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  1. By offering less term though, not by being some contract wizard And those are RFAs. He's overpaid his fair share of UFAs (which is the nature of the game)
  2. I agree, but everything i've read says he's really comfortable in Ottawa and likes it there. I don't get it either but it is his choice. I hate saying never, but IMO there is no chance you get Stone anywhere near that cheap. I think his agent gets fired if he takes anything less than 9Mill AAV. I can understand the rental angle if you believe in that, but as a long term option I don't see it. They can't afford Stone without blowing up a third of their team.
  3. Still probably going to take around 9.5mill though and that is still too much.
  4. This is been my angle for a while and i'v wavered form time to time but with a few days left to go i'm not sure that the Flames should not be adding a significant add at the deadline. I don't see the value in short or long term in paying big time assets, stripping out depth and young players for 1 player who history shows likely won't move the needle. I don't think it makes sense. The only things I would look for if I were Treliving are: 3rd line play driving center. This is not Jankowski and for me I don't think Jankowski is a top 9 center at the NHL level. Forward depth LS dman. Goaltending is not something i'm super comfortable with but at the same time I'm not willing to spend assets for a short term fix plus there really isn't an option out there i'm super interested in. I do like Howard but at the same time I'm not sure it's more likely that Howard takes them on a run than say Rittich. Stick to that list, otherwise roll with the team that got you here because it is pretty good.
  5. I'm very surprised. Thinking perhaps sometimes think there are going to be other waiver opportunities and didn't want to waste their spot or they didn't want to kill the roster spot this early without seeing future trade potentials. That and your roster size and composition has an effect on that too. But I would agree with Peeps this is probably a vote of confidence for Hathaway. Hathaway is tough because while I wish there was a better fit/player there, he is playing wel, that line is playing well, and he's turned himself into a solid PKer. Really tough to take that out of the lineup right now.
  6. If true, and it's likely not but it's probably close, that means Stone is purely a rental opportunity for the Flames. No chance they could, or should want to, pay Stone that much $.
  7. I actually liked Tkachuk up there last night. I thought he did a great job of initiating and holding the puck down below the goal line which allowed that line to maintain some possession. Only resulted in a couple chances but it was a step in the right direction for a line that has really struggled to do that for some time now. He was starting to get more engaged physically too but ideally you'd like him doing more but I thought he helped that line personally.
  8. Something that has bothered me for a while is the seemed to forget their cycle game. They were basically only scoring goals off the rush or on the PP and couldn't generate any sustained offensive zone pressure. Was not the case tonight, they just dominated and wore down the Isles. nice to see them build the pieces of their game back after that break. 2 very well played hockey games in a row here for different reasons.
  9. Sam Bennett has quietly had a very good game tonight. Made plays all over the ice.
  10. That's not the the line for me anymore. there should be nothing legal about that hit but that's the NHL for you.
  11. Zero reason to make that hit and an official looking at it the whole time and thinks it's ok. That needs to change but never will. It's sad.
  12. Not that i'm surprised, but Gio has played 2-3 amazing games here. he's all over the ice almost willing his team to win. A dominant stretch of hockey from the captain.
  13. I'm not going to blame that goal on smith, but it's just another example of while the results may be there he really isn't playing that well. he had no idea there was a guy in the slot at all and didn't even flinch at the pass. I'm much more upset about the coverage there. Brodie, Monahan and Gaudreau all will some terrible coverage in that shift. That top line has got to get it going here.
  14. Bad giveaway by Brodie but that's terrible by Smith too. Just awful, awful movement. Like WTF are you doing.....
  15. Amd the answer is both are very good players. This wasn't a skill set comparison. From a contract point of view Tkachuk has significantly more bargaining power than Lindholm had. That was the point if the comparison.