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  1. My problem with the coverage is the late 8:30 starts. I hate it what the east views will get priority over the Flames too. Surely the idiots down east can use a PVR to record our games and watch it after they watch their game. I want to watch Flames only.... from start to finish. I am not interested very often in a marathon hockey viewing day.
  2. The problem with this thought is that since Kipper we have tried to fit tandems or three goalies into the goaltending slots. While it is too early to say for sure Smith looks like a bonafide #1. Lack has looked well "Lackluster" so far. So far maybe a few may think Smiths age will prevent him from putting in #1 goalie numbers of games.
  3. +1 Carty Awesome GDT. Go Flames
  4. Never happen... never ever. US is built on blowing their horn and how the various forces have given to make the great US of A. For them any gathering of people is time to do anthems. In schools sports whatever.
  5. I mostly agree. I will venture an opinion that Bennett is just wound up and trying to do too much himself. He has to play on the edge to be most effective. Thus the penalties. Get him the proper linemates and give them a suitable role and Bennett will be fine.
  6. I have to disagree with two of your points. 1. Bennett not working out as a Centre. Everytime he has been centering JH this season that line works well. This indicates he is capable when given good linemates. 2. Jagr on top line. Not sure this combo will last. Same with Ferland. We may not have or have found the best RW for Mony/JH. Another point is the Backs line is again taking on the opponents top lines. TChucky on that line brings out the best of them and keeps them engaged. We can't assume that we would get the same results without TChucky on the line and it does not look like GG wants to tinker with the chemistry the 3 of them have shown.
  7. All of the officials are near clinically blind and refuse to wear glasses. Officials = all refs, linesman still remaining after Widemans purging and review officials.
  8. You would need to watch that game on acid to get full effects.
  9. Very nice Gdt AB12. +1 for effort. Ty. I am sure this will spur our boys on to an easy win tonight. Go Flames
  10. Oiler fans are already turning on Talbot. Other than an easy game against us he is saving around .800 There are mumblings already to start playing a former Flame prospect. Hint... LB.
  11. Gr8 GDT RD. +1 GO Flames !!!
  12. Fan 960 said league has standardized how shots are counted. Seems all games will be higher. On side note Smith set a Flames record 43 shot shutout.
  13. Next time you see someone singing the praises of how great BT is as GM of Flames think back to his comments about how spots are open for taking. Janks earned a spot but he was not allowed to take it. We are being fed BS from BT for little reason other than not wanting to put a vet with declining skills or another prospect of lesser NHL ability through waivers. BT made a similar error about not wanting Ortio to go through waivers. While not exactly the same it was an error BT admitted was his fault. What does this say to other bubble prospects who think that if they work hard they might earn their shot? This could turn around and bite BT later.
  14. I would rather not put a player who is struggling, on a line that is tasked with defending the oppositions best players. I know you want Tkachuk to play on other lines but putting Brouwer there is not even close to a good plan.