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  1. zima

    Blow It Up?

    I am in for some kind of movement which allows to move from a first round and out but where do you start GH withers as soon \as the playoffs start and to big boys start to push him around and the whining starts. Now saying that in his defense the teams last few yrs did get away with breaking bones in his hands with no protection from refs or team mates but now he is scared to play his game for fear of being pasted by the big boys he just doesn't seem to have the same ability to skate circles around them like he use to. So again where do we start which will makes us better trade Gio GH mony and what would we get for players that play a soft game?
  2. Everyone knows Ek is throw crap against the wall and see what sticks he is right 3 % and thats generous. GH is not going any where nor is Mony we will do what Van has done let old retire and start rebuilding. Bennett proved his worth in the playoffs and that is what I expect from him I don't care to much what he does in the reg season he is more important in the playoffs he plays that style of play that MrT does so if we get that from luc Benny and MrT we have our agitators with skill. The D is going to go through a transition with I hope Juso playing a full season Anderson coming into a star D and hopefully Hani pulling his socks up a bit more. We will see who the Flames pick in the draft and lindholm I think was a good part of the package for what we got
  3. What is the best they can pick in the first round if they fall out in the peg series? If they don't win the first over all what will the pick be any one know?
  4. Why would any one even think we would get the first over all even if we lost to winterpeg there is no way in heck the NHL would allow the Flames to get the pick
  5. Would Trouba for Hamonic be a good trade I know Trouba is due for a new contract but he is RFA and Hammy would be closer to Family ? Would a swap would even get it done.
  6. So from what you are saying might as well cancel tickets for remainder of the last season or 2 unless your willing to support a team who is going to use and abuse us for the remainder of there time in this City? If thats the case then lets get together and demand the management get to the table or we will stop now and let them scramble to move there precious team now or perhaps that might just open up a can of worms and force them to show there hand or I should say there intentions
  7. I know right now it is a game of Chicken but if all fails and the Ego's of both sides don't bend and the Flames deside to move that would be a huge transition. There is no guarantee the team will succeeded where ever they go will also have to start a new name and jersey and if they go states way with the way most teams out there are struggling they could lose it all for yrs to come. Knowing that and the high risk from moving from a City that supports them a 100% as far as going to games buying there product to me that would be crazy. Now saying that do they know something we don't will they risk perhaps going to eastern Canada like maybe another Toronto team or perhaps Quebec ? To me those would be the only viable sites you could almost guaranty a successful Franchise. I hate how the Management is putting a gun to our head I think it stinks even though it is just a possible empty threat but if it is not and they not saying anything till they have something in place due to losing a fan base prematurely. Because if we knew thy were leaving in the very near future no one or almost no one would attend another game. That would be a scum thing to do Just saying.
  8. Trade Gio for who Ovi Crosby Matthews ?Those are the only type of player I would consider trading for Because I believe he is worth all that.
  9. Don't most of those trades fail miserably ? Seems when ever a team is after a hot commodity that commodity usually turns out to bit that team in the rear end. Very seldom does a trade of a saute after player turn out in the favour of the buyer. I know it has happened but seems to me for the most it is a lost cause.
  10. Yes forgot about Shore he will probably start the season at Centre good point
  11. So what then who do we put on the 4th line some one has to go there Lazar?
  12. Hey J he is a Flame now stop with the negativity he will be a top player in the pro's and perhaps not in the NHL right away but he will kill it in the a's and the Flames will have no choice but bring him up.
  13. I don't think they will put Bennett in the C position this coming yr so I believe there is a spot for Dube we need 4 Cntrs . I know Peters did say something about Bennett and his centre position but I could see Dube coming in and taking that spot. I know every yr I think a rookie can come in and take a spot most of the time I get flake because PPL on here think the kids need to go to A's but I say why if they can play at the NHL: level and don't hurt the team why not? I think dube is that player he is a 200 ft player a Nystrom type player I hope he can bring it would be nice to see another draft pick show up. I can dream
  14. Wouldn't that be like asking us to trade away Hamilton same amount of points and close to the same age just 2 yrs ? You think they would actually do that ? would be great but can't see them going for it.
  15. I know we need help and it takes a good player to get one but Hamilton ? Really he is will be a top player on this team for yrs that to me was the best trade BT has done. Now every one wants to move him to get better I think we would regress if we did that move Hamonic or TJ or one of the kids but leave well enough alone when it comes to Hamilton please.
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