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  1. If we aren't going to rebuild, then let's offer Pietrangelo $10-mil x 7... He probably won't even take it but we need him. This is what we get for not drafting RHS RD. There is no other good option. If we aren't rebuilding then let's push all the chips in and go for it.
  2. Someone will be willing to ante up for Giordano. On paper, he was still our top pair guy. In reality, Brodie carried him. We need to get something for Giordano before he's a $6.75-mil 3rd pair D.
  3. I'm okay with Markstrom depending on the cap hit.
  4. Right. So rebuild. Limited attendance either way.
  5. Of course they will. It's the Flames. Rebuild will happen after even the depth has aged beyond worth.
  6. I would add the assets coming back or that we draft have to be RHS C/RW/RD (or G). Otherwise we back to square one and the retool would have been a waste of time.
  7. That's why we trade Giordano right now. He noticably regressed in these playoffs and it's expected he will continue to regress the next two years. It's not even to say Hanifin will pass Giordano on the depth chart but rather Giordano's game and reliability will drop below Hanifin... We could end the season with, #1 Valimaki-UFA #2 Hanifin-Anderson #3 Giordano-UFA I know many are justifying a Hanifin trade because of the cap savings. No. The real cap savings is moving Giordano. I think if we move him now, then we can still get something decent for him.
  8. If ownership is worried no one will come to the games during a rebuild, then they don't have to worry about the next two years. No one is allowed to come to the games anyways. We don't need a scorched earth rebuild because we have young depth. Just trade Giordano, Backlund, Gaudreau, and Monahan for high picks or prospects.
  9. Perfect time to rebuild. Attendance won't be back to normal until a vaccine that's safe... Like a full year from now or two.
  10. Or just trade Giordano this off season before he becomes a $6.75-mil 3rd pair D.
  11. Based on 24 games though? Valimaki is top 4 ready? I think we discovered a solid workable pairing in Hanifin-Andersson during the playoffs. I'm starting to think the guy to move is Valimaki who would/could net us the same as Hanifin... Maybe more. I don't know enough about Mackey so I'm not sure he starts in the top 6 next season. Obviously, my first choice of player to move is Giordano. But he probably gets us very little... 3rd round pick or something like that.
  12. I thought he looked great with Andersson. He can hold down a 2nd pair with Andersson at a fair price. Not sure why we would want to trade him now.
  13. Can we even make the playoffs if Backlund is our #1 Center?
  14. I think we would all want Brodie back on a two year deal for $6-mil. That's the best case for us. Brodie can carry Giordano for two years and it buys us time to stock up some RHS RD. Right now the cupboards are bare and we are really exposed on RD.
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