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  1. Change is sometimes a Good thing Weather is stays remains to be seen but it give the flames a different look when teams face them
  2. That is exactly what i mean like why wasnt he charged hockey your no Hockey This is a Business i could imagine if my boss working for loblaw aka superstore starte kicking and punching his staff how the Union be ohhhh so pleased
  3. I think what i Find Extremely Disturbing is the Assault At the Work Place and why Law Enforcement Wasn't Called I dont care if it is Hockey or Any other Job on the planet Assault in the Workplace is Unacceptable
  4. i doubt it sincerely he Has 2 things Against him 1 Racial Slurs 2 Assaulting other Players both issues are very Serious Cause by right Francis could of Called the Cops and Had Bill peters Charged with Assault
  5. Bought a Ticket to our 2pm carolina Game december 14th im pumped
  6. they do say it doesnt have to be the fanciest ways sometimes to win a game
  7. The Most important thing of all the players Can officially move on
  8. yeah but i agree with ward i like elton john but tiny dancer lol lol
  9. ok so geoff ward feels tiny dancer wouldnt get him pumped for a practice roflmao
  10. With the Stress of the players the last week or so they deserve music to try and lighten that atmosphere
  11. Does that mean the Arena is still ago sorry im confused
  12. The Flames Carry the Burden Jtech cause of the Legal Ramifications To firing peters over this cause of when this happened and that it didnt happen During his time with the team itself
  13. And if you think of this in a Broad aspect Treliving says what we want the flames get sued i dont think the owners would be pleased
  14. This is to legal by laywers and that is why the presser isnt what we like
  15. The thing is this is a Legal Matter with contract now if the flames fire peter bang peters can sue the flames for 2 mill for the remainder of his contract as this incident happened 10 years ago and didnt just happen now so they have to do there do diligence to get out of this contract
  16. Horseman you cant lay this one on Treliving there way know way for treliving to know or find out unless akim aliu told him at that time and it isnt something you expect you need to ask.. like sir have you said and racial slurs in the last ten years yah right....
  17. See i dont agree with him how in good faith and honesty can you look at someones statement and say to them your not sincere i call bs here
  18. Brian Burke Said his legal Council would of told him not to include aliu in that letter
  19. Part of the issue and i can understand it is when these allegations were done he wasnt in the NHL at the time so can he be fired for something 10 years ago for something not in the nhl the only thing right now that he could be for sure fired on is the kicking and hitting of the carolina player but the racial slurs 10 years ago and not in the nhl as elliotte said what is the statue of limitations on this etc etc
  20. The writing is on the Wall he is gone with out them saying it yes he is under investigation but literally the team isnt letting him anywhere near this team like there is a restraining order on him i think he is gone just needs to be said
  21. Personally i think the only way this goes is with him fired if it was only the flames then maybe he stays on this isnt the Nhl is in this and if he is guilty he is gone
  22. So how is the coaching Dilemma gonna be handled
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