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  1. Eric Francis states he is not sure if he is anymore a proud Calgarian. He is certainly not a popular Calgarian at this point. Look at the down vote to up vote ratio in this video.
  2. I've always felt Tanner Pearson is overrated. He has the size and speed but that's it. No other skills. He was carried by Carter and Toffoli. It's a nothing trade in my opinion.
  3. Very good read. Bascially, the Rockefellers are funding anti-Alberta oil campaigns. The Rockefellers have had a long infamous history in oil and gas. John Rockefeller "invented" the industry. Then monopolized it. Then US courts forced the break up of his oil monopoly. So he monopolized the railroads and crashed the oil markets, so that he can monopolize the oil industry again, pennies on the dollar. Then the courts forced him to break up both monopolies. So he builds the first pipeline. He connects California to Texas to New York. This crashed the railroad industry. He monopolized the railroad industry again, pennies on the dollar. Then he crashes the oil industry with his rail and pipelines. Then he monopolized the oil industry again. After he monopolized oil, pipeline, and railroad industry, the courts forced the breakup of his monopoly. Thats just the start, Rockefellers hate the government by this time so if you can't beat them, monopolize them. John Rockefeller and his son(s) begin Eugenics programs. Hitler was so impressed with the Rockefeller's eugenics program that he emulated it. And the two groups would trade secret findings on human experiments. Following WW2, the Nuremberg trials gifted all of Hitler's top eugenics engineers, doctors and the whole program to the Rockefellers. By the late 40s, the Rockefellers effectively killed off natural/herbal medicines in favour of the modern medicine industry. They put people inside the government which granted them control of the US public school curriculum. They gained control of US government body that issues doctor degrees, pharmacist degrees, and all degrees relating to medicine. They graduate an army of "doctors" who push Rockefeller drugs on the sick, not focused on curing them but focused on keeping the sick on meds the rest of their lives. They birth the modern pharmaceutical industry that uses public money to buy vaccines and forces parents to vaccinate their kids or else the kids aren't allowed to attend public schools that are controlled by the Rockefellers. But getting back to oil and gas, The Rockefellers "invent" the Renewable Energy industry. They funded Al Gore's Presidential run. They funded Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth. They begin to change the US ciricullum around ideas of climate change and global warming. They "invent" so called formulas that calculate how humans are destroying the Earth at an alarming rate. They graduate an army of Climate Change "scientists" to push global warming. In the name of global warming, we citizens in the Western world are taxed to fund Renewable Energy programs and experiments owned by the Rockefellers. As of 2016, the Rockefellers sell off all their oil and gas stocks and holdings. As of 2018, the Rockefellers have most of the Western world convinced of gobal warming fighting against oil and gas, a product their grandfather's invented, and they have most of the Western world voluntarily jumping on to a new Rockefeller product called Renewable/Green Energy that is not profitable but we pay for with our tax dollars collected via our governments. Yes green house gases are not good but at current rates of warming, we have 300 years before it's a problem. I don't believe there is a clear winner either way, to be honest. Death to our planet if we continue with oil and gas (eventually in 300 years). Death via slavery if we go down the path of Renewables. Go Google how unprofitable Renewable engery is. If government funding ends, then all of the world's renewable energy industries would instantly collapse. Elon Musk is struggling to turn a profit with Tesla. Almost bankrupt twice or three times. How much investor money has gone into what is a feel good sham? There is no future in renewables without the general world population funding it for themselves. If Renewable Energy is where we as a species want to go, then fine. But please don't pretend it's actually "Green" and healthy for the environment. It's proven to not be with mining for battery materials. Global temperature readings don't validate these Rockefeller formulas for calculating human impact on temperature (but they refuse to tweak the formulas). I mean, back in 1995, all coastal cities should have flooded by 2006. This whole thing is simply about power and control. Global domination and control. Sadly, I'm not sure if there's anything that an individual can do to be honest. I've always held the view that about 2000 people in this world control the world, fighting each other for more control. It's a game to them. We peons are just lucky if we get in the way favourably.
  4. Ha. Maybe the Feds can buy the whole Olympic games bid for $5-billion and not build it. Just like how they bought a $7-billion pipeline only to not build that.
  5. I really hate the whole "get guys going" philosophy. I get it. I know we need to find combinations that benefits the whole team but still, guys need to get going by themselves.
  6. Fair enough. The city brought the cost down and presented an option to the public that made everyone shake their heads in how little product there was. Maybe the city should've gone big or gone home and presented a $7-billion+ plan that included CalgaryNext, creosote cleanup paid for with Fed's contribution, and new roads, etc.
  7. Ya agreed this is a vote of non-confidence in Nenshi and gang. It appears our mayor has lost his touch with Calgarians. This will likely be his final term.
  8. Coaches having favorites is a Far Right idea?
  9. Lol no bro. That's a pretty consensus viewpoint. Neal hasn't been showing top line material this season.
  10. Ya honestly, if Peters cannot find use in Neal, then we need to trade him badly. We can't afford a $5.75-mil 3rd line grinder/veteran. It's a luxury item, not a need. We already talk like Frolik is a luxury we cannot afford on the 3rd line. To me, we have 3 elite level play makers on this team. Gaudreau, Lindholm, and Tkachuk. Neal is a finisher who needs to be played with at least one of these guys. He's rarely with Tkachuk as Peters has gone to the 3M line often. This has left Neal with Bennett (an island to himself) and a combination of Jankowski and Ryan. Neither are elite play makers who can use Neal's elite shooting skills. It's a waste. Neal's intangibles aren't worth $5.75-mil. We can get that from Lomberg with a simple phone call.
  11. I'm indifferent because while i remember the 88 Olympics as a kid and want my kids to enjoy the same experiences growing up, I didn't want to be in debt for this. The IOC has lost so much trust and credibility internationally going around the world bankrupting cities. Lambourghini's are great but not in a time when we can only afford a Civic. Ya dad's going to pitch in half but still. I think Calgary did the sane thing here and didn't succumb to impulse buying. It's a shame so much money is involved and we can't find a more affordable solution. What cities are left in the bid now that we are potentially out? Basically only one city in Italy or something like that? I'm seriously hoping even Italy cannot come through with a bid leaving the IOC to dump another 1-billion into the pot for us to host the games.
  12. I guess it depends on what it's going to cost. Lazar was a failed reclamation project. So was Chiasson, Shinkaruk, Colborne (mostly), etc... but a comparable player might be Dougie Hamilton who had a couple seasons with the Bruins and was considered too raw at the time. We molded him into something great.
  13. Unlikely agree. I'm just thinking Puljujarvi is a "buy low" opportunity to take advantage of a GM on the hot seat. It's not for immediate gains. Puljujarvi is also not to the degree of absolute ruin like Yakupov was. He's still young and the slate is relatively blank. There's still time. Trades with rivals rarely happen and Van was a special case. As in, we just fired our assistant GM and Van hired him. So Weisbrod had "his guys" he wanted from the Flames. Do we have the same thing in Edmonton? Would Glen Gulutzan count? I think he probably had an influence in bringing Alex Chiasson to the Oilers. GG had Chiasson in Dallas and in Calgary. GG had his favorites like Lazar, Kulak, Brouwer, Stajan, Versteeg, etc. Lazar is not enough. What about Stone? Was he a GG pet that we can pawn off to the Oilers who are desperate to make the playoffs this season?
  14. If we move a D, then it needs to be for Goaltending. We have decent scoring but we can't stop the puck.
  15. He's been better lately but he still doesn't look like he deserves to be on the top line. This is indeed looking as bad as the Brouwer signing.