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  1. Yes sorry im on drugs or should be
  2. Just a heads up Parsons was considered a top 5 Goalie in the Athletic for what its worth
  3. Maybe Gio is tired of banging and crashing with him best way to solve the problem make him a team mate smart move Gio
  4. What do you ppl think about having an all Canadian season?
  5. Sorry disagree he was needed for the playoffs and he walked away Gio and all the other players on all teams have family as well they all played he wouldn't not the type of guy I want on my team
  6. Well I guess we will see how many Games Hall plays this yr before he is on the injury list maybe thats why BT didn't try to sign him wants to see if he can actually play a season with out missing almost half of it. Okay perhaps I'm not the right person to make comments on what any management should or shouldn't do I don't read half the stuff you guys do I mostly find out whats going on by reading on here usually try to keep my keyboard mute mostly because I don't know what I'm talking about and causing drama on here. But I am still and always will be a Flames fan till the day they torch me and what I witnessed the last week really pissed me off most of those drafts in my mind were pointless other to just put bodies in the AHL if they even make it there they dropped 5 picks to grab some 3rds and of course we have no idea even if any of them will surface after there time in college or Junior's. We traded a 3rd to get gustafsson for a couple weeks of playoffs and that was that for that trade a few weeks rental for a 3rd so sad. I don't know how BT can make to me such dumb moves I don't think we are any better off than we were last yr Talbot and Rittich did in my mind not bad Only once have I seen this Team win in grabbing a goalie in UFA other than just ok now we are putting this team on the shoulders of a Goalie who might not even be any better than smith or Talbot. Color me confused . Forgot to mention I notice nobody has taken Hamonic yet.
  7. I guess the great thing is we get to watch all the teams arounds us get better and we stay stagnant. We have a possible good goalie, time will tell but we have lost a ton of quality D men and no upgrade on forward support. Perhaps the idea is to make it look like we are putting a team which can compete but at the same time we can start to look forward to a top 3-5 pick next season. If that's the case then good job BT you have me convinced.
  8. I think it is time for a new GM this was a waisted yr if this is it I don't understand his thinking it is a fact that doing the same thing as the yr before becomes pour stupidity we barely made it pass the qualifying round against a beat up Jets team now we lost Brodie Rieder and I guess Hall is not interested in coming to Calgary we are spinning our wheels going no where fast. What do the ppl on this forum thing of BT is it just me or is it time to blowup the management
  9. Gezz I always thought scout make suggestions not make the picks my bad I always thought BT was the man who decides who will be picked now I feel dumber than usual which isn't hard for me that's why I stopped posting here I better quit again before I say something even crazier
  10. BT does this every yr does a UFA for way to much and suffers for it for yrs to come I wish he would just stay away from UFA he doesn't know what he is doing. As far as Brodie goes I don't think he wanted to stay here or he would have Tanev was a consolation prize. Markstrom will be a big mistake as well or Van would have resign him me thinks. We are now a team who just screwed our 1st round pick and possibly a few other rounds but it seems BT doesn't seem to feel draft picks are important every yr BT says the exact same thing we were happy that the player we wanted was still there at our pick what crap. I know we seem to have some luck in later rounds but that is all it is pour luck im still peeved we passed on Lapierre this was a mistake.
  11. Perhaps there not to confident in parsons health is is prone to getting hurt a lot
  12. I thought they played Rieder at the end not Rinaldo correct ? if thats the case perhaps BT can explain why he drops Rieder who played 10 games 5points playoffs and renaldo 5 games 0 points plus last yr we gave up on smith and Niel brought in Talbot Lucic Edmonton this yr Markstrom Domingue and Tanev Vancouver wierd me thinks I guess we covet our Neighbors wives LOL . I guess im confused why we are keeping Rinaldo over Rieder who was a much better player last yr?
  13. Having Hani on second pairing says something about him I hope he can become the force I was hoping he would a little more offense and some D and he could be another Hamilton perhaps not with the points and better on the D end of it
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