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  1. Dont Forget Aswell last Season what also a Tougher training camp we did it in China now as much as the players didnt complain that had to have played a factor somewhat
  2. A player with Moneyhands's Calibur and talent your not no offence gonna get from a trade unless you sell your First Child or you draft it
  3. Your gonna be Hardpressed Mac if you Think monahan isnt gonna be on the top line he is gonna stay there he is Jh Brother in armsI
  4. I Think One of the major Problems aswell is personally It is Great that we clinched first but once we did Clinch first Bill peters Sat alot of the top line players so There was no Motivation going into the playoffs cause they werent winning going in cause a majority of there top line was snoring at home Honestly i dont think we Should of rested players i think we should of played Full throttle Going in To the playoffs as we did to clinch so that we had that Swagger and Motivation from winning Games going in even if they didnt Matter to us Now i Maybe wrong but this is just my opinion
  5. I Agree but if that Trade Turns to Bite us in the rear Nest Season then what do you do aswell This is literally a Catch 22 Situation Here Robrob74 Cause if you Trade him and then he destroys you on a New team then your kicking yourself if you dont trade him and his trade value drops cause he has a crappy season then your Toast But it is a Situation No one Can Predict what would happen if he was traded or what will happen on that same Vein If We keep him Now im not Saying there isnt Reason for Concern i Agree but all im Saying is Dont Go Making a Rash decision before it Kick's you in the Family Jewels and you Regret it later
  6. Sorry But i dont Share this View of giving up on him yet i seen this the previous Season with Hamonic being with a new team now this is the same scenario new team new coach it takes time i think James Neal know he can be alot better and will be when the season starts i just know how hard it can be to go from team to team and adjusting is easier said then done i Know im Gonna take Heat for he is a Professional player but sometimes it is alot easier said then done if after next season there is no Improvement Fine move him but give him that year leeway to get adjusted to the team and the coach
  7. I dont want him sold i just want more score through the lines I Honestly think neals issues had more to do with a new team new coach new system etc cause i look at Hamonic after a year as a flame and he change so much last year it was amazing
  8. Dude thats Like me Always Saying God you know i sure wish i could win the lottery
  9. You know I said the Canes would win this but There eating the islanders alive there isnt gonna be enough meat left on the bones left for the poor starvings dinosaurs
  10. As i have Said Before No Player can be read from interviews cause they are taught from wee high to grasshopper how to speak to the media hiding the true facts of anything
  11. Would they have to pay rent
  12. Has there Been Any News on the Arena Negotiations
  13. I mentioned This Once Before but Calgary Need More Scoring punches throughout the Line up Cause The Avalance were able to Exploit us cause they knew our scoring drive is Mony/johnny/lindholm We need another Line that can also produce cause that also takes the pressure of the Johnny line cause if they shut that line down like Avs did then we have a back up plan to goto so that we arnt Destroyed Just Imo
  14. I dont know the truth on this but i feel the islanders are alot easier of a team compared to how hard of a team the capitals are they are alot harder of a team more dangerous players then the islanders i feel
  15. Personally Johnny is never gonna state how he truly feels in a interview these players are Bred to put a Mask on in front of the media