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  1. This Team really has me Worried we lack defence lack offence push sure we got a Goalie for the next six years but we havent fixed our offence and we have sat there and lost defence so im not sure how we are gonna compete we havent got any cap room to even sign the pope to play hockey for this team right now
  2. Just want to take this Moment to Give a Big helping hand and Thank to Jtech for all the Signing And trade updates on friday it was a huge help to all of us
  3. Lapierre wasnt up to bt that is up to the scouts not the gm and if the gm is gonna do his own thing why have scouts then
  4. Official now with tyson barrie and oilslick,
  5. Im fully with you there but jtech i like the security in net for the net 6 years one less thing we have to worry about were going into season it has always been 1 year one goalie proving himself
  6. The only Issue i have with tanev signing is it is to high of a contract and we still havent fixed our scoring depth issues
  7. Id rather something there then nothing at all imo
  8. Problem is we dont know if the others options like vatanen were not alot more expensive were not the fly on the wall so you sign what you can with what is out there
  9. Tanev has alot better offence then brodie so i can handle that
  10. Witch player are we talking about i think i missed the boat flag it down for me please
  11. There is a Interview of markstrom with dittrick on flames tv
  12. Is that how you get paid the people works 2 years but only goto work for 1 year
  13. Gets paid 2 years for one year of hockey
  14. Well Atleast this team has some goaltending Security after the last few years of one and done years of goalies
  15. 6x6 for a goalie like markstrom isnt bad at all we could of paid alot worse and had alot worse of term aswell
  16. The peoplw dont chew all of your nails bro lol lol
  17. Hearing from sportsnet what is holding up markstrom deal is he wants 7 years flames want 6
  18. With Crosby maybe He can help janks
  19. Calgary Flames still Grinding Away on Terms with markstrom contract
  20. Tre must be burning the morning Oil on the markstrom contract
  21. I heard the same on fan960 Jtech
  22. Sounds like 6yr for markstron for calgary
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