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  1. And the Sens proceed to beat the Oilers in overtime...
  2. Rest in peace FF52. We were two of a few who shared a love for good tough defensive hockey. I'll miss his posts. It was obvious his love for his 3 teams. I will retire his chair and fridge on the bandwagon bus. Everyone raise a beer for a true Flames fan if you haven't already
  3. You can't just up and terminate a contract. Maybe he did something that breaks the rules.. (ie: constantly caught breaking drug policy), beats his wife or something else serious.
  4. We must be winning the faceoff battle.
  5. We need more body checks and less stick checks. Hitchcock smothering style of play is so boring to watch
  6. Go Flames !!! Make sure to give Carty some +1 love for his work.
  7. Quebec has an empty new Arena and is still waiting. Maybe they can get one of the weaker Franchises from the east instead.
  8. Top of our division and games at hand.. WTG Flames
  9. I don't think Schenn is an upgrade to Backs.. He would likely be slotted 3rd line center...
  10. “Dear Optimist, Pessimist, and Realist. While you guys were busy arguing over the glass of water, I drank it. Sincerely, the Opportunist.”
  11. We don't know much. Sigalet worked his way up from Heat. Read somewhere he was hard worker. He is a feel good story with his health battles but don't know if that figures into it or not. My contention is if he was "all that" good he would have some success stories. Something... the closest thing to success I can see from past is turning Ramo around when he was sent down through waivers and bought back up..
  12. Preview Flames Coyotes Goaltenders *Note Wills is saying Rittich is starting.. NHL is saying Smith..... And the starting whistle says....