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  1. The Flames should also be looking to play hard after their pathetic HOME 6-3 loss to the Panthers!
  2. I would really feel sorry for your TV if that had really happened!
  3. Go Flames Go The winning starts now! The health of my TV depends on it! DD+GDT=
  4. “O Canada! Our home and native land! True patriot love in all thy SONS command. Canadian Pride - Leafs, Jets Jury Still Out - Flames Habs, Nucks, Sens, Oil
  5. Flames better get some home cooking going or they will be eating hot dogs on the golf course come April. Now smarten up & get it going! Will be interesting to see if BT has an itchy trigger finger with the TDL fast approaching. 238 Talking media heads still spouting about parity. Maybe in the West as things are still largely up for grabs except for EDM, VAN, ARI, and CHI. As for the East, it looks like the Divisions & WC1 have been practically decided with only WC2 being contested. WC cutoffs currently West 98 - East 88. Weak!
  6. Definitely no coasting. The possibility of a wild card position in the West appears to be a longshot. Someone in the Centrall will likely miss with a winning record which is tragic in part; i.e. Colorado currently 31-21-4 on the outside looking in. As has been for weeks, we need to get top 3 Pacific which means outplaying 2 of San Jose, Anaheim, and Los Angeles.
  7. Since I regularly make these, I might as well post them. With Excel & Gyazo they take me about 5 min max to create. 218098
  8. Go Flames Go The road warriors & Rittich will get the job done. Gaudreau will likely have a bit of that magic from when he played near there at Boston College. Time to start cementing a playoff position. None of this old in & out! It is getting tiring!
  9. Never seen a division so locked down as the Atlantic. I would say top 3 already determined with 25-30 games remaining. The bottom 5 might have a sniff at a WC but only with an exceptional finish. My Hab friends hate me for pointing this out. Our best bet is still top 3 Pacific although the gap to a WC position is narrowing as the Central has weakened slightly. The likelihood of the Oil going 24-4 & Nucks going 24-2 to make the show? 217817
  10. VICTORY What a come from behind win! Tkachuk is a big tipper. In the Fan 960 post-game they said he regularly practices tip-ins dozens of times after practice. Frolik should have passed to help give Matthew the EN Hatty but likely was oblivious to the possibility. Hope Mr. Smith's groin is OK. We need him to battle our way through the Western Conference matrix. 1st Period 03:08 New York Casey Cizikas (7) 0-1 2nd Period 02:59 New York Anthony Beauvillier (13) ASST: Mathew Barzal (43), Nick Leddy (25) 0-2 10:35 Calgary PPG - Mark Jankowski (9) ASST: Sam Bennett (12), Johnny Gaudreau (48) 1-2 3rd Period 09:38 Calgary Matthew Tkachuk (19) ASST: Michael Frolik (10), Brett Kulak (5) 2-2 18:55 Calgary Matthew Tkachuk (20) ASST: Travis Hamonic (7), Michael Frolik (11) 3-2
  11. Go Flames Go Last game was merely a blip on the march to the playoffs. The Flames won't be the ones getting voted off the island tonight! Nobody running off with the Art Ross yet. Would like to see Johnny Hockey with a big night. Kuchie Koo just 4 pts ahead. DD - Thanks for the GDT. Let me know where you found those player stat summaries.
  12. Go Flames Go The Rangers are in premature panic mode. They are are shade back of the wild card & clearly better than the trash in the bowels of the Atlantic division. Still looks like a dangerous team to me..but hey whatever...We Will Win! The Amander-Flames combo looks unbeatable! Was going to delete my rebel post after a bit but peeps quoting it makes it stay. I also see there is a new minion in town stepping on Kulstad's toes (see Amander's avatar).