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    Yes please! Quick.. do it before our Cali trip.
  2. Hope so. And hopefully you caught some of the game on Sportsnet tonight... Hutton displayed exactly what he can bring. To cross.. just preseason vs the meagre Oilers... But Edler with an outstanding puck moving display tonight.
  3. Im thinking you may be a little spoiled from watching Brodie Giordano. Edler-Tanev's puck moving ability is just fine. Describing them as not being to move the puck well is inaccurate. I thinking you must judging via point totals.
  4. Why is this the bigger question? I don't speak for anyone else. I'm discussing my opinion. But you know that my opinion is the smart opinion by now Peeps. Even the regressed/injured Twins during a brutal season were top 30 scorers on par with Perry, Getzlaf, Carter, Monahan production.... Playing with a Zero time 20 goal scorer all season. We'll see what they do this season... level of actual regression is Yet To Be Determined. I personally think they'll be top 20 scorers again with luck in the health department. As for Edler-Tanev not being a top pairing D... agree to disagree. Their fancy numbers are top tier when Edler is healthy. They could definitely score more.. but they got the D part down. We'll see soon enough.
  5. The Sedins age doesn't concern me this season... the way they work with Eriksson is exciting. And I easily see more goals coming from upfront depth over last yr.. I think last year was the worst production year from a Canucks overall as a franchise and one of the worst ever for the D. Out: Biega, Bartkowski, Weber: 176gms, 38 pts. Hutton is an offensive type puck mover and will likely finish 1st or 2nd on our D in scoring, so your read on him is off.. Tanev worked on his prime weakness over the summer, so we'll see if he can create something more significant than 20ish points. They had two 20 point dmen and 23 total goals from the backend last yr. The year before they had Four 20 pt dmen 34g from the backend... and were a 100pt team. We should have 3 this coming season: Edler, Tanev and Hutton. Hutton and a healthy Edler will be 30 pt dmen barring games played issues. (I'm too lazy to add up pt totals which would be the best point of reference) Cross just touched upon what the Canucks need to do to rebuild... replace the top end talent. Juolevi is in the fold for the future top pair.. Upfront, it'll be much more challenging to replace the Twins.. and let's face it... we likely won't see top line players as good as the Twins in Vancouver for a generation if ever. When Virtanen develops, he'll be a top line winger... Henrik will be much more challenging to replace. But anyways.. none of that has to do with This Season. I'm pretty happy with Edler-Tanev as the current shut down top pairing.. and like I said, not concerned YET about the Twins. You guys are over emphasizing the scoring aspect when there are 2 sides to goal differential. I think we will be clearly more difficult to play against. D is bigger and more mobile. Our PK should return to top 10 form it's been for the last half decade. Eriksson, Sutter, Hansen, Burrows, Horvat Sutter is one of the best at surpressing goals against so having him for more than 20 gms should be tangible in the results. Twins always control possession... so What kind of development step does Horvat take defensively? Well.. he's got Sutter now to shelter him from the heavy defensive lifting he tried to fill last season. So hopefully another -30 season will not be seen. Speaking of +/-.. -30 Vrbata(63gms!), gone -19 Bartkowski, gone -17 Weber(45gms), gone -14 Vey(41gms), gone - flames -14 Higgins (33gms!), gone - flames Retained: (-30, -21, -14 the kids Horvat, Hutton, Baert.)
  6. If the World Cup is any indication Sedin-Sedin-Eriksson is most definitely a top tier line. Wishful thinking to think they're not. Thornton-Pavelski, Gaudreau-Monahan, Getzlaf-Perry, McDavid-Eberle, Kopitar-Lucic-Gaborik-Purcell?. The twins still stack up well in the division. They'll be playing with perhaps their most talented winger yet. Just need to stay healthy for 82+. Transition and scoring from the D was a HUGE issue last yr... we also iced Biega for 51 gms, Weber for 45 and Bartkowski for 80. Edler played just 50, Hamhuis unfortunately sustained a facial fracture trying to remove his head from his arse. I feel a little better about the depth this season. Based on my viewing of Gudbranson in the playoffs last yr, he stood out as the Panthers best Dman to me.. the guy can skate and battle.
