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  1. Ya history has shown us that when a State becomes too free market, then over time, 1% of the people will own 99% of the money. This wealth passes down from generation to generation. Eventually, poor people born into poverty will be like, WTF, group together and overthrow the system. And on the flip side, too much government intervention has shown to suffocate business growth, discourage innovation, and the country dies a slow death. There needs to be a balance.
  2. Happy we won but disappointed with the final score. Tonight proved we can't score. Really, it should've been 12 to 1 or so. No excuses. How many golden chances handed to us on a silver platter and we shot wide or chose to pass the chance away.
  3. A lot of transgender people agree with Jordan Peterson. They think those gender pronouns are stupid.
  4. In his defense, he did say in the video that words like "terrorist" at the airport, "Fire" in the hospital, etc are organically adopted as unacceptable. "Zim", "Zer", etc have failed to latch on organically and so the Left has turned to the government to use force to dictate it's usage. That was the difference. Perhaps, that's the debate. Do we want to live in a "majority rules" society or a "minority rules" one? If "Zim", "Zer", etc was so popular, then it doesn't require law to enforce. People would just naturally start using the words and the words will become unofficially official. No one knows what the future holds. As of now, it's not widely accepted but it may be one day. Let our language grow organically and freely. Let the free market of opinions do it's thing. But the Left doesn't like free market of anything. Always wants the government to step in with guns to enforce their laws.
  5. It comes down to allowing Modern Feminism to split the term "sex" and "gender". Someone like Jordan Peterson has had it with modern feminism and sees it for the socially destructive ideology that it can be.
  6. I get what you mean. It's polite. It makes the other person feel better. But exactly, you don't have to participate in prayer if you dont want to. No one should get to force you.
  7. Another explanation I've heard is, ISPs want sites like Google and Netflix to buy the highway to their customers. Which means they can literally buy all of it and kill competiton. Every other site on the net will load slow except for theirs. Users pay the same but lose access to alt-media.
  8. I don't get this whole net neutrality battle because both sides attempt to say it's not what we think it is. It's "not throttling" is what I've been told... It's the ISP charging Netflix, Google, YouTube, etc more money because they eat up so much of the bandwidth... Nothing to do with the internet users. Then there's the whole "throttling" idea. But then Obama created Net Neutrality in 2014. Repealing it means the internet goes back to pre-2014. And pre-2014 is awesome. Right? I dont recall the net going to the gutter or that there was any threat of such thing. I'm confused. But regardless, charging us more for premium vs basic is stupid. Unless what's regular now is premium and then there is a basic version for cheaper.
  9. Equality of outcome is not only economical but also social. This sort of "everybody wins" idea where if some 50-year-old man thinks he is a 6-year-old girl, then everybody should play along and call him as such. We've long established two biological sexes and now to avoid hurt feelings, we should bend established facts for them. There are absolutes in this world whether right or wrong socially. Certain combination of DNA form certain things and we name then as such. Everybody has equal opportunity to feel empowered or hurt by these names but we are not changing the name so everybody can feel empowered. My DNA says I'm a homo sapien but I feel like a God so I want everybody to call me God? ....No. It's hypocritical to say you don't believe people should be forced to use certain language and then turn right around and "force" others to use your language. The important point here is, where will it end? It's nature that somebody will always feel hurt by something. Thus, Ben Shapiro joked, "I'm going to make an LGBT, Transgender, Male, Lesbian, half Native-American, half Black, quarter Mexican, little person with a disability so I can rule the world."
  10. The X's and O's have been good for team defense. There are break downs but it happens to all teams. No system is both great for O and also great for D. There's always pros and cons. Give and take. Unless you want to say our system doesn't fit our players. That could be debated. The system that we deploy is a good one, all said.
  11. I think most fans who say this don't realize the GM has already decided we are contending. Rightly or wrongly. This happened when we traded away all our picks for Hamonic.
  12. Hoffman is a LW so not that interested. Ryan, he's seen better days and is on the decline. We shouldn't be interested. Brassard... Not as good as Backlund. Yes, Jankowski and Bennett are emerging so, I wouldn't be interested in Brassard. Wouldn't be sad if we got him either. Depends on the price. Phaneuf, no thanks. Karlsson, would be interested to see if the Sens think Brodie is an adequate replacement for Karlsson and can form the centerpiece of a trade. Flames would have to add big time of course. Chabot looks like a good one so maybe the Sens want forwards instead. Stone... He's a RHS RW Evander Kane without the problems. A no brainer he is our Target. I would start with Brodie (but would be awesome if it only costed prospects).
  13. PerfectaMondo
  14. Sens preparing for trades. Let's hope we are not on Mark Stones NT list. Since he's a Winnipeg boy and the fact that his brother likes it in Calgary, I would venture to guess he would like to be here too if he had a choice.
  15. We really need to look into Mark Stone. I think he checks off the most boxes for us. Erik Karlsson might be available too as Karlsson has stated he will go get market value via UFA already. But Karlsson will cost us Johnny or Monahan which is a non-starter. Duchene is not working out for the Sens.