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  1. https://www.nhl.com/video/-/t-277350912/c-42256703 Sent with @NHL
  2. Where can we watch it? Link??
  3. I would say 1986 playoffs were the loudest. I was there but have no other comparisons to go by.
  4. If Arizona has to forfit then that means we have 12th pick.
  5. To bring the discussion back to Sam.... Even though the spoken discussion was Sam was well liked in the dressing room, there was a few murmers(BB) before DS was hired that a player wanting out would be a cancer to the room. We chose to play him instead and maybe it was just to showcase him. DS seemed to cool down the "I want out of here" thinking but Sam is gone and we are winning now. Small sample size. However was Sam a part of our poor motivation as a Team Play?
  6. Sutter is a master motivator.. He will define each players role with their ability and within the system. There will be no more floaters or inconsistant efforts. At the end of this season managemrnt will know pretty much what this team and players are capable of. there will no longer be a blender of lines looking for chemistry.
  7. This GM has at best a dismal record of coaching hires. How many bad coaches should one GM be allowed to hire?? How many coaches can a GM be allowed to hire without a decent interview process? Since 2000 Flames have hired more coaches than any other team in the NHL. (11) Should this GM even be allowed to hire the next coach??
  8. To help understand what the Flames are, you also have to look at what they aren't. There are only 3 players with over 20 hits. Chucky has 44 Lucic has 39 Bennett has 27. We are not a hitting team and we don't finish our checks. Is it any wonder our play appears soft or uninspired? We don't hit much. Could this also be a reason why we start games half asleep? Is it our system that reduces our hits and finishing checks? All I ever have known is the game to be played properly requires you finish your checks to delay your check from getting into the rush.
  9. How many years now have we been saying " All we need is average goaltending". In search of "average goaltending" we have pretty much had a revolving door of ... 1. Best goalie not in the NHL 2. Older goalies in the twilight of their careers 3. Reclaimation projects 4. Substandard goaltending from the farm. None of them have worked out for a long enough time.. none. Word is Markstrom is the hardest working goalie in the league. Starts his day working on his game earlier and finishes later than any other. I liked most of what I saw from him against the Jets. I am cautiously optomistic we finally have a better than average goaltender on our team. One that will give us the chance to win we need most nights.
  10. Nice to see boards back. I was worried we were following in the Oilers footsteps.
  11. When Ward took over he shuffled the lines and lineup in a very creative way. His record was very successful for the remainder of regular season. I know he went back to some of the old line combinations near the end of the shortened season but he came up with some very creative and successful combinations in post season too. (Lucic-Bennett line for example) I think you sell Wards understanding and creativity far too short.
  12. I just wanted to say .. you dont like or want to play Chucky on his off wing but you want to take Backs away from center and play him on his off wing.(He shoots left) Backs has changed from one of the best checking centers in the league to one of the top 2 way centers in the game. He has exceled with most any linemates especially Chucky for a few years now. I understand the need to shuffle things up with the need to get more from some of our forwards, however splitting up our most consistant line pairings and putting them in in different roles and positions does not improve us. I like the idea of Lindholm centering the top line. I think he has more upside than Mony.
  13. If the Russian Goalie drops to us, we have to draft him ... don't we?
  14. This phrase is one of my pet peeves. Oh and Einstein never said it. Ask any sucessful Olympic Athlete and they will tell you it can take10's of thousands of hours practicing the same thing over and over again until it gets to a world class level.
  15. Not quite. I think we stopped short of a great rebuild. The early success of johnny and mony gave management hope that that would be enough. They aren't, we need a couple more key pieces (or upgrades)and top tier goaltending.
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