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  1. I echo that. Even with the end result I had a blast following the flames this year. They were exciting and entertaining and for me that's what being a fan should be. Not going to have the result you want every year but I see some fun seasons on the horizons for this franchise and that's exciting.
  2. The NHL is a parity league and the difference between 1-16 on talent is small so some combination of confidence, execution and luck is what's going to win a series not talent.
  3. No question they could have used him (who couldn't) and while I think he would have made a difference to the journey I'm not sure the end result changes. I don't think 1 player could have made up the gap in the series. And for me watching valamaki in the last 2 games does not make me feel bad about not having Stone.
  4. Thats corect. He also has not been selected in the import draft so I don't believe he is actually eligible to play in the CHL. I believe it was Francis that mentioned that he was having issues with the exams so it was looking like he may not be eligible. Looks like the flames may have run out of options and had to sign him and turn him pro. I think he will be in either the ECHL or AHL next year.
  5. On top of the many things I've been frustrated with in this series is the constant reminder that the flames hired Gulutzan instead of Jared Bednar. I do like Peters but man is he ever an impressive coach.
  6. He did, but unfortunately his play is a pretty big factor in the result. Not going to single him out but he's been bad.
  7. Pretty fitting that smith would end on a much more avg game.
  8. I imagine that's part of it for sure. I sure hope so because it's been a pretty bad showing from Mr Peters. Lots to learn from on both sides here, players and coaches. Hopefully good comes of it but they need to keep pushing harder on the culture
  9. Peters has helped change the culture just not far enough. This has been a long standing problem for this franchise
  10. No they don't. they have a problem understanding you need to lay it all on the line in the playoffs. Can't just show up and win on your talent.
  11. Game 5 of the series and your still leaving mackinnon that wide open. well hope there is some soul searching in this organization this offseason. Just a really pathetic playoff effort from everyone other than smith, coaching included.
  12. Pretty dumb challenge in my books. Was easily the right call.
  13. That's the right decision and quite honestly it should have been done last game. I think best case case now for Neal and Flames is they have some honest conversations and help him come back refreshed and ready to go next year. It's just not working this year.
  14. Changes that really should have been made for the last game. Hopefully it works and it's not too little too late.
  15. I see it a little differently. In the end this is going to sound semantical as I think in theory we're saying the same thing but I don't see Gaudreau shying away from physical play. One thing I've also noticed is Gaudreau has been trying to retrieve pucks on dump ins frequently in this series and thst isn't his game. I don't know why the flames are insisting on dump and chase, another argument, but they are and often it's Gaudreau as the first guy in trying to retrieve pucks. I do agree he he doesn't look as comfortable and as confident as you'd like but I just think it stems more from him being out of his comfort zone. I dont really see it as a shying away from contact thing.