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  1. If we can get Coyle, then that's basically a healthier Ferland.
  2. I would like to get Coyle as well. I'm pretty sure Ryan alone will not get it done. Plus, Ryan is a coaches pet so he's kind of untouchable. Maybe Frolik for Coyle? Both guys have 1 year left after this one on their current deal. Frolik has been benched before and for whatever reason doesn't seem to be liked by the coaches. If we want to add size to the top 6, then Coyle is the guy. Basically, i see him bringing what we all thought Neal was supposed to bring.
  3. Rask hasn't been able to put up the points and isn't trending that way anytime soon. I think he settles in as a 35-point guy. It's his two-way game that's going to keep him in the league. The Canes gave him a contract for potential that doesn't look like will materialize. Neiderrieter is a `no' at 5.25 but you seem to dismiss Neal as a problem at the same price point? Neiderrieter > Neal all things considered (not that either are great for the price to be honest but still). I think the Canes win the trade by a slight margin because they got the better player. Both underwhelm.
  4. Totals man. It's the right thing to do. 12 needs to be in the rafters forever.
  5. That's partly why i think they will make it. The competition isn't exactly tough. The Avs are imploding. The Wild lack elite star power. The Stars are a one line team. The Ducks are banged up. The Canucks are still too inexperienced. The Oilers are going to be right there to the end and while I'm not making any guarantees, I'm just saying, i think they will squeeze in. Which is great because it would probably mean Chia did some harm to the future for the now. Since the Oilers make the playoffs, Chia will keep his job one more year and has the reigns to hurt the team long term even more next season. That's great as a Flames fan. If you're an Oilers fan, then you should cheer for the Oilers to miss the playoffs this season so management cleans house.
  6. Ya D is going to be a headache this summer because like you've said, we've got 2 RD going into their final years of their contract and expecting big raises. That combined with the ageless captain falling victim to being older. I'm happy developing Valimaki, Andersson, and Kylington on the bottom pair but at some point, they should make a jump up and handle more responsibilities. Moreover, Treliving seems to like one D who can fight and take care of business. This is neither of these 3 kids. So maybe a Prout-type of player will always factor into the rotation. The only thing we have going for us is, Brodie and Hamonic both want to be here in Calgary for family reasons. I'm expecting a home town discount on both.
  7. Oh crazy. Which league plays at the Dome?
  8. Lots of talk here about the Oilers getting desperate but it's nothing new i guess. Is there a player we can use from the Oilers?
  9. JBo is so done but i imagine the price to acquire him would be cheap. I wouldn't be too excited either way. Ya Coyle or Neiderreiter would be great but neither are pending UFA and Minny will be in the fight to the end so i don't think they will be sellers. Staal would be great but again, Minny needs these guys to get into the playoffs. Minny is setup weird like Philly and LA who have veterans signed long long term and there is an urgency to win now, yet, they should rebuild. All in all, it's still sort of too early to say who's out of it at this time.
  10. I still think they will make the playoffs.
  11. Irving reminds me so much of Jon Gillies in that both had so much hype but you see them play and you know they don't have it. They both have all the tools like size, agility, speed, etc. When it came to sixth sense though, Rittich was a guy who showed that in spades. He just didn't have quick reflexes and was somewhat slow laterally. Rittich has the toolbox but limited tools. The other two, what a waste of talent.
  12. I played a few beer league games in the Stampede Coral and it's a nice experience knowing NHLers used to play there and use the locker rooms and such. Saddledome would be nice to keep even if it's just an arena for future community use and beer league games. There's enough seats there for all my fans...
  13. Terrible trading partners. Must be kidding me... ...Both teams want to win the Cup this year.
  14. Good looking plan. Let's hope the Flames also buy into the plan and want to make the new arena their new home.
  15. So then why do fans love Ferland but hate Bennett?