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  1. He Was unfortunatly Laser Killed By Aliens that came to his house to visit him
  2. Calgary Looked Literally pathetic out there i have Seen them play 100%! Better passing sucked Defense was at Subway the only portion of the team that showed up was Mike Smith
  3. Well Jager is old enough to need a walker soonish lol were suppose to be getting faster not slower
  4. How does the Amazon have anything to do with the flames and the new arena
  5. Why is it every Goaltender We get that should be good once he comes to calgary he Thinks he can have a holiday
  6. You Know I was Discussing this issue with my father and he said everyone is saying it is nenshi this nenshi that political this or that but even if nenshi is removed tomorrow that changes nothing The City Council Votes on stuff like this as a council and he is just the bad guy to give the bad news
  7. I Honestly Think i can Say im more Scared then i have been in along time this is my team since i was very very young the only team i have ever cheered for and to just think that if they cant work something out the reprocussions of it scares the life out of me
  8. I had heard they were Giving it to the Csec in a trade for the saddledome property
  9. See that is were it Doesnt make sense i was under the impression the land that the flames were using for the new arena was owned By Calgary stampede not the city and calgary stamepede was gonna give them that land for the saddledome land now if that is the case why do they need to pay rent they own the land period
  10. i have heard it was cause calgary refused to pay a rent on the new building
  11. Well i sure hope the new Mayor is willing to talk and not play games
  12. No nenshi is being a idiot he is trying to build something over where calgary wanted to put the new arena im really upset im hoping my flames stay in calgary this has me soooooooo woried
  13. Just wanted To mention Smith Mask look totally fricken epic like Wow that is originality
  14. So im Gonna Ask a Question We know the Flames do there Summer Work outs all year when do they get back on the and start Skating getting there legs Back
  15. Hey i play diablo 3 It owns lol lol
  16. Im Excited To see This Team Period The Transactions we have made not To massive and the signings we didnt sign right to the cap either so we also have room
  17. The Reason Calgary Next Was So Big Mac Was it was Covering 2 Teams a Stadium for the Stampeders and a Arena for the Flames Now weather the flames get there arena or Not The Stampeder Still need a New Stadium As Mcman is as old as Rock So they were Trying to Cover Both Building in one Area
  18. Another Thing To look at is Nenshi was a Big block a at first saying the City wouldn't Pay anything thing for a new Arena Or Stadium Now The problem is Weather you and i Know the Figures there is Money the City Makes With the Flames here And With The ownership not Just Owning the Flames but the Stampeders Aswell i think Nenshi Relized he had to Smarten up or IF he loses Both the Flames and the Stampeders there will Be Fans at City Council with noose for His Head
  19. From My understand Calgarynext is Basically Scrapped of the flames put the new arena were they have applied for in Victoria Part then Calgarynext wont happen
  20. Im proud of what he has done yes he Gave away Draft Picks but like i have said before it takes a Price to better your Team and Bt was willing to pay that price to better the team not just for today but also for the future not leaving us strapped at a year aswell the 2 players we signed arnt big contracts so that still leaves us room to do something if we need to make a trade or whatever mid Season
  21. Not a matter of that Dirtys deeds more to help us against how in the play offs teams will line match the hell outta you and if you cant respond as easy when your on the road
  22. I Said the samething at that time and ill it again cc you gotta Pay big prices to get good players if you dont you end up with the trash that no one wants
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