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  1. DL44


    Just seeing this for the first time... Seen a handful of threads across different forums over the years with news of a forum member that had passed . This is the first time I felt compelled to post.... FF52 and I used go at each other pretty hard yrs ago here .. most of the time I think it was hockey related... He wasn't one to hesitate in challenging my opinion... I think we respected each other... -im gonna go thru my post history... Bet I will find him challenging every post... Sad news.. the forum must have took a massive hit with his loss.
  2. DL44


    Yes please! Quick.. do it before our Cali trip.
  3. DL44

    Flames Defense

    I thought Giordano looked injured when he blocked the shot with over a min left... looked like he blocked with his arm.. seemed to labor after that and then made his way back to the bench after the Backlund penalty was called bent over. Likely just fatigue tho. But on that final play Bernier jammed up his swing pretty good there... a muscle sprain would be a common issue when something like that happens.... the chest, the shoulder or wrist. The wrist would be most pain in the arse option there. ... tricky timeline... more chronic recovery due to constant requirement of use. Overall, i wouldn't suspect he's out very long at all based on mechanism of injury.
  4. DL44


    I think he's talking about Quick and Lundqvist (in their primes) having worse numbers than by Brodeur and Thomas(senior citizens)... (and injury plagued: Crawford, Halak, and Thomas)
  5. DL44


    Remember the old days, where you read the paper the next day for the list of players your team drafted and thought "oh that's interesting, good for the kids to get drafted.. maybe one day I'll hear their names again"... And you would read or hear every once in awhile about general progress. And then get excited when they were finally fighting for and had a chance to make the team in the following yrs? Basically expectations and hype were reserved primarily for whoever Don Cherry interviewed during the SCF, or the top 10 picks of the first round.. The beauty of information overload and over analysis. I mean we now see crazy message board debates arguing 2 weeks after a draft of prospect A vs prospect B... and you see people ultra passionate and vicious over what essentially is a crapshoot! Hilarious to me sometimes. We went from a draft culture of little expectation and pleasant surprises to a culture of overhype and massive busts...
  6. DL44


    To add to that a bit... I still remember the Canucks-Sharks game where they started Kipper (my first experience of watching the kid play) and thinking... "oh good, they are starting their backup". He went on to shut us out and was amazing doing it... I was like, where the hell did this guy come from?!? Such a frustrating game to watch... but an eye opener as I sat there going this guy is(/going to be) awesome. If i was thinking that... the management across the league must of as well. Fans in 01-04 obviously didn't have a fraction of the exposure to hockey as we do now, so he was generally unknown to the public... not to the people in charge who had watched him play, sharks fans, or the fans of teams he was shining against. Outta curiousity I bet i can exactly pinpoint the date I first saw Kipper via his game log... gonna go check... Edit: March 9th, 2001. 2-0 shutout, 32 saves.
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