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  1. I would agree with this. It's hard to use the word decline because Hamonic's first season as a Flame was pretty bad and he's actually been better since. I think the desire to move Hamominc, at least for me, is that they have a replacement already in Anderson who I think is actually already better then Hamonic. Hamonic would make sense to retain on a 1 or 2 year deal but he'll get better offers than that in FA. The investment of cap dollars there doesn't make much sense.
  2. Has missed the playoffs in 4 of his last 5 seasons and the Bruins took off after he left. I see no reason to target him.
  3. I do not understand this view and find it to be very sensationalist. The UFA argument on Treliving is getting way overblown. His signings: Neal - obviously a failure, but let's also remember that most actually had that as a win. Not totally his fault it didn't work out Brouwer - Fail Jonus Hillier: Good. 2nd year wasn't very good but they don't make the playoffs in 15 without him Frolik: Very good Raymond: Fail but really no harm done so who cares? Derek Ryan: Very good Derek Engelland: Good Cam Talbot: Pretty good so far Versteeg: Pretty good IMO Chad Johnson: good Austin Czarnik: Pretty meh but really no hard done here either. The rest of his UFA stuff is all depth guys and players like Jagr,Prout etc that I don't really feel are worth discussing. some worked, some didn't but in all cases the risk was minimal to non existent. Overall, the track record is actually more wins than loses. But, for sure the fact that he went from buying out Brouwer to Neal and is dealing with both is an issue for sure, but to say it kills all the good is IMO really silly. Especially when you consider he just finished building a team capable of the 2nd best regular season in Franchise history. Show me a GM and I'll show you multiple misses in UFA. It is the nature of the game.
  4. Backlund has been one of the best two centers in the entire league the last 3-4 seasons. Keeping that player on the wing when you’ve seen no positive results is becoming a truly maddening coaching decision. indefensible imo
  5. I certainly wouldn’t complain about Laviolette I just like Gallant more.
  6. Treliving had a chance to hire Ward as his coach and instead hire Gulutzan. If he felt he made a mistake he had a chance to rectify it he would have named Ward the coach the rest of the season. He has yet to do that. I personally don’t see anything in the job Ward has done that would make me disagree with Treliving. He isn’t a long term fit,nor do I think the job he’s done is reflected in the record. I would move on Gallant if I were Treliving. If he doesn’t want to come then wait till the offseason and do a full search but I’m not really seeing Ward as a good head coach. Looks like he’s one of those really good assistant but not great head coach types.
  7. Players have a lot of soul searching to do during the break and figure out what they want out of this season. coaches have a lot of work to figure out some new breakouts, line combos and how to get this team to play with some consistency. (Although in a perfect world the Flames would reach out to Gallant and bring him in over the break)
  8. book is defiantly to pressure the flames on the breakout and once they do their is no plan b. Neither Peters nor Ward has found a fix to this.
  9. I’m becoming very unimpressed with Ward too. Why start Rittich? Why are Gaudreau/Monahan/Backlund still a thing? Why is there no accountability in ice time? Why is Lucic on your PP? just a lot happening that is getting pretty indefensible.
  10. I don’t think you blame Rittich. The team in front of him is crap again. i was actually a bit surprised they started well, which makes this even more frustrating. Their focus is clearly more on their up coming vacations then the 2 points. Which is completely garbage considering you had the same thing happen in Montreal. pretty much done with this core. Don’t think this core can win anything. There’s no culture, no work ethic and no accountability.
  11. Down 2-0 to one of the worst teams in the league when your battling for the playoffs. completely unacceptable
  12. Not much urgency from the PP nor the Flames in general this period.
  13. Hopefully the stick with it was a pretty good period. like to see them get the goalie moving in the o zone more. That and hit the net
  14. Dumba had 50 points 2 seasons and again and until injury last year was on pace to better that. I don’t think it’s even fair to say that Subban’s ceiling is higher. Unless we really want to debate 5-6 points... I like PK but I just don’t think he makes sense for the Flames at this point and where there team is. Salary, contract, age, play and I don’t think Subban is a good culture fit either. I don’t have a problem with who PK is off the ice but I also don’t think the Flames are set up well to handle it.
  15. Only in the NHL would they have to call and warn clubs about Retribution simply due to the fact they can’t manage their own player safety this whole situation should be embarrassing for the NHL
  16. I don't think he does either but it may start the conversation. I mean I like Kapanen but I think we need to remember he is a middle 6 forward signed to a reasonable, but not a steal, of a contract so I don't think his value is massive. Brodie for Kapanen straight up might not work but i don't think the Flames would have to add a ton there. Maybe even attaching a conditional pick that if Brodie does not re sign may tip the scales, because presonally I thikn Brodie for Kapanen in terms of player value is close. It's the pending UFa that's the issue but perhaps the Leafs have a leg up on that due to him being from the area. I agree with above that I think Brodie is very attractive to the Leafs because he can play both sides and it's a very good shot suppression dman which they need. Interestingly enough Eric Duhastchek is floating the idea of Bennett for Kapenen. Obviously on the surface that seems crazy but if the Leafs feel there is more to Bennett's game then I could see the attraction. Bennett saves them about 700K in cap space they could use and give them an element they lack in that grit department. I agree but I can't imagine the Flames can meet the asking price. Moving Dumba only makes sense if you get a haul and while I agree with much of what you are saying I don't think Dumba would be a player I would pay full market price for. I'm a bit fan and of course if you can get him for Bennett and a 1st for sure by why does Minny do that? Seems to me Minny would dangle him to try and get multiple future pieces. Don't know how the Flames end up making that work.
