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  1. Still early but it looks like we are going to get 1 more pt than the Dogfish!
  2. As much as we would like...can't win them all! 4-3 OT LOSS
  3. Got the L we need the W pt!
  4. BSD had no chance. That Sabre forward in front "makes a better door than a window" [as pops used to say ]
  5. Well...that lead evaporated quickly!
  6. I was getting antsy with all the pretty PP passes with no results and lo & behold...
  7. Conspiracy to prevent JH from Lady Byng.
  8. Go Flames Go Screwed over again with no SN1, Had to wait til 8.
  9. The West WC cutoff down to 87 pts. Now that is some low-hanging fruit! Totally possible a team with more losses than wins but lots of loser points could be a wildcard. Eastern WC cutoff finally coming back down to Earth at 95 pts.
  10. 7-1 VICTORY 5 in a row! Must keep it up! Can't shake off SJS & VGK!