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  1. Kind of a cool thing. Flames made it official today they they will wear their home Reto jersey's at all their home games in the playoffs this year. There is some talk as well that by the 2020-21 season they may be full Retros. I think i'm in the minority that really likes their current jerseys but I also think this is pretty cool.
  2. No question. I'm just not sure it changed the result especially considering I don't think too much of Ceci Pageau or Tierny. Underscores where they are as a franchise but I agree it's worth pointing out.
  3. Glad they turned it up in the 3rd period. UP until they it felt lik they were playing down to their opponent which is an unfortunate part about their remaining schedule. Kind of wish there was a few more games they would get up for. But boy are the Sens bad. Outside of Tkachuk and Craig Anderson they were just a bunch of guys on skates. They've got some talent coming but for now, yikes it would be tough paying for that product if I was a fan.
  4. Honestly what I like best about the 4th line is that I think they've really busted this whole idea that your 4th line needs to be big and tough. You can wear a team down with speed and possession too and thats that line to a T right now. I hope they continue to bust the narrative on that. I agree in theory what you are saying but honestly right now I would not break up that line. I would start using that as my 3rd line and use the Janko line as my 4th. I thikn that line is playing too well right now to split it up. Going to be interesting to see how they get Neal back in there. Sucks, because I think Czarnik's played well and I don't want to see him come out but he's going to have to.
  5. So general intelligence and hockey intelligence is the same? A player can play 14-15 years worth of hockey but a 4 year degree is what is going to make them intelligence? Your point really doesn't make any sense and no idea why you would every think hockey IQ has anything to do with general intelligence. Geroge Parros is potentially one of the smartest athlete's of recent memory and no one would watch him play and say he had high hockey IQ. There completely different.
  6. Look forward to seeing him, never seem him play yet, but it's really hard to comprehend how he wasn't drafted. He put up very good numbers in junior and while yes he played al lot with Sam Reinhart, Reinhart also gave him credit for making him a better player. Be interesting to see who this turns out but his story is pretty cool. If nothing else this gives the Flames some much needed depth at a critical position. They are very thin on centers outside the NHL.
  7. Might want to re-think the whole Nicholson should run hockey ops plan the Oilers are working off of...
  8. No one is saying he can't improve but there is improvement in certain areas but also accepting of limitations too.
  9. Dreger's thoughts on Tkachuk's next contract
  10. And that's where we disagree, I don't think he does. I don't think it's lazy, i'ts a foot speed and reading play issue. I'd be fine with putting him up there as a short term replacement and trying it out, i'm generally fine with trying anything. However I, like Peters, think that Derek Ryan was the more logical choice.
  11. Pretty misguided and off base generalization you there. Might want to do a little more digging on how "educated" other pro athletes are before you slander one of them. But Intelligence can, and I would argue normally is, within a specific context and not a generalization. I mean I guess we could use "thinks the game" instead but why create more work?
  12. Ya i'm not just buying the comparison because I think so much of their game is totally different. Sure there both big guys and I guess you could compare their shots but outside of that I think the similarities end. I find them to be very different players, and the struggle I have with any comparison is it really belittles just how intelligent Mony is. But you are also talking to someone who really isn't much of a Jankowski fan. Not saying he needs to go, but outside of his ability on the PK I don't find there is much to his game. sure we can talk about learning curve but for a soon to be 25 year old player at some point you just need to start accepting what they are.
  13. The problem I have with comparing Monahan to Jankowski is Monahan is an extremely intelligent hockey player with advanced Hockey IQ. Jankowski is avg at best in this category and I would actually probably argue he's below avg. I think it's really challenging to teach that aspect of the game, and near impossible to the level of Monahan. That's a trait you either have or you don't.
  14. I know he was on the radar for some but I think we can cross Howard off the list of potential Flame targets
  15. Think the Flames will struggle to get a high profile college free agent. They are deep and young in key spots so they can't offer to burn a year and they really can't offer much of an opportunity in the next year or two. T They were supposed to be on Teves but lost him to Vancouver. i suspect that will be the case for most and maybe they snag a guy later int he process. However, they do have a decent amount of draft picks to sign too that should make the jump next year. You are correct. Emergency call-up is the only exception.
  16. Still find the Brodie hate funny. Especially when Hanifin has played significantly worse over the last 2 month with zero mention of it. In fact both Hanifin and Hamonic IMO have struggled for a good month here but it's Brodie we all focus in on. He's been their second best dman on the season. Yes they should still trade him in the off-season but right now he's a big help.
