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  1. I think you have to throw the Blues and the Coyotes in there too. Blue's were playing well below their talent level early in the season and seem to have levelled out and the Coyotes are right there despite a ton of injuries. Both are only 4 back. I get your point and you may be right but if I were a betting man I would be they won't get it. The only reason they are even close is they got an unreal run out of Koskinen. Team wise, this has been a lottery pick team basically all year. But sign me up for watching them deal their first round pick while they are close.
  2. I don't disagree, as I said i think there is cleaning up to do. I'm just willing to acknowledge a "weakness" in Peters system. I think some like lock down hockey form start to finish and I don't think that will be under Peters. But agree, situational defending can be better for sure on this club. Their whole game can be better to be honest, it's still not great.
  3. I'll pass on Perron personally. He had to be healthy scratched before this recent run and also was healthy scratched in the playoffs last year (more than once IIRC). Not the player i'd target for a playoff run especially at a pretty pricey ticket the next few years. Too hot/code of a player for me. I get the Neal connection but I am not picking up over 12 million in contract value to get a 20 million dollar player going. That's scary.
  4. You definitely have not been to the dome yet this season. Or seen/heard the fan reaction to Rittich making even an average save So far your the only poster on multiple boards i've read multiple times suggest Rittich was at fault last night, even in sarcasm. That vast majority of people have already moved on.
  5. Hard to say, but I always point to the 2015 deadline. There was a ton of pressure on Treliving to bolster the team in wake of Gio's injury and not only did he not bolster the team he actually shipped out Glencross. Part of the reason i'm a big believer in Treliving is he'll stick to his process. If he makes a deal, even if it's a big one, I don't think it will be because he panicked it will be because it make sense both short and long term.
  6. I have definitely come to the conclusion that under Peters the Flames are going to give up some high danger chances no question. It's an aggressive system so you are going to get caught probably a couple times a game even when you are playing well. However, I do think it's worth the trade off especially in today's game so i'm taking the trade off personally. But I think if you are expecting a lock down team that doesn't give up much I don't think they will be that under Peters system. Not to say they can't clean some things up, but it won't be Sutter hockey around here.
  7. Horrid is a large stretch.. haven't been at their best but last 10 games NHL rankings at 5 on 5: 7th in Corsi 7th in Fenwick 7th in Shots against 5th in scoring chances against 1st in high danger chances against And just so we are clear i'm not pointing the finger his direction nor am I suggesting they are winning in spite of him or anything like that. I am simply stating, and using stats to support that, that for me i've seen a small decline in Rittich's game for a few weeks now and it could be due to workload. Could be me pushing a narrative, could be nothing, I don't know but that's what i'm seeing.
  8. Just in case there was any question they did confirm today they are retiring #12. It's not just a ceremony or a Forever a Flame
  9. So we can end the "Let's sign Iginla banter..." Seriously, this is a well deserved honor and glad to see the club and player acknowledging it and he will retire as a Flame as it should be.
  10. So according to Larry Brooks, who isn't always the most reliable, he thinks the Rangers have interest in Adam Fox's rights. This will certainly build the case for Fox wanting to be in New York. What an absolutely incredible story this will be if the Canes trade Hamilton, Ferland and Fox all less than a year after the trade. Crazy.
  11. Where did I blame Rittich? I think in this case the stats match the eye test, he's not as sharp these last couple of weeks as he was early. Maybe it has nothing to do with his workload but I'ts something i'm personally monitoring. He hasn't really been a starter in 3 years so handing over a starter workload is something i've been concerned about for a while.
  12. Certainly don't want to sound the alarm here but i think it's time to revisit Rittich's workload. .890 Save percentage his last 7 starts and was not very good last night IMO. Not trying to create and issue but I do think he is playing too much and it might be starting to show.
  13. I honestly don't really view it as a headache I think it's a good thing because you can probably get 1 of Brodie/Hamonic to sign for a bit of discount (my guess would be Hamonic for reasons you mentioned) and then flip the other one for assets you need. Could be picks to replenish the system or it could be younger/cheaper players that could then fill in some of that depth as guys like Andersson or Valamaki move up. These are "problems" only good teams have.
  14. I don't think he is and my bigger problem would be is he's mad he isn't playing there would it not be the same thing here?
  15. I get the sense that Peters is not big on the idea of Bennett at center as I don't recall a time he's ever deployed him there even in pre season but perhaps i'm missing something. Pros and cons to both, but it's something I would do but Peters also seems to like Jankowski at center more than I do.
  16. In leiu of an acquisition (and there are many valid reasons why a trade shouldn't happen), I wonder if Peters would enter the idea of swapping Bennett and Janko and have Bennett play center. The idea of wanting Neal to rebound is sound, as is the idea of those 3 guys together but the problem I have is Janko has really under performed at center. Bennett seems to be able to get that line going to a certain degree, and I just wonder if he could take it 1 step further at center rather than wing. I'm also leaning towards Janko being a better winger than a center where he can just use his longer strides to get up and down the ice quick and in better shooting positions for his shot. Less worry about d zone responsibilities and then trailing the play. I personally believe, and numbers back it up, that Bennett performed better at center than Jankowski ever has. I'd try it, as getting a center in here is probably going to be pricey so try your in house options first. I just think what you see is what you get with Jankowski and I don't see how it's going to get better.
  17. I agree, a trade like Panarin isn't happening. First I don't think Jackets will deal him and second it's a pure rental for the Flames. Panarin's probably going to be over 9 mill as a UFA and the Flames cannot afford that unless they want to move Tkachuk, which they shouldn't. Just not a realistic option I think one of the potential issues you have with chasing a bigger fish like Stone is debating how much better that makes your team and how much it moves the needle. Flames top 6 isn't the problem, they have one of the best top 6s in the NHL (yes they ahve 2 very good lines), it's their bottom 6 your targeting. In some cases upgrading the bottom 6 can push better guys down but is that the case here? Frolik/Bennett are the 2 guys that would get moved down but both haven't really been able to pull the bottom 6 up (albeit, small sample size) and good chance if you are chasing a big fish 1 of, if not 2, of those guys would need to be in the deal. I like Mark Stone and Tarasenko a lot and while i think their acquisitions would look great on paper I do wonder if those are the types of deal that really move the needle, especially when you think of acquisition cost. If you get a bargain you have to listen to it but I would lean towards the philosophy of investigating options that make your bottom 6 better. Stone/Tarasenko might be better left to the off-season, even though I can get behind the idea of going for it this year. One thing I keep thinking about when people complain about the cap, is I think the flames are faced with a decision this offseason with regards to their D. It's looking like they've got 7 good ones ( i'm still iffy on Kylington but I think he should play at the NHL level) and you've got both Brodie and Hamonic as UFA in 2020. It's highly unlikely you'll be able to re sign both so I think 1 is going to walk so a decision needs to be if your are comfortablekeeping your depth and letting 1 walk for nothing, or do you spend some time looking at a deal this offseason and re coup some assets. Obviously this goes beyond the trade deadline, but it is fodder when you think about acquiring guys like Stone/Tarasenko etc and paying for them plus Tkachuk. There are options.
  18. Which IMO is all the Flames need. I would love to have Valamki come back and play well or Stone played well on his offside, that's plan A. Plan B would be someone like Jbow. I would have no issue if they picked up a depth dman at the deadline and he never played.
  19. I dont' thikn Jbow is going to cost that much. He hasn't not played well for 2 years now and has hardly played the last 2 years. I think something more like a 3rd/4th round pick, C-C+ level prospect and maybe playing conditions on the pick that can bring it to a 2nd. There's questions he's even health enough to bother trading for.
  20. and probably something more "official"
  21. IIRC this is actually a Flames requirement.
  22. Definelty agree it's not a smart plan that's for sure... but it's plan. Maybe?
  23. I also agree on Czarnik. I think he's been great lately and one of the guys I don't think Peters has done a great job handling this year. He's deserved better IMO. But it is tricky on a team with so much depth. Why I wanted some of it cleared up early this season.
  24. Because they want playoffs at all cost. I doubt they could find another GM who would both want the job, and be willing to take it with that in mind.
  25. If he survives the trade deadline, I really wonder if Lazar is up here when roster expands and pushes Hatahway. I agree on him personally. He started out well but lately he's been pretty invisible 5 on 5 and he isn't even bringing the physical game he needs to. I don't want to go external for that spot but some internal competition would be a good idea IMO and Lazar maybe has turned it around in the A.