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  1. I think Dube is a swiss army knife and skates like the wind him and Kyl on same line could make a good line front to back with speed and offensive threat. We don't have much room so they will have to show up in full force with a little anger.
  2. Would Trouba for Hamonic be a good trade I know Trouba is due for a new contract but he is RFA and Hammy would be closer to Family ? Would a swap would even get it done.
  3. Trust me Im not happy with how it turned out like I said I would have loved to see fox here but I hope Hanifin becomes the new Hamilton or Fox I just don't know much about him and the Caroline forum don't seem to sad about the trade
  4. Wow you guys are like a dog with a bone. BT did say that Fox management said Fox was not interested in playing in Canada. Hey you guys are comfortable with drafting us college players then all the power to you. In this case unless those kids all of a sudden become elite forwards in the next few yrs then yes they probably will sign with the flames that is if the Flames are even interested in signing them. Don't get me wrong I was so hoping Fox would come to Calgary but again when signing College kids it does become a crap shoot to bad most of you can't recognize that fact. I know Im far from hockey sensible but I do see a problem in the college drafting.Plus as most like to point out it is not a common issue but I like to point out it can be an issue and one that should be recognized whether you like to or not.
  5. So DD I think this is the right forum for this conversation and I know I said I would not do any more on here due to the Bios but can't help myself. I hear from BT he had no intentions of signing according to Foxes Management Imagine that looks like it can happen even to Calgary.
  6. Yes I have a fear and it is a fear that can happen probably not but can. As far as going off point you should read some of your own threads for instance Goalie it went from goalies to Hamonic and D to Prospect. I know that is what it is I see that when it happens with others nothing is said but I do it and your all over me.
  7. I asked ppls opinion and why is it when I go off topic ppl go off on me but I have been on many threads where ppl go off topic and not a word is said ? I get Im not really welcome on this site the fact my team is the flames makes it tuff. Due to what seems to be a little Bios on this site I really have toi watch my Ps and Qs I have been on here for many yrs and still treated like a beginner on here. I have seen many topics where ppl go off topic including realstic trades I don't say anything because I know it would be a different story if I did. I have watch and read for most of a season with out joining in on the topics I think I will stick with just reading to much Drama with this Board for me any way. Enjoy your little click.
  8. Does any one here believe Fox's rights will still be own by us this coming yr? Also does Vali really have the ability to be playing in the NHL with us in the 2018-19 season? Who do the ppl on this forum believe will be the next Flame Goalie to be our go to guy in thee prospect pool?
  9. I look at both Ras and Kyl and they are very similar in points I know that Ras takes the harder min but Kyl isn't that far behind so it could be a good chance Kyl takes Rases spot away I see his work out pics and Kyl is pretty chiseled skates faster and can shoot as well as Ras so I say Ras better come in this fall in the best shape of his career or he will be looking up at Kyl.
  10. So from what you are saying might as well cancel tickets for remainder of the last season or 2 unless your willing to support a team who is going to use and abuse us for the remainder of there time in this City? If thats the case then lets get together and demand the management get to the table or we will stop now and let them scramble to move there precious team now or perhaps that might just open up a can of worms and force them to show there hand or I should say there intentions
  11. I know right now it is a game of Chicken but if all fails and the Ego's of both sides don't bend and the Flames deside to move that would be a huge transition. There is no guarantee the team will succeeded where ever they go will also have to start a new name and jersey and if they go states way with the way most teams out there are struggling they could lose it all for yrs to come. Knowing that and the high risk from moving from a City that supports them a 100% as far as going to games buying there product to me that would be crazy. Now saying that do they know something we don't will they risk perhaps going to eastern Canada like maybe another Toronto team or perhaps Quebec ? To me those would be the only viable sites you could almost guaranty a successful Franchise. I hate how the Management is putting a gun to our head I think it stinks even though it is just a possible empty threat but if it is not and they not saying anything till they have something in place due to losing a fan base prematurely. Because if we knew thy were leaving in the very near future no one or almost no one would attend another game. That would be a scum thing to do Just saying.
  12. Trade Gio for who Ovi Crosby Matthews ?Those are the only type of player I would consider trading for Because I believe he is worth all that.
  13. Don't most of those trades fail miserably ? Seems when ever a team is after a hot commodity that commodity usually turns out to bit that team in the rear end. Very seldom does a trade of a saute after player turn out in the favour of the buyer. I know it has happened but seems to me for the most it is a lost cause.
  14. Yes forgot about Shore he will probably start the season at Centre good point
  15. So what then who do we put on the 4th line some one has to go there Lazar?
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