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  1. ya I’m not seeing this the same. I will say I do think it’s time to split up the top line at least to start a game and split up Mony-Johnny. Need to break some habits.
  2. I feel like we get this every 20-30 games. As soon as the team isn’t playing as well as they’d like he tries to do everything himself just happening earlier this season than previous seasons.
  3. That’s a tough break for Hamonic. just not going the flames way tonight. They’ve played pretty well and probable deserve at least a point but some tough bounces tonight.
  4. Those are the plays that will just make it hard for me to buy into Hanifin. Just a bonehead way to play the blue line.
  5. Well deserved. That was a great shift by the 2nd unit. I’ve liked that unit lately.
  6. cross16


    Simple math sure. Even though Schneider is not their youngest goalie..... Just find it funny that Schendier is their best goalie prospect due to 12 games at the AHL level and we are going to ignore a much bigger sample size in the WHL/ECHL. But 5 games is enough to decide Zagidulin is not good and no better. A lot of goal post moving, but that's no surprise.
  7. cross16


    Parsons is hurt. Gillies was hurt and returned only recently. also interesting you posted this now and not when Zagidulin was 2-0 with a 94% save %
  8. Probably the most candid interview I've seen Peters give since he's been here. Pretty funny stuff, but also very accurate. https://www.tsn.ca/nhl/video/peters-you-play-sh-tty-defence-good-luck-getting-out-of-your-own-end~1810040
  9. I like sticking with Czarnik on the 2nd line and really happy Mangiapane is back. Now build some consistency.
  10. That's fair and to correct myself the "pretty terrible" part referred more to his start to the year and not last night. i do agree he played well last night. I've just been surprised that after such a bad start to the year when Backlund went down Janko got elevated and then last night in a tight spot he used Janko. Just appears to me that Peters impression of him is different than mine. I have my issues with Jankowski too which is why i'm surprised to see Peters use him the way he does.
  11. Eetu Tuulola with a hot start to his NA pro hockey career. 4 points in 6 games. 3 goals and 2 of them have been game winners. Good start for a guy who had a so/so camp.
  12. To clarify, i agree with Peeps. In order to deal Puljujarvi the Oilers are going to ask for a Dube level return (Gauthier for Puljujarvi is the popular rumor). I don't think Dube is a B level prospect and I also agree I would not make that swap straight up.
  13. agreed. if the price on Puljujarvi was as low as fans think it is he would be dealt by now. We don't think other teams have offered 3rd round picks and B prospects? I'm all for the target but if the Oilers are willing to let him to go to Europe then either the price is high (which i would believe) or they've just flat out told Calgary they won't deal him here. It's also possible the Flames just have no interest, but given their pre draft interest I don't think this is as likely. Flames have tended to lean on their amateur scouting in pro acquisitions under Treliving.
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