  17. I would call him a middle 6 player. 2nd/3rd line type player who could maybe play a top line role if the fit was correct. bottom 6 means 4th line. Kapanen is much better than that.
  18. Mangiapane and Dube are the two I think can form a long term solution. I’m personally like the idea of Gaudreau on RW and it seemed to work at the Worlds last year but given the Flames have almost never done it makes me think there’s something the don’t like about it or Johnny doesn’t like it. id include Bennett there too but I’m getting the feeling Bennett won’t be a flame much longer. 2 would be what I would like to see. I’m not as big a proponent of a RS for 5 on 5 but on the PP. I think the lack of a RS F for the PP limits the 2nd unit. So id like to see 1 top 6 RS and one bottom 6 just some depth. In a perfect world.
  19. Pierre Lebrun in Insider Trading says Flames looking for a top 6 forward and specifically a RS top 6 forward. He mentions Toffoli but seems to me his option on connecting the dots and not somethings he’s heard from the Flames. Of interest to me in the video is the mention of Kapanen. Not the he’s being dangled but sounds like the Leafs are discussing him. That’s makes a ton of sense for the Flames. https://www.tsn.ca/nhl/video/insider-trading-flames-oilers-looking-for-a-top-6-forward-eyeing-leafs~1878143/insider-trading-flames-oilers-looking-for-a-top-6-forward-eyeing-leafs~1878143
  20. Rittich stole that one and well deserved. Great to see him bounce back with 2 good efforts and nice of Ward to throw him right back in there. it was a well played defensive game by the Flames as they did slow down a very good offensive team. The slow staff was frustrating as is the fact they can’t seem to get any sustained offensive pressure 5 on 5. hard fought road win
  21. ya I figured but like you say that roster is a mess. From a far it’s hard to get a good gauge on Blashill as a coach.
  22. Blashill still have a good rep as a coach around Detroit? I've always liked him as a coach. Honestly i was thinking Detroit may let him go just so Yzerman can get his own guy and he's someone I would have interest in.
  23. Given his play recently i'm surprised it's not Talbot to be honest. I don't disagree I'm just surprised.
  24. I don't want this to come across as an anti Geoff Ward post. I do like some of he stuff that he has done, but I also think the record has been a mirage. Under Peters at 5 on 5: 8th in League in CF% 13th in FF% 18th in Shots against 17th in expected goals % 14 in Scoring chance % 22nd in High danger chance % (25th in generating. 12th best in Preventing) Dead last in shooting %. 20th in Save % PP ranked 20th based on GF/60 Under Ward at 5 on 5: 20th in CF% 21st in FF% 27th in Shots against/60 17th in Expected goals for% 20th in Scoring Chance% 10th in High danger chance % (19th in generating. 8th best in preventing) 20th in Shooting%. 3rd best in Save % PP ranked 10th based on GF/60 so to give Ward credit, and I see this reflected on the ice, he has prioritized high danger chances. They give up less quality under him and generate more and I think it's fair to attribute this to Ward. However, most all other metrics have actually gotten worse under Ward not better and the defensive trend in their game is worrisome IMO. Their record since the change has more to do with goaltending and the PP then it does the team actually getting better IMO. Now at the same time I want to be clear that is not laying nay blame on Ward and in fact should generate some credit. Many who follow the team have commented how the team felt much more relaxed with the change and that they like playing for Ward. I do think it is fair to give credit for Ward for allowing players to be themselves and I think he definitely made improvements to the way the team handles their goaltending. so while there are some worrisome trends there are also things not necessary reflected in numbers I thikn he deserves credit for. as i said earlier all of this analysis isn't exactly fair as this is a very tough situation for any coach to walk into nor do I think the primary issues with the Flames are coaching related. I just think it's way too early to give Ward much credit, nor do I think he should be considered a long term fit.
  25. I think the Flames do this. Their 2nd unit plays around with multiple formations and rotates 1-3-1 with the more traditional 2d and they use Anderson all over the place. Personally I like the 2nd unit and I think the last if effectiveness stems from limited opportunities and the lack of a shooter. All good PPs imo need a triggerman and flames don't have one on the 2nd unit. I personally think Ward is a very good pp coach. I get the results don't look like it in terms of the overal pp but imo when you look deeper there is lots to like. I think the criticism is just misguided that's all.
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