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  1. Im Happy The Bread Man is signed so he can prepare of yeast mode Now to hope Chucky is close
  2. That interesting i open a thread on the same principal i open everyone Ignores a yet someone else opens a Thread of the same thing and people answer
  3. I dont Think it will honestly take 10 years for this arena i think it will get done on time as they schedule it
  4. Imo With the Speed of The nhl Nowadays You play a Dangerous Game when you try to go around a D at a High Speed And with how fast it is someone is gonna Get hurt it honestly Doesnt have to be Gio it could be any D man playing there Position with how fast the game has become
  5. The Only Excitement In Edmonton is that a Arena was named after Jerome in St Albert
  6. Ok im Confused we have always used Na Ice for Nhl Games Unless im missing something
  7. How many Rebuilds Does Edmonton Really Need They Have how many Top Draft picks that they have Totally Destroyed the only Sucess in the many Years of High Draft picks They Tanked for is Mcdavid That Imo Is Sad literally Cause you shouldnt need that many Draft Picks To complete a Proper Rebuild Imo
  8. We Can Sit here honestly Robrob And try to Predict what he is gonna do and have Ulcers worrying what he is gonna do aswell until the time comes really there isnt anything to worry about till that time comes
  9. Exactly Ty Td if we Get a Trade me Request from Jh then Deal with it at that time But honestly We need to Stop trying to read players minds on what we Think they are gonna do or not gonna do unless we are all tarot card Readers all the Sudden
  10. I Debated Opening Another Thread But i felt it Warrented Being the Flames this Season are Officially Celebrating 40 Years of Calgary Flames Hockey How Fast the time Goes buy When i heard This i couldnt But Dang it is sure nice to See out team Has been in Calgary 40 Years After all the Times were we thought this Team was Gone Cause of Money Etc etc before the Salary Cap era Came into effect
  11. Official Flames Will Support as New logo Representing there 40 yrs in the league that ice was officially layed as there is a video of it on the main page
  12. I worries Me more i think on weather he wants to stay here or he wants to Move to the us like his Father Obviously Everyone Has there opinion of what they think he will do id like to know what he actually wants
  13. Well Really Glad your Back we all missed ya
  14. Hey Kehatch welcome back been awhile Maybe it was me but you seemed not around much last season or it was we kept missing each other lol
  15. I think Right Now The only Thing i want to see is not the lines etc etc is Tkachuk Signed Cause this Waiting is Enough to Kill a Rhino and Scares me to No end
  16. If i Beileved ek id beileve chicken little and that the sky is falling
  17. Does Valimaki Injury honestly Give us Cap relief cause he isnt gonna be playing for along time
  18. After Listening to Bt Valimaki isnt even in Calgary Yet they are waiting for his Knee pain to Simmer down before he can take a Flight to calgary and get the Surgery Done By the flames Doctors
  19. You Know I didnt Care for the Trade at First But after i looked at this in Depth i looked at 2 things What did Neal bring Last Year Nothing You Bring in a Bad Contract ok But Then you Read Someone like Milan Lucic is trying to improve His Game buy going to Adam oats So What this do Well possibly Add a Better Lucic but Also a Gritty Lucic Aswell So you Get rid of someone that Did nothing for a Player Helping Himself to be Better and that Can show Grit When Needed And Protect Our players Cause No Matter Who you are in the League You are gonna Watch how you Hit Jh Mony etc Cause most players know as soon as lucic gets on the ice he is gonna have your Number
  20. How ever This plays out I got my Signature Fix properly no more link Instead
  21. Just Convince that Guy Lou To leave Poor Bob Barkers alone
  22. Gm_3300 No Need to Talk like that to Cross He has been here for along time and does deserve that Respect you dont have to agree with him but come on
  23. Has there been anything on Tkatchuk or is it just me that cant find a thing on it
  24. The Flyers Arnt Making the playoffs Unless Somehow tomorrow Hell Freezes over They have already Stated they have Way Way to many Hold they have to still plugs to Ice a Full team
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