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  1. Political correctness gone extreme! We are being bullied by society to stay silent about these issues that are being brought to the forefront by the affected(?) parties or by the sensationalistic media-types that see an issue that could generate a lot of click-bait despite not being the slightest bit interested in the issue they are flogging. I have resisted many of the changes that are thrust upon us and will continue to go about things old school. If you are overtly sensitive about the recent issues, I would advise staying away from me in real-life. Now "Get off my lawn"!
  2. If our Flames won 2 consecutive Cups, I wouldn't care one iota if they made a move like that. Looking forward to TO's 51st & VAN's 48th year of existence without sipping sweet nectar from Lord Stanley's mug.
  3. Maybe you could post the players picked in the 1st round whom aren't detailed above: Joseph (ARI 1-23), Poehling (MTL 1-25), Oettinger (DAL 1-26), Frost (PHI 1-27), Kostin (STL 1-31) You nailed the other 26 players to go in the 1st round.
  4. I hear Brian Elliott may be available!
  5. A more informative reaction please Flyerfan52!
  6. Screw FN's opinion. Here is our resident expert's (CrzyDrvr) sypnosis on our draft selection.
  7. Here we go...... Who will it be??????????????
  8. Liljegren or Tolvanen for Cow??
  9. Only true hockey addicts watch the draft.....
  10. Excellent job on the Draft Rankings. A tonne of thought must go into your work! Love the format. I am using it as a reference as the players are being picked. Thanks a bunch!
  11. I see no one predicted the Stanley Cup Final. My prediction was Nashville over the Penguins in 6. I stood by this even when the Preds were down 2-0. I truly think they can win 4 straight. In Pekka We Trust!! Go Predators Go
  12. Looking forward to cheering for the Quebec City Flