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  1. RHS RD. Most of them are terrible but you need them to balance D pairings.
  2. Sounds good. Not expecting a big return. 4th rounder maybe... Unless we retain cap then possibly a 3rd rounder.
  3. Wow so Tampa trades gives up 1st, 3rd, and 4th for 2 Dmen.
  4. In that case we should trade Monahan + Gaudreau for 3 1st round picks.
  5. Both Monahan and Backlund have NTC. BUF is the last place they will waive to go to. And honestly, Monahan + Backlund would barely get us Cozens.
  6. I wonder what's the price. If we do a big trade with PHI then I hope Patrick can be a throw in. Gaudreau for Foerster + Patrick?
  7. So depends if we are a contender next season or not. I'd rather go through the growing pains with Rucizka than give a 35-year old Ryan the ice time when he won't be here to help us compete for the Cup in 3 years.
  8. I wouldn't even look at Ryan for next season. Time to give a kid from the farm a chance. 4th line Center and well sheltered minutes. Maybe Rucizka. Or use Zary there for 1 season as he develops.
  9. Nail Yakupov eventually got traded for a 3rd round pick I believe. After he totally busted. I'm expecting the same for Bennett. Maybe even a 4th rounder max.
  10. Considering they've all been refunded for this season though... I'm feeling he's just playing poker here. He can't straight up put the players on sale because then it's hard to win trades.
  11. Gaudreau has NTC? Does it begin on July 1st (or whenever UFA starts? Or Game 1 of regular season?) Anyways, yes I think Gaudreau would be okay with a trade to NJ or Philly. I'm guessing the teams on his 'okay' list include NYR and NYI. We could get something decent from those 4 teams alone.
  12. If I was BT, then I would approach it like this, 1. After the season is over, offer Gaudreau an 8-year contract extension. 2. If Gaudreau signs, then keep building to win now. 3. If Gaudreau doesn't sign, then trade Gaudreau immediately and retool. So also trade Monahan, etc.
  13. I didn't get that from reading his answer. It was more like, "hey our season is not over yet, lets talk about the playoffs first". Of course, personally I hope management will concede they need to move some big pieces this offseason. I hope he's just not trying to show his hand to the rest of the league. He wants to act like he values his players.
  14. Nice, Eric Francis helping the Flames manufacture leverage. Thanks for once.
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