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  1. Yeah Travel dude Remember Shop like Santa's mother
  2. Travel Dude has a sever problem he has a fever and the only cure is more cow bell
  3. Yeah before this saturday the last time i was at a flames game the flames tickets were 20$
  4. Do you know the answer to my question Travel dude
  5. Anyone That Has Been to Hockey Games lately Know if your allowed to Get Autographs from the player... It use to be down by were they leave the building at one time but they have changed it so many times that i have lost count
  6. Wow people are Testy at this time of Year
  7. I dont know anything about edwards at all I do like how Ward is managing the flames lineups i also like how he met with the Flames leadership to ask how they wanted to be coached I know players adjust no matter what but it is nice to get there output there take gets respect from the players cause they feel your listening to them as human beings
  8. Were Playing Very well alot of Chances with the new lines
  9. Anyone Know if you can still Get Autographs after the games i know it changes all the time
  10. yeah but there not as often together if there not the top line
  11. Why i said Sometimes a Line Change is what the doctor Ordered
  12. Change is sometimes a Good thing Weather is stays remains to be seen but it give the flames a different look when teams face them
  13. That is exactly what i mean like why wasnt he charged hockey your no Hockey This is a Business i could imagine if my boss working for loblaw aka superstore starte kicking and punching his staff how the Union be ohhhh so pleased
  14. I think what i Find Extremely Disturbing is the Assault At the Work Place and why Law Enforcement Wasn't Called I dont care if it is Hockey or Any other Job on the planet Assault in the Workplace is Unacceptable
  15. i doubt it sincerely he Has 2 things Against him 1 Racial Slurs 2 Assaulting other Players both issues are very Serious Cause by right Francis could of Called the Cops and Had Bill peters Charged with Assault
  16. Bought a Ticket to our 2pm carolina Game december 14th im pumped
  17. they do say it doesnt have to be the fanciest ways sometimes to win a game
  18. The Most important thing of all the players Can officially move on
  19. yeah but i agree with ward i like elton john but tiny dancer lol lol
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