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  1. Personally I dislike offer Sheets Cause yes The player is good Dont take me Wrong but For Example Montreal If the offer sheet hadnt of been matched they lose a first 2nd and 3rd now that Is a very Expensive Price to pay for any player
  2. i wouldnt want kadri i dont like his disciplinary actions and he doesnt learn
  3. There is Rumbles Smith is Signing with the oilers
  4. The_Snowbear


    Phaneuf is not welcome here
  5. Wanted to give a breif update a Friend of mine close to Ken king so knowing the negotiations says without involvement of nenshi Arena negotiations are moving alot smoother then they were originally That being said These are Sad times as that same Friend also told me that Ken King is Extremely ill and he would be suprised if he makes it the year with his health status
  6. Honestly Edmonton ruined Talbot i felt he was a decent Goalie and i honestly Feel With the Way the flames play and there Defence that Talbot could really do well here Imo
  7. I Think The Team is Leaning towards Rittich As The Starter And talbot as Back now i dont know if we sign talbot how we will have the space for Rfa
  8. And Talbot maybe cheap as a Back up if they dont feel gillis is Ready Talbot may not Be the End all to be all in Goalies but When you are Under a Cap world your not Gonna End up with The goalie That is The best in the world persay cause With so many players needing contracts for the Flames They need the cheapest route they can Go I know right now people wont like what im saying but with the cap so low it really hampers out Trading and Fa signings etc
  9. Thought So flames were Pretty quiet at the Draft and i think that is more to do with the Cap space Then anything else
  10. Not that i know anything about him
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