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  1. First thing about the top 20 that grabs my attention is all but 2 are Canadian.
  2. Most likely the two sides are far apart. So Flames are trying to show that no one will pick him up and has much lower value than he thinks he is worth. Soooo Show this now before arbitration...
  3. Oilers might. He would be upgrade for their D core and GG knows how well he would fit there..
  4. Not enough good ones to go around.
  5. Good backup has typically cost a 3rd round pick. Pretty much everyone here thought we hosed Avs by getting a 2nd round pick for Berra.
  6. Why would your highest pick ever, starting to reach his potential, give you fear? This is a good thing and only gives you options.
  7. When you conside the goal diff above it shows last years team was lacking in both GA and GF. -30 for the season is pretty bad. To make the playoffs we need to get to +25ish. 30 more goals and 30 less goals against would do that. Have we done enough this offseason to make this much difference??
  8. lol Peeps: You have been silenced by the copyright police.
  9. Fished since I was a kid. I prefer to spin cast. Open faced reel. Spent many summers on Shuswap Lake, Blind Bay area. Best fishing were two times in my memory. Once I took a summer job in geophysical mining camp on Baffin Island. The Charr run like salmon there and as long as they are not landlocked they grow huge(up to 30 lbs.) When we had off days we would helicopter to the spot they were running to(at). This would be a bite every cast. Fight for 15-30 minutes to bring it in and cast again. I remember the ones we kept we would hold up by gills and the tails were dragging on ground. The Charr are my favorite fish to eat. Think cross between salmon and trout with bit of walleye and you get the idea. They have to be the ones who access the ocean not the land locked ones. Just a couple of summers ago I too a job in northern Saskatchewan, (Stony Rapids), This is on east end of Lake Athabaska on the river. Late in fall, the trout run to lake and it was similar to described above. Red & white Spoon and catch one every cast or every other cast. Every night as the sun set just after work or after supper.. Good times. I remember catching Dolphin fish in Mexico and losing a Barracude that same day but trolling is not my favourite way to fish. Good times.. Good fishing guys. Walleye fishing on Chain lakes... Oh yeah.. Agree with Cheersman above Walleye fry hard to beat.
  10. Today on Fan 960 Derrick Wells came as close as you can to saying Hamilton asked to be traded. He hinted all around a bush about it but never just came out and said it.
  11. we did that with both Brodie and Backs.. Sent them down multiple times to work on stuff.
  12. He was ineligible for the AHL. You need to be 20 years old.(there are exceptions but he was not one). Bennett was back to his Jr team of stay here.
  13. Dubnyk was worked with and played some good games before he was traded to Minny with a way better defence in front of him. This article tell all about who and what made the difference for him. It was Sean Burke to start. https://www.nhl.com/news/revolutionary-technique-helped-dubnyk-rebound/c-754075
  14. George Johnson referred to him as the Guru in an article onsite here . Down near end of this article: https://www.nhl.com/flames/news/saving-grace/c-296324622
  15. No where did I blame any coach for lack of premium talent. Please highlight and quote where I said anything like that??????? As for flaws I did say he tinkered with a perceived flaw someone saw in Rittich. I also said Rittich never did play well after he was tinkered with. I was stating some facts within a time frame.. how is that wrong thinking???