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  1. So assuming Lindholm and Bennett plays Center, Gaudreau - Monahan - Dube Mangiapane - Lindholm - Tkachuk Nordstrom - Backlund - Ryan Lucic - Bennett - Leivo X: Simon, Rinaldo/Gawdin
  2. Lol maybe Ward is thinking a 3-Center formation
  3. Ya Gaudreau had the chances to score at least 10 more goals this season. He needs to change it up on the breakaways. I know playoffs is a different beast. It's almost impossible to get breakaways in the playoffs. It's the regular season where we catch teams napping and going through the motions. In the playoffs, teams design game plans around stopping the other team's best players.
  4. Okay I see what you are saying. Honestly I would move both Gaudreau and Monahan and rebuild. I agree committing long term to these two to big money is going to sink us. We won't recover for 7 to 8 years. The argument I was trying to make is Gaudreau plays the same way all season including playoffs but it's Monahan who vanishes down the stretch and that's the main factor for the drop in production. I know Monahan put up good numbers this playoffs but the eyeball test would reveal he wasn't there for Gaudreau most of the time. That said, I think Gaudreau wants big money while Monahan may be okay staying at $6-ish long term. Monahan should either be moved or relegated to 2nd line Center. We need a legit #1 Center. Gaudreau I would trade after he has a bounce back season. We need to avoid selling low.
  5. I don't agree. I think Monahan has been the most disappointing every single playoffs. He goes completely missing down the stretch every single time. Ya ya injuries. Every single season come playoffs. He's injured. He's playing hurt. Something is bothering him. He doesn't look himself. Some times, Wingers are only as good as their Centers. In this case, Monahan drags down Gaudreau down the stretch.
  6. What player in the NHL actually sees better offensive numbers after the rush and after the other team's D gets setup in the D zone? Of course more goals are scores off rushes and turnovers. Right?
  7. But that's the thing, he HAD these chances all season. He just didn't finish. Again, not exaggerating if he literally squandered 30+ breakaways during the season, sometimes 3 in one game. No goals to show for. That's not even counting the amount of 2-on-1s he had and also didn't score. Gaudreau is going to be fine... he just has to stop going 5-hole. NHL goalies have gotten the word.
  8. Well we didn't get elite shut down defending when we needed it most. We had several leads vaporized throughout the DAL series seemingly as they turned it on, we had no answer. And plus, if Talbot/Rittich didn't crap the bed that one game, maybe we would've went to the Finals.
  9. So there is a formula after all. It's so hard to win in this league because everyone is competing to implement this formula.
  10. Strome is too slow. Poor skating overall. I would pass.
  11. There is no "secret" formula because the formula is actually pretty obvious. Every team is trying to acquire all the best players/coaches with the best team chemistry and system that suits its players.
  12. https://thehockeywriters.com/nhl-rumors-november-10-2020/ This article believes if the Flames are willing to move Hanifin then Buffalo, Detroit, and Columbus could all be interested. BUF, Hanifin ($4.9x4) for Reinhart ($5.2x1) - suggested a lot here before. Maybe Montour. Maybe we take a chance on Mittlestadt who is trending into a bust but was an 8th overall pick. DET, ? CBJ, ?
  13. I interpret the whole trade as, Flames win some with Hanifin->Carlo so have to give some back with Bennett->Debrusk. Debrusk is a good player but LHS LW mid-lines player. We have too many. Even Bennett can move to LW and do what Debrusk can do. Hope we can just do Hanifin for Carlo alone.
  14. To be fair, Giordano had all the fundies intact the first day he entered the NHL. It just literally took 10 years for everyone to notice it but we knew what we had. Can't say the same about Hanifin BUT I still think Hanifin is trending into a top pair #2 guy. He does not have Norris pedigree but has the size and skating to become something decent. Comparable to Jay Bouwmeester in many ways. All this time, Hamonic was dragging him down. Hamonic dragged down everyone including Giordano and Brodie. We can get much more for Hanifin next off season after a full season with Andersson.
  15. Hanifin for Carlo makes sense. But Bennett for DeBrusk does not. Yet another LHS LW 2nd/3rd liner. I get he has speed and is better scorer than Bennett but Bennett is the better all around player. If we can do Hanifin for Carlo alone then I'm all for it.
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