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  1. Mangiapane. Lindholm. Dube. These guys can drive the play. Not as well as Gaudreau but we won't know their chemistry with Monahan unless we try it. Lindholm and Monahan seem to work well together. Monahan also doesn't need to score 82 once he's the second line C. Even 65 is pretty good for that role.
  2. When you miss the playoffs then you change 1/3 the roster. If you win the conference, then I wonder...
  3. 110% Monahan is actually our upgraded 2nd line C. We need to target a #1 C. Unfortunately, a #1 C is going to cost a player of Gaudreau's stature. Or even Tkachuk. But still, if that's the price then that's the price. A stud C is more important than stud winger.
  4. I think Brodie is worth a 2nd only. He is in final year of a cap friendly deal. He probably asks for $6-mil for multi years. TOR cannot pay to keep Brodie long term. I would like Nylander though and agree he would be available at the right price. Contract negotiations probably soured their relationship. Plus, Nylander didn't get to play much with Matthews when he came back. They kept Kapanen with Matthews. Nylander is probably unhappy about that. RHS RW trending upwards. He's what we need. Born in Calgary too.
  5. Based on the current roster and how this franchise is happy with winning little things. MAC is right here, useless conversation until we see the final roster. I hope for a massive shake up with our leadership group. That includes Giordano, Monahan, and Backlund. And we need to get a goalie.
  6. We could easily have bad goaltending again next season. I'm talking bottom 5 in the league which means we would have to score top 5 just to compensate and stay at net zero goal differential. We could miss the playoffs next season. But the year after that, we have something to prove again...
  7. We are a prime candidate to miss the playoffs next season. Yet, I think we are only going to make the playoffs because our division is so bad. 3 teams have to make it. So, Vegas. Okay, Sharks might lose Pavelski, Thornton, and Karlsson. They might retool. Kings and Ducks, no way. So between the Oilers, Canucks, Coyotes, Sharks, and Flames, pick two.
  8. Oh, also Kessel needs to enter the conversation. Seriously, RHS RW, point per game, only 3 years left on contract at $6.8-mil. Playoff performer.
  9. Marner? I think he's more available than most think. Yes, here we go again, Gaudreau (+Brodie). It seems to be the logical fit for both teams. Honestly, if it costs Gaudreau + Hamonic, I would still do it (but no way Andersson).
  10. How does Leason compare to Lawson Crouse?
  11. Ya man. The 04 team was out to prove something. After that, we believed our own hype and all was lost. I felt this season, we came out the gates with something to prove. Then after we won our conference, we drank our own hype and that was the end of us. Maybe our problem as a franchise is we celebrate the little things, like, winning a conference. We lost focus. Didn't keep the eyes on the prize.
  12. I'm curious, has anyone gone to Gary Roberts camp and didn't succeed? There has to be right?
  13. Ya I think we are basically saying the same thing. Size let's a team absorb the dirty stuff better, that's all. But we need the aggressors on our team.
  14. Is he any good?
  15. No one said "big physical" per se. Brad Marchand is not big and physical. Small and physical is just fine. Dat sandpaper and grit tho.