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  1. I think for multiple reasons, moving Ryan is a bad idea. I think we get way too tied up in roles and labels. I don't Ryan is "only" a 4th liner, he is one of their top Pkers, can be moved up and down the lineup if needed, helps out young players and can provide the coach better match-ups because whatever line he is on is hardly ever an anchor. His faceoff ability and his RH shot also provide a lot of flexibility with adjustments and late game/important faceoffs. Not to mention your right we don't know what Bennett we will get next year so why get rid of the depth when they have next to one of it behind them? If the Flames had someone internal to replace Ryan i would understand the rationale to move him but they don't have anyone close. I think Ryan has been worth every penny the Flames have given him. A rare home run for a July 1 signing.
  2. I sort of agree with this, but I think it's also getting harder to the top line to not play a perimeter game because by the time they are getting into the zone they need to change. That or they are trying to dump and chase, which is typically for playoff hockey, but that is where there is a big flaw in their set up. The problem I have with Gaudreau-Monahan-Lindholm, and why i'm skeptical Lucic would work, is the flaw in that line is they don't have someone to retrieve pucks. They can't really play a dump and chase game becuae they won't go get it back. Lindholm is the best person on the line for this but that isn't saying much becuase it's not really his game. This is part of what made Ferland so successful, he'd go and get the puck and start the cycle. I don't think Lucic is going to fix that because he isn't fast enough to get in on the forecheck. I'm also with everyone that I don't thikn you mess with the lines right now I just think Ward needs to vary his strategy a bit. I am still landing on this is what Ward is doing. I think he's playing chess with his lines a bit to try and draw out different match-ups and he likely knows Cogliano-Faska are going to get the Gaudreau assignment. I think he is using the top line as a bit of a sacrificial lamb here which is bold, has some logic, but is incredibly risky. Can work as long as the PP stays hot and the Bennett line keep it going but if either dries up it creates a scary situation for the Flames.
  3. This is the part i'm wondering about. I think the top line has been good in terms of effort, intensity, attention to detail etc so I'm wondering how they can pick it up if this is the way Ward is going to deploy them? What's going to to turn the tide because when I watch them play i'm not really seeing a problem with their games and how they can suddenly create more offense other than start in the o zone more. I think they should at the very least you should expect them to push the play the other way and start there. Stars have a good shutdown line though so that may be easier said than done and at the end of the day you are still asking players to play well outside their comfort zone. See how it works out.
  4. Agreed. for me Gaudreau and Monahan are a bit of a packaged deal in that if you move away from one you might as well move away from the other too. Having said that there are some similarities between Hall and Gaudreau in their abilty to create and make others betters so if that sceanior plays out it could work to keep Monahan.
  5. They are winning so there isn't much heat on them but some attention is being paid to the top line, and in particular the fact that they are not getting it done offensively. Digging a little deeper, they are doing next to nothing offensively and in fact they have combined for 1 goal at 5 on 5 and ZERO high danger scoring chances. Yes you read that right, the top line has been credited for no high danger chances at 5 on 5 so far in the 5 game. They've been excellent defensively but not at all there offensively. Interesting thing I noticed though, is Ward has flipped how he is deploying that line and he's burying them in the defensive zone. Their highest % of O zone starts in the 5 games is 46% and that was Game 3 vs the Jets. For the rest of the games they've been in the 30% range on 5 on 5 so it's very clear Ward is using them more as a defensive line then an offensive one. It's an interesting strategy but a pretty risky one. My only guess is Ward views his depth, especially now that the Lucic line is clicking, as his biggest strength against other teams in the West and he's sacrificing his top line to get his other lines favorable matchups. There is some logic to doing that espcially when you consider that the top line is really not a cycle line and in the playoffs you need to cycle the puck. I have to wonder how much longer the Flames can go though with this type of deployment and while i can see some logic behind it it's a move that could blow up in Ward's face too. Long term, I think it does point to the Flames making a change and moving on from Gaudreau. I think they've seen the flaw in that top line and i don't think they can fix it with existing personnel.
  6. Pretty impressive how bought in this team is right now. Monahan saw a shift in the final minute and made a fantastic play at his own blue line to deny the entry. you haven’t always gotten they level of detail from Monahan on that side of the puck. Was a subtle but really impressive play.
  7. What a great defensive effort. Stars hardly got a sniff all game. Impressive. Don’t think It was there best effort all around but heck of a performance defensively. really like that they got a bit of adversity and bounced right back. No panic or folding in their game.
