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  1. I'm pretty confident Neal can double his goal totals from last season but that would still only mean 14. Highly doubt he can keep up with McDavid except for the PP but even then, Chiasson did well in that role. Chassion feasted on the PP with McDavid and taking Chiasson off the PP means they render Chaisson back to a 5-goal scorer when they just signed him to a 2 year extension. The Oilers will win with Neal but lose with Chiasson. Lucic, I'm slowly warming up to him but mainly because I know he'll become a fan favorite as soon as he drops the gloves for us the first time. He's a top 3 fighter in the NHL and he's built like a rock who can fight once a week if necessary. He's durable playing almost 82-games every season. We haven't had a feared fighter like him since McGratton. I don't think Engellend is in that same class. He is not a defensive liability but offensively he's always a step behind. I'm guessing 5 to 10 goals and maybe 20 points depending on PP time and usage. That all said, he was a one time 30-goal scorer so it's not crazy to think he can score 20-goals under the perfect circumstances. Maybe somehow he finds a fit on the top PP unit as a net presence guy. Maybe he becomes a central piece on the second unit. Never know until we try.
  2. And we still haven't shed any cap to sign Tkahuck, Bennett, and Mangiapane.
  3. The Oilers have Chiasson, Granlund, Russell, Smith, and now Neal. Might as well call them the Edmonton Flames. I still like the RNH idea around Brodie. Maybe there's more Oilers/Flames trades to come.
  4. Nah, Lucic would never waive to come here. Besides, we have too many LW and not enough RW.
  5. Article is a bit ambiguous. 12% retained annually or of the total remaining contract?
  6. Who won the trade? Flames 10% Oilers 77% Too Early To Tell 13%
  7. I'm so mad. Let's storm Area 51. They can't stop all of us!
  8. Well then, that changes a lot. $2.1-mil retained. PLUS 1st rounder??
  9. Remember how we had Bouwmeester, Phaneuf, Regehr, Brodie, Giordano... and we were supposedly the best D in the league? At what point is this franchise going to understand we need guys to play their strong side. Start getting some RHS!! Stop trying to move Bennett or Tkachuk over to their weaker side. And now add Lucic to LW
  10. Ya i guess. Lose-lose. Then why trade? For the sake of a change of scenery?
  11. How does this work? A guy can waive his NMC and then also remove it from his contract voluntarily? Is this allowed?
  12. I never thought Lucic would waive to come here. I thought he would only waive to go home to Vancouver. We have too many LW... Lucic is our 5th best LW behind Gaudreau, Tkachuk, Bennett, and Mangiapane. Even worse than Dube if Dube plays LW (cause currently no room at Center).
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