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  1. IIRC this is actually a Flames requirement.
  2. Definelty agree it's not a smart plan that's for sure... but it's plan. Maybe?
  3. I also agree on Czarnik. I think he's been great lately and one of the guys I don't think Peters has done a great job handling this year. He's deserved better IMO. But it is tricky on a team with so much depth. Why I wanted some of it cleared up early this season.
  4. Because they want playoffs at all cost. I doubt they could find another GM who would both want the job, and be willing to take it with that in mind.
  5. If he survives the trade deadline, I really wonder if Lazar is up here when roster expands and pushes Hatahway. I agree on him personally. He started out well but lately he's been pretty invisible 5 on 5 and he isn't even bringing the physical game he needs to. I don't want to go external for that spot but some internal competition would be a good idea IMO and Lazar maybe has turned it around in the A.
  6. People like narratives. Ferland exceeded expectations, Bennett didn't live up to his.
  7. I actually find experience overrated so that's not really a concern of mine. I don't buy into the idea of adding veterans at the deadline for playoff experience, that was the Frolik and Neal acquisitions so that's been done IMO. There are 4 issues I would look at fixing if I were the Flames if the right deal presented itself. None of these would require a big trade and they are listed in order. 1- Veteran LS depth dman - This is my only must pick up for the deadline. I think you need a good solid 8-10 NHL caliber dmen on your roster if you want to go on a playoff run and I think the Flames are short 1, specifically a LS dman becuae I don't think there is anyone in the A right now you would want up here for any length of time. Rookie mistakes also get magnified in the playoffs and I think we've also seen that while Kylington has some nice attributes he plays a very high risk game. That gets exposed in the playoffs so I think you need to bring in someone here. This is a must for me, but it should not cost very much. 2- Play making center. I think a big issue with the bottom 6 is it's full of all the same type of player and it lacks a center that can help make others better. All the players in the bottom 6, save for may Derek Ryan, are shoot first players. The bottom 6 lacks the ability to move the puck around and the puck into scoring areas so they are inconsistent in their scoring. Now I also want to be clear I'm NOT of the opinion that the bottom 6 is holding the Flames back. I absolutely believe they could challenge for a cup with their current bottom 6 but I also see a way it could be improved, primarily with the addition of a play making center. There is also the possibility you pick up an upgrade to Backlund on the 2nd line and push him down to the 3rd but I find that unlikely and something i'm less keen on. I think the addition of a play-making center would help guys like Bennett, Frolik, Neal get some consistency on the 3rd line instead of only getting it on the 2nd line. 3- Backup goalie - 2 and 3 alternate for me as it does with Smith play. I can handle the Smith who played against Arizona and Detroit but I can't handle the Smith who played against Boston or St. Louis. I'm still giving him time but if it doesn't turn around this will become number 2 and will be a must acquisition for me. 4- A RW scoring threat. This is not something I would aggressively pursue, but I would listen to/talk to, teams that are having rough season and maybe there is a buy low option. Guys like Tarasenko or Voracek that previously would not be available could be but I would only listen and see if there is an opportunity to buy low. This is also something that is better served for the end of the season but I so think another legitimate scorer on the RW would go along way here and perhaps an opportunity to get out from the Neal deal too. Part of this for me too is I do think the Flames have assets that other teams would like (Dmen, Janko, Bennett etc) and we haven't been able to say that for quite a while. Against i'm not in a rush to move these guys out, but at the same time they've got high end talent here so while I want to keep a certain amount of depth, taking a run also makes a lot of sense to me too. It's a balancing act but worth pursuing IMO.
  8. Was definetly an coaching problem in Edmonton too. Again.....
  9. Has absolutely nothing to do with intelligence nor it is personally on any level so please don't make it such Mac
  10. Clearly a difference of opinion here but for me i've seen enough of these players to know there are holes in their bottom 6 that are not likely to be fixed internally. I'll respectfully disagree that all the talent is there Astounds me this is such a black and white issue for some people but again to each their own. Good or even great teams make minor TDL moves all the time that pay off (Washington picking up both Kempny and DSP or Penguins picking up Schultz). Wonder how their players feel abuot a GM not beliving in his group.
  11. Jbow would be my main target for the deadline. I think he checks a lot of boxes and likely wouldn't cost much. Unlikely to mess with chemistry either given how quiet he is. I don't really have interest in anyone else off that list for fit and cost reasons. I get the Flames will likely get linked to Wayne Simmonds a lot but that's a hard pass for me. I don't think he'll be worth the price you will pay and he really hasn't looked very good this season.
  12. This is well said and matches almost exactly how I feel. Complacency can work in good times as much as bad. I personally don't think a team should every stop looking to be better irregardless of how they may be playing at the time and the truly great teams don't.
  13. I've lost words to describe this...
  14. For me, Sam Bennett is turning into a more consistent version of what most wanted Ferland to be. So i don't see the fit personally. That role has been replaced with a more effective version.
  15. Hockey players always have dental deficiencies