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  1. Hamonic never declined. Because he never lived up to expectations to begin with.
  2. If Claude Julien of the Habs becomes available soon, then is he someone the Flames should immediately target? I mean, unlike Gallant, Deboer, and Laviolette, he's actually won a Cup.
  3. That's a bit of contrast of expectations actually. The Canucks haven't been in the playoffs for awhile so the fan base can't wait to get back in again. The Flames on the other hand, don't look as good to their fans as last season and many fans including myself are not optimistic about our playoff chances and our playoff run if we even get in. Considering how good we were in the regular season last year and still lost in the first round, it's clear we are worse this year so why should we expect to get to round 2 this time around?
  4. 4 ads before the video plays. JFC man. But tis the season where D are valued assets. Going into the playoffs, teams planning for a deep run want 8 NHL Dmen. Those who can play top pair like Brodie are going to be worth a 1st round pick. Hamonic can get us a 2nd rounder as a top 4 RHS RD insurance/solution. It doesn't make sense but that's how much it should cost. And we can sign these guys back in the summer if they want to play with the Flames again.
  5. You picked a good time. Flames vs Canucks actually mean something in the standings again. That Pettersson kid is freakin amazing. You guys lucked out big time considering how average Hischier and Patrick have been. Quinn seems like a good one too. Anyways, both teams are on the up and up and it's a great time for the rivalry to be reborn.
  6. I know what you mean. We should sell Brodie, Hamonic, etc... That said, based on how the Pacific Division is trending, there's no way we can justify selling. If we can finish top 2 in the Division, then there's a very real legit chance we advance to round 3. We could be one and done again but we could also easily get a free pass to play in the Conference Finals. That's too good to pass up. If the playoffs started today, then we play the Oilers.... I give the Flames 60% chance to advance. After that, possibly the Canucks... dude, that's 50/50 chance to beat them and we playing in the Conference Finals where we are a lucky bounce or lucky penalty call away from the Cup Finals.
  7. I would trade Backlund for a top 6 RW but as previously mentioned, he has a NTC for another year after this one. So I think the earliest we can trade him is next summer 2021.
  8. I don't think he should be Backlund's heir apparent but I do agree with you that Bennett's contributions should not be measured in points. He's going to help grind the other team down over a 7 game series and we need players like him for the playoffs.
  9. We are something like 14-7-1 with Geoff Ward. Not the numbers that scream change. Give Ward the rest of the season and see if we make the playoffs and then see how we play in the playoffs. If we are disinterested and unmotivated in a quick first round exit like last season, then make a coaching change.
  10. Ya Dumba is playing like damaged goods. Probably will never get back to previous form again.
  11. Both players are having bad seasons. Dumba 13-points Subban 11-points Subban has a Norris and has better offensive talents. NJ is hopeless and don't even use Subban on the 1st unit PP. At $9-mil-per, Subban is a buy-low opportunity and i'm sure NJ wants to deal him away... and eat some cap if that's what it takes. If he comes into the right situation like the Flames, then he can regain 60-point form. Dumba doesn't have that ceiling. So, not saying Subban is a great acquisition to target but just saying, he's better than Dumba as long as NJ would eat cap.
  12. Instead of Dumba, I wonder if we can get Subban and have NJ eat $3-mil cap. Make it Subban at $6 x 3-years (well, 2.5 technically). That's better than Dumba at $6 x 4-years. Subban at 30-years-old isn't too old for a Dman. He can get his game back with the talent we have. He could return to 60-point form.
  13. Honestly, this whole thing is overblown by the media. Tkachuk hit Kassian a few times. Kassian punched Tkachuk. Suspensions and penalties evened things out. Both sides win/lose. It's done with. All even. We should just move on. Instead, the media just hyping the next meeting for TV.
  14. There's some bad blood between Dumba and Giordano so, I don't it would go over too well with the locker room.
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