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  1. Too bad 24 year old Dmen shouldn't be in the NHL according to Sutter.
  2. As always, love the comments section. I think Brady will eventually sign for $8 x 8. It's just part of the show to hold out so we just have to go through the motions.
  3. Did Zary play again after his concussion?
  4. So it's critical we get Eichel or an equivalent soon. If we return the same core, then we should expect the same results. At some point, life is too short to keep watching the same thing over and over again.
  5. But never won again without him. Good question. 1. I DO believe we can win without tanking. As I have been saying the past few weeks, get Eichel as a first step (not as the saviour and solution alone)... but it's a first step. Get that game breaking #1 Center and then build from there. Furthermore, since 2010, no team that draft in the top 2 has won the Cup... I know COL, FLA, etc have a good chance so we will see. But generally speaking, the trend used to be that you must have a top 2 pick... eventually, probably not. With expansion and the salary cap maturing across the league, there are reasons to believe the game has changed. 2. Because the 2022 and 2023 drafts are loaded. So it's about timing. 3. Theology. Mathematics. Probability. Even if a team does everything right, it's a 1/32 chance to win now. You need every edge you can get.
  6. No one is saying we tank for a high pick and then don't draft Datsyuk in the 6th round. We are saying let's do both. Why you have to limit the conversation into a binary? No one is even having that conversation. Let's get a high pick AND draft Aho in the second round. Let's do that.
  7. You have presented a false dichotomy. Retool without tanking Vs Tank for #1 pick and then throw hands in the air and win the Cup Absolutely no one is saying to tank for a high pick and live happily ever after. Bro, only one team wins the Cup every year. Tanking for a top pick alone is not enough. It's just the first step. You must do everything else right afterwards. Ie. Draft and develop well, sign value contacts, have good coaching, etc. But go ahead and try to forego a top 2 overall pick. The Blues won the Cup without one. Good on them. Boston never won again after Seguin. CHI, LAK, TBL, PIT, and WAS all picked in top 2. Some multiple times.
  8. The window is not the ELC of the elite players. Elite players will elite and worth every penny. Instead, it's the pre-UFA status of the Blake Colemans, Byfugliens, McKnabbs, etc. You pay your stars and then draft well to fill out the bottom 6 and lower pair D. Your window is before your stud supporting cast prices you out. If you don't have your base/core of elites, then everything is all for not. The Flames draft stud supporting cast players. We don't have that game breaking elite Center... And now I would argue we don't have that stud elite D too so getting Eichel alone isn't enough... It's just a start.
  9. The past season was shortened though and Eichel only played 21 games. Like you said, on a per game basis, Eichel is better. When we talk about the extreme upper tier of players in this league, you start paying 40% more for that extra 10% of production. It's free market forces playing out here.
  10. Let's be the next Pittsburgh Penguins.
  11. We already know what the Flames are going to do. Who are we kidding. A better question is "do you think we should...", I mean, there's no question we should retool. With pretty decent players under 25, we can turn this thing around much faster than we did in 2013 when we had nothing but a 29-year-old Mark Giordano. Brodie and Backlund were under 25 but that's about it. This time around, we have Tkachuk, Dube, Hanifin, Andersson, and Valimaki. We also have a highly rated farm team with pieces like, Wolf, Coronato, Zary, and Pelletier. That, plus honorable mentions like Francis, Phillips, Kuznetsov. If we can dip into the draft for two years then we could be contending in 4 or 5.
  12. I don't know man. I would probably trade 4 first rounders in 2022/23 for Shane Wright and/or Conor Bedard. The "Next Ones".
  13. If my quick glance is correct, then no top 2 pick has won the Cup since 2010 (Tyler Seguin), https://www.hockeydb.com/ihdb/draft/index.html But what's interesting is that every team that has won the Cup recently, except the Blues, drafted in the top 2. The salary cap has certainly made an impact. My guess is we will be entering an era where drafting in the top 2 will not matter (unless COL, EDM, FLA, TOR, etc) win the Cup next. But let's see. It would be nice to see more Blues-type teams win the Cup... basically refusing to tank. I know the Blues drafted #1 in 2006 but man, that's another era. Can't really count that.
  14. Can you show the numbers? Eichel, by the same age, has more points and more point per game seasons. He's played on a team with a lot less talent as well.
  15. Feaster tried to trade 3 first round picks to draft Mackinnon and got rejected. Now, Eichel is a step below Mackinnon, sure, but we were offering a 6th overall for Mackinnon and COL still said no. Our 4 first round picks could be 4 picks in the teens or 20s. There really is just two ways (maybe a third way...), 1. Tank for one. 2. Trade 4 first round picks for one. 3. Draft outside the top 3 picks and fluke out. We know this organization is not tanking for one. And are already trying to fluke out for one but it hasn't come yet. So, there's really only 1 way to go.
  16. And how so? Eichel's injury is the biggest concern, granted. Other than that, he's a top 8/9/10 Center in the NHL today. Monahan is not even our first line Center right now. That would be Lindholm and he's like top 18/19/20 in the NHL. Right, and that's why we should be in it to the bitter end. The price isn't as high as what's being asked. BUF is not getting close to their asking price. If we offer Andersson + 1st, then that's as good as any other offer out there (and yes we should do it).
  17. I should disclaimer my post by saying that's the second best path to winning a Cup (the first is to tank hard for the next two years)... but we aren't doing the first unfortunately so... Get the #1 Center first. To get that D, we can move Monahan for one. I would also be in favour of moving Gaudreau for picks and prospects if he doesn't sign an extension so that should give us some ammo to make further trades to land some D. We are looking decent for cap space next season depending on Gaudreau and Tkachuk. This could give us cap room to get some more 2/3/4 quality D from UFA.
  18. G and D doesn't even matter because we are so far from that now. It takes years. Get the #1 Center first and then do a quick retool. Aim to win towards the later end of Eichel's contract window.
  19. I like Andersson too. Andersson and Hamilton are our two best RHS RD since... man, Al MacInnis? ...Derek Morris, Dennis Wideman? Boy, it's taken this long for the Flames to have RHS RD that it's difficult to part with them. But to get Eichel... he would be our best Center since Nieuwendyk/Gilmour. It's worth it. And the RHS Center is a bonus as well. Extra rare. Eichel and Andersson are the same age so we're not losing out there age wise.
  20. That's why we should trade Andersson for Eichel anyways because it's not going to make a huge difference. Don't think of getting Eichel to win this year and instead, get him first and then use next summer to re-organize the blueline to compete again. We have a chance next summer to land an Andersson-level Dman but there may never be another opportunity to land an Eichel-level Center for the foreseeable future. So given the two paths, get Eichel first and then rebuild from there.
  21. But sir, we've been doing exactly what you said the past few years. It's time to get the #1 Center.
  22. Does that not mean the Sabres re-engaged with the Flames since the Flames were an interested team? Of all the Flames roster players, the one that should interest them the most is Rasmus Andersson. The Sabres don't have a top pair RHS RD in the pipeline. Dahlin and Hagg are both Swedish. Andersson would be a fantastic fit there. Signed for 5-years and still 24-years-old. So thus, the Flames locked up 2 RHS RD in preparation for the move. Also, Hanifin and Eichel now have the same agent and they are good friends from back in the day. Maybe Eichel would like to join Hanifin in Calgary.
  23. I know I know... But nice to dream lol. 90% sure it's depth move only and these moves weren't related to BUF re-engaging with teams interested in Eichel.
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