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  1. Not really Cause adam fox wasnt gonna sign in calgary you cant force someone to stay in calgary
  2. docccccccccccccccccccccccccCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC
  3. they cant play him in if im right cause once he is traded he is traded
  4. Yeah frolik is out tonight he has been traded to Buffalo
  5. I Was listening To pat Steinberg Overtime i Guess Rittich is a Real Joker he love Joking alot with everyone
  6. Those 3 Quick goals i almost fell out of my computer chair i wasnt expecting them that quick
  7. This Team and totally Changed since Ward took over it is like Ward Feeds them there angry pills before each game
  10. Leafs are getting away with murder out there
  11. Not Sure how many Games you have seen Rocket cause of your time zone we have been playing well bro
  12. Not a bad period Both teams are playing very quick
  13. Hey cross Check your pm i asked you a question bro
  14. Are you Sure Td that isnt what you look like in the Morning ROFLMAO
  15. Think the flames are mad last time they were in phoenix they were shut out
  16. Yeah but carty if the hearing is bad enough you need a hearing aid you just turn down the volume roflmao
  17. Are we sure that is Talbot and not Travel dude playing goal in disguise
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