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  1. He actually hasn't played Center much at the NHL level dating all the way back to Bill Peters Carolina days. He's a RW convert through and through. He's also highly overrated at Center in the defensive zone. In transition he's fast and works hard but he loses his man all the time once the other team cycles. He's much better when he's got one assignment by the side boards. Monahan isn't as fast and doesn't have the offensive hockey sense but actually defends very well with good size and a good stick. If anything, i think we need to split up Gaudreau - Monahan for a good stretch and use this early season to find other combinations that might work so we aren't a one trick pony come playoff time.
  2. We don't NEED TO trade Backlund per se. We NEED TO upgrade to a scoring threat in second line C. I was hoping Dube could make that jump this season but he's not ready. Jankowski and Bennett are failed offensive threats. Lindholm is a better RW than a C.
  3. I think Backlund's contract is decent enough that he can be our 3rd line Checking/Defensive Center and asked to put up 30-points. But I know what you mean. Generally speaking, we need an upgrade to 2nd line C... preferably someone capable of 60 to 65-points. Kadri nearly happened and it didn't need to cost Backlund.
  4. What a missed opportunity in the Kadri deal. I was a Jankowski supporter the last two seasons because he was progressing so well and when paired with Gaudreau, delivered the numbers. For whatever reason, he's a liability on the ice now. It's not that he's not scoring, he's actually making bad reads and hurting us when he has the puck.
  5. Fair, but RHS RW will always have more trade value than a LHS LW because of rarity. If you are looking for an equal deal then that will almost never happen and we will always be short of RHS RW. At some point, we gotta accept a slight loss to get one. Talent wise, both players are close right now. Mangiapane obviously has more time to improve but we do we wait while we settle for mediocrity on RW? Puljujarvi is there. Ho Sang is available. Both are major downgrades to Mangiapane but give you the cost control.
  6. That was like when we had 4 stud LD and thought everything would work itself out. Regehr Bouwmeester Phaneuf Giordano Well, it didn't work. We have too many LW right now. If it means losing a trade slightly to gain balance, then we have to trust we are a better team with the balance than with individuals.
  7. How about Mangiapane for Pageau one for one? Flames get a RHS C/RW. Sens get a good young player LW who will be RFA controllable but less established.
  8. The_People1


    Ya, all the media giving the Oilers the win on the trade right now. Just wait another month.
  9. That sound when the puck hit the helmet in real time. *shivers* I think this is a similar injury to what ended Scott Stevens career. I remember he was interviewed years back and said he's going to hear ringing in his ear for the rest of his life.
  10. The_People1


    Ya man. Neal and Smith were two of the biggest MeFirst players we had last season. Two players past their prime but unwilling to face the truth. I don't think Lucic has a problem with his role. He is a team guy and leader. Same with Talbot who is getting along with Rittich very well.
  11. Average start to the game but that second period was total domination.
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