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  1. This assumes that a buyout was an option. I think what is very likely is the flames owners said no buyout and probably would not have said yes for a few more years. That’s a very large cheque to write.
  2. I look at that differently. If if it takes playing with the Oilers (ie McDavid/Drasait/Nuge/PP time) to get Neal back to around 20 goals and 40pts at over 6million per season that’s a loss for the Oilers. That’s still a really poor investment.
  3. I was quite shocked as well. For all the narrative about how bad Lucic is, Neal is right there it worse in so many categories. The kicker is penalty differential though. Lucic takes a lot of bad penalties. But i I mean it when I say it I’m not sure the flames didn’t get the better player.
  4. I thought last I read the nhl was ready but the PA is reluctant and doesn’t want it.
  5. Overall, Neal but I’m not sure that’s a selling feature when you consider the benchmark. But it this is more about role. Problem Neal was his lack of speed meant he wasn’t productive in the top 6 and his subpar play is his own zone made him a bad fit in the bottom 6. Lucic is actually good in his own zone. Speeds not really a factor IMO. Role is.
  6. This time next year I think Oiler fans will want done with Neal as much as they wanted done with Lucic. Contract sucks but so did Neal’s and honestly I’m not so sure the flames didn’t get the better player here. I hate the contract and I don’t like the trade but I don’t hate it. I do think this makes the flames better.
  7. Fair question. but at the same time I think Neal has to wear a lot of that. he was awful early on, uninspired, didn't play defense, and then pouted when Peters didn't move him up and play him on the top liine despite the fact that the Flames had a much better option in Lindholm. I'm not sure they are many coaches that would have been a fan of Neal last year and the fact that rumors circulated about how much more training he is doing (hinting that perhaps it wasn't enough last year) it adds to that dislike. I'm sure they didn't get along but it looks to me like this is more circumstantial than anything. At the end of the day I just think Neal was a really bad fit. I also don't think its possible for a coach to be universally liked so if it's only 2 that isn't bad.
  8. At least he seems pretty excited.
  9. Not surprised, but i do really think people outside of Calgary don't really understand what James Neal they are getting and where his game has done. Should really be a "neither" option.
  10. I figured you did, but you are still at 3 forwards with RH shots which would align with about avg in terms of the rest of the league. Also point being its been a priority with Treliving.
  11. ???? Andersson, Hamonic, Lindholm, Ryan, Czarnik Stone........
  12. This is true, but call me extremely skeptical that Murray Edwards is going to ok that cheque going out. I don't think Neal was an option to be bought out for another 2 seasons at least, if at all. Reportedly the Flames owners actually said No to buying out Brouwer at first and the only reason they changed their mind is Neal agreed to sign.
  13. Again i'm not going to argue this is a good move but I do think something people should understand is the difference between Neal and Lucic is not big..... Neal was the anchor on every line he played on last year and it wasn't close.
  14. Lucic has both a modified NTC and a NMC in place so he needs to be protected in the expansion draft. However, there is speculation that he has waived the NMC to facilitate the trade to Calgary.
  15. Yup. When a player waives a NMC to facilitate a trade it's up to the team to decide whether or not they want to the NMC put back in. The assumption here is that the Flames said no to that and Lucic still agreed to waive the NMC to facilitate the trade. Not confirmed yet though but I can't see how this deal gets done any other way. Treliving has been public that Flames don't give out NMCs and I cannot see how Treliving would pick up a NMC that would impact the expansion draft. I think simply that Lucic fit the role they wanted Neal to play better than Neal. Neal was going to be kept in the bottom 6 and Lucic fits that role better.
  16. I was starting to write a long post about why i don't think we should be that upset about losing Neal, but Boomer's tweet really sums this up for me I think is bang on. Maybe Neal does play better in Edmonton but I agree it wasn't going to work here. he wasn't a fit on the top line, he got outplayed by Lindholm and thus turned into a 3rd liner/2nd PP guy. In that role i don't think you were every going to see much of a bounce back from Neal. Neal's numbers have been declining at 5 on 5 for years and the major reason he continued to be a 20 goal guy was opportunity not skill. That opportunity wasn't happening here and I don't thinkit was going to again. Let's keep a really, really key point in mind here too. Neal had ZERO no trade protection in his contract and the Flames just swapped him for the worst contract in the league. That tells you volumes about what the league thinks of Neal IMO.
  17. At the end of the day I think this is a trade that both teams are going to "lose", and the only "win" you can find is who can salvage some value here. It's really a lose - lose Both teams have terrible assets Both teams clearly want rid of said assets It's been reported that both players were not happy with present situations that doesn't exactly set up for a "win" anyway you cut it. If Flames can save some cap, get a pick and increase their toughness It's not the end of the world. I can see the reason for making it and i can see why the Flames would like it but it's not a good move when you consider the story but again I don't think the alternative is any better.
  18. As I mentioned a wihle ago when the rumors first started I don't hate the idea. As long as Lucic comes without the NMC (which rumors are is the case) and there is some upside in it for the Flames I don't mind it. Unlike some I don't think Neal is going to to bounce back. I don't think Lucic will either but Lucic is better in his own zone and can provide a physical presence that Neal was supposed to. I don't hate it again as long as there is some upside.
  19. I have enough faith in Treliving that he is not dumb enough to simply move Neal for Lucic 1 for 1. There is ZERO upside for the Flames there. Just need to see what the upside is.
  20. There better be more to this because 1 for 1, this is quite horrible....
  21. The difference lies in skating. Pelletier is an excellent skater, whereas Brink not as much. So yes BPA is subjective, but when there is a big gap in skating then what hand they shoot shouldn't be as important.
  22. Proposal coming Monday. Not done, but apparently deal is close Edit: Someone actually calling it a tentative deal that council would need to approve to make it a done deal
  23. think were all in agreement with many factors winning cups. Sure players like Sundqvist are unsung heros but my point is we are talking about a 3rd liner and not someone who is that difficult to find. So the idea that the Flames are not drafting for what wins cup, that's where I was disagreeing. Sure, that grit is important but IMO it's not as important as skill and the foundation to the team is skill. I can see a day where a team wins a cup (and I actually think you can argue this has already happened) without having that guy. I don't think you will ever win a cup without most of your team being skilled, but yes you need to find those auxiliary pieces.
  24. Problem with that question is there is no answer. I could say no, but they did win so how could I say that?. Breaking it down to that simple of a level ignores that they got the best goaltending in the playoffs and were still lead by skill. Do I think a 4th line in Barbashev and a bottom pairing Dman in Bortuzzo made the difference over guys like Benington, Schwartz or ROR? No. I don't feel that is the only debate. the debate seems to be the Flames are not valuing in tangibles enough in their draft process and should focus more on things like RH shots, grit, sandpaper, size etc etc. If the debate is simply the flames need some more sandpaper in their bottom 6, that's pretty easy yes they do. But that's doesn't really seem to be the way the discussion has gone.
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