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  1. Back with a new blog. My thank you letter to Jarome.http://fans.flames.nhl.com/community/blog/9/entry-107-thank-you-jarome/

  2. Thank you for the Birthday wishes!

  3. Thoughts on the "Tim Erixon Saga"

  4. Demonus - Keep in mind it was a 2011 2nd rounder that the Flames don't have. Good chance St Louis would have wanted the pick this year not next.

    1. Louis23


      Trade Glencross for a 2nd rounder then trade the 2nd rounder for Boyes!

  5. Another blog http://fans.flames.nhl.com/community/blog/9-in-the-cross16hairs/. Behind my set pace, but hopefully wil pick up here as I'm working on several. Love any feedback people can give

  6. Another blog posted.

    1. bigchief


      Keep them coming Cross, I enjoy reading them.

  7. I've also started a blog. My goal is to try and get a couple up a week. Would love to hear feedback, and a new one is posted. http://fans.flames.nhl.com/community/blog/9-in-the-cross16hairs/

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