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  1. No Jersey pics?????? No Whale BBQ pics?? +1 for the GDT.. ty.
  2. I think you are getting a bit ahead of yourself. We have not finished as a lotto team yet and our pick we traded has not defied all odds to become first overall. yet.. Way too soon to get all worked up over that...
  3. I am usually as critical as anyone about GG. The way I see it he fails to prepare the team properly. This is especially so at the start of seasons. He has some good points. but at other times he leaves me bewildered. Let me give an example. He came here as a D system first willing to coach a possession game. His last position being an assistant for the Canucks. This year he complains he has to teach his system all over again. Well dohh.. young team learning a new system should be ongoing. Another thing that really bothers me is he does not go into the dressing room after the game. Does not want to talk to the guys in anger.. Well why the hell not??? Still fresh in your mind.. are the guys egos that frail you can't call them out now and then??? In the end, the times he has been able to motivate the team, are when he shows some emotion.. He rarely shows that emotion however... I am not quite ready to give up on GG. He has some good points but those are overshadowed by his difficulties. Difficulties being mostly motivating the team on a consistent basis.
  4. Happy Birthday RD..  You old fart :)

    1. rocketdoctor


      Haha you are not wrong there!  Thank you DD

    2. Carty


      Happy Birthday rocketdoctor, hope you have a good one...

    3. Pyromancer


      Happy B'day..I guess now belated based on GMT. Hope you had a good one & the Flames give you a middle of the night victory! :-)

  5. One problem is we have no easy or easier games this month. Canucks are going to play us tough as even though they are short Bo they are playing a great team game.. Montreal? nope not easy since C. Price back. Dec: Start of Jan not much better:
  6. come on guys this is not a walk in park.. show some urgency.
  7. I don't agree they should have tried to make this deal when economy was good. The economy good or bad rarely has an effect on capitol projects that are long term. In fact you see more government money being spent in poor economic times to help fight the inflation or high unemployed times by creating jobs which stimulate economies. I think King's mistake was not consulting the city with his plans beforehand. The "next project" was to be his legacy and had he just talked to the city before with indications of where and how etc he might have tried for something the city was more willing to look at. The cleanup was the biggest hurdle and the area was the biggest surprise to the city. Flames obviously chat with some important people beforehand about what they wanted to do.
  8. Ahhh yes the good "Old Days" when real men played goal with not so much for padding... I remember it well, coming from that generation who had to walk 5+ miles to school in a blizzard every day, uphill..both ways.....
  9. This is a very good team. Our D was molded in this teams D and with expectations to go deep into the playoffs. .. show them we are good too
  10. Like Backs Frolik, Stajan and Brouwer..lol
  11. This decision is out of his hands. Ownership has been mandating that the Flames ice a playoff team every year. Even when the team decided that they needed to rebuild and breakup, the team ownership wanted to have a playoff competitive team. All of BT decisions and additions to team have been with win now thinking.
  12. I would suggest that you are really talking about "Advanced Stats" and yes Florida and Arizona both are heavily invested in advanced stats enough to build teams around some of them. Points and ranking have nothing to do with Adanced stats. you are correct advanced stats don't correlate well to NHL. Mostly because of the team elements in the NHL game and they are still very young. The methods of collection leaves a lot of room for differences from team to team. Baseball however has mature advanced stats and are very well developed to have good meaning.
  13. Nope you are wrong: No corrections or telling you that you are wrong here... Then again by me replying is that telling you that you are wrong. or You might be still feeling the effects of my arguments over in the "tanking for a high draft" pick thread.