  17. Thanks for positing this Carty. He will be very missed. I really enjoyed my discussions with him as I enjoyed his knowledge and humor. Very sad. RIP
  18. Just my gut feel on this, I thikn they wanted to him to play at one league and get comfortable again. Gillies/Parsons were high on the depth chart so while a promotion may have been in order I kind of feel they probably just wanted to leave well enough alone and let him try and get some confidence back. Could be wrong, but that's how i would see it. This summer will be interesting however. Bit of a log jam and with no one grabbing the AHL job, or really the NHL job, a lot if influx. Wouldn't be surprised to see a move but i'm with you in that I hope they don't give up. Wasn't thrilled with the pick, but didn't hate it either, but he still put on one of the best Under 18 performances i've ever seen so there has always been upside there. Don't bail on that at 22 IMO, just look at Jack Campbell or maybe even Laurent Brossoit.
  19. Checked the game sheet and my "about 5 second later" was off. It was the first knights goal and it was a soft dump that Flames managed to keep in for a small amount of time before the Knights got it back down and scored. By no means blaming Gaudreau for the goal but details matter and those are details that hurt. It's also what i think happens to his game when he feels he's struggling he tries too hard.
  20. Play within the structure of the team. On the Vegas first goal last night the Flames were in good position on the breakout but once he felt pressure he looped back, killed the breakout becuase momentum gets stopped so once he did fire it back up Vegas stacks the neutral zone and he had to soft dump it in and Vegas fired it right back out and wound up scoring about 5 seconds later. There was nothing to be gained by Gaudreau doing what he did, he should have passed the puck up the ice and let the breakout take care of itself. Same when Stone picked his pocket, you aren't going to score by a fancy move 5 feet from your net so move the puck and get yourself into the O zone. This happens to a lot of star players, but once you slump you think you have to do everything yourself to get out of it but I'd like to see Gaudreau trust his teammates more. he doesn't have to have the puck on his stick all the time, let someone else break the zone and you find some open ice once your there. I was happy to seem him shooting more last night, but he needs to get back to trusting his linemates and his team and not thinking he's going to have to break this slump all by himself.
  21. Almost your prefect slump buster game. Only downside was the top line continues to look poor and Gaudreau now starting to really show frustration and trying to do everything himself to break out of it. Responsible for one of the Knights goals IMO with a dump play and then almost caused a second one that Rittich fortunately bailed him out. They really need to snap out of this. Was at the game and seeing him live, I came away really impressed with Fantenberg. I felt like every time I was complimenting a solid defensive play it was his number I was seeing. He's just a really, really good defender in 2/3 zones, really mobile and not shy to put the body on you either. Really good find by the Flames. That and what a feeling it has to have a great 4th line like the Flames have right now. Can't remember the last time i've been able to say that but damn are they fun to watch right now. Can beat you off the rush, quick in transition but they can actually get the puck down and fore check you too. Really impressive stuff out of that unit lately.
  22. Didn't know where to put this, but Dillon Dubes AHL season has him in some high end company.
  23. So obviously the Flames have no wins in March but.... 5 on 5 rankings 2nd in CF% 2nd in Fenwick% 3rd in shots for 12 in shots against 4th in Scoring chances for 20th in scoring Chances against 11th in High Danger Chances for 19th in High danger Chances against 3rd last in shooting percentage. Not exactly the picture of a team where the sky is falling. Not to mention in their last 10 games the Flames have more, or the same amount of, wins as :Nashville, Winnipeg, San Jose, Toronto and the New York Islanders.
  24. I think they need to split up Johnny-Mony, at least for a game. I actually think they may need to sit Mony because he looks hurt to me but that's another argument. What I started to notice in these last two games is teams are taking away opportunities off the rush. A lot of the success of that top line when it was going was their ability to create opportunities off the rush, but i'm noticing now teams are standing up at the blue line with 2 guys on Johnny, forcing him to stop up and look for a pass but Mony just isn't there right now. They need to get some speed coming through the neutral zone and the middle of the ice to get defenders to back up again because right now no teams are respecting that and it's shutting down tthe middle of the ice. Johnny - Backs - Tkachuk Mangiapane - Mony - Lindhom Is what I would do for a game and see if it works. I'd be open to Lindholm at center there too but my hesitation is it's been a while since he's played center so not sure that's a great idea to go to this late in the season.
  25. Not exactly an easy find there. Pretty limited supply