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  1. Is there a team in the league with more question marks than Vancouver heading into this season? Can they fix the cultural vortex they fell into last year? Can the Sedins regain former prominence? Can Burrows? How much will they miss Kesler? Can Bonino make fans forget him? Will the overall D continue the decline we have seen over the last couple years? Will Miller ask for a trade by Christmas? Will Vrbata score 40? 30? 20? And most importantly - will they make the playoffs? (no, no, no, yes, no, yes, yes, no, no yes, no!)
  2. Gaudreau has elite skills - he will be far more impactful than MA Kane (with the puck) and Datsyuk (without the puck) are better examples of the way he plays. Whether he can achieve their levels of success is yet to be seen, of course.
  3. Gillies has two more years of college, but I will bet dollars to donuts he goes pro before then. And there is no way he goes to Alaska unless he shows up in camp with a pot belly and a smoke in his mouth. As for the Brossoit trade, Brossoit has (like any decent goalie prospect) a 10 - 20% chance of being an NHL starter. If he makes it, good on him. But it was a good trade by Feaster regardless because, with Berra and Ramo getting NHL starts, and Ortio getting AHL starts, and Gillies quite possibly (probably IMO) here next year, Brossoit was not going to get the chance in the Flames organization. If Brossoit becomes a backup, that does NOT make it a bad trade for the Flames
  4. I think Berra has shown more than Ramo. And Berra's mistakes are the coachable kind - over-committing, rebounds, etc. He has all the tools to be a good goalie. As for Ortio, I would keep him in Abby and let him play lots on a good team. He is only 23 and the NHL could be a disaster for him if they bring him up too early. The Heat could go deep in the playoffs, let Ortio run with that. As many have said, our defense is awful and the goalies are seeing too many quality chances - hard to judge them in that environment. But tit will play itself out. As for Berra playing over 90% of the starts, that's ridiculous analysis. It's only been about 10 games. If he plays the next 20 in a row, then yeah, we have a problem. But there is nothing unusual about playing 10 in a row (or whatever it's been).
  5. I don't know what you were watching Crzydrvr, but I didn't see anything impressive from the Oilers. The ONLY reason they won was because we were out-goaltended, and they got a lucky bounce. Sure, they scored 3 goals and came back to win, but that only happened because of bounces and goaltending at both ends. What I saw over and over from the fab 5 was lazy play, inconsistency, and turnovers. The style of game that they play will never be successful. There is no way that that team could put up a competitive series against a decent hockey team in the playoffs. No way. They won that game, but that is not a good hockey team. And despite what Hrudey was trying to sell, it wasn't talent that won, it was a bad night from Berra.
  6. I have a bad feeling that the Oilers are due to breakout - hopefully they can wait one more game
  7. Is that the best you can do DL? wow I guess the Nucks blew a lead last night so might as well go try and throw some stones hey?
  8. The Fonz is burning out the big boys. And since all of them are going to have prominent roles in the Olympics, that doesn't exactly seem like a smart plan.
  9. I don't like putting ceilings on players, but there is very little chance of Arnold being a top 6 C in the NHL.
  10. yeah, it's the interview clip on the home page I just watched it and I have to say that the comments attributed to him are a bit misleading. Some posters had reported that he said practice was really hard, but I think that's a bit of an aggressive interpretation. See what you think.
  11. 1) a team of all kids like that would get destroyed 2) you'd be about $20m under the salary cap floor
  12. Was that? I made a comment that hoping that 18 year olds will step up is a pretty good indication that the team probably isn't all that strong. The Nucks currently sit 8th, but LA is 2 back with 3 games in hand. So based on winning percentage, the Nucks aren't on pace to make the playoffs. If you want to dismiss that as trash talk, knock yourself out.
  13. Each player needs to do what is necessary for their own development. Gillies is ready for the next level.
  14. I believe you are correct with all of those contract points. As for burning a year - I couldn't care less. I would view it as an enticement to get him signed. Just get him singed and get him here. As soon as possible. I am hoping the Heat will make a deep run so that we can get him signed. And not just Johnny. Agostino and Arnold are both seniors and it would be great to get them on the Heat as well. But more importantly (and like JG) I think Gillies will turn pro early and a run with the Heat might entice him as well. Imagine if we had Gaudreau and Gillies helping the Heat go deep this spring? I would enjoy that almost as much as a deep run for the Flames.
  15. I don't want to beat this to death, but this is something that the Oiler organization keeps doing - running good players out of town. New coach, new system, team playing bad defensively... Result: give up on a solid player who has played well for the team for a long time and get rid of him for pennies on the dollar. By the way, some interesting comments from Smid after his first day: he was shocked at how hard the Flames practice. Nuff said.