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  1. How many Fans really think that Eic will end up here? I for one highly doubt it we are probably one of the teams that are on his no trade list and even if we weren't why would you think BT would even consider given up what you suggest ? We will never see Eic in a Flames Jersey I just don't see it no way Management would spend 10 Mil on a player. Why would they the fans will show up no matter what this franchise spends sure they spend to the limit but not on one player they spend on a ton of bottom feeders don't understand why but that's all we have seen since BT took over hopefully Cole will be a quality player and change our luck in the UFA spending.
  2. I know you all know that but I couldn't fine any thing about Poirier and the reason I want to mention him is because his face on the Flames site reminded me Of Commodore so I look for a older pick of Comms https://www.nhl.com/player/mike-commodore-8467915 https://www.nhl.com/flames/news/flames-sign-jeremie-poirier/c-326308664 Crazy hey lol.
  3. I'm a little confused I get Zary is center nut pel was on the top 2 lines in the U20 and put up points after one game you guys have him as a pointless plug I think he will replace Backs some day very soon smarter than you give him credit for and 1 or 2 games doesn't define him in the world juniors he moved from 3rd to top line he just kept getting better ended up on the top line and made that line better me thinks the other players knew they could get away with things because he was there to protect the play.
  4. All I can say is the greed of these Players and owner ship is making it very hard for ppl to afford the to visit the games and the way the economy is going they just might push the whole NHL out because PPL will need to look at cheaper avenues to put there money to entertain the Family .
  5. True but I would havr rather kept Ben my self just saying
  6. Well that sucks would have liked to see what BT has done with this crazy trade
  7. We have heard alot about the draft kids and other singing but nothing about this Heineman is he not part of the prospect camp are they not interested in seeing what we got for a top line forward like Bennett?
  8. zima

    Flames Defense

    Sounds like we should put Val down and let Poirier play in the N and sit instead of Val sounds like they play the same way?
  9. zima


    So who's teeth any one know can't be Drew can it lol
  10. Like I have said before we are looking at another 7 yr drought BT decided to give Gio away I don't believe there were no takers for Gio I find it hard to believe we couldn't put a package together with Gio kyl and perhaps a forward for a nice return any return for some players that could bring us a top 6 forward or top 4 Dman. Now were looking at nothing for Gio Kyl will sit on the side lines all winter along with a capable forward call me confused?
  11. zima

    the core

    Im confused haven't we had Lind for a couple of yrs now with the trade of Hamilton which brought us Haniffin and Lind ? I think that might be the only trade where we only lost Fox for free but of course he was another College player which we seem to lose for the most part any way
  12. zima


    I was very upset when we gave up on LAURENT BROSSOIT I thought he was going to be the top goalie for this team he is still a work in progress I thought the same for Rittich then Parsons Now Wolf perhaps I should stop hoping these kids were the ones since every one to this point are still a work on progress or moved on to another country.
  13. zima

    Flames Defense

    Aww comon do you really want to part with these kids to grab a beat-up kid who in reality has not put up that many more points than Mony sure he is a R S but why would you want to drop Wolf a possible game breaker and a D who is just a baby and hasn't had the opportunity to play a full yr yet? I love trades but when it comes to the track record of the Flames management in the last 10 yrs or so we really should close the door . Eic is not the answer and given up such possible prospects that is not the way to go.
  14. zima


    I don't know why they bother Wolf is going to take over top spot and we will trade Markstrom or use Marks as the backup but for his wage we will trade him . Ok I can dream no law against it
  15. Brad R why please why another bottom player don't we have better kids just waiting to prove them selves ? Plus there is a young RFA in Donato that has more upside than Brad don't you think?
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