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  1. 1-1 without Gio, 3 in 4 nights(2 wins) and a game they easily could have had with a bounce or two. Ill take it.
  2. I'll give them a pass but this has been the worst game the flames have played in some time. Just not physically or mentally in the game tonight. seems like fatigue and all the roster changes have caught up to them. It's understandable
  3. Glad the refs made that call. Only way for players to stop taking advantage of compromised players.
  4. It's really too bad the NHL booked a rilvarly game like this after the flames play 3 in 4. Their sluggish, rightfully so, and a hitch coached team and you have yourself a boring hockey game.
  5. That's the right call. Not really a difficult decision there
  6. Props for the win and gutting it out with some pieces missing. Thought Kylington, Andersson and Prout really stepped up and filled the gaps. Was impressed by all 3. Dont think the flames played great though. Thought they got Nashville at the right time because I think all of nashvilles injuries were probably more detrimental to their game than the flames absences.
  7. i don't like overthinking it and I don't like compromising your team strategy for 1 player. Best way to neutralize Mcdavid for me is to not let him have the puck. Go power on power, Monahan vs Mcdavid and just don't let him have the puck. Brodie/Hanifin as the d so if you do turn it over you've got speed to protect yourself. Play your game because right now your game is one of the best in the league. Kykington and Prout were solid last game and while I don't mind Prout I'd still like another d man, particularily one with NHL experience. Not an immediate need but certainly one I think you address as the TDL nears.
  8. I am a little frustrated by the fact that Smith was giving ALOT of latitude to find his game but Rittich has 1 bad period and they seem to have gone back to Smith as the starter. See how how it goes I guess but it's a little frustrating. I get the stats won't back me up but I honestly don't think Smith is even playing thst great. Teams been really good in front of him and he's gotten a little lucky, which happens and he was very unlucky to start the season. There are still a ton of holes in his game.
  9. The Klimchuk trade was a start but this club definitely needs some more depth on D. Kylington has played ok but I would feel pretty nervous if it got to the point where there was multiple injuries in the top 4. That's what I would advocating shopping for between now and the TDL.
  10. I have yet to see an angle too that shows his feet on the ground at contact. But for me why should that matter? Even if his feet are on the ground he is still driving his force upwards towards the head which IMO is very dangerous and leads to a high probability of concussions. NHL should want that type of action out of their game so who cares is if he feet are on the ground if he is sending his body weight upwards and through the head area. I understand it may not warrant a game suspension but it warrants a fine at the very least. but for the NHL to come out and actually call it a clean hit is flat out ridiculous but i'm not surprised because its clear the NHL could care less about concussions and head injuries to their players anyway. Unless you are one of the top players in the game your a pawn. Can't complain about either Gio or Lomberg though IMO. What Gio did is a pretty clear knee on knee that needs to be looked at and Lomberg broke some pretty clear rules as well. I don't mind what Lomberg did, not do I care if they suspend him but you have to.
  11. Too tough to play for the expansion draft right now if your the Flames as there are just too many questions. Both Brodie and Hamonic are UFA before the draft so what's the likelihood both are still here? Is Bennett? I could also easily see a scenario where the Flames would want to put Backlund out there and see if they can get out of the last couple of years of the deal and you might be able to say the same for GIo Only thing that is for sure is this one will hurt more than the last one, but too hard to predict the list right now IMO. 2 years is a long time in pro sports.
  12. TDL is tough for me right now. As of today my motivation to do much would be small as I feel how this team "fits" has been critical to its success so I wouldn't want to tweak that. The 2nd issue is while I do like some of the prospects the club has, they are thin there with only so few trad able options. 3rd issue is your short on picks and IMO with how many high picks have gone out in recent years I don't think they can afford to put their 1st round pick in play this year. Maybe for a longer term piece, goalie perhaps, I could be persuaded but for a rental? No way, you can't do that. My mind may change pending how the rest of the season goes but I definitely don't see the flames aiming high at the TDL. Don't have the assets to.