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  1. Love it. This will burn teams who bet on the cap to increment $5-mil per year. Like the Oilers who thought Draisaitl would be a great deal in 6 years.
  2. Same man. Hathaway is a fantastic skater and his speed on the forecheck will be missed. He's a guy who knows his role and accepts his fate. You don't see this enough with many kids these days because they all want to play top 6 and get PP minutes. Hathaway commits to the NHL and gives an honest effort like he knows every game in the NHL is an over achievement in his career already. Great guy and will be missed.
  3. I kind of like this combo. Czarnik has a decent shot and release. He's just too small and hasn't had linemates who can pass him the puck. Enter Lucic. He provides the size and he's got a decent pass from his PP experience over the years. This could work.
  4. If he's playing with Ryan then that's kind of the defacto 4th line.
  5. Thanks, that's good to hear. I worry he's too slow to keep up with fast linemates but at the same time, you don't want a line of players his speed. Hopefully Hamonic isn't a "good one year and bad the next" guy.
  6. Has anyone had a good look of Lucic at camp? Is he faster?
  7. I dunno man, by 2012... Iginla was on the rapid decline. I don't think Carter could've saved him. Better to hold onto a younger Brodie for a rebuild... right?
  8. We might have to risk it. There may be no choice.
  9. Missed a preseason game to bluff for $200k and an effective 1-way deal, kind of worth it though. Now he's a risk to start the season in AHL due to Flames over the cap after Tkachuk signs. It might not even matter how he performs in preseason even if he signed months ago.
  10. Touche. Brodie and Carter have both had good careers but Carter has the edge with the Cups. Though, not that Carter has blown Brodie away. At peak Brodie was a second pair talent and Carter only became a 2nd line Center. But Carter is the better overall player. It's sad how fast Brodie has trended down.
  11. Too bad they got Gardiner and likely don't want Brodie. Otherwise, a Brodie + Jankowski for Faulk could work.
  12. Did he though? Mangiapane got no worse in trying the stunt.
  13. Cap problems so... Frolik is a $3-mil guy now. Still good but he's not what he used to be. Don't get emotional. Just trade him. Either for a $1-mil guy who can produce at $3-mil or someone from within to emerge. Brodie.... He's the classic pumped value guy playing with Giordano. Like Dougie Hamilton. Trade him while his perceived value is a top pair RD. He's so average when with someone else.
  14. Great news. BT held strong. Mangiapane had no negotiating leverage and had to fold his hand. Hopefully he comes into this season and proves he is a full time NHLer.
  15. Actually, we should try for Faulk as well. I wonder if Jankowski has similar trade value to Kase. Faulk is RHS RD and legit top pair RD. Great on the PP. He had a down year and could maybe get extended on a bargain. And in a separate trade, move Brodie for Kase. Flames gain about a mil if no other players are involved. Maybe somehow Czarnik can be a throw in.
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