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  1. This is fair and as I mentioned it's not all bad. Ward makes some valid points in the article and I'm a big believer that the Flames attention to detail needs to come up. It was for sure better in the playoffs and it's also not fair to put it all on Ward's strategy. Execution is more important than strategy and the Flames failure to execute cost them on multiple occasions in that series. What is also becoming concerning is I think too much credit is being given to the Flames for the Winnipeg series. Yes they won and yes they played pretty well but beating a not very good team that was short handed is not a great feat. If you put that aside and focus just on the Dallas series, while there were still positives, I don't think the needle moved as far as you'd like it to.
  2. Pretty concerning article. Don't get me wrong you have to have by in and it starts in the defensive zone. I have no problem with that philosophy. But to hear him say how they played in the playoffs is the blueprint for how they want to play going forward is very concerning. Parts of it were good and stressing details in the defensive zone is much needed but if they plan to be that soft, conservative, collapse everything down to the middle team i think they are going to be in big trouble. Did not work for them in the playoffs so I really struggle why people seem to think it's a strategy worth building off of. for context, in the first round the Flames were bottom 6 or 7 in all major defensive categories and while it's easy to suggest how "close" the series was in certain areas, worth remember that at 5 on 5 Dallas ate the Flames alive in games 2 through 6. Fair to debate strategy vs execution as to what the primary problem was, but for me to suggest there is anything there that should be a blueprint is very concerning.
  3. Looks like no Nikolayev for Russia but Kuznetsov got an invite. Flames 2nd rounder in the most recent draft
  4. I don't disagree with that at all, but even being really conservative with ice time. 1st line - 18 mins 2nd line - 16 3rd line - 15 Leaves Bennett with 11 mins. It's far from horrible but it just begs the question that if they don't trust him why are they keeping him and talking him up this off-season. It's just more of the same we've seen since his rookie year which doesn't make sense to me.
  5. Ryan on the RW I would think is on the table as he's done it before in his career so it makes sense. I like the pairing idea but I do hate the idea of Bennett being limited to bottom line center and playing less than 10 mins a game. To me it's counter productive to put him back to his natural position and then bury him with no opportunity. Your basically continuing the same problem they've had since his rookie year. Baring a trade, there really is no ideal way IMO to set the lineup with Monahan-Lindholm-Backs and Bennett as all centers so something has to give. For me it's obviously that you leave Lindholm on the wing but we'll see what they come up.
  6. Flames want a lot of people to play center next year apparently. I say that with some sarcasm, but I also fully approve of this message.
  7. That is the narrative but i don't personally agree with it and the numbers don't support it. I thought he was very much himself and was back to his dominant self in the 2nd half of last season. I actually thought he carried it into the Winnipeg series but as that series went on and then onto Dallas, is where his game just wasn't there. But in terms of his engagement I actually thought he was really engaged in the game, he was just really ineffective.
  8. I wouldn't really argue against that point nor it is my central argument. i don't disagree at all that the Flames need more out of Monahan in the playoffs too and while I point to Gaudraeu more it really is a matter of opinion and I see both sides. What I am saying is the things that made Gaudreau great are much, much harder to do in the playoffs and I don't think it relates to Monahan. Even if it did, it still prompt the question is Gaudreau is only as good as his center then is he worth a contract that is going to make him a franchise caliber winger and is that a smart decision for the Flames? The answer to that is no for me and I don't think it will change because I don't see his game being able to adapt to be successful in the playoffs because it's not about line mates so much as it is about his strengths and weaknesses.
  9. For me the debate is not and never has been about Gaudreau needing to go because of the regular season. The concept that Gaudreau took a step back last year is false. The reality is they as a line, and he as a player, had a terrible first third of the season. He was fine and very productive once he got more comfortable with Ward so the argument he is on the downslope is just lazy analysis. The key question and debate should be centered around can Gaudreau be a productive player in the playoffs and IMO those video are evidence that I just don't think he can be. Those types of plays are so much harder to execute in the playoffs. That leads to the discussion around with 2 years left on the deal is Gaudreau the type of player you go all in with an extension. Those are still questions I have and I think the organization really needs a plan here.
  10. Valerie Bure approves. My personal thoughts aside, the Flames listened to their fans and did a good job marketing this one. I feel their marketing team has become one of the better ones in the league lately. Not the best era of Flames hockey but involving players like Bure is cool.
  11. In thinking about this I think the reason I dislike it so much is it is associated with some really bad hockey.... So I could see myself coming around on this one.
  12. I think Strome is available if you want him. I would not want him.
  13. I'm still just not a fan of the horsehead but it's still a really sharp jersey and a nice change of pace
  14. The only thing i will add is last go around Vegas was granted a 48hr window to negotiate with free agents (both RFAs and UFAs) prior to submitting their picks in the draft. Engelland and Vegas had a contract in place when they picked him from the Flames. . I have not heard confirmation that rule will be in place for this draft but I also have not heard that it won't.
  15. i take the Bennett rumors with a big grain of salt and I highly doubt they are shopping him. I think this stems from his inclusion in the rumored Hall trade and then the media storm just take it from there. The organization has been pretty vocal in their support of him since the playoffs and they seem to have a "we told you so stance" with how well he played. It would be very uncommon for an organization to do that and then to be working to trade him behind the scenes. And in terms of faceoffs there was some noise that he suffered an injury in the WPG series and Ward sheltered him a bit after that having Lucic take more of the draws.
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