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  1. I don’t know about this. I’ve thought for years now Bennett has shown potential as a strong shut down center and that line again had some opportunities today. I’m intrigued by the depth they could provide. I’m not as worried about lack of depth as in previous years. Could be wrong but I think it warrants a look
  2. A win is a win but I don’t think it was that well played a game. I thought the PP woke up and i think the lines had better flow with a more natural chemistry. I do think they had a really good start which is key against Ottawa who is better when they have a lead. But I do find the score flattering. I still don’t think they are playing the right style and it shows up even when they win. Still too passive and not very exciting even when scoring 6 goals
  3. Agreed and his shot plays better on the wing. I don’t think Lindholm is a bad center I just think he’s a much better winger, especially offensively
  4. I hope this ends the Lindholm at center experiment. this is a more optimal lineup imo and Backlund is the superior center.
  5. Still very passive for the most part. Main difference today a good start and the puck is going in. This isn’t a significantly better effort then previous games.
  6. yup. First 10 mins good. Next 10 mins? Much of the same... see what we get in the 2nd i agree with Sarich. I think the lineup changes had a lot to do with the good start. They did look comfortable out there
  7. I mean the goals are nice and it’s nice to see the puck go in but I would not suggest this has been a great period. a lot of the same issues are still present.
  8. but that example proves Cheers point. Senators didn’t want to trade Karlsson, the only did because his contract was expiring and he wanted top dollar. and while the deal looks good now the Sens got lucky. At the time most viewed that deal as awful for the Sens.
  9. this is not a good comparison. Derozen was in the prime of his career and Leonard is one of the top 5 players in the game. I have no doubt in my mind it Gio could be traded for Eichel the flames would do it. That isn’t going to be an option.
  10. To me there is no discussion to be had. If a player of Eichels caliber is available you put basically everything on the table. he’s the type of player you usually only require with a top 1 or 2 pick. If you can get him you do it.
  11. honestly, IMO the farm is in really good shape. D is questionable yes but let’s also point out that the flames are really young at the NHL level too. The Heat are 3 good lines deep and the best part is they are stacked with legit NHL prospects and they don’t stack their team with AHL vets. I’ve been pretty happy with what I’ve seen on the Heat so far. Phillips should really be with the Flames and Ruzicka is starting to make a case too. Is there a star down there now but teams sitting on stars in the AHL is pretty rare. im also really liking what I’m seeing. And hearing from Cail Maclean. It looks like the Heat have a real solid coaching staff.
  12. I wonder that too. I think there are 2 big questions that determine his value. First is the expansion draft and does Seattle have any interest. If they do his value is very small. Second how much money are the flames prepared to eat if any? I could see a case for him being worth a decent prospect and/or first round pick but only if the flames are a big chunk of the deal and there were no expansion draft concerns. As it stands right now I don’t think his value is high given the salary constraints around the league.
  13. This is how I approach coaching too. A select few with elevate a team, a select few will sink a team and the vast majority are going to get you to where your going to go. I was listening to a podcast once and the analogy used, believe it was Angles Manager Joe Maddon who said it, was its similar to a pilot. Auto pilot is going to get that plane to the destination and the pilot just determines how quick or smooth that ride is. For me coaching in hockey is very similar I agree that the flames generally hire in the middle and unfortunately in the case of Ward they have one of the select few who will sink a team. I don’t think coaching is as a big an issue here for the organization as some. The bigger problem is why we are here today is the core they banked on, in particular Gaudreau,Monahan, Lindholm, Bennett just didn’t take the steps you were hoping for.
  14. Sad, but very true statement. In this short season this might be the way to go.
  15. It's an idea that has merit for sure I agree. I'd be fine exploring it myself. I don't think you are going to receive much so the rationale for trading him is 1 of 2 things, you either value the cap space more or your view him as part of the problem. I honestly can't blame the team if they decided against it.
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