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  1. i agree on both counts. I like zucker and really like the fit but but i also agree that center is the more pressing need so im not keen on giving up a good asset unless it's a a center but I do think they need more speed on the wing too
  2. Flames need to add speed and some scoring ability. Zucker is high end in both those categories he's also played both wings.
  3. As it stand now i'm hoping the Flames trade down. I'm not seeing a talent drop in the 20s-30s and they could really use some extra picks to keep replenishing talent, not to mention I've really liked what they done in the later round in recent memory.
  4. I think right shot/left shot has reached peak over analysis. It matters, but not to the level we think it does and IMO it should be very far down the list of characteristics you rank when you draft. I'd lose my mind if a GM every justified a pick by what hand a player shot. Tomasino has long been a favorite of mine but I do think it's a bit of a pipe dream he'll be there. In an ideal world I would like to see the Flames draft a center this year and in particular a center with some upside. I started to zero in on Tomasino because he matched that description, but because he matches that description and because I think he gets better the more you watch him i fully expect he won't make it out of the teens. Wouldn't be shocked to see him to top 15 to be honest. Reminds me of Robert Thomas, who really shot up draft boards late, wound up going 20 and is looking like a heck of a pick.
  5. I think that speaks more to league demand and expected return as opposed to desire to trade.
  6. A little surprised on Hamonic but not totally. I know most argue he played great last season but I don't share that view. i thought he was just ok in the regular season but I also thought he got really exposed in the playoffs and if I were the Flames i wouldn't be too eager to pour big $ into an extension right now. I'm not really a fan of the idea of acquiring Turris as to me it's looking like his offensive numbers were inflated due to him having to play so many situation on a bad Ottawa team. I'm not personally of the idea that he is a legit 2nd line center and when you combine that with the term he has remaining i thinking you are really setting yourself up for failure in a year or two. Be better off hoping Neal bounces back and using a buyout if he doesn't then acquiring Turris IMO. I'm not really for the bad contract for bad contract swap unless it's someone like Wennberg who is young and has more potential to bounce back, and even that idea i'm not a huge fan of.
  7. With the Flames depth on D and their pursuit of free agents in that space i'm not surprised to see AOM take off he'll get more $ and play at home over the AHL here. He'd be a longshot to get a call up with the Flames depth and their pursuit of other free agents. Agree with Jtech that his skating is likely going to prevent him from an NHL career.
  8. cross16

    James Neal

    We saw Neal with those guys though and his level of play, lack of speed and lack of success was just as apparent with them. We would 100% still be talking about it.
  9. Gaudreau for Marner shouldn't even be thought about for 2 seconds, you make that trade every time. Could somewhat debate the individual player (it's a wash IMO), but can't debate the lineup effect. Left side: Gaudreau Tkachuk Bennett Mangiapane Right side A center playing right wing who cooled off hard in the 2nd half Frolik - who while good is not a great top 6 winger anymore a 32 year old winger who can barely skate. Pretty easy decision. I don't think Toronto does it and IMO they find a way to keep Marner but if it was on the table it shouldn't be a debate.
  10. cross16

    James Neal

    I actually don't disagree that he must be traded at any cost. The key questions for me is what is that cost is it worth it to pay that cost to move him. For example if it cost a first round pick to move him i'd say no as I don't thikn that is worth it, but if it was a 2nd (and yes i'm fully aware they have no second) i'd say yes in a heartbeat. Depends on cost. Also I will add a caveat that for me this has been a bad deal the second it was signed so even if he "bounces back" it still not a good contract. For pepole who expect Neal to bounce back I would also add who was the last player you can think of who was over the age of 30 and reversed a downward trend in his career? People seem to be arguing that Neal's play fell off a cliff this season, but it really didn't. It fell somewhat dramatically from previous years but it's been a steady decline so I personally don't think it's realistic to expect that Neal is suddenly going to reverse all of that and go back to 20-25 goals and 45 plus points. It's an extremely rare thing to do.
  11. I see it differnetly. While I agree that there should have been more tinkering with line combos/pp, the Flames did make multiple system adjustment throughout the year. A huge reason they struggle out of the break is they switched their system, and it was also a key reason the top line went cold. The Flames stopped being such a rush team and tried to become a more dump and chase grind away team, and they made some adjustments with their D to stop giving up all the odd man rushes they gave up in the first half of the year. I don't think it was a case of they weren't ready or needing to adjust, they simply needed a better game plan and better execution when it mattered.
  12. cross16

    James Neal

    i don't think the question is/or should be is Neal worth keeping, that answer is clear. The question is what is the cost to get rid of him versus the value of keeping him. Because if you are being honest he is not a tradable asset unless you put in a sweetner. So question for me is what is the value of that sweetner and at the end of the day are you better off? That's the question I ask.
  13. Finishing ability like that doesn't tend to disappear. Mangiapane struggled as much as Dube to score early in his career too. It's been 25 games....
  14. A lot of it is just the line up. He's the 3rd best LW on the team and for the most part last season there wasn't a problem in the top 6 from a RW spot. Playoffs exposed something
  15. https://images.app.goo.gl/xvSjwLGEohpmn2638
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