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  1. No where in my comments did I mention that bum Eric Francis. He has little credibility. I will thank you to stop using assumptions when you quote me. Reporters used to report facts and truths. Eric Francis reports distortions.
  2. Can't say I have heard or seen our captain say anything this year. Has he said anything I might have missed? I heard Markstrom say he needed to play better. I have heard Chucky and Backs both hold themselves accountable...
  3. Maybe you should go back and reread what I said. No where in my post did I mention Eric Francis.
  4. It seems to me that Wards answer for everything is to "put the lines in a blender". Is there a plan from him I am not seeing?
  5. The Flames kept Dri and McJesus off the scoreboard last night. Even losing that game you have to appreciate the effort to acheive that. I am not liking this passive box system we play in our zone especially near end of game and periods.
  6. I am of the opinion we are playing better. Much better than that last outing against Nucks, and a bit tougher than last night. Flames are gripping their sticks way too tight and I blame our local media for blowing things way too out of proportion. Tough night for my Flames... I'll be patient with them as they are way too good to get stuck in this rut for long.
  7. As the riverbank said "my sediments exactly". 1st Star in my books.
  8. To help understand what the Flames are, you also have to look at what they aren't. There are only 3 players with over 20 hits. Chucky has 44 Lucic has 39 Bennett has 27. We are not a hitting team and we don't finish our checks. Is it any wonder our play appears soft or uninspired? We don't hit much. Could this also be a reason why we start games half asleep? Is it our system that reduces our hits and finishing checks? All I ever have known is the game to be played properly requires you finish your checks to delay your check from getting into the rush.
  9. Maybe we can convince you to fall asleep more often??? Hehe Go Flames!!!
  10. If you use a vpn to change your location then log in to SN it will let you watch game. There are a few free vpn's like tunnel bear that work with that.
  11. I liked tonights game. Hard to dislike anything in a shutout. Wasnt too fond of the Flames last few minutes playing keepaway but they were on the puck when they gave it up.
  12. And on our home opener... He was square to puck all night. He anticipated shot and where they were going really well. The few rebounds he did give up he was ready and in position for 2nd shots. I think it was a "show my old team they made a mistake" mentality tonight too.
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