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  1. Cassie - "Sending messages for next game" Up your's Cassie...game not over yet! I am an ABC fan....Anybody but Cassie!
  2. Does anyone know if Quasimoto escaped the Notre Dame Cathedral before it burnt down? Go Flames Go
  3. That's sad when grown men act like they've been shot when highsticked...Flames players included!
  4. Brodie again.....what a careless player! Sit the bum!
  5. Our puck control is horrendous ....and a goal
  6. What a Blockchaining Satoshi Nakamototy start to this game!
  7. Quit drooling on MacKinnon Cassie!
  8. Some quick goals Flames to shut those fans up. Sounds like they will cheer for anything! Flames fans know when to cheer!
  9. Get to the game! I giving a flying Blockchain about Babblingcock & his crap. Go Flames Go
  10. Back at it Monday night. Enjoy the rest of your weekend all!
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