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  1. This is highly debatable Peeps. If we are doing so poorly with Sam Bennett what makes you think we have the know how to do better with Puljujarvi?
  2. Don't mind TD too much.. Mac has him tied up tighter than a Karash Double Loop Knot... He is a bit sensitive.
  3. It was the start times I was highlighting.. Not the channel
  4. While I agree with your thoughts.. The camera thing is only going to get worse.. ... a lot worse. I think of the book 1984 where they talk of cameras on every block and big brother watching you.. That is becoming so true(already). Problem is the book did not envision every person having a camera(Cellphone). People love to use it... Just ask any police officer how many tickets he could hand out at an accident scene for distracted driving(people taking pics while driving by).
  5. From Sharks website: Note the 6pm Pacific start time..
  6. You can not just send players to AHL for a conditioning stint to bypass waivers, even for a short time.. Even if they agree. Commissioner looks into all conditioning stints because it is basically a loan of a NHL player to another league.
  7. Rittich with Win and Shutout
  8. it is likely the ice. They had an event in the morning in the arena and the Flames were unable to do a morning skate.
  9. A few years back on an eastern road trip we lost to the Bruins I don't recall that team digging in their heels too much and going on any win streak. My memory does not remember that much now other than the team went through Florida and into Boston. I think it was Irving who got the start.
  10. It is my understanding: When you claim a player off waivers you have to keep him on your NHL roster. (I think for 30 days) You can't just send him down if he doesn't work out. If you want to put him through waivers again he has to be offered back to the club you claimed him from first.
  11. So far this year our best at Faceoffs(those above 50%): This is a good start and quite the improvement from the past few seasons.
  12. It's from CBC... enough said.. And the comments below? worst comments section in any new media site.. ever...
  13. League Standings: League Goals for: