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  1. Well that may have been the most pathetic game I've seen this team play. Not the worst they've played. They actually were marginally better than their previous games. But they were tied in the series coming off three straight awful games, knowing that they needed to up their urgency and compete level... and did that...
  2. Dodged a penalty call there. Wonder if the refs are turning a blind eye with 2 min left.
  3. Maybe it's the same crew from game 2 of the WPG series.
  4. Oilers rejects have been some of our best players so far in the playoffs. Rieder, Lucic, and especially Talbot.
  5. Honestly, they played Dallas hockey better than Dallas did. Once Dallas opened things up in the third, it played right into our hands.
  6. Awesome. Another shutout for Talbot.
  7. I don't know if they're missing calls, or if they've just put their whistles away.
  8. Yeah. I'm really okay with Talbot in net.
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