  7. Gudbranson is also much more skilled than he gets credit for. Initial reviews from our beat reporters is that he brought a lot more to table than they expected to see - basically his skill set on display at camp beyond size and toughness. We'll see soon enough. Also don't know why Horvat has to play like a #1 center or Baertschi and Virtanen as top line wingers to save the Canucks this season. Sedins and Eriksson are here filling those roles. I DO expect all 3 to progress over last yr's production rates... The trio gelled late last season and were productive Sedin-Sedin-Eriksson - will be a top tier line Etem-Granlund-Dorsett - 4th line with speed and utility Baertschi-Horvat-Virtanen - Kid line - Fast, skilled, heavy secondary line Burrows-Sutter-Hansen - Smart vet defensive minded 2-way line You can shuffle Virtanen/Hansen, Etem/Burrows, Rodin's caliber is to be determined... but has a SEL MVP to his name. I like the how they match up on paper vs the division. This team lost 9 straight games, swept Cali, then got trounced by Alberta to finish the season. : No Edler, Sutter, Baertschi, Vrbata, Sbisa... It's just misleading to assume we are 75 pt team. I DO like people ARE assuming that tho... Check this out.. Canuck predictions from the 'pros'... THN : 7th in the Pac ESPN : 7th in the Pac, 29th overall SI : 7th in the Pac, 29th overall Vegas : 7th in the Pac
  8. The only significant 'What If ' is health... as it is for every team. Eriksson is significant addition that's been greatly understated. Was the only 30g scorer to move this offseason, and now he's on a line with the Sedins. Their Work Cup performance - the zone time, possession and chances they created vs the elite was a great little preview.. Pk gets a huge boost - Healthy Sutter, and Erkisson to join Hansen, Burrows, Horvat. Tanev, Gudbranson, Tryamkin, healthy Sbisa (if there is one thing he's great at its the PK) Don't let our point total from last year fool you... I think we're closer to the 100+pt Canucks team from 2 yrs ago than the 75 pt version last year The team fell off a cliff after losing Edler, Sutter together in mid-Feb and then shutting down Sbisa and Vrbata for the season in March. As for the our Division... SJ - did well to add Boedker. Speed was an issue. Schlemko with some mobility as well. And Thornton is Thornton. (I think SJ wins the division) LA lost and did not replace Lucic.. (will miss Gaborik for the first month).. Depth issues upfront. - i think they are in danger of missing... Feel they'll be in a battle this season. Ana - Carlyle? really?.. then the added Vermette, Raymond and Boll upfront. They shed McGuinn, Stewart, Perron, Horcoff, Santorelli, Maroon, Pirri... It will be different. In the Central... Chicago is Chicago..(i think they win the division) Nashville will be there.. Dallas took a hit on D.. Goligoski, Demers, Russell gone.. Hamhuis in. Added Hudler, lost Nuke, still have the same goalies. They Drop. St.Louis.. out is Backes. They brought back Perron. I don't know which way Minny will go. I have to think Boudreau will have em going. I think they'll be in a wildcard battle with us and probably you guys.
  9. Points of concern from last season I feel have been upgraded... 1st unit PP... Vrbata checked out... we have Eriksson now for the top line as well as for the 1st unit PP. A healthy Edler is a our 1st unit dman. Secondary scoring should be improved. From development from within, Hansen being pushed down to the middle 6, and Sutter being healthier than 20 gms. Defense will be much more difficult to play against than last season. D has depth over last season: Sbisa/Lasen/Pedan/Tryamkin vying for the 5th/6th position. Will be bigger stronger more mobile... hopefully a bit more healthy. With a healthy Sutter.. our lines set up to matchup very well with Sedin-Horvat-Sutter. Early camp reports on Granlund are promising... will be a camp battle with Gaunce for the 4th line spot. Scoring and transition from the D remains a question mark. Tanev worked on his shot with Stamkos' skill coach... Tryamkin has a bomb, Larsen and Hutton are puck movers.. and Edler is Edler.. Our upgrade will be an improvement in goals against and pushing the play out of our zone more than scoring. We lost sooo many games last season in which we were leading... I expect this version to be better. The beauty of this time of year.... optimism runs rampant as the new season approaches as wait to see how it all falls together. Flames were the worst in the league at getting scored on... Elliot is great start tho... but the rest is on Gully to change the system.. I'm curious to see the effect on the Cgy D and their aggressiveness. Any word on his thoughts in the systems department?
  10. I'm obviously more optimistic.. I think the Canucks will be battling for a playoff spot. Much better depth on the backend to sustain a couple injuries. Being able to push Biega down to the AHL as a #9 is significant. On D, IN: Tryamkin, Gudbranson, Larsen OUT: Hamhuis, Bartkowski, Weber. Rookie Hutton should be better... Overall I'm excited with the D... The whole D outside of maybe 30 yr old Edler are pre-prime players... they should be taking a collective step forward. 6'5 (fastest skater) Pedan should break in this season as the #8.. Baertschi(23)-Horvat(21)-Virtanen(20) 'Limited ceilings' seems like an off comment considering how far they are from said ceilings. Ceilings may or may not be limited... either way, they are a couple/few seasons away from concluding such a thing. They will continue to progress... and two of them are coming in HUGE... Horvat (224 lbs)and Virtanen (229 lbs) Said to be the fastest they've ever been. They will be a LOAD for teams to handle. Despite the top line and Burrows... the Canucks are a very young team. Our secondary scoring will be highly dependent on development of our youth from within and health... You could consider Sutter, Eriksson,, Rodin, and Virtanen (who will slide in fulltime) as our key offensive additions. Out: Vrbata, Vey, Higgins, McCann. I like the upgrades. (Rodin as the 13th would be our Vey replacement) Development from within upfront: Baert, Horvat, Virtanen, Granlund, Etem, Gaunce. ( one or 2 will be the same, 1 or 2 will steop back, 1 or 2 will take a significant step forward) Which one do what will determine how good our 2nd unit PP will be... Goaltending was the least of our problems last year... and I would expect the transition to Markstrom to begin some time this season. Also odd you stated Markstrom with not having a starter's pedigree.. If anything, pedigree is most elite thing about him... considered a prime goalie prospect once. also considered the best goalie outside the NHL at one time.. He's been ultra slow to realize it... but there's been nothing stagnant about his learning curve during his time with the Canucks so far. Hopefully he builds on his showing at the World Cup.. No reason to believe he won't. There's a long winded response for ya... heh.. Thanks..
  11. Is there top 9 roster room at wing for Shink? I was assuming he would be a call up.. who are your NHL caliber wingers he's competing with??
  12. Soooooo... With camp underway.. what's everyone excited about? Vancouver will be adding some BEEF to their lineup. They are coming in THICK this camp. (Whether that's a good thing or not is to be determined) Tryamkin 6'7 265, Gudbranson 6'5 220, Pedan 6'5 218, Horvat 6'1 224!, Virtanen 6'1 229! I'm anxious to see how their conditioning and mobility is effected. Initial reports from days 1 & 2 are positive.
  13. Vey never got a fair shake from a large portion of the fanbase. I didn't mind him... He was a very good 13th forward... can come in and plug a hole for 41-60 gms with various injuries. His pros are his versatility : can play all 3 positions. He's reliable defensively. He not strong on board battles, but he a good garbage man - jumping on loose pucks when hanging off the edge of board battles his linemates are having. You see his AHL-PPG skill in flashes with the passes he makes. He's not fast or strong enough or has strong shot to be 45+ pt NHL regular... but could get you 30 over 82. What drove people here nuts was all the ice time Willie gave him, despite his limited production... Well that was because he was intelligent and reliable defensively and had the coach's trust. But people rather take the coach's pet angle. That was an annoying narrative to read, over and over. If Vey finds open space, he can do something with the puck... he just doesn't have enough tools to earn that open space consistently enough. You may end up frustrated with the bottom line production and watching him get outmuscled in a puck battles but will appreciate the reliability, watching his positioning, IQ.
  14. Keep in mind... that was a couple months ago, prior to seeing them play first hand.. when it was all Forwards all the time.. in terms of discussion. In reference to the Dubois vs Tkachuk discussion i said... (May 30th) http://hfboards.hockeysfuture.com/showpost.php?p=118837181&postcount=21 Skip ahead.. Jun 20th... http://hfboards.hockeysfuture.com/showpost.php?p=119573083&postcount=71 A day later after some reading and video watching... (Jun 21) http://hfboards.hockeysfuture.com/showpost.php?p=119593849&postcount=108 To continue the convo same day.. http://hfboards.hockeysfuture.com/showpost.php?p=119597043&postcount=121 Just the idea of landing potentially the best dman of the draft. I warmed up a lot to Tkachuk's elite skill level during the Mem Cup.. so despite the concern i have over his skating, I'd be more than comfortable drafting him now... But i find myself loving the idea of a high level high IQ smooth skating puck moving dman on our backend a little better. And F commas Then post draft i observed: http://hfboards.hockeysfuture.com/showpost.php?p=119940685&postcount=30 So Yes.. I'm VERY ok with the pick... and it wasn't sudden. I hoped for it. But you guys got yourself a stud as well.. My only 2 concerns with Tkachuk were : -his numbers were inflated due to his 2 exquisite Jr. linemates - his skating stride and speed when i finally got to watch him the the playoffs. Like all things Prospects.... Time Will Tell! Good luck....
  15. He's guilty of tampering.. i didn't dispute that... but not for his Subban comment. And your example isn't an example of tampering... it's an example of unprofessional breech of implied confidentiality.
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