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  1. Didn’t see one of these like we used to have... was all excited that on the day the Canucks lost In regulation for the first time in awhile, that all of the PAC 5 lose outside of Az, ideal as I could ask outside of my team winning so no real damage.... essentially same thing for the flames - best case scenario night after losing one. edit.. remember we used make picks and keep score? I guess it’s too dead here to do that again?
  2. Maybe the Canucks knocked the rust off of the Blues and made em angry. Maybe the Canucks burnt out their arms by letting them take 80 shots. Maybe both. Endure the angry push for the first half the game... then hope they get tired. Cgy can't get caught looking ahead to tomorrow's game like I am. Tomorrow could very well be a dud... but I've set the PVR! Kyrou really stood out for me last night... Pbp had his name rolling off his tongue a lot. Noticeable.. Hard working. Bright side: If you guys lose tonight.. I'll be cheering for you guys tomorrow. If you guys win... Well then... "Good for you!"(Christian Bale voice)
  3. Taking a look at how team do on their Western Canadian swing: Date is gm 1. "-" depicts a day off "/" a back 2 back. Green-Win, Red - Loss, Blue - OTL, Phi: Oct 12: Van--Cgy/Edm Det: Oct 15: Van-Cgy/Edm Was: Oct 22: Cgy-Edm/Van Fla: Oct 24: Cgy--Edm/Van StL: Nov 05: Van/Edm-Cgy NJD: Nov 07: Cgy/Edm-Van Dal: Nov 13: Cgy/Van-Edm Col: Nov 14: Edm-Van--Cgy Ott: Nov 30: Cgy--Van/Edm Buf: Dec 05: Cgy-Van/Edm Car: Dec 10: Edm-Van-Cgy Tor: Dec 10: Van-Cgy-Edm Mon: Dec 17: Van-Cgy-Edm Pit: Dec 17: Cgy--Edm/Van NYR: Dec 31: Edm-Cgy-Van StL: Jan 27: Van/Cgy--Edm Nas: Feb 06: Cgy-Edm-Van Chi: Feb 11: Edm/Van--Cgy Bos: Feb 19: Edm-Cgy/Van CBJ: Mar 04: Cgy--Edm/Van NYI: Mar 10: Van-Cgy/Edm Wpg: Mar 11: Edm--Cgy/Van TBL: Mar 18: Van-Edm/Cgy : 22-19-5 Vistors are 7-7-2 in Game 1 6-6-3 in Game 2 9-6-0 in Game 3 Cgy 8-7 (vistors: 7-7-1) Edm 7-8 (visitors: 8-6-1) Van 9-7 (visitors: 7-6-3) Vancouver is 9-4-3 (did not look up the losses for Cgy/Edm)
  4. https://www.tsn.ca/connor-mcdavid-nathan-mackinnon-headline-tsn-hockey-s-mid-season-top-50-players-1.1431259: Flames related: "Two players inside the Top 20 of this pre-season’s Top 50 - Burns (No. 13) and Johnny Gaudreau (No. 16) - didn’t appear on a single ballot for the mid-season Top 50." "Five of seven Canadian clubs are represented in the mid-season Top 50. Ottawa and Calgary don’t have any players on the list. The Flames had four on the pre-season list: Gaudreau, Mark Giordano, Matthew Tkachuk and Sean Monahan." Canuck related: Pettersson at 20 - fair... Miller at 41- ok.... Boeser at 48 - does not belong in a top 100 - should have been Hughes there instead. NOS. 1 - 5 PRE MID PLAYER TEAM GP G P 1 1 Connor McDavid, C Edm 49 27 76 4 2 Nathan MacKinnon, C Col 49 30 72 25 3 David Pastrnak, RW Bos 51 37 70 11 4 Leon Draisaitl, LW Edm 49 27 75 21 5 Artemi Panarin, LW NYR 47 26 68 NOS. 6 - 10 PRE MID PLAYER TEAM GP G P 29 6 Jack Eichel, C Buf 48 28 62 6 7 Auston Matthews, C Tor 49 34 57 45 8 John Carlson, D Wsh 49 13 60 8 9 Brad Marchand, LW Bos 51 21 65 7 10 Alex Ovechkin, LW Wsh 49 34 50 NOS. 11 - 15 PRE MID PLAYER TEAM GP G P 18 11 Evgeni Malkin, C Pit 37 15 50 42 12 Jonathan Huberdeau, LW Fla 49 18 65 5 13 Patrick Kane, RW Chi 51 25 63 41 14 Roman Josi, D Nsh 47 14 48 3 15 Nikita Kucherov, RW Tam 47 22 54 NOS. 16 - 20 PRE MID PLAYER TEAM GP G P 17 16 Mark Scheifele, C Wpg 50 23 54 10 17 Aleksander Barkov, C Fla 49 16 54 15 18 Mitchell Marner, RW Tor 38 13 47 9 19 Victor Hedman, D Tam 46 9 41 37 20 Elias Pettersson, C Van 49 21 51 NOS. 21 - 25 PRE MID PLAYER TEAM GP G P 19 21 Steven Stamkos, C Tam 45 18 48 2 22 Sidney Crosby, C Pit 22 8 25 23 Connor Hellebuyck, G Wpg 41 2.71 .919 43 24 Alex Pietrangelo, D StL 49 13 40 25 Dougie Hamilton, D Car 47 14 40 NOS. 26 - 30 PRE MID PLAYER TEAM GP G P 14 26 Patrice Bergeron, C Bos 41 21 41 27 Kyle Connor, LW Wpg 50 24 48 24 28 Brayden Point, C Tam 45 18 42 29 Cale Makar, D Col 41 11 37 30 David Perron, LW StL 49 21 49 NOS. 31 - 25 PRE MID PLAYER TEAM GP G P 27 31 Mark Stone, RW VGK 52 18 46 33 32 Sebastian Aho, C Car 50 24 42 33 Bryan Rust, RW Pit 36 21 43 34 Max Pacioretty, LW VGK 52 21 47 35 Jake Guentzel, LW Pit 39 20 43 NOS. 36 - 40 PRE MID PLAYER TEAM GP G P 23 36 Mikko Rantanen, RW Col 33 15 34 31 37 Ryan O'Reilly, C StL 49 9 43 38 Andrei Svechnikov, RW Car 50 19 45 39 Mika Zibanejad, C NYR 35 18 39 40 Ben Bishop, G Dal 32 2.28 .927 NOS. 41 - 45 PRE MID PLAYER TEAM GP G P 41 J.T. Miller, C Van 49 17 46 42 Tristan Jarry, G Pit 25 2.16 .929 12 43 John Tavares, C Tor 42 18 41 44 Shea Weber, D Mtl 50 12 33 20 45 Andrei Vasilevskiy, G Tam 35 2.54 .917 NOS. 46 - 50 PRE MID PLAYER TEAM GP G P 46 Darcy Kuemper, G Ari 25 2.17 .929 47 Patrik Laine, RW Wpg 48 17 45 48 Brock Boeser, RW Van 49 16 43 49 Jordan Binnington, G StL 35 2.58 .912 50 Teuvo Teravainen, LW Car 50 10 48
  5. I am. Can't speak anyone else in the fanbase. I'll make the reminder now.. I don't rep the Canuck fanbase. I happen to be a Canuck fan. People will inevitably brush my opinion as "Canuck fans think.." - They'll be technically incorrect. But, Yes. I'm excited about a potential playoff berth. I also understand your trepidation. Its all relative isn't it. Last yr was the yr of career yrs and the best Flames season in 30, to.. this. I think the nucks have a team better built for playoff hockey than regular season. The beauty of the Pac 5... every team is flawed in some manner. (barring WC crossovers) 2 of these 5 flawed teams HAVE to make it to the second round... one of them HAS to make the 3rd round. Every fanbase has portion that loves to point to every reason it won't be their team. I'm excited it could be mine.
  6. This season is much different than last... Every team in the Pacific has a realistic path to the 3rd round this year... All 5 of these teams are on the same tier (slight edge to VGK). Depending on how the free falling Jets respond and what Nashville is able to muster, we should/could be looking at all 5 Pac teams making it... Once in the playoffs... every potential Pac series will be a toss up right now. we have 30 games for some dust to settle... That's A LOT of hockey. We don't know where the turns lie for each team.... Injuries being the key one... every team will suffer for em... who gets hit hardest? Whose been hit hardest already and therefore likely to run just from getting bodies back? Cgy, VGK changed coaches - what will be the longer term effects of that? Goaltending trends. Special Teams trends. Scoring trends. Goal differential trends. TDL coming up as well... This has been the most entertaining race I can remember watching unfold.
  7. They gotta lose the first one before they lose the seventh. PP has been struggling.. PK was having a tough time... D giving up a lot of chances up until the last few games.. but still winning. Would be nice to see our special teams return to early season effectiveness. Sutter returns to help the PK... We'll see if the difference he's shown continues. If those things improve, we might be able to go on a real run along side which ever other team in the PAC is making their run... Flames perhaps? They got a run in them?
  8. Now now Peeps.... I didn't come back for you guys to gush all over my team and tell me how great it is. I came back so I could do that. Albeit in a more subtle and jabbing manner to annoy everyone. But yeah... Interesting times indeed with how balanced the division is.. unprecedented. Every team is thinking the same thing... If we can just go on a bit of a run here.. we'll be ok.. No. Unlikely, cuz with 5 teams... Chances are at least one other is matching said run. So it should be a great month of musical chairs ... Hopefully ending with Canucks sitting in the final chair when the music stops.
  9. Don't get a lot of fans, period. But it's part of the charm.
  10. Worked out nicely that way eh... Lost access with switch in late 2016ish... Tried to get it back in early 2017, couldn't.. then had my third kid in May '17... And life's been a gong show since... Just stayed on HF.. Randomly took a shot in dark with a PM to a mod when I picked up an old iPad with this forum in its favorites... and Voila! Here I be. I do like how one of my last posts was along the lines of the Sedin-Sedin-Eriksson line should be a top tier line. That alone would of justified 3 yrs of shame. ... Is Derf still around?
  11. DL44


    Just seeing this for the first time... Seen a handful of threads across different forums over the years with news of a forum member that had passed . This is the first time I felt compelled to post.... FF52 and I used go at each other pretty hard yrs ago here .. most of the time I think it was hockey related... He wasn't one to hesitate in challenging my opinion... I think we respected each other... -im gonna go thru my post history... Bet I will find him challenging every post... Sad news.. the forum must have took a massive hit with his loss.
  12. Knocking some rust off..got my account back... Apologies in advance.
  13. DL44


    Yes please! Quick.. do it before our Cali trip.
  14. Hope so. And hopefully you caught some of the game on Sportsnet tonight... Hutton displayed exactly what he can bring. To cross.. just preseason vs the meagre Oilers... But Edler with an outstanding puck moving display tonight.
  15. Im thinking you may be a little spoiled from watching Brodie Giordano. Edler-Tanev's puck moving ability is just fine. Describing them as not being to move the puck well is inaccurate. I thinking you must judging via point totals.
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