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  1. He'll land a gig in Russia somewhere.
  2. Cubicon


    Yeah, but that's my point. You can't say that developing your own goaltenders is uncommon when 1/3 of the league is doing it successfully. And of the remaining 2/3 who have been trying to trade for a starting goaltender, how many have even been successful? Here's my quick list of teams that don't have an undisputed starting goaltender: Buffalo Calgary Carolina Edmonton Florida NY Islanders New Jersey Philadelphia So that leaves you with 9 teams that have traded for their starter: Arizona (Darcy Kuemper) Columbus (Sergei Bobrovsky) Colorado (Semyon Varlamov) Dallas (Ben Bishop) Minnesota (Devan Dubnyk) Ottawa (Craig Anderson) San Jose (Martin Jones) Toronto (Frederik Andersen) Vancouver (Jacob Markstrom) And these are just starters on their respective teams. It doesn't mean these are bona fide #1 goalies. All I'm trying to say is that trading for a starting goalie is by no means the usual thing to do. I think the Flames are stuck with a lot of other teams that are trying to get this strategy to work without much success while a third of the league has figured out how to draft and develop goaltenders properly. Yes the Flames need to do this, but it's by no mean revolutionary. (PS: add Corey Crawford to the list of #1's playing with the team that drafted them. It may be a bad year, but he's been a legit #1 for them in years past.)
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    Current starting goalies that are playing with the team that drafted them: Connor Hellebuyck Braden Holtby Carey Price John Gibson Jimmy Howard Henrik Lundqvist Andrei Vasilevsky Pekka Rinne Matt Murray Jonathan Quick Jake Allen Then add Tukka Rask to the list, whose rights were only held by Toronto for a year and has played his entire career with Boston. I'd say he had "come through one organization." That's over a third of the league with home-grown keepers. I agree that goalies take a while to develop and that predicting their performance from year to year is pure divination, but I wouldn't call developing your own goalies an uncommon thing.
  4. Cubicon

    Burn it Down?

    And we've seen this story play out before. A Flames team that isn't playing up to expectations has an absolutely embarrassing game. Right after that, they get their Satoshi Nakamoto together and look like the team we've all been expecting... only for it to drop back off to mediocrity again after a week. I think we'll see around game 20 what this team is really made of. If we haven't lost a step by then, maybe things will be different this year.
  5. And that's quite probably where the difference comes from. The feds haven't yet stated what they'd contribute. If it's not enough to cover the total, then yeah, that could easily balloon it up to 2K+ per person. We still don't have a good idea of how the costs will play out yet. I'm personally in favour of it, but I realize the costs are high. But it won't be decided by those of us who are in this thread (and are relatively well informed). It'll be decided by the thousands of Calgarians that haven't done any research into it. I'm curious how they'll vote, though I suspect they'll vote yes.
  6. Fair enough, but your numbers are still off. According to the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, all taxes are paid by 67% of the Canadian population. I'd say it's a reasonable assumption to extend that same percentage to Calgary as well as the province. So if you want to calculate it per tax payer, at the latest funding numbers I've seen mentioned out there (accuracy unknown): Calgary: $800M / (1.3M people x 67%) = $918 per taxpayer Alberta: $700M / (4.2M people x 67%) = $243 per taxpayer Canada: $1500M / (36.7M people x 67%) = $61 per taxpayer Grand total: $1222 per Calgarian taxpayer, which is a far cry from $5000. Now of course that's just the stated cost; it's the overruns that could kill us. If the city gets stuck with the bill for any cost overruns, we could be in a world of hurt. If the feds step in and take responsibility for overruns then the impact won't be too bad since our share of the federal pie is much smaller.
  7. The rest is listed as coming from "the IOC, sponsorships, ticketing, and merchandising." (https://www.thestar.com/opinion/star-columnists/2018/10/15/money-biggest-obstacle-for-calgarys-olympic-bid.html) Also, since the money is coming from all three levels of government, it would be more like $500-$1000 per Calgarian.
  8. But where does this leave Jooris, Colborne and Ortio? If we still want to sign them, we'll need to shed some salary somewhere.
  9. Cubicon


    So then if you're Pittsburgh, do you sell Fleury now at a discount and put all your eggs in the Murray basket, or do you hold on to Fleury for another year to hedge your bets with Murray but risk losing him for nothing? Or even in that case, risk losing Murray if Fleury decides he's not going to waive his NMC 'cause he doesn't want to play for an expansion team. If I'm Pittsburgh, that option just seems too risky.
  10. A 50-point 2nd-line centre. A bit of an offensive upgrade over Backlund (who's younger, btw), but doesn't have his defensive game. Though his +/- is 0 this year on a terrible Leafs team, he was -34 last season. I'm not sold. Nor do I think that another 2nd-line centre is what we really need.
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