  8. Stars are pressing but everything is to the outside. Nothing really dangerous getting through another excellent defensive effort from the flames today so far
  9. Staples is awful and a total Oilers homer. I think if you look he is still defending that trade as a win for Edm.
  10. More conservative game plan from the flames here but so get them are executing it very well.
  11. Nice bounce back from the Flames. Thought the stars got moving the puck rally well there and put the flames on their heels. Nice that they didn’t get down after some bad breaks
  12. yup big catch 22 there. Cool they’ve played well without them but I worrisome of what it means if they don’t get going
  13. The most exciting part of these playoffs has been the coming out part for the 2nd wave of talent here for the flames. Mangiapane, Dube, Bennett and Anderson all young and playing very well. And arguable their best prospect isn’t playing in Valimaki. So huge for the flames today and moving forward.
  14. Well first one was un lucky... 2nd one is pretty weak from Talbot stars have been pressing though. Flames have been on their heels most of the period
  15. Did Jamie Benn play a bunch of beer league in his time off? man who casually cuts across the blue line like that with their head back to the play. He’s lucky that hit from Anderson was all he got
  16. I felt that was game plan driven. The jets D is on the smaller side so dumping it in made sense. I think the Flames are built more to carry the puck so i would imagine you would see more of that in this series. Dube has probably been their best player in the playoffs so far. you would have made some money if you made that bet before this started. Big game changer for the Flames to have that type of threat on their 3rd line.
  17. Interesting note from Thomas Drance in The Athletic today. he notes that of the 17 games he watched in the play in round he says the Flames bench was noticeably the loudest. He mentions chirps to opponents, applauding or excitement around executing plays and says they were the most prepared in terms of creating that playoff intensity. I attended several conference calls during the break and one of the loudest themes on every call was the players emphasizing how close of a group it was. Sure seems to be the case. Not sure if it will mean much against the Stars but it's nice to hear about.
  18. Based on everything I’ve read I would be very surprised if Askarov lasted to pick 14. I would look at the Senators, Sabres, Devils and Wild all as potential landing spots, especially Senators and Devils having multiple first round picks. Don’t think he’s getting past all of those teams.
  19. it depends on how it transpires. If the Flames lose but their best players were really good then I would not advocate a big blow up. Would identify the problem and look to fix it. but if they lose because their best players weren't good enough again (which is really the only narrative that matters from past playoffs) then yes it's time for changes. Duration of the series, how close it is and the outcome are not really what are relevant to me. I care more about what led to the result other wise you making change for the sake of change and that rarely goes well.
  20. So the Rangers win the lottery and, baring a shocker, will take Lafreniere. Interesting note here is there were a lot of rumors that the Rangers would be interested in Gaudreau. Maybe there was no truth to that but if there was I think this would put a stop to it.
  21. I highly doubt any team is going to trade 1 overall for an established talent. It's rare at the best of times but in the cap world the value you get for these players on their ELC, especially one with the pedigree and likely immediate impact of Lafreniere, makes their value pretty hard to match. so no chance IMO and certainly not for Gaudreau. Lafreniere has a chance to be as impactfull next year as Gaudrau was this year for the Flames.
  22. If Bishop or Seguin are not 100%, and clearly they are not, or don't play that is huge for the Flames. Bishop always seems to have their number. It's tough to predict results for the Flames because you just don't always know what your going to get, but I do like their chances going into this series. If the PP can keep it up and they play the same way the played the last 2 games, in terms of the quality chances they generated, I really like their chances. however, if it's the team that played the first 2 games of the Jets series they'll be in tough. Stars are not going to give you some of the easy stuff the Jets gave the Flames.
  23. Personally I think the Flames need to be very smart with Talbot and not let emotion get in the way. Sure he's leading them in the playoffs but I think what is debatable is how much of it is actually on him. I thikn this has been more of a good fit and right place right time situation then it has been on Talbot skill level and that should be considered. If he sees it the same way then there is traction but if Talbot wants this as a launching pad for anther contract i'm out. Similar to Mrzaek for me and he got a 2 year deal for 3.1. That's about the max i'm offering Talbot and before I offered that I'd be calling Pittsburgh to see what they are doing with Jary/Murray.
  24. While I do like the pairing of Hanifin-anderson (and they were good even when paired in the regular season) nothing has moved me off my position with Hanifin, in that you only trade him if someone overpays you for him. He is a good steady 2nd pairing dman on a solid contract, but if there is a team out there that sees more and is willing to give you the return of a future top pairing dman then you look at that but only that. I'm talking if a team dangles a top 6 center or a RS dman that is a good age range with decent cost control, then for sure look at it. But for players like Nylander or Kapenen I would pass personally as the value is likely higher to just keep him. With the emergence of the likes of Dube and Mangiapane i'm with Jtech that winger is not a need I would be aggressive in filling if I were the Flames so trading Hanifin for another winger doesn't really do much for me. In terms of what you do with Valimaki, I do think you first need to see him healthy, but you have the option of starting him on the 3rd pairing or you could always pair him with GIo as well if they wind up losing Brodie. I don't think Hanifin "blocks" anything for Valimaki.
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