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  1. I feel Sorry For Talbot On that last Goal
  2. Hey Im happy that They didnt play a terrible first they have played a decent Second period here
  3. First 2 goals by Talbot i really Didnt blame on him if you want td i can disable the 2 that flash i wouldnt want to give you a headache
  4. They Dont drive me crazy it is more Strobe lights and Stress with me
  5. Hey Carly Try not to use the Seizure Example iam a epileptic and deals with those all the time Man
  6. Looks like the flames dont want to play 60 minutes again
  7. Wow Bill Peters Was Pretty Blunt with the Team We need to learn to Work for 60 minutes until we do the games will always be up in the air You Know After Last Year if we can take anything from it The flames Took a Good Schillacking By the Pittsburgh Penguins After That Loss it is What Woke this Team up and changed our Season Will the Vegas Game be our penguins game like last year and pull this team together
  8. I Dont See in Why you destroy your top line when it is the most consistant most of the time When there Contracts Come up for renewal wait till then Dont Ship them off before that time has come
  9. Tonights game is important for Consistency something we seen alot last year something we need to see this year
  10. Weird waterfox alpha loads the pages waterfox regular bugs out and i cleaned my cache
  11. Most the penalties tonight though have been
  12. Another penalty There Asking for trouble
  13. We are Still taking way to many penalties
  14. There Playing alot better then in colorado
  15. as much as the pp needs work i like our start alot better then wednesday
  16. I Dont say this much tonight wasnt the refs as much as the players imo Yes some of the penalties but If you give the Ref a Reason to call a penalty he is gonna call it.. if your the flames Dont put yourself in the position that your gonna get called for a penalty cause when you take the ammount we took that is why we lost the game
  17. Calgary is playing way way sluggish here 3 shot in almost 20 minutes you can't win anything if you cant get shots
  18. you know i feel sorry for the players as soon as they come to calgary it isnt even september and we get like 2ft of snow lol
  19. Now If Toby Rieder does well with the Flames this year is He a Player you Re-sign or just leave him as a 1 year rental
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