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  1. Ya for me, I know we had to trade him because he was going to pull a Tim Erixon on us. It just would've been justice to see Fox career go Tim Erixon as well. Oh well.
  2. I know but they had no choice. They had to rebuild. Look at their moves the last year with Panarin and Trouba. This year extended Kreider instead of dealing him for futures. Zibanejad is in prime. They resurrected Strome's career and established their 2nd line Center for their future. Also, they've found their new #1 starter and feel with youth like Fox, Bushnevich, and some other forwards, they are "ready". Just saying. They may feel they are one good off-season away from putting together a contender and they may feel that begins with Gaudreau. For most teams, ya. But this is still the Rangers.
  3. It's going to cost at least Gaudreau + 1st for Kakko... May not even be enough from us. May have to be Gaudreau + 1st + someone like Hanifin... Hopefully not Valimaki. The Rangers need LD so maybe they will be interested in Hanifin. Kakko was #2 overall with a decent rookie year. Arguably better year than Jack Hughes. Flashed some really elite stuff... A big Finn, not going to play like Rantanen who uses his size like a bull dozer but Kakko uses his size to shield the puck, win battles, and buy time. Combine the ability to buy time using his big frame with elite vision and elite passing... Too early to tell but career 90-point player is not out of the question.
  4. Ya likely untouchable. Only reason there may be a small chance is because it's the Rangers and they like to trade away youth to rush rebuilds.
  5. Someone will be desperate enough and dumb enough. I hope it's the Oilers or Canucks. I hope it's not us. As soon as Hamonic has to defend first line opponents, he's exposed. You only want to use Hamonic against 3rd/4th liners.
  6. Could we get Kaapo Kakko with Gaudreau? We will have to add but Kakko is going to be elite one day. It's weird Gaudreau would be a target considering Rangers just extended LW Panarin and LW Kreider long term. The Rangers have proven to have no patience for kids so maybe Kakko for Gaudreau+ gets it done. Georgiev is only a slight upgrade over Rittich... Although we could add him as a new tandem. I like Georgiev... But losing Gaudreau for him isn't enough. DeAngelo... Don't like him. It sucks to see Adam Fox is going to be a good one... Basically playing his way to #2 on the depth chart after Trouba. Maybe even be the Rangers best Damn soon. DeAngelo has good potential but sounds like a locker room problem. Only other asset worth considering is the Rangers #13 overall pick. Depends who is still on the board but that's something I wouldn't mind.
  7. Agreed. Between Giordano, Andersson, Hanifin, and Kylington we have enough speed/mobility. Like you said, we can even bring back Gustafson even. I also think we need to get more mean on the blueline instead of adding more offensive minded D. Someone like Derek Engellend. I know BT misses Engellend and that role he played. Bottom pair RHS RD. Hits. Fights. Leader. And serviceable in a 2nd unit PK role. Is there a 25-year-old Engellend available out there?
  8. How much do you think it will cost to bring back Brodie instead?
  9. Wouldn't mind doing to Lucic what we did to Stone. Buy him out and then sign him back at basically league minimum. Lucic is a good 4th liner and great leadership guy.
  10. My understanding is, as soon as the play-in round is over, they pick the lotto winner. So if Toronto loses play-in, then they could win the lotto and get #1 pick regardless if the playoffs get cancelled. All other draft positions should revert to the standings. Only the #1 pick is up for lotto. But of course, Toronto loses play-in and wins #1 pick, then they cancel the playoffs. Smells fishy at that point.
  11. If the season is cancelled then we won't be one of the lottery teams because only the bottom 15 teams can be in the lottery.
  12. No public money for a hotel and convention centre unfortunately. This is going to be as bare bone as it can get.
  13. I'm already fearing the worst of the worst of the worst. Flames beat the Jets and advance into the playoffs. Then, after the Jets win the lotto for #1, the playoffs/season gets officially cancelled.
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