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  1. Flames gives ducks first home loss Talbot First win in Flaming c
  2. Would be nice to see him get a Win in Flaming C
  3. There are alot of trips buy the Drunks but no penaltys
  5. Was a Good pass Cause Gibson didnt even see the pass
  6. Goal Was assisted my Brodie and gaudreau
  7. Not just Bp The whole team is going to have to earn there pay checks
  8. From What im hearing Sam Bennett got Injured By the hit from Mcdermid
  9. Enough is Enough We Neeed Work Ethic Tonight Period No matter who is and isnt suiting up Work Ethic period
  10. It Wasnt ment that way Bro im sincerly Sorry
  11. Carty i wasnt complaining at you at all i was complaining at the system cause even on the main page those are the line-up i wasnt dissing you bro
  12. Not sure how kylington is in the lineup when he is sent to stockton
  13. Well Something is wrong when the Goalie is showing more emotions then the whole team is
  14. Peters just laid into the flames in the commercial break
  15. Feel sorry for Gio he never gives up turnovers
  16. on a Side note Helm was find 5k for the slash on lindholm
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