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  1. It's not 2015 anymore though. Dustin Brown is turning 37 in November.
  2. If we were specifically targeting a big and hard hitting RHS RD, then no, it's slim pickings, https://www.capfriendly.com/browse/free-agents/2022/caphit/all/defense And it's also hard to pick the better RD between Gudbranson and Welinski. Both cannot be trusted full time in the NHL.
  3. I watched the first and third periods. Missed the second. Vladar - looks legit. Feel good with him as back-up. Werner - wasn't tested much but generally not bad. Zadarov - played well overall. Has poise. Steady. Played like a veteran just getting warmed up. Good hits throughout the night. Andersson - played like he didn't care too much in a nothing game. Gudbranson - brutal as advertised. We should all worry. Bad/slow decision making. Turnover machine. Poor reads with and without the puck. Valimaki - looked shakey. My general observation is that he's overly confident or disrespects his opponent's abilities. I don't know what it is but he takes the dangerous route many times or attempts the low percentage pass thinking he can connect his target but he can't. Welinski - Not quite NHL material. Seems like the game is too fast for him. Mackey - looked pretty good for Mackey but was hoping he's made a bigger jump. Still borderline NHLer. Backlund - the worst game of his career. Hope it's just rust and not his age showing. He is the biggest name on both teams and he played worse than the rookies. Dube - seems like lost a step or something. Timing was off all night. But hard to look good when his Center played like garbage Pitlick - didn't see enough to comment. Didn't play the third. Lucic - excellent first shift to the game and great first period. After that, nothing. Richardson - looked good... but Derek Ryan is better. Lewis - didn't look like NHL material anymore Pelletier - disappointed with his trajectory. Seems like a good bottom 6 guy who can bring speed and energy. Ceiling is low. Gawdin - played well for Gawdin. Looks ready for some part-time NHL action this season. Skating is improved. Phillips - had one good rush but was dominated physically outside of that. Doesn't appear to be NHL material at this point. Pospisil - rock solid again. He's NHL ready in my opinion. Ruzicka - looked solid and NHL ready. Ritchie - in mid-season form. Energy, size, hitting, etc.
  4. We are going nowhere with the same team and same core again, so. Let's try something. Give Monahan-Gaudreau a chance to bounce back together but also give Tkachuk a true #1 Center to play with. Lindholm moves back to RW where he is a top 5 RW in the NHL.
  5. We can get Eichel and still see if Monahan can comeback strong. Events are not mutually exclusive. Unlikely BUF wants Monahan in an Eichel trade. We also don't need to move Monahan to make cap space this season with Eichel sitting on LTIR for half the season.
  6. Ya anything like that would work to give us protection from total disaster. If BUF is worried about the surgery then it's fair that every other team feels the same. Not sure Tkachuk moves the needle anymore as he can take a 1-year QO and then go UFA... Unless BUF offer sheets Brady successfully to bring the brothers together. Otherwise, BUF shouldn't be interested in Tkachuk. I'm really believing Rasmus Andersson is the key. BUF needs RHS RD with top pair potential. Dahlin is a Swede and Andersson is a Swede. It could work well for them. The Flames will run with Tanev, Gudbranson, and Stone on RD. Still have Welinksi as insurance plus Zadorov, Valimaki or Kylington can play RD in a pinch. Cap wise, Eichel is on LTIR for half the season so we save on cap space. Andersson + 2022 1st (condition based on games played) 2023 1st (condition based on games played) No lottery protection because Andersson is not a star player yet. But picks turn into 3rd or 4th rounders if Eichel struggles with neck injuries.
  7. I was hoping for the same. Now though, given we want to make the playoffs and can't afford to have Eichel missing 3 months of the season recovering from surgery, I'm not so sure anymore. Depends how we come out of the gates as well. If we struggle big time then there's a chance for big changes.
  8. For sure. Poirier is a skilled guy. Not big and doesn't play that hard hitting style. Can't have all D be the big stay at home type. It's nice to have a D who can carry the puck up ice.
  9. So Sam Bennett. Great one week and then his own worst enemy the next. Glad he's somebody else's problem now. Just wish we moved him 4 years earlier for better returns.
  10. Ouch. Hard to trade him to BUF if he's injured right? j/k At this point, I would say Zary is our highest ceiling prospect (haven't seen enough of Coronato yet). He actually has an outside chance to become a 1st liner... maybe 50/50. Hope he can get back to it quickly and have a good season in Stockton.
  11. Good. He's not a Sutter type anyways.
  12. Ya his contract is going to be a distraction whether we all want it to be or not. He's our most dynamic forward so it comes with the territory. Obviously, he's banking on having a career year and top 100-points so he can negotiate with leverage. He'll want Monahan at 100% understandably... and he speaks of a consistent RW so he really wants to build that chemistry, at least for this season.
  13. Wut, there's more land beyond the Ice Wall isn't there? I knew it! NASA is the disinformation arm of the Reptilians confirmed! Great to see you back.
  14. Why were we so average down the stretch last season with Sutter? Because, he didn't have his type of players? Because Monahan was injured? Because he didn't have time to implement his system despite the fact he said the current system fitted this team? Sutter got his role players, yes. He didn't get his core. So... we'll see. Weak division so we are going to be in it to the very end.
  15. This has been my thoughts from the beginning. The 1st round picks have to come with conditions that Eichel is "healthy" after surgery... at least that he can't miss games due to his neck. If so, then the 1st round picks become 2nds or 3rds. Obviously, he's already going to miss half the season now so, a 2022 1st round pick has to be on condition he finishes this season without neck problems. And then, if there's a 1st round pick 2023, same thing.
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