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  1. Then there is the old saying since time began, "You can't replace the whole team, so the coach is the one who has to go"
  2. Closest thing to high profile coaching the Flames have ever hired were Iron Mike(when on last legs of his career) Dutter (got his break here but moved too soon to GM) Flames always seem to think out of the standard box for coaching.. I don't see Flames going for a high profile coach even with BB's history of hiring a few while with TO. Anyone able to resurrect Badger Bob? He is exactly what we need....
  3. He is also tied 1st in league with 11 Game Winning Goals, tied for 3rd in league with 3 Overtime Goals. Sid has 4 GWG Taveres has 2 GWG
  4. Fan 960 said 1x Upper Body and 1x lower body injury.
  5. Congrats Matt Stajan.. 1000th NHL Game tonight.. Much rarer than a Stanley Cup winner. Think there have been only 312 players with 1000 games since the beginning of the NHL.
  6. I am pretty sure that Mike Babcock is just as adamant or maybe more so at having his Defensemen playing on the side they shoot....
  7. We generally give our coaches 2-3 seasons to get the job done. Last coach to only get 1 season was Jim Playfair in 2006-07 season, 11 years ago. Oddly enough GG has the highest win% since Iron Mike.
  8. Started just before the TDL. Flames woes started when we had to take the mandated break. Since then we have only beat something like 3 teams in playoff position.
  9. Pretty obvious where our greatest lineup weaknesses are.....
  10. I disagree. We pretty much already brought up those prospects who are NHL close to being ready. As for giving them a taste on 4th line do you really think a few minutes with Matt Stajan and Troy Brouwer would make them winning prospects?
  11. A certain Goalie coach needs the boot too.... Rittich has only looked good in 1 game since This guy started to work with him and making adjustments.
  12. Posting open.. Venting Frustration Optional..