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  1. Carty i wasnt complaining at you at all i was complaining at the system cause even on the main page those are the line-up i wasnt dissing you bro
  2. Not sure how kylington is in the lineup when he is sent to stockton
  3. Well Something is wrong when the Goalie is showing more emotions then the whole team is
  4. Looks like Talbot Maybe entering this games
  5. Peters just laid into the flames in the commercial break
  6. Feel sorry for Gio he never gives up turnovers
  7. on a Side note Helm was find 5k for the slash on lindholm
  8. Maybe someone convinced the refs to drink the flames Kool-aid lol lol
  10. Dumb flyers penalty but we will take it
  11. Sorry Conundrum do i need to remove it
  12. Hit them were they hurt on the pp Boys
  13. Calgary need to slow down with the penalties
  14. Side Note 36th birthday for the dome tonight
  15. I feel Sorry For Talbot On that last Goal
  16. Hey Im happy that They didnt play a terrible first they have played a decent Second period here
  17. First 2 goals by Talbot i really Didnt blame on him if you want td i can disable the 2 that flash i wouldnt want to give you a headache
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