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  1. When Ward took over he shuffled the lines and lineup in a very creative way. His record was very successful for the remainder of regular season. I know he went back to some of the old line combinations near the end of the shortened season but he came up with some very creative and successful combinations in post season too. (Lucic-Bennett line for example) I think you sell Wards understanding and creativity far too short.
  2. I just wanted to say .. you dont like or want to play Chucky on his off wing but you want to take Backs away from center and play him on his off wing.(He shoots left) Backs has changed from one of the best checking centers in the league to one of the top 2 way centers in the game. He has exceled with most any linemates especially Chucky for a few years now. I understand the need to shuffle things up with the need to get more from some of our forwards, however splitting up our most consistant line pairings and putting them in in different roles and positions does not improve us. I like the idea of Lindholm centering the top line. I think he has more upside than Mony.
  3. If the Russian Goalie drops to us, we have to draft him ... don't we?
  4. This phrase is one of my pet peeves. Oh and Einstein never said it. Ask any sucessful Olympic Athlete and they will tell you it can take10's of thousands of hours practicing the same thing over and over again until it gets to a world class level.
  5. Not quite. I think we stopped short of a great rebuild. The early success of johnny and mony gave management hope that that would be enough. They aren't, we need a couple more key pieces (or upgrades)and top tier goaltending.
  6. I think we need to let the new core and leaders take charge. We have some young and exciting prospects ready to step in and play, so lets let them. Just because Johnny and Money have not been able to take/lead us to promised land does not mean they should be traded. Give them different responcabilities instead of lead roles as core pieces.
  7. 1. Poor clearing from our zone. 2. Too many penalties. 3. D backing off too soon especially on Dallas entries, but also when Dallas clearing their zone. Clean these up and we will be fine. Ps: The return of Chucky. We are missing him.
  8. It could also be who is playing and practicing better too.
  9. Or it could be Ward relying on advice of Singalet or the coachs feel Talbot has earned this game and chance to reset
  10. Fan 960 says chucky is out Cam Talbot in Ben Bishop out
  11. Apparently Ben Bishop is out. Go Flames !!!
  12. A few answers in this promo video. To be started next summer. To be completed May 2024 Same designers as Oilers/Red Wings and many other recent stadiums/arenas.
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