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  1. Flames need to play the same way not takeing teams litely cause there lower in the standings
  2. I think Ryan Pike is in Different time frame as us in his world it is already the 10th of january lol lol
  3. Your there inspiration Cross hehehehe
  4. He has been doing better as of late they actually i noticed before started there gatorade actions again
  6. Nice to see him resign today
  7. I dont care how we get the point by hoook or by crook they all count
  8. Flames Penalty 2 minutes for not wearing Green
  9. may not deserve overtime but we get the Boobie Prize
  10. Problem is 3rd period wild play boudreau trap
  11. Rittich is also not playing his greatest game
  12. Stone literally Lets a Bomb go when he shoots
  13. the ice doesnt seem the greatest either
  14. The ice in Minny is terrible the puck is bouncing like a soccer ball
  15. Stalock should of got a penalty cause he wasnt in his trapazoid
  16. if you had played the ammount rittich had you would be falling off to brew
  17. This anthem Sounds like he is Hurting singing the Anthem
  18. Good Win very hard fought they had to fight for it
  19. Chucky seems unoticable aswell though
  20. it was deflected off a player your normally that doesnt go in
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