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  1. Our fate is still in our hands. Hold off the Nuckheads & we're in! Relying on a wild card spot is a crapshoot at best. A 1st round BoA could be epic. On the other hand I wish nothing but failure for my 31th favorite team just edging out the Nucks at 32nd. 2266
  2. Detroit RIP....truly the "Dead Things" this year. 😦
  3. How frustrating! This game is an emotional rollercoaster! The TV narrowly survived a traumatic debilitating injury! 😒
  4. What a hideous way to end a period! Saving grace is 40 minutes left!
  5. A 50 GP snapshot prior to tonight's game. Not much room for error. A tight race. The winning ways must continue!
  6. Sad result tonight but still optimistic for the remaining season. 😉 Let's start by using the Hawks as a punching bag New Year's Eve! Perhaps see you all here....
  7. I hate the Nucks most in the entire NHL! Currently stuck in Vancouver with a bunch of Nuckleheads. This performance is so lacklustre! Must comeback NOW to keep them in the rearview mirror! Go Flames Go
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