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  1. Depends on the money and cap hit too. If Trouba gets $7-mil, then that brings down his trade value. If Trouba gets $4-mil, then suddenly he might fetch more than Hamilton.
  2. Trouba is better than Hamonic. No contest. But Trouba not as valuable as Hamilton from a trade perspective because scoring from D is highly sought after commodity. Hamilton is one of the leagues top 5. So if there is a value between Hamilton (Hanifin + Lindholm) and Hamonic (1st + two 2nds), then that's Trouba's value.
  3. Ya I don't think anyone is going to claim a LHS LD 6/7/8 on the depth chart. Every team has a couple of those already. I certainly don't feel Kulak is a 22-mins a night second pairing guy.
  4. BT nickel-and-dimed Ferland during Ferland's contract negotiations. He also did that to Lance Bouma. That contract negotiation got ugly. To me, Kulak deserves $1-mil for 2 years minimum and at most $1.3-mil.. we are talking the difference between Brouwer's one week salary.
  5. So Zuckerberg says Holocaust denial will not be moderated on Facebook. Wow. As a Jew himself, that's a pretty powerful statement. For once, I applaud his decision because he's actually allowing free speech to happen whether the contents are right or wrong. Personally, I have always been taught that the Nazis systematically exterminated 6-million Jews during WW2. No reason to doubt it. But a couple years ago, I watched "The Greatest Story Never Told" on YouTube. I must say, now I'm on the fence. I'm not saying I'm a Holocaust denier but certainly a few things make me question it now. 1. No concentration camps were found on Germany's Western front. Why is this significant? Because history is told by the victors. The story of WW2 on Germany's Western front was told by the French, English, Americans, etc. Very honorable nations at the time. Meanwhile, the story of WW2 on Germany's Eastern front was told by Joseph Stalin, the dictator who murdered upwards 25-million of his own people. Let's not forget, the Russians had their infamous gulags. Stuff of legend. Imaginably 10x worse than the Nazi concentration camps allegedly were. It was said that retreating Nazi soldiers had to leave live prisoners in their cells to flee advancing Russian forces. Those prison camps were full. When the Nazis advanced a few months later to recapture territories, they returned to the prisons to find everyone dead. Which made for an easy one for Stalin to explain away if I don't say so myself. Just say Hitler did it. I mean, why were there not concentration camps in France when the allies won the war? But only in Poland, and only in a select few camps? Surely, there were Jews in Franch, Netherlands, etc that would be easier to send to a camp in the West. So the story goes, as many as 20 camps were originally identified as concentration camps shortly after the war. But year after year, people went to these camps to investigate and year after year, camps were taken off the list because there was zero evidence. After several years, there were only four camps remaining and conspiracy says the government was losing their narrative on concentration camps that they made it illegal to investigate the remaining four camps. Today, Europeans are not allowed to question the remaining concentration camps or else face prison time. (If it's true, why make a law to force it to be real)? 2. Hilter's inner circle included Jews. This was something I never knew either. I thought he hated every single Jew. There were rumours that he was half Jew as well. Thus, he had dark hair and black mustache. So why would he and his inner circle of Jews exterminate Jews? Was it really a fake story to get world sympathy to steal Palestinian land? Was that the main objective? 3. Hitler never ordered Jews to be killed. Following the war, all Nazi documents were seized. All of Hitler's letters and commands to his army were collected. Never once did he order execution of the Jewish people. Not one single letter ever found to contain this order either from him directly or from his inner circle of commanding officers. There are obviously more points but it would take a whole day to write down. I recommend everyone watch "The Greatest Story Never Told". I'd like to hear what you all think. In quick summary, I feel there is decent reason to believe the Nazis arrested everybody who wouldn't accept being conquered, not specifically Jews, but everybody and put them into camps. Stalin killed everyone. The Rothschild made up the whole story that Hitler targeted the Jews because the Rothschild wanted the UK to give them the Ottoman Empire so they can form the country Israel in their sacred Homeland. In return, the Rothschild would help drag the US into the war to help defeat the Nazis. Crazy, I know. But speak freely.
  6. I want to respond to this specifically because the logic behind it is so flawed. I'm guessing, the conclusion you are trying to draw is that Trump colluded with Russia. Right? Firstly, while it's not illegal for a candidate to collude with any national whether it's the UK, Canada, China, Iran, Israel, etc, the optics look bad. I get it. But it's not illegal. Secondly, just because Russian agents were found guilty of meddling in the elections, it doesn't necessarily mean any of the following; 1. That it worked to any degree. 2. That it was in favour of Trump. 3. That it was a product of collusion between Trump and Putin. The only hard evidence thus far that Russian state officials tried to meddle in the election was Zuckerberg testifying in court that $300k worth of Facebook ads were purchased by Russia. Independent sources (I believe people from 4chan and stuff) did their own investigation and found that these ads were nearly all pro-Hillary. So here's what I believe happened. You can tell me I'm out to lunch. Putin thought Clinton would win (who didn't) so as a pre-emptive gesture of good will, he orders $300k of ads to support Clinton, just so after Clinton wins, he can give Clinton the ol "that was a little gift from me to get our relationship started on the right foot". After all, she let him conquer Crimea and stock up on uranium. They have a good working relationship from a past administration.
  7. I don't remember that last time this team had the balls to play a rookie on the top pairing. Maybe Phaneuf? Derek Morris? Jordan Leopold? It's been awhile. Not saying Andersson should play top pair minutes but how about second pair? It that TOO much to ask? Man. Unbelievable. The kid is NHL ready. He looked good the final 10 games when given a chance. Let's challenge him full time 3rd pair at the very least.
  8. The Jets would do Valimaki + Bennett for Trouba?
  9. Would he though? Dougie Hamilton went for Hanifin + Lindholm. AND we threw in Fox + Ferland. Brodie + Frolik for Trouba may be more fair than you think. Not that it would happen because it makes no sense for the Jets as you've highlighted.
  10. So prior to my reply yesterday, I had not known Trump retracted his statement saying he meant to say "wouldn't". Now the MSM is not saying Trump undermines his intelligence community per se but rather that he is not a sincere apologizer...geez, can't win. Personally, I wouldn't trust Putin nor Trump's intel agency. He shouldn't trust neither either. What I wonder is, what would the MSM say if Trump let Putin conquer parts of Ukraine and sat idle by watching and doing nothing about it. I wonder what the MSM would say if Trump was involved in selling 1/6th of the world's uranium supply to Russia. "Would" or "wouldn't"... The biggest news in the USA today. Or so the MSM wants it to be. Turn off cable. Unplug the propoganda. It's good if US and Russia have a good working relationship together.
  11. Well firstly, I want to say I do appreciate these chats. It's always a good one with you. It's summer time and off season so maybe we can pick it up some more. I do NOT think Trump is doing a 10/10 job. I give him a 6.5/10... Maybe a 7 max. But I do give him extra credit because he's still fighting an uphill battle against, well some unusual forces, let's say. On paper, he has all three levels of government wrapped up so he should be able to push through legislation like he doesn't even need to ask. Just grab the legislature by the you know what. However, there is in reality a forth body of government he does not have and one seldom talked about as an official body of government. That is, the Mainstream Media. Yes that's right. The propaganda machine for the government who, if they want to sell war and push certain legislature, the machine goes to work. They want to shove images of a toddler girl ripped away from her parents at the border, they can. They want to shove images of a drown 3 year old Syrian boy, they can. They design what you consume without you knowing. That part of government is currently dominated by the Left. Moreover, there is no Republican party in the traditional sense. In fact, there is no Democrat Party either. There is just one party ruled by a close nit clique who portray themselves as two parties. A false dicotomy. I mean think about it. Bill Clinton in bed with the Koch Brothers, big oil, and big corporations. Meanwhile, the Bushes, Romney, McCain, etc, anti-Trump but pro-Hillary. This one party picks two candidates for you to pick one from afterwards. That's democracy? No outsiders allowed basically? That is the real joke played on the American people. #walkaway is the most recent movement where Americans, Progressives, Liberals, waking up to the fact the DNC no longer represents their views. They have woken. Yet, it's not going far enough because they should walk away from BOTH parties. Walk away from the entire paradigm and current order. "Even Republicans were shocked by his behaviour". Bro, Trump does not have the entire Republican Party as portrayed. There is immense infighting. Trump in turn has to work with the Democrats to get some votes to push legislation through. The MSM says these Republicans are the heroes of the state fighting the good fight voting against their party leader but they are actually selling out America to protect their clique's interest. Trump also fights deep state elements that were appointed or annointed during the Bush and Obama eras that are loyal to the establishment clique and help make sure an outsider like Trump fades away fast. And so, in conclusion, it pains me to see you pushing MSM talking points almost on cue as the MSM designed their propaganda to work. Seriously. I have most recently pointed out to you one of their plays from their playbook. They will kill Trump on his SCOTUS pick BEFORE it's made. If he goes far right, then the MSM nails him. If he picks someone moderate instead, then the MSM is going to play the, "nothing to see here, hey look over there" card. And that card happens to be the indictments and this meeting with Putin. They are no longer talking about his SCOTUS pick. That's been swept under the rug rather quickly. The MSM is screaming "fear fear fear" for four years and then next election they be like, "wasn't the last four years scary?" When it's like, no. It's only scary because you said so? Yet, of course there will be people who will nod and agree because they drank the CNN, NBC, ABC, and even Fox coolaids for four years. Yes even Fox is establishment controlled and for sale to the highest bidders. At some point, I hope you wake up too Cowtownguy to realize it doesn't matter whether it's Bernie or Trump, that these are the outsiders fighting against the real bad guys. Fighting against the establishment whores who used the MSM to sell "Too big to fail" and false accusations to drag America into illegal wars; to commit the greatest heist of America in the 2008 financial collapse in the amount of $700-billion. To go to war with Russia and Syria to help Saudi and Qatar push a pipeline into Europe. And they were on pace to do it again and rob the American people with Hillary until Trump foiled their plans.
  12. Major facepalm, 1. Don't you think the timing of the indictments were rather suspicious? Can you not see the psy-ops being played on you? The MSM together with the Deep State planted the storyline a week ago so they can hit you with it this week. 2. Don't you want US and Russian relations to improve rather than deteriorate? It would be great if US and Russia could get along, agreed? 3. Not every Russian is a Russian spy or tied to the Russian government. Lots of Russians hate Putin. Not every billionaire who lends people money means the Russian government lent money. Separate the two please.
  13. Ya totallys. Plus, Lindholm has the higher ceiling of the two. Henrique does well because he tries so hard. Lindholm, on the other hand, actually has untapped skills.
  14. When we first got Lindholm, he was defacto top line RW but then we signed Neal. I think Lindholm can move to second line C now. This means we have Backlund at $5.35-mil playing "third line" when we can put Bennett in the same situation long term for half price. Oh, and Jankowski making a push up the lineup at C. I would venture to guess both Bennett and Backlund have the same trade value. If so, trade Backlund first. If anything, because of the cap savings.
  15. No. Trade Backlund instead. Bennett is the new Backlund but younger, cheaper, harder hitting, etc. Backlund is trending into a 35-point guy and that's horrible for how long he's signed for. I had buyer's remorse on his contract extension immediately after we missed the playoffs. Keep Bennett. Trade Backlund.