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  1. That is True but Most of the time if the player wants to play and he is a Good player such as smith is he is gonna play if he is playing good now if he is playing like crap then that is were the Coach decision in lineup comes in cause if a player is Playing Great doesnt matter what coach you are you Remove a Goalie usually the player isnt happy unless it is a Back to Back
  2. We Can Debate that Till The World End's Cowtownguy but the only person thhat can say weather he feels like it is to much is the player himself and if he wants to play he is gonna play doesnt matter literally
  3. http://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/sources-mike-smiths-groin-injury-not-bad-originally-feared/ Seeems yes it is Groin but not as Bad as Feared
  4. Smith is a Work Horse So if He has Played alot it is more cause he has wanted to weather you like GG or you dont like him if a goalie feels exhausted cause of the amount he has played the coach will fix that Now yes he is injured but that can happen to a goalie that has played 1 game the groin is a Very Common injury to Hurt with Goalie with the amount of moviing this was and that way
  5. I Dont think he was played to often you play your #1 Goalie alot now Mike know's gg and he woulld of said Something if he Felt he had played to much Aswell
  6. Personally I feel Bt If He Makes any Moves it is Gonna Be For a Player That has Proven Numbers weather it is young or Older he is Not gonna Get a young Martin or Leivo When they Basically Have No Nhl Stats worth Sinking a Titanic He Wants someone Weather it is for 3rd or Forth line that is Gonna Come in and is Capable of making that line better By Getting Points... Just My Opinion i Could be Wrong
  7. I have Been More Then Pleased with How Well Smith Has Come in This Year and solidified our Number 1 position
  8. Nenshi Td Is To stuck on Offering the Flame project's with the Deal that are Gonna Be Built Weather the New arena is Built or Not
  9. Im Honestly Curious if We will Be Quiet Or Active during the Tdl Cause We do have Holes
  10. No They Will use the SaddleDome Making Negotiations Even More Difficult Nenshi Doesnt Have a Brain Cell in his Brain to Negotiate a Proper Deal so tthis isnt happening
  11. That and Monahan is Extremely Good on Faceoffs that is hard to find
  12. Be cause Tmac there Playing Vegas In calgary he would be awfully lonely there by himself lol
  13. Personally I wish either the team would move or get this sorted out stop the drama and move on enough is enough
  14. So beings he is on wavers how come a goalie hasnt been recalled were in dallas tomorrow doesnt he need to be there asap sorry is this is a dumb Question
  15. Well Personally I sincerly Liked What Chabot Said Sounded Alot more Positive then Nenshi was And seemed like he wanted to go that Extra mile to help the flames Get a new Arena by not just the City footing the Bill now we may all say what investors would want in but that is more then Nenshi is offering right now imo
  16. I tend to look at it atleast he is willing to make effots and look for other windows to help get it built imo more then nenshi is trying to do
  17. was doing some Reading on the Candidates for the election and i spotted this i really like how this candidate has the drive at wanting to make a deal work if there are other ways to make it work http://www.chabot4calgary.com/calgary-arena
  18. Well Jager is old enough to need a walker soonish lol were suppose to be getting faster not slower
  19. How does the Amazon have anything to do with the flames and the new arena
  20. Why is it every Goaltender We get that should be good once he comes to calgary he Thinks he can have a holiday
  21. You Know I was Discussing this issue with my father and he said everyone is saying it is nenshi this nenshi that political this or that but even if nenshi is removed tomorrow that changes nothing The City Council Votes on stuff like this as a council and he is just the bad guy to give the bad news
  22. I Honestly Think i can Say im more Scared then i have been in along time this is my team since i was very very young the only team i have ever cheered for and to just think that if they cant work something out the reprocussions of it scares the life out of me
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