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  1. I thought it was really disappointing how quickly it seemed many turned on Hamilton. Not only was he a good guy on all accounts he was among the most active Flames when it came to charity and in particular visiting the Children's Hospital. I think the fact people pointed to Hamilton as a "problem" was really disappointing. From everyone i've talked to it i think the trade came down to fit and at the end of the day neither side was 100% happy. I don't think Hamilton formerly requested a trade but he also made it known he wasn't very happy here by skipping out on his end of season interview and then not returning calls for a few days. I don't think there were "problems" necessarily, I just think it was a situation where this wasn't a good fit. That happens and I'm not sure either side should necessarily need to be blamed for it. I'll try to bury this and move on as i'm not sure we need to discuss this again and again. My apologies for just being bored and wanted to talk hockey but I should just move on and not bring it up.
  2. There is a lot to digest in here but Friedman lays out some of the CBA Modifications they've agreed upon under to the return to play. Sure looks like there is going to be labor peace though which is HUGE for the game. I think give some credit here that while other leagues can't seem to get out of their own way (baseball...) Hockey seems to have used this time to come together. Some highlights: Looks like a 5 year extension Cap to be set at 81.5 million and it will stay there until revenues hit a number. Once it does rather then project he cap they'll base is off off 2 season prior. Ie 20-21 season revenue would be used to calculate the 22-23 cap. Escrow is capped Guaranteed Olympic participation in 22 and 26 pending IOC approval. No trade and no move clauses will automaticlly follow the player. Before they had to agree. Players 35 years or old can sign multi year extensions (that have to either be a flat or ascending cap number) and it won't stay on the books if they retire. (i'm surprised by this one as this seems like team are going to take advantage of this one) No longer allowing picks to be upgraded if player signs there. Ie give up a 3rd rounder that becomes a 2nd if player signs. https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/potential-cba-modifications-emerging-nhl-nhlpa-continue-negotiations/
  3. And I don't disagree with this at all. They've build a really good farm system and i think will be aggressive. It just won't be with Kakko as I don't think moving him speed up their rebuild. He'll be a bit part of it already starting next year. but other assets for sure I think they will move.
  4. I think where we differ is you seem to give no thought to the fact that Lindholm is one of the best contracts in the league and while Hanifin is avg i agree, he does carry cost certainty at a fair price for the next 4 years. The Flames got over 10 years of cost certainty in the deal and one of the best contracts in the league while the Canes have already lost Ferland and are now looking Hamiton as a UFA next summer. Hamilton is probably going to cost, in cap hit, almost what Lindholm and Hanifin make combined. I'm actually someone who was a big Hamilton fan and liked him more than most on here so I don't think I underrate his value. But in a cap system cost certainty matters and it matters a lot, which is why I think Fox needed to be in the deal for Carolina to pull the trigger. I mean there is a possibility that 3 years after this deal Carolina is left with nothing but 2nd round picks and they lost all of Hamilton, Ferland and Fox. Not saying it's likely but it's a plausible scenario.
  5. I'm not even really sure we can draw this conclusion. It's been a long time since the Rangers had to do this.
  6. He only netted the Canes 2 2nd rounders, what price were you expecting? he was not a throw in. Don't get me wrong it sucks they had to deal him and i'm not happy about it either. I was high on Fox and it was when i saw him in the deal that I got mad. However, at the end of the day he wanted to be in a certain place and he was going to use his leverage to get there. Only so much you can do as a management team.
  7. The interesting thing is if you are putting the Blues up as the template to follow you are proving BrewCrew's point. The Blues don't really draft for size (especially when you take out Petrangelo at 4th overall) and most of the players on their team that they've drafted are more skilled than sized. They went to the free agent market or trades to get players like Sundqvist, Thornburn and Schenn to make their team tough. If you look at their drafts you won't find a fixation on size. Obviously them finding Paryenko helps too and thta was a great pick, but it's not like the Flames haven't tired to find guys like that either. I'm with Brewcrew, the flames don't focus on smaller players they focus on skilled players but the problem being when you are drafting high in the draft it's harder to find players who are both big and skilled. They've rolled the dice on guys like Ruzicka, Posposil, trying to get the combination but it isn't easy.
  8. I highly doubt it, I think Kakko is untouchable. Maybe if they wanted to try for Eichel but I don't see a scenario where they trade Kakko for Gaudreau unless the Flames added something dumb. I don't have much interest in DeAngelo either. I'm not worried about his attitude as I think he's matured and isn't really a problem but I more worry you are acquiring him at his peak. He's going to be expensive and while he's a wicked offensive player he's got defensive warts. Not an ideal person to pay for. Picks are interesting for sure. other players that I would have varrying degress of interest in: Andersson, Lindgren, Georgiev (although i'm not sure I value him that highly as I don't see a high end starter), Buchnevich, Chytil, Kravstov, K'Andre Miller, Libor Hjack. Lots of quantity for sure and some decent upside players there. I do think the Rangers would be willing to give them up which is why they may be an attractive partner.
  9. I can't comment on the source, but an article suggesting the Rangers are expected to make bids on Gaudreau this off-season. Trade suggestion is Alexander Georgiev, DeAngelo and perhaps pick/picks. https://www.nhltraderumors.me/2020/07/rumor-ny-rangers-to-make-trade-offer.html
  10. I like Barrie as a player but I also agree the fit isn't there unless they really plan to overhaul things and deal Hanifin or something.Barrie is at his best with heavy o zone starts and being put in favorable situations. I could see that working with Hanifin, but the idea of playing Hanifin and Barrie together would give me nightmares as soon as the puck entered the defensive zone. I could see Valimaki-Barrie working if there was a plan to move Hanifin but i really don't like Gio-Barrie as an option and I don't think Gio would either. Gio struggled with Hamilton (not in terms of results) and I see a similar game in Barrie. The skill set fits though as i think the Flames could stand to get more mobile and a better first pass from their d core to help their transition game but at the same time I don't disagree they could stand to get more physical as well. That's why, even though it sucks to say this, i think they will bring back Hamonic. I don't think they are prepared to lose that skill set and it's not one they can replace in UFA that i'm seeing. Could look at the trade market but for what target and what price? Prime aged, RS dmen are not exactly cheap nor are the Flames overflowing with assets. One player i've been wondering about is Josh Manson. There were some rumors around the deadline the Ducks were listening on him and there are also long standing rumors they like Bennett. While Manson's offensive impact is minimal he checks just about every box they could want in a more defensive oriented top 4 dman and he certainty packs a punch. Not a perfect fit but like I said a "perfect" fit is going to likely be cost prohibitive. I think the price on Manson would be high but if there is a possibility that Bennett could be the center piece it might actually make it doable
  11. Not directly no but they are already there. BMO Centre is right across the street and is about to undergo a 500 million expansion and there are about a half dozen hotels within a 15 min walk or 3 minute cab ride in the area. Long term they want to see more but the plan is to let the arena be a catalyst as opposed to build it all as part of the same project, but there is already a lot of infrastructure in the area.
  12. That is not an option for the Flames with Lucic because his contract is bonus heavy so they cap savings is minimal. You would actually lose cap space by doing so because it would cost you more to sign Lucic then you'd save via the buyout. The only reason to buyout Lucic is you want him off the team or you want the spot for someone else. The expansion draft could be another reason but i don't suspect it will come to that.
  13. In case anyone was holding out hope of buying out Lucic without the cap implications.
  14. I believe it was Blake Wheeler, could be wrong her though, that said flat out if you are pulling me away from my family for that long he won't go. Sounds like many of these questions are not being answered.
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