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      It's great to see the boys earning their way into the playoffs this season (barring a Colorado-would-be-proud collapse).  What a night-and-day difference from way back in November.   With the playoffs, we typically see more traffic/visitors on the site, usually from the opposing team's fanbase (especially from the Oilers).  This is just a reminder that stating your opinion is fine (it's exactly what these forums are for), and friendly, good-natured ribbing is OK, however, name-calling and insults will still be a major no-no and cause for the Banhammer to warm up.  This applies to all new guests and visitors as well: you're more than welcome to join the party, but civility is house rule around here.   All insults/name-calling will be met with a zero-tolerance approach, regardless if you are a new person to the forums, or have been around since these forums began.   First-offenses will be met with a moderator-needs-to-approve-your-post for 3 days Second offenses will be met with a week-long suspension Third offenses will result in a perma-ban   If you have any questions regarding this policy, or would like to voice your concern about it, you are absolutely free to contact me directly.   We all love this team, and this game.  Let's all hop on the Bandwagon, enjoy a few beverages, and ride this wave of excitement as far as we can.   --  Kulstad


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  1. Heat bite back, square series with Barracuda - theahl.com Boxscore - Stockton Heat 6 at San Jose Barracuda 4
  2. cross16 is the most astute picker followed closely by tmac70 Pity the fool who did the worst... Whipped this up on the fly. Correct me if I made any errors.
  3. AHL Pacific Division Semifinal Game 1 Stockton Heat 0 at San Jose Barracuda 4
  4. Heat Kick Off Pacific Division Semifinals Tonight in San Jose at 7:00 p.m. - stocktonheat.com After the Calgary Flames fizzled out, a bit of a consolation prize as our future is still in action. Go Heat Go
  5. Carty The gif just represents the team in general based on their playoff performance. The 1st GIF that I ever made on someone else's original quite a few years ago. I miss the Photoshopping & GIF creation but my heart & creativity for it have taken a sabbatical the past few years.
  6. 100% agree....Anaheim never won the series. Calgary lost the series.
  7. People who think the Leafs are a quality team don't live in a bubble but are likely heavily influenced by 420 bong bubbles. The Leafs will be golfing with the Flames on Monday. If you agree that this is a distinct possibility we will never accuse you of being a troll ever again.
  8. Don Henderson started officiating 1994-09-01 therefore this would have been his 23th season. Salary scale from 2010-14 CBA only goes to 16 years of service in which a linesmen would have made $235,352 in 2013-14 in his 16th year. Although I can't locate the new one, here is the 2010-2014 agreement between the NHL & NHLOA. Not in the mood to data mine it any farther myself. 2010-2014 NHL-NHLOA CBA
  9. Throwing out my usual positivity to present you with the reality of the Flames success through recent history. Since our Stanley Cup in 1989: 1 Stanley Cup Final 1 Conference Final 2 Conference Semifinals / Division Finals 13 Conference Quarterfinals / Division Semifinals 14 No Playoff Years Much More Failure Than Success... Only 2 2nd round appearances in 27 years. Now that's pathetic! Will always be a fan but they sure make it difficult!
  10. Actually 17th unless Nashville (and/or Calgary ) makes it to the Western Conference Final.
  11. Well...we need 4 in a row now. Although rare, it has happened before & can happen again. I refuse to throw in the towel (Nuck white typically) until we are officially eliminated.
  12. I fully agree but it may send a message for the team to rally around the back-up. Sometimes it is hard to get psyched up for your next game if you stick with same line-up when it is associated with failure even if it is not the partial or total cause of that failure.
  13. That 3rd period collapse was a tragedy of Shakespearean proportions! OT - 01:30 Anaheim Corey Perry (1) ASST: Rickard Rakell (2), Nate Thompson (2) 5-4
  14. Johnson next game.........It must happen!