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  1. I'll chip in to keep Johnny in Calgary. *tosses a twenty in the hat*
  2. Ah Johnny, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways... (see TD's post above.)
  3. I wasn't aware there was an end to Johnny highlights. Every time I think I might be finished, he makes more. It's a hard life. Johnny getting recognition isn't really a big deal to me. In the end, I just enjoy watching a a player on my team be awesome. If he gets hardware for that, bonus!
  4. Whoever picked the Calder winner last season should be fired too. Amiright????
  5. www.curioustopic.com Bring all your friends. :P

  6. I see Shankerson put in his yearly appearance. :P

  7. One down, three to go...

  8. It's all good. I'm on nights now, which is fun. The wedding is in a few weeks. You still on MSN?

  9. Life is going pretty good so far in YK :)

    How about you???

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