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  1. yes but at the same time they decided Hartley was too hard, took advantage of Gulutzan being too nice, and then decided Peters was too hard. some point you just need to play for one another and battle through it. I’m just frustrated how this core seems to treat coaches. Always seems to be an excuse.
  2. Zach Bogosian is not a very good dman. flames should not be interested.
  3. It’s so clear in their game too. Ward has made some changes but they are playing so loose and free. They are reacting not thinking and that’s just players feeling good. have to love it but at the same time it doesn’t exactly bode well for how mental tough this core is.
  4. Stone against Tavares hey Ward... someone feels good about themself
  5. Just to be clear I’m not advocating anything I’m just wondering based on this from Friedman 4. Geoff Ward could retire undefeated, now 6-0 running the bench. While Calgary gave its interim boss a salary raise for the remainder of the season, they have yet to commit to him for the rest of the year. First, after a tumultuous month, the organization just wanted to breathe and see how the players responded. Second, the Flames did not want to be unfair to him by saying, “Hey, it’s yours” in case circumstances changed at a later date. I believe the metaphor being used is, “They’re dating, but not engaged.” Results speak, however, and, right now, Ward’s are excellent. He’s come a long way since assisting Don McKee at the University of Waterloo in 1989. https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/31-thoughts-jim-montgomery-firing-hockeys-latest-bombshell/
  6. I’ve liked a lot of what Ward is doing but I find it Interesting the flames are not willing to commit to him for the season. im wondering if this is an example of why they don’t want to. DeBoer is a really good coach imo.
  7. I'm personally a fan of PK. his brand, his humor, his play on the ice etc. He's fun to follow. but between his contract, age and style of play I don't think he is a fit for the Flames at all right now. He is not someone I would be interested in acquiring.
  8. Lots of positive energy around this team right now.
  9. Certainly wasn’t the cleanest game. One trade off with the higher pressure Ward has them playing with I do find they are giving up more. mind you quantity is higher but I think quality against has still been good.
  10. Not a very good 3rd here. Letting the Yotes back in it, but it is a back to back. he draws the ire of fans but need to give Brodie credit he has been excellent since coming back. The best hockey he’s played since the 2015 season.
  11. Interesting. He's obviously very deserving based on his play and development but it's just curious given the fact the forwards look over crowded as it is. But at the same time good on the Flames and good on Philips. Any call up for a 6th round pick is a good story, short or not. Funny part about Philips for me is the Flames took him with the pick they got when they flipped David Jones to Minny for Nik Backstrom. A WTF trade at the time, now has a great story attached to it. One of the low key very smart moves Treliving has made since he's been here.
  12. Zucker has a modified No trade clause that kicked in last July. No one seems to know exactly why the trade went south but what we do know is that Zucker was not happy about it and there was some expectations that Zucker was going to put Calgary on his NTC to prevent it from happening again. I've also heard that the Flames did not revisit Zucker or engage the Wild after the trade went south. Long story short, I think the Zucker ship has sailed.
  13. Wolf officially named. He will be the only Flames prospect there. Knight likely the starter though. Wolf will have to battle for starts.
  14. Considering the opponent that’s the best game lf the season (feel like I’m saying that a lot). Speed, pressure, back and forth, didn’t quit, good special teams, just lots to like. some defensive miscues and I don’t think Rittich was great otherwise this doesn’t go to OT which is nice to say playing in Colorado.
  15. he was attempting to cover for Hanifin who made a poor play in the neutral zone and MacKinnon was ready to create a 2 on 1 both played it aggressive and both got burned which is frustrating given the fact they had the lead.
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