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  1. DirtyDeeds


    Try to find a youtube of game or find someone that can replay game(ie gamecenter) 7:02 remaining in 3rd according to Carty in GDT.
  2. https://mobile.twitter.com/AHLPR/status/1210706331289767938/photo/1
  3. DirtyDeeds


    Pre Kipper/D. Sutter era we shared a farm team. That fact alone makes our goalie and team development substandard.[insert luck here] Since then what success stories have we had? This bunch has trouble developing, drafting, fixing or until Rittich, finding backups let alone Starters.
  4. DirtyDeeds


    So I only have one question. How many decades of the Flames inability to scout, draft and develope an NHL caliber goaltender will it take before you change from blaming the prospects?
  5. DirtyDeeds


    We picked up Kipper at age 27. He hit his prime (Vesina & Jennings 2006) at a young age of 30. History shows that goaltenders don't hit their peak until closer to 30 years old. It is only recently that there have been a few younger goalies get cup runs and do well.
  6. Yes... Madman across the water would be much better choice.
  7. Well. Everyone should wander over to the Fan 960 website. Have a listen to Mike Commador who played for Babcock in Detroit. Apparently.... He is biggest jerk ever.. anywhere. Apparently it is all about him.. the way he thinks everyone comes to games to see him not the hockey stars. If Commador is half right I would not want Babcock near the Flames. Go have a listen to morning show... in one sense it was refreshing to hear someone speak on such things but man he sure threw him under the bus, under a car, under a train, and off the boat...
  8. Just announced this afternoon. Still owed 6.3m /yr for another 3 years.
  9. Thx for GDT Carty. +1 Game not over yet... Go Flames!!!! Everyone please remember to give Carty a "like" for his GDT efforts.
  10. GDT's are a thankless job. Anyone who does them does not get paid. Having done my fair share of GDT's I can say without any doubt that some days no one posts the lineups. This is especially true early on in the season. Carty has pretty much stepped up to the plate every night. I would ask every one of you to press the like button at the bottom right corner of his posts. This is the only reward we can show/give him for his efforts each someday. Go Carty.... errr Go Flames !!!!
  11. Go Flames !!!! I see they took away your phantom mod status Carty..... Cute:
  12. Maybe the website thinks you are a mod. +1 for gdt Carty. Go Flames P.S. I was against the trade, but am warning up a bit to a new cheer... Luuuuch !!!
  13. DirtyDeeds


    Welcome here all Oiler forums posters. I know most of you to see your handle even though I didn't post there much anymore. Forums are an outlet for voicing your opinion. Much better than tweets or instagrams because there is little restrictions to hold back the discussion and it is multi directional not just one way. It is not an issue to disagree but rather more important that you have an outlet for your opinion even if you are wrong.. I was somewhat disappointed in OMB when they removed criticism of Oiler management back when everyone was calling for KL's head. I understand why, just it showed no backbone. It was not the only manipulation of speech and media. You will find that here the rules are relaxed with the exception you can't get personal. Welcome those who move in here.. make yourself at home. DD
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