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  1. Well i guess if that Elbowing a Real Elbowing Call must be Kneeing
  2. if they call that elbowing i wonder what they call elbowing kneeing
  3. I Guess Yesterday Jh had a big Bug and was Sick not sure if that is any indication of his play last game no clue but could possibly be
  4. First Goal talbot said he got sprayed in the eyes and lost site of the puck
  5. I like our offensive zone Attack tonight
  6. Good Start Flames arnt sleeping tonight
  7. Were not allowed to post streaming links
  8. For Some Not Aware this game is Being Shown Only on channel 302 with Shaw cable
  9. Just watched Raptors Ring Ceremony and Banner unveiling
  10. Flames gives ducks first home loss Talbot First win in Flaming c
  11. Would be nice to see him get a Win in Flaming C
  12. There are alot of trips buy the Drunks but no penaltys
  14. Was a Good pass Cause Gibson didnt even see the pass
  15. Goal Was assisted my Brodie and gaudreau
  16. Not just Bp The whole team is going to have to earn there pay checks
  17. Were Battling out there early on WOOT
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