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  1. I Have epilepsy myself so i really hope he is ok
  2. https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/flames-defenceman-t-j-brodie-collapses-practice/ During Todays Practice Tj brodie collaped convulsing on the ice I sure hope he is ok
  3. pp Is looking better this round had some good chances before end of period
  4. You Cant Blame Brodie For that Goal in Ot Brodie Takes alot of Criticism But That Ot Was All on Gaudreau And cause Of it Put Brodie in a Akward Position Witch isnt Fair
  5. they Better Play a better game for there sake Peters wasnt happy with the phx game
  6. Bill Peters Was not i mean not happy with that game win or not he was not please with the defensive effort in that game and said it was gonna be a interesting conversation tonight and tomorrow
  7. still time to get back in this and down one we got a chance
  8. we need a goal here to get life in the dome and the team
  9. We have 9 shots on goal maybe one on the pp but that is also there defence aswell
  10. Only one goal down Peter's does say it is real tough to play after coming off the road for so long
  11. that hinostroza i thought they said minostroza and thought he was a soup
  12. Well what you expect they call a suspension just for hitting someone nowadays
  13. It is snowing pretty brutally out that could be part of it cowtown
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