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  1. cross16


    Maybe but i'm not really into the idea that much changed in Rittich's game. The team just got incredibly leaky in front of him.
  2. cross16


    It does not sound like the issue was serious. Bruising and stretched tendons, i would bet a vast majority of an NHL roster would have something similar. I'm not really concerned about the injury or having him play through it as it doesn't sound serious. However, where I do have some concerns is that sounds like an injury broght on due to fatigue or overuse. I think the Flames played the crap out of Rittich early in the season and IMO it was not necessary to do so. The model the Flames have had here for years is to take a very short sighted view of their goalies and just play the crap out of one of them early in the year. I wish they would take a long term view and maybe stuff like this doesn't happen.
  3. "Tightened up defensively", like what? I don't even know how you can print that. They were turning into a complete mess. I will give Francis this he does point out there are positives and I do agree with some of them. I'm not a fan of Ward and I don't agree at all the choice is "obvious". He is an option but I would certainly hope it's about option D or E not A or B.
  4. I'm sure no one is sitting on pins and needles, but from an official standpoint the league is mandating self isolation until April 15th. They've extended that 3 times now.
  5. Flames still did well during the cycle, but this was a guy I thought maybe would be on their list. Mackey appears to be more sought after according to most however. His teammate, RS dman Josh Manisalco, would still make sense for Flames but based on Treliving's interview it doesn't seem like they are expecting it.
  6. yes, "stats" like their record? I've never heard of a team's record being considered "stats's". the funny thing is in you wanted to actually get into stats you would show that they actually do demonstrate why the Flames were winning more under Ward and why parts of their game were trending in the right direction. I don't need to read anything, I was there. I watched the games, i posted in the threads and i'm well aware of how their game, their play and the stats intersect. You seem to want to turn this into an "eye test" vs "stats" argument without realizing that most people, myself included, already use both. Relying on emotion and an opinion in the heat of the moment, over taking a step back and looking at multiple data points, is a really flawed process. Again no one is claiming the flames are an amazing team so your comment about "homers" is pretty off-based.I'm not really sure how one becomes a homer simply suggesting that their team is good but has some flaws, and some pretty big flaws as well. Especially when there is a bunch of evidence to support it. Homer's don't tend to point out flaws in their own team. You seem to be thinking that many seem to think all is good for the Flames, they are a great team and only have minor issues but literally no one is making that case.
  7. Since Jan 1st of 2019 (a sample size of over 100 games) the Flames have the 9th most wins, 10 most points and 9th best point %. Pretty terrible indeed. I'm not sure what your benchmark is for what is a "good team" but it's looking a little unrealistic to me. To each their own but i'm not following this logic and i would argue the exact opposite. I think you get a clearer picture and judgement when you step back from the moment and take our your emotions as emotion almost always clouds your judgement. But listen I get it there are many that don't believe in this team and that's fine, they've burned their bridge there (pun intended). I'm not here saying this team is a finished product, is a great team, or doesn't require changes and in fact I've said the opposite. I do think changes are needed but blow it up because they are terrible? That's incorrect IMO.
  8. I do not believe that at all actually. Are there things that frustrate me about the team, yes. Do I think they have areas to improve upon, for sure but most of the frustration comes from believing they could be more and not seeing it. This team has many defensive issues but that's mostly due to, IMO, a poor defensive scheme and bad coaching but that does not mean they are not a very good team. I've said several times I think this is a very talented team and IMO that talent level is what you've seen the last several months. so yes they have warts, most teams do, but that doesn't make them a bad team. also the last part makes no sense. the more you increase the sample the size the more misleading it gets? that's backwards.
  9. This is the only plan I can think would work and was chatting about this with friends the other day. Find a "clean" site, whereever you can don't be picky, and hold a tournament. Put all the division winners in there, round robin style then a single elimination playoff and you have a winner. Gate revenue would probably be weak by I think a tournament like this would be a lot of fun and TV rights could be awesome.
  10. It's always hard to know what the owners will allow him to do, but I personally don't get the sense that Treliving and co would come out of this season with positive feelings. For me something does feel off with the core and given how much smoke surrounded the disappointment of management, and his business at the TDL, I would suspect it does to them as well. But at the same time worth pointing out that after Peters the Flames were 9th best in Point % in the league. I think acting like this team is far gone is also an overreaction so you need to find a balance. My sense is they won't do a major, major trade (ie trade Gio/Gaudreau) but they will put most everything else on the table, as they probably already have.
  11. Playing hockey in July is IMO a horrible idea. The only way I would support that is you take all the division winners and you have a round robin international style tournament. I wonder what the players are going to say about this. You are going to put them through the grind of a playoffs and then give them what a month off before next season start? Get ready for a monster injury list next year if that's the case.
  12. So in summary, the Flames unnecessarily threw fox in the deal when they didn't have to and on top of that the only reason the deal looks ok is that they got lucky on Lindholm. Those are essentially the conclusions you need to believe in order to support this theory. If that's is the case you should be demanding Treliving be fired immediately. Or or maybe it's more complicated than that? Maybe the fact that next summer the canes, if they can keep him, will be paying as much for hamilton as the Flames will be paying Lindholm and Hanifin combined? Perhaps that has value in a trade.
  13. Until they signed these 2 the flames had 3 dman under club control for Stockton next year. One of those 3 is also an RFA who has shown no growth and is not worth qualifying, so you could easily make the case they had 2 dman. Long story short, yes dman (LS or RS) we’re badly needed.
  14. Still don't really have high hopes as I'm a general skeptic for all of these. If the Flames get an NHL player out of him at all it's found money. But to get the number 1 ranked guy deserves some kudos there. Not sure who the scout is but the Flames have done some serious improvement on the NCAA side under Treliving. Well they've improved in basically all areas but these types of signings were non existing under previous regimes. Edit: Pretty cool story on him. Flames had him in development camp years ago and here he is. Says he always wanted to be a Flame, which is pretty cool considering there are no obvious links here. https://www.nhl.com/flames/news/i-wanted-to-be-a-flame/c-316242590
  15. Flames do in fact sign Poolman. As well as another College FA Dman
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