on the floor for 2 days and hashing out a previous conversation. Brad seemed like he was on a mission to move Dougie before free agency. I'm willing to bet this entire scenario, starting with the trade all the way to Neal was on a white board or a note pad somewhere in the Flames offices among other variations that could have went down. He knew what he wanted and he went after it. My biggest shock is how little of the future he spent to acquire it all. 1 prospect and 2 core player's moved and no really ridiculous contracts on the books. He has had a commendable summer.
  6. I hold on to what assets I have left and see what we already have in the line-up. We need to refillthe pipeline
  7. Well of course I'd rather have Marner but that doesn't seem realistic, Nylander looks to be the most expendable in this situation, as Kapanen offers some cost control for now. I don't think Bennett and Kyilington get it done, my guess is the ask would be a top pick, a good prospect and a top 4 Dman on a good contact (Brodie/Hamonic)
  8. I don't like Kadri but I could see him being a fit, Nylander is the dream but what would that cost us in picks? Are we willing to give up another 1st rounder+ after the draft we just had? I would, but only for that type of asset
  9. Yup, all you have to do is look at the depth chart for 2013... it was sad, Mony is the lone beacon of hope that season!
  10. What happened to "Realstic trade suggestions"? We are not getting Marner or Nylander and Toffoli isn't getting traded with in the Pacific.
  11. That's very good point and one that should be taken into consideration before making any brash moves.
  12. The more I think about it, the less opposed I am to it. Every rational thought I have is screaming no, yet this tiny little voice deep down inside is fist pumping and yelling "Hey Hanrahan! Hanrahan! Hanrahan" Our home record sucked this year, the dome was not a hard building to pick up a couple points and we have been pushed around by teams like the oilers for the better part of 2 seasons. Maybe we could use a Ryan Reeves?
  13. Oh, that's just awful... it's the opposite of Peter Maher!
  14. This is the best thing that's happened to the Flames since Peter Maher called the shift.... Good riddance, Pompus @$$
  15. Why? I thought we we're looking for secondary scoring, not face punchers? Edit: I say that now but if he lays out Kassian, he could win me over for a season!
  16. That's a BS comparison, even as a 3rd liner Sam brings more value then Fata ever did
  17. Zucker is also 26 years old and just had his break out season, he was given a chance to develop at his own pace. Bennett just turned 22, he's struggled to find a consistent game but you know its there, experience and patients will pay dividends in the end. We aren't talking about Yakapov, who disappears entirely for stretches at a time and is one dimensional. Sam finds away to contribute and even when things aren't going his way and sticks with the process. Again, I'm a big NO on trading him anytime soon!
  18. I'm a big NO if it means Bennett... Trading Sam will haunt us for years!
  19. I have no doubt that he will shine but I also think it's premature to pencil him in. Brodie will be on a short leash, if he doesn't pick his game up with Gio I could see them trying Ras up there with him, given BP's history with young D and Huskas familiarity with the kids in Stockton I'm hoping some kids get a real opportunity this season to be more then just a spot holder for the vets, something GG always seemed reluctant to do (See Wotherspoon)
  20. I think we have to wait till the tradeline now to move Brodie. Tree isn't going to start the season relying on a rookie dman to play on the top 4, but if Ras can climb the depth chart we could find TJ expendable by then. The other option is free agency, I haven't really paid much attention to who's out there but unless he picks up a proven guy, I believe our top 4 is set for opening night.
  21. I dont think it was either. He's progressed every year that he's been in the league. I'd like to see what Chuckys contract looks like before hand but in the same breath I'm not that patient. In the few games I seen the wild last season, Zucker looked dynamic.
  22. Then play him on the 2nd or 3rd line. I don't see a downside to adding a forward who wears his hard hat to work.
  23. That's fair, I thought he was a righty but after looking him up I immediately soured what I saw Left hand LW
  24. Duclair wasn't qualified by Chicago, any interest there? If be willing to bring him in at league minimum if a trade doesn't materialise
  25. Word is that Minny is shopping a roster player on the terms that a team takes back Tyler Ennis, have to wonder then what the cost of someone like Coyle or Nino (2 guys this board loves) would be in a deal like that. It is a bit of a head scratcher, I think Ennis is only signed for one more season but how good would either of those guys look? Jh/Mony/El Nino Chucky/Backs/Lindholm Benny/Janks/Frolik And if it's Coyle push every one on the right up a spot and play him with Benny and Janks
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