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  1. That's unfortunately the common misconception. He flashes offense because of his skating but reality is, offense is his weakness and his ability to cover lots of ice in a short period of time is his defensive advantage. He has poor passing vision and/or makes bad reads. Again, hangs onto the puck too long and is plagued by no look passing. He has no booming shot. Only redeeming factor is his ability to rush the puck up ice but once in the offensive zone, all is for not. Sure I expect everything to improve over time but he's coming from pretty far.
  2. I feel Kylington's problem is bad decision making with the puck. Hangs into the puck too long waiting for better options to present itself and then skates into traffic and turns the puck over. Positionally and defensively speaking, he's arguably as bad as Brodie so no need to improve much further in that regard. It's hopeless. It's not what he was drafted for. But Kylington is not NHL material in my opinion. If anyone wants him, then we need to consider.
  3. When skating forward without the puck, it's better to present your forehand to receive a pass. It's awkward passing to someone leading them in stride for their backhand. It feels weird passing to someone's skate if they are on their off hand. Just little stuff that can be remedied with practice and comfort but it goes against nature. It's better for a LHS to play LW and vice versa. Certainly off hand players succeed in the NHL but require high end stick talent. ie, great backhand puck control.
  4. Looks like the Oilers have their eyes set on Rasmus Dahlin already.
  5. It's too bad. We needed to nail the 2013 and 2014 drafts but didn't. Now we are left with a hole on our RW and no prospects ready.
  6. Bennett is trending into... Something like a Mike Fisher, career 3rd line C with speed, heart, compete, hits, fights, and defends. Just peaks at 25 goals and 50-points. I see Sam Reinhart as like a Cory Stillman if anyone still remembers him. He put up the quietest point per game season anyone has ever known. Most points coming from assists. Smart and patient with the puck but doesn't scream high end talent. Settles in on the second line and picks his spots. Again, I go back to the point that we need a RHS C/RW and we have a suitable replacement for Bennett in Jankowski if we trade Bennett. Would agree, nice to get Reinhart without trading Bennett.
  7. I think just package Stajan away and call it a day. This way we open up a roster spot for Jankowski. Stajan is UFA next season so that works great for them. To Buffalo, Sam Bennett Matt Stajan To Flames, Sam Reinhart
  8. Pretty much. We have C and LW in the farm (Jankowski and Mangiapane/Klimchuk). We can replace Bennett from within. We simply don't have RHS C/RW of that caliber.
  9. It could work well for both teams. Flames land a better offensive threat who is RHS, can play C/RW. Flames need a RHS C badly in addition to a top 6 RW. Reinhart is behind Pominville and Okposo on RW and nobody behind Kane on LW, where Bennett can slot in. Both have same ceiling.
  10. That says for "one game", the ratings went up. By all other reports, the overall average/net for the season is down.
  11. Unfortunately the most realistic trade between the two teams is Reinhart for Bennett straight up.
  12. Every publication online says NFL ratings are on the decline this season. Fake news? Or where are you hearing ratings are up?
  13. Ya Fox's timeline fits better than Andersson. But the Sabres have Ristolainen and Bogosian on the RD. They may be more interested in a LHS LD instead. But Kylington has even less trade value than Andersson. Right now I peg Reinhart's trade value at a mid-first-round pick and we don't have the assets to meet this trade value... Unless we move someone off our roster.
  14. That's true. "Move" is not the right word. Murray Edwards can't physically move to Seattle or Quebec. He needs to stay in Calgary to run his $50-billion Canadian Natural Resources Limited. He will "sell" the team, perhaps immediately after securing a good arena deal in the new city. In other words, everybody loses because Edwards will lose the privilege of owning an NHL team.
  15. Oh definitely. Lazar doesn't have top line ceiling whereas Reinhart does. If he's available then we should be interested. Based on his performance this season, I can't say he will get a big raise. Looking like an affordable bridge contract.