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  1. GDT's are a thankless job. Anyone who does them does not get paid. Having done my fair share of GDT's I can say without any doubt that some days no one posts the lineups. This is especially true early on in the season. Carty has pretty much stepped up to the plate every night. I would ask every one of you to press the like button at the bottom right corner of his posts. This is the only reward we can show/give him for his efforts each someday. Go Carty.... errr Go Flames !!!!
  2. DirtyDeeds


    One sec.. wrong link
  3. Go Flames !!!! I see they took away your phantom mod status Carty..... Cute:
  4. Maybe the website thinks you are a mod. +1 for gdt Carty. Go Flames P.S. I was against the trade, but am warning up a bit to a new cheer... Luuuuch !!!
  5. DirtyDeeds


    Welcome here all Oiler forums posters. I know most of you to see your handle even though I didn't post there much anymore. Forums are an outlet for voicing your opinion. Much better than tweets or instagrams because there is little restrictions to hold back the discussion and it is multi directional not just one way. It is not an issue to disagree but rather more important that you have an outlet for your opinion even if you are wrong.. I was somewhat disappointed in OMB when they removed criticism of Oiler management back when everyone was calling for KL's head. I understand why, just it showed no backbone. It was not the only manipulation of speech and media. You will find that here the rules are relaxed with the exception you can't get personal. Welcome those who move in here.. make yourself at home. DD
  6. It appears to me these restrictions are in place to protect the Junior leagues. Same with college players to some degree. If they chose to let's younger players in the AHL it will make it more difficult for WHL, OHL QMJHL to keep good players in their systems.
  7. While he might have benefitted from some AHL time he was 18 when we started him in NHL. You have to be 20 years old to be sent to AHL. the choice was back to Jr. When his shoulder repaired then to Calgary after their playoffs ended. Jr. Or Flames was only choice available.
  8. DirtyDeeds


    I'll fire up his big screen and stock his fridge with Brews on the Flames Fan Bandwagon for tonight's preseason "Battle of Alberta". I know he will be watching...
  9. Dont expect a lot of change for a team that just laid down the best season in like 30yrs. The youth will be expected to grow and the core allowed to better their last years performance. I expect 1st place in our division and 1st or 2nd in west.
  10. Link your thread my friend, and I will post to it.
  11. I was very careful not to type Calgary Flames... the answer is Fred Creighton 348 games Curious.. Brian and Brent Sutter both have 246 games coaching Calgary Flames.
  12. Close but Bob has the 3rd most Flames games coached.
  13. I assume this was a trivia question. I looked it up and Hockey-reference lists 52 goaltenders. I think most here would know Bob Johnson coached the most games for the Flames at 400 even. But without looking can any tell me who is 2nd most Flames games coached?
  14. That would be Dan Bouchard followed close by Reggie Lemelin.
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