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  1. Just getting rid of the losses in the pre-season. Still a few weeks to clean it up. 🙂
  2. Silly for a pre-season. 😒 I am currently in BC so I just assumed it was a freebie...
  3. https://www.nhl.com/flames/video/live-cgy--edm/t-277437092/c-68775303
  4. Sorry guys....Gillies isn't making the team! 😕
  5. Gio choked on that clear. I guess even Norris winners make a mistake now & again....
  6. Another spot for the game du jour. May the Oil burn out.......
  7. 😎 6-4 Flames PRESEASON victory!! A compelling gripping thriller! 😆 No...not really!
  8. My play-by-play announcers disappeared??...or nature called... EDIT - Back again
  9. My stream is best quality I have ever had......and I've had a lot! 😊
  10. TSN stat person only watched 1st I guess...
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