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  1. Anaheim wins in overtime Sharks 1 point lol
  2. im dang neare roling Sharks get beat up by the kings lol
  3. And i honest to god Think im gonna win the lotto 6/49 without buying a ticket
  4. Sharks lose 7-3 To Knights
  5. im more like george all bourbon all scotch all beer
  6. Would be Nice if the Sharks Would lose to vegas tonight knock on wood
  7. Wouldnt that be Hockey Peons
  8. Flames today Officially Clined a playoff spot wild lost last night so no matter how many we lose were in just a matter of what position
  9. This could hurt us sam bennett and monhan out big ouch
  11. Must of got a new gunney sack for his hockey stick go jonny go
  12. Ok all Night take care ill go play final fantasy i asked nicely if you cant listen my health isnt worth it
  13. Carty Stop it man literally im SERIOUS
  14. Well it isnt worth taking a seizure trying to cypher what he is saying
  15. if you cant speak englisdh carty im not talking A Epileptic seizure trying to cypher through your gibberish