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  2. I think a part of it is they were Tired and they are tired it is a back to back
  3. Smitty Is Battling tonight
  5. you cant expect your goalie to saving anythng when you leave a guy wide open
  6. Sluggish goals Happen to the Best goalies
  7. I think Cassie said it Exact Smith it to good To have it Continue Goalies Go through struggles and Slumps it Just so happens Smith Slump started the year
  8. Not a Terrible Period
  9. I disagree with you going he wouldnt have
  10. The announcers said it reallly wasnt smiths fault but lets see how he responds
  11. Maybe Canuck Fans are Frogs To ugly to be kissed by a woman
  12. Hmmm he cant be a Troll There Ugly and Green and Reside under Bridges to scared children
  13. Yeah la Clipppers then Hockey in the evening