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  1. From Tre the Captaincy will wait and see there not in a rush to just place a c to anyone they will see during training camp how things go... His other comments Trades didnt Happen and itseeemed from his presser more cause he didnt have Dance partner then anything to trade with
  2. from what i heard i got the tail end some of there players left with injurys
  3. sure Hope if he is extended 8 years inregards to johnny it take the doubt of if he wants to be in calgary
  4. Are those Traveldudes Teeth lol lol lol lol
  5. When is training camp fitness training etc
  6. KK is not worth 6.1 he is still really unproven for that kind of money yet
  7. Ill Trust all of you your like my Flames Family cause we are always together with this team no matter what
  8. I didnt say we were but we couldnt even beat the senators last year and there not that good lol
  9. I Agree but the Issue Lastyear was we lacked Scoring that still hasnt been fixed were all the scoring is coming from is beyond me
  10. Im just confused how to be positive and this team and even be competitive when you didnt fix the problems that lagged this team last year
  11. i honestly think eichel isnt going anywhere sabres are asking to much and there arnt alot of teams no matter how good he is willing to pay it or he would be gone
  12. Well imo They put a way way to high of a price one eichel and now they are gonna pay for it cause imo they are asking way to much for him and you can see it team are refusing to bend to the ammount that they want for him
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