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  1. You knew I had to tweet this at you today,
  2. Well, you are admitting you have a bias against them. Honestly, every government in this world is tyrannical. There is only an illusion of freedom in the West and an illusion of choice at the ballot box, especially at the Federal levels. What's left of freedom in the West is slowly being stripped away from us day by day. Covid-19 is a tragedy that few governments in the West will let go to waste... Then the famine began, and the people of Egypt cried out to Pharaoh for relief. Pharaoh instructed them to speak to Joseph, and Joseph opened the granaries and began his distribution program. As the famine continued, eventually the people of Egypt ran out of money, and so Joseph allowed them to pay the government in livestock for grain. Then even the livestock ran out, so that the people then signed over their land. Thus all land other than those of the priests of the Egyptian religion became crown property. They can print unlimited money but they still need our tax dollars? No, this is not about tax dollars. For awhile now, this is about bankrupting what's left of the middle class and the enslavement of the plebs. Lose our freedom to assemble. Lose our freedom to move around. Lose our freedom of speech. They want all of us to live on government handouts so we can be controlled. Do you believe MSM headlines like this? The most sophisticated and well funded intelligence agency in the entire world did NOT know China was lying about their numbers and the severity of the virus UNTIL NOW?? Trump downplayed the severity of the virus 3 weeks ago but is slowly changing his tune? Come on man. You and I are not US Intelligence and we knew China was lying all the way back in January. They knew Carty. They knew the moment the Chinese knew themselves (or even sooner). They didn't tell us. They allowed the borders to be opened. They sent away all of our medical gear to China. And they still tell us, don't wear masks despite it correlating very well to a pause in outbreaks in places like HK, SG, Taiwan and even in China. Kind of can't blame them because with zero cases back home, no one would oblige to shutting the borders and locking down at home. Now that it's bad, now we beg for our freedoms to be taken away.
  3. Ya UFA will be most complicated if the season resumes in September as a tourney and then immediately begins the next season in November. Some players are literally going to win the Cup and then switch jerseys and play on another team the next week and still attend the Cup parade. Technically, all players contracts end April 15... I'm sure the union will be okay extending that but for how long? Players don't get a regular salary during the playoffs... Should this be different in a September playoff? ....which would feel more like a preseason.
  4. The season is done. And next season may not even start in October.
  5. Well, there's so much wrong with this that I don't even know where to begin other than to say I think you've got some China bias that's clouding your objectivity of the situation.
  6. My personal hunch is China has/had upwards 2-million infected and 100k deaths. That said, since awhile ago, they've been welding apartment doors shut so people are forced to quarantine. Full lockdown. Roaming the streets is punishable by death so everyone literally obeys martial law and stays home. As a result, the numbers China has reporting recently are likely accurate. Roughly 50 to 100 new cases per day under those circumstances is possible. Though, ya, they under reported significantly early on. But saying China is predatory right now is to say Canada was predatory towards China in February, right?
  7. I know. I'm not discounting it. It's very plausible but suspiciously convenient for whoever benefits from this. Very early on, American scientists reported Covid19 had HIV injected into it and that it was extremely unlikely something like that could have happened naturally. The virus was therefore likely created in the lab. There's even an official lawsuit against China for releasing this bio-weapon against international law. Suing China for $20-trillion. They must have some good evidence right?
  8. Our bullet proof vest was closing the borders earlier. We also have health officials telling us masks don't work to prevent us catching Covid-19 despite good evidence to suggest it stops carriers from spreading it around their environment. Had masks been mandated in public places, anyone with Covid-19 cannot spread it. It's just as good as wearing one to protect yourself from catching it. The situation in Canada didn't have to come to this.
  9. Possible. I'm just keeping an open mind about it. We may not know the truth for another couple years... just like 9/11, you gotta follow the money. The Bio-Weapon Angle: China released it on purpose... From Stalin to Mao, never underestimate the Communists willingness to kill whoever it takes to maintain an iron fist over its population. Also, China has the world's largest number of baby boomers... retired and leeching off government welfare... this virus is lethal against the elderly. What a convenient way to lower the number of dependencies to help balance the budget easier. I know, sick right? Also, China may have lost the trade war with the USA so this virus is an excuse to push failed economic decisions onto a scapegoat. OR lastly, they knew it would spread to the West... they know they can contain it because of a central planning government. They know the West would struggle... China released it accidentally... Quality control in China is always suspect. Very possible this is a bio-weapon that leaked from the Wuhan bio-research lab. The Soviets had Chernobyl. Wuhan may be China's Chernobyl. Sabotage... Cannot discount this because many Chinese want to free China from the Communists. Spy job... USA (or another foreign agent) wanted to hurt the Chinese economy following a nasty trade war. It Was Brought To China Angle: Like conundrumed alluded to earlier, USA was reporting one of the worst flu seasons in history back in October/November. Very possible Patient-0 came from the USA (either knowingly or unknowingly) and China just happened to be the first country to isolate and identify the virus. Wuhan became the epicenter by some unlucky circumstances. Covid-19 could have origins in the USA but was cast off as just another bad flu in the USA. Bats and Pangolins Angle: Ya, the mainstream narrative at the moment. But as far as we know, bats are cooked before eating. Cooking/heat kills Covid-19. Pangolins are cleaned and processed. Like i said, they've been doing this for hundreds of years. It's just odd timing that now is the time. Anyways...
  10. Ouch. Tough to please. We could've wore a bullet proof vest though. Not like we didn't see it coming.
  11. The thing is, China didn't start eating bats a month ago. It's been going on for a thoudand years. Why the virus now? Why would there be an issue suddenly? Not to mention, there's way worse from what they eat. Bear bile... An old remedy a couple centuries old, probably.
  12. Sometimes, the world is awesome.
  13. Only Senators players tested positive. So, maybe they stay behind since they have no chance to make playoffs anyways. TV audience would be huge considering everyone is locked down at home.
  14. Has anyone discussed the possibility of flying all players to a remote location that's COVID-19 free like, I dunno, Whitehorse or something? Play and stream all games online? Try to recoup some revenue that way? Of course will need to also fly in doctors, agents, wives, and all that good stuff. But at least they are in a safe place and can carry on doing hockey. Someone will have to do the math on that to see if the NHL comes out on top or not. But it might be better than losing $300-million by ending the season.
  15. When do we get the mark of the beast? Lol My theory on toilet paper... This virus started to hit Hong Kong late-December to early-January. People there were beginning to bunker down. Hong Kong has gone through a history of episodes like SARS, H5N1, Avian Flu, etc, etc... they have experience. We've probably all seen videos online of line-ups around an entire block for masks. Understanding that Hong Kong is a "city-state" that does not have natural resources and relies almost entirely on imports for goods... one day, some random dude that nobody even knows who he is, started a rumour. This rumour was, toilet paper shipments from China will completely stop because the Chinese factory may be contaminated with Covid-19. This created a frenzy and within 24 hours, Hong Kong sold out of toilet paper. Both because it was humourus and unbelievable, western media picked up on it. News of Hong Kong selling out of toilet paper went viral on Twitter, Youtube, and evening news in America and the West. Hong Kong was completely sold out of toilet paper for a week. Of course a week later, the next shipment of toilet paper came to Hong Kong and to this day, shops are stocked to the ceiling with toilet paper and no one is buying because people have already stocked up months worth of it all at once. In hindsight, Hong Kong was a victim of what may have been the most brilliant marketing campaign ever conducted on mankind. It was so brilliant in fact, that it subliminally programmed even the West to ponder, "what if I ran out of toilet paper?" Did you ask yourselves? It's not even that you NEED to buy so much. It's the fear that others buy it all and you have none left. It's absolutely laughable that Canada has so much wood and lumber that we fear we will run out of toilet paper. It's literally the last thing to worry about here. Yet, we all saw the initial story about Hong Kong and we didn't want to be that guy who has to go over to the neighbours to ask for a roll.
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