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  1. The obvious response to these concerns is to stop being a worker. Thanks to technology and automation, it's now cheaper to open a fast food restaurant and compete against McDonalds. 90% of my staff will be robots, one time payment, no recurring monthly costs like payroll, benefits, severance packages, no unions, etc. Just have to call an IT to come in and service the bots once in awhile. Goodbye restaurant franchises and hello to more Ma and Pa specialty restaurants. Truck drivers out of work? Adapt. Buy an automated vehicle and rent it out. Link it to an App that functions Car-To-Go style. Cab drivers own their own cabs? Join Uber and become a driver. Or even launch your own version of Uber. The world is increasingly leaving the low level people behind? The answer can't possibly be increasingly more social programs because if you apply this remedy much further into the future, at some point, the social programs have to grow into monsters for everybody to be saved. And then, before we know it, we're living in Communism. The government will literally have to march into everybody's home to take stuff for the state so that it can be shared.
  2. Listen to Sam Harris and his take on IQ,
  3. Sun tanning wrong. Why do whales do this?
  4. Seven more years.
  5. First Stormy Daniels and now Aubrey O'Day. Why does MSM think Trump supporters care? Trump said "grab kittens" and still won President. Why would having extramarital affairs matter? As long as it's concentual, it's all good. As long as he doesn't do it while being President, who cares what he did as a regular civilian? It's like proving Hillary is crooked and put her behind bars for treason. Those with Her, don't care. Tell them something they dont already know.
  6. I liked Engellend too except he was too slow. He fought two Canucks at the same time so he legend. But ya, we never replaced his leadership. He's way more useful overall than Stone.
  7. Post of the year.
  8. This post is so hard hitting, Ferland got another concussion. And joking aside, Ferland is damaged goods who is one unlucky bump away from hearing a ring in his head the rest of his life. He should shut himself down and hang up the skates for his own well being. Some things money can't buy and health is one of them. If someone wants to give us a first rounder for Ferland, then that's a no brainier for me. No pun intended. I don't have Ferland pencilled in for any more than 100 more games the rest of his career.
  9. How about front body or back body?
  10. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.
  11. Exactly man. Always earned never given. Worked so good Hartley won coach of the year. But then if it's working, then fix it. As a result, Hartley got himself fired and you are bang on. He began to play favourites. That was his downfall.
  12. I love how Joel Quennville was adamantly pissed off when the Blackhawks traded Panarin for Saad. So in protest, Saad has been on the 4th all season. Talk about a coach giving his GM the middle finger. I feel bad for GG, he wasn't given enough talent on the RW and it's been a nightmare making lines. Brouwer is arguably the best natural RW on this team. Frolik is not a natural RW but just plays one due to circumstance. I mean, GG would get fired if he just kept Brouwer on the 4th line all year. So I blame BT.
  13. Ya as always, we can trade him for an equally bad contract. I'm sure the Canucks would gladly take Brouwer's full contract in exchange for Louie Eriksson's full contract.
  14. Well, hello Brouwer. Welcome to the first line.
  15. With 3 RHS RD NHL vets signed for another 2 years, the Flames didn't dangle the carrot. That was the problem. It's the AHL or Harvard so definitely stay in Harvard. I would even think he'd go to UFA if we don't move out one of Hamonic, Hamilton, and Stone.