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  1. Keumper has been one of the best goalies in the league the last couple years so the target makes absolute sense. You are getting a game changing goalie imo. I just don’t like the price tag for a 30 year old goalie who will need another deal in 2 years at age 32. Just doesn’t set up well to fix this long term and you shouldn’t use your first round pick unless your getting more term. I’d be very excited about adding Keumper I just hope the price isn’t what’s rumored.
  2. Tells me he’s looking for a big contract. I’d stay away if I were the Flames.
  3. I don't think this is fair or true and certainly does not show up in the numbers. Gio-Andersson were actually a stronger pair than Gio-Brodie were and even Travis Hamonic looks fine when alongside Gio. Small sample size in many cases but Gio continues to hold up basically whoever he is paired with. Could make that argument for the playoffs sure but again I think it depends on whether or not you think the playoffs were Gio regressing or him struggling due to the fact he missed so much time and i'm in the later camp. In terms of the regular season though, Brodie did not carry Gio and Gio actually had a very strong season.
  4. Pretty good Mangiapane comp if the Flames elect to go shorter term. Number are very similar althought Mang was the better 5 on 5 player.
  5. Hard to say because for the NHL that's more of a cost benefits analysis of what does it cost them to open the arena and run them vs what they take in via revenues. The NFL's TV deal alone gives each franchise enough money to spend right to the cap so their gate revenue is almost a bonus. That's not the same situation the NHL is in so they could actually lose more money by having fans in the stands depending on what standard of social distancing is in place. not to mention having teams in Canada with stricter laws than the US provides another challenge. Would be interesting to see.
  6. This is a valid point and I don't disagree with it but I also think it's not going to happen. The Flames clearly want to keep competing and I don't think you move your captain and leader in that scenario, especially when i don't think the value will be worth it. You are not really going to save cap because I think any team interested would need to send salary back and i don't think the upside to the move would be much either. So I'm not disagreeing with your point in theory but in practice I don't think its an option the Flames will entertain. I also think too much is being made of the playoffs. Gio had a great season and was a top pair dman all year. A bad playoffs when he was injured and sat for months is IMO not a rush to judgement that he has regressed. I also don't view moving Hanifin as having to do with cap savings. I think the Flames should just try and sell a bit higher on a player and use it to improve in other areas including maybe even a 1 for 1 swap in terms of cap hits.
  7. I know some need to wait but I don't. I am completely comfortable with Valimaki getting top 4 mins next year because he is a stud and no doubt he can handle it. I think we forget this guy came into the Colorado series not playing many NHL games and was their best dman. He's ready. The downside to waiting for Valimaki to pass Hanifin is in that scenario it's very likely Hanifin's value will depreciate. I'm by no means suggesting they need to trade him right now but putting him out there makes perfect sense to me.
  8. I think the same reason you look to keep him are why he's attractive in trade, especially in a flat cap because his contract is pretty good. I think you also potentially can find a team that still sees some upside and maybe you get more. I think it's pretty clear Hanifin is what he is at this point but I think he's close enough to his draft pedigree that you might find a team that pays you for the upside so that makes sense to explore. Sell higher rather than sell lower which is more common for this franchise. I'm also in the cap that believes Valimaki can take that spot. Hanifin-Anderson were good but I point to Andersson more there. he's been good with almost everyone he's played with.
  9. Interesting food for thought is the Athletic today came out with their top 20 trade big board candidates today and there was a Flame on it. Noah Hanifin. Not tied to any team or individual move just that his name is out there
  10. Sutter is a master motivator and i would agree if you can get him into your organization in any capacity it's worth it. i don't actually think tactically he is that great a coach and he doesn't really adjust (which is what got him fired in LA) but there is no one better for me in getting his players to buy into what they need to do. Any coach could learn from Darryl. He consults for Anaheim so i'm not sure if he is looking for more. I think the Flames have a heck of a coach in the AHL in Cail Maclean who did an outstanding job last year. I would be fine with a promotion but selfishly they should leave him down there because I think he has a very bright future and would be a candidate for the head coach job in a few seasons. Ultimately i get the feeling the Flames ae just going to reshuffle the ranks but keep the names. Ray Edwards seemed to do a decent job last year so it wouldn't surprise me if they return the same bench and maybe re assign Gelinas to Edwards old role of player development. Would be a good for Gelly i think
  11. While true, it is a little more complicated than that as there is still a responsiblity for the coach to get a market representative salary so the new team can't just low ball him and make the other club make up the difference. Good article on it here https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/quick-shifts-mike-babcock-toronto-maple-leafs-contract-sheldon-keefe/ I also believe Boudreau is no longer under contract as he was in the last year of his deal when the Wild fired him so there would be no offset.
  12. I think it would be great to add someone like Boudreau to the bench, but if they only paid Ward 900K I think they are going to be in tough to bring in any type of assistant/associate coach that has a lot of experience.
  13. Fleury should have negative trade value. I don't have any interest personally but if you do they should be giving you an asset to take that contract.
  14. It does not sounds like the flames plan on curbing spending on players. With the shared revenue model the NHL has reduction in revenue will be somewhat offset by the increased escrow the players will pay back so it's not like the owners will be left holding the bag. I would suspect the Flames will continue to spend to the cap if necessary but I do wonder if ownership may get a little more involved on the contracts and potentially veto longer term commitments or specific salary structures.
  15. It’s less rumors and more media/writers making the link. Fan 960 talked about it a lot and then a few writers on twitter speculated. FWIW, Lebrun (who normally is pretty connected to the flames) is saying Winnipeg is who he is hearing.
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