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  1. Can anyone explain to me why we are still posting in this thread and feeding this idiot troll? People, cut the crap, already.
  2. I was just LOL'ing by the way, guys. Obviously, not all Canuck fans are laser-painting butt-pimples. Though, even my Canuck friends turn into D-Bags during Flames/Nucks games. Got to the point where I refused to talk to them on gameday.
  3. Here's a new Stat: Using laser to blind opposing players: Canucks - 1 Flames - 0 lulz
  4. What was really dramatic was your impeccable timing.
  5. DL44, the Flames' PK as 11th a week ago. There is no reason to think it can't be improved upon.
  6. If a subpar PK is the biggest concern we're facing at this point in the season, I consider myself very happy. I have no doubt in my mind the PK will get better.
  7. Yeah, it probably would have been 1st if we didn't use Aucoin like we did. I already told you this, but Aucoin was more useful on the PP than the PK. He had a pretty wicked shot. As for the defensive stats, I'm not overly surprised. I clearly recall stating that their would be growing pains. Looks like I was right. I'm not happy with the numbers, but I'm confident they will come down. We've been taking too many penalties, and far too many 5 on 3 penalties. As for the offensive numbers, I'm not surprised. I went through the numbers and knew the Flames wouldn't be too hard pressed for scoring. They're higher than I anticipated, but I could only laugh at all the "experts" saying the Flames wouldn't be able to score. I think the biggest and most pleasant surprise of the young season is Kiprusoff.
  8. Did anybody see Luongo's dive tonight against the Sharks? He's in mid season form!
  9. Well, it may have been lost on you, but my remark was also a little tongue in cheek and sarcastic. You're sounding a little "childish and petty" yourself. Personally, I thought things were going well, and I'm not going to change my mind: I believe the Flames will improve dramatically defensively this season. There might be growing pains along the way, but you'll have to colour me very disappointed if at season's end the Flames were not much improved. Nearly every move Sutter made this off season was to bolster all defensive aspects of the Flames' game from the coaches right down to the players. Anyway, good debating with you. Was fun while it lasted.
  10. It's true, DL44, the Flames haven't played a game yet. It's funny that you're allowed to predict that the Flames' defensive statistics won't improve over last years, yet Flames fans aren't allowed to predict they will improve. Stick to the Canucks, buddy.
  11. It's true, DL44, the Flames haven't played a game yet. It's funny that you're allowed to predict that the Flames' defensive statistics won't improve over last years, yet Flames fans aren't allowed to predict they will improve. Stick to the Canucks, buddy.
  12. [quote name='DL44 wrote: Codes'] And if you think that B. Sutter is going to coach anything like Keenan, then...I don't know what to say. Aucoin is an elite Pker... Aucoin is the greatest PK asset the Flames have... and now Sutter is gonna coach like Keenan... jeez. So much for having a logical conversation... anything other opinion people which to credit me with.... DL44, don't be dumb. Go back and read what you wrote. Everything I have mentioned was implicated in how your wrote your argument. 1) The Flames' PK will suffer because Aucoin is gone. Reads: Aucoin was one of the Flames' most important PKers. 2) You don't believe the Flames' defensive statistics will change much. Reads: the coaching philosophy and systems won't change, or will have little effect. Which is complete BS. Yeah, yeah, it's your opinion, and I told you I completely disagree with it. Yes, Aucoin was a big part of our PK. Your higher class defensemen tend to get more time on the PK. But, it's silly to think that the Flames' PK is suddenly in trouble because he's not part of it, especially since he was replaced with Bouwmeester. Keenan also poorly managed his players. It was a common complaint around here that he played certain players too much; one of these players was Aucoin. He's getting old, and he's getting to be too slow out there to be as effective as he was earlier in his career. Not to mention, someone had to pick up the slack on the PK when you're all of sudden down Giordanno, Sarich and Regehr. I guess you're actually right: he was the Flames most elite PKer at that point. So really, I don't get why your complaining. You bring up a point, and I either support it, or not, providing reasons as to why. That's how you debate. Seems perfectly logical to me. Ace, no-one played very well at the Last Olympics. The point stands: Regehr invited twice: Mitchell zero. Anyway, I don't want to get involved in the Mitchell vs Regehr debate. Regehr is my favourite player, and I'm biased. However, I also like Mitchell, and he is the one Canuck I would love as a Flame. But in all honesty, if Mitchell was so similar in skill to Regehr, then you wouldn't be seeing such disparity between the two in the eyes of hockey experts.
  13. I completely disagree, DL44. Stats are fun and all, but don't tell the entire story. For instance, I'm not knocking Aucoin's skill; I liked him a lot as a Flame. But, it is nonsensical to believe that at this point in his career he is going to be better than Bouwmeester for the Flames. I can't fathom how you figure that Bouwmeester might not fill the gap left by Aucoin's departure... And if you think that B. Sutter is going to coach anything like Keenan, then...I don't know what to say. Don, I'm not power hungry; control over my sig is good enough.
  14. [quote name='Hockey_Canada1 wrote: Codes'] Anyway, I would never do a sig bet with you, because I'd sooner kill myself than have a Canucks sig on my account_2. Not very confident, eh? I stand by my prediction - I just like having complete control over my signature.
  15. Once again, I'm completely blown away... 1) Primeau was injured for 3/4 of the season, and had little impact on our PK stats for the year. 2) I wouldn't count Aucoin as the greatest PK asset the Flames had last season. I liked him, but he is too slow. 3) Sutter specifically acquired Sjostrom because he is an elite penalty killer. So, if you want, "Laces" can take Primeau's spot. You're comparing apples to oranges. The Canucks were under AV both years you compared, right? I wouldn't expect there to be a significant difference as the system was the same. It's quite apparent that you haven't grasped that the Flames cleaned house with the coaching staff. Out is Keenan, and in is B. Sutter. Sutter believes in systems, and a defense first philosophy. This is a complete 180 from Keenan, and I expect dramatic improvements in all defensive statistics. I won't even get into Keenan's terrible play management. There are so many variables that have instantly improved this off-season that I don't see how vast improvements cannot occur. And any way you slice it, Bouwmeester can only improve the Flames' defensive statistics, and he is a vast improvement over Aucoin. It's quite clear you don't know what you are talking about. Anyway, I would never do a sig bet with you, because I'd sooner kill myself than have a Canucks sig on my account_2.
  16. Wow. I'm literally blown away by peoples' inability to acknowledge that the Flames' defensive system was crap, which is very apparent if you look at team stats, and individual players' defensive statistics. With Sutter at the helm, I fully anticipate that the Flames will have better defensive stats than the Canucks right across the board.
  17. Usually I enjoy your posts, and usually they are mostly objective. This post, however, is complete bull feces. Bouwmeester is going to be huge for our defense, but guess what? He isn't the best thing that happened to our D-corps this year: that title belongs to Brent Sutter. Our defense is going to be better a thousand fold than last season(arbitrary number) simply based on the fact that there will be a responsible defensive system in place. Talent-wise, the Flames D-corps has always been better than the Canucks. This year it will be realized, because we'll have a coach that actually gives two hoots about defense. Vancouver has benefitted from a Coach that actually utilized systems, and preached defense, which is precisely why your team had better defensive stats than the Flames with Keenan. By the way, Sarich won the Cup, remember? It's not like the Flames have no experience on the blueline. And besides, who cares if Lukowich and Schneider have Cup winning experience...I'd take Bouwmeester over both of them. Furthermore, other than Lukowich and Schneider, who on the Canucks' blueline has anymore experience than a respective Flames counterpart? Anyway, stop sounding stupid; it's unbecoming of you.
  18. Here is my impersonation of a Canuck fan: Before Gillis does something: It's okay. We were great last season, and haven't made any major changes. We will easily win the NW division, like we do every year. After Gillis does something: ZOMG! Gillis is A gawd!!11!! We are the best team in the league. Our defense the best0rz! The Sedins are going to tear you apart!!11! Oh yeah, Bouwmeester is an overpaid hack! Edler is better!!!!!! Hence, that is why I do not argue with them. Their outlook on life is skewed. Always has been, and always will be. That said, the trade easily made them better, and I'll be pissed off if they end up acquiring Frolov from the Kings like the latest speculation is hinting at.
  19. This was one of my biggest concerns when all the boards were linked.... ...the increased presence ignorant Canuck fans. + what Zirak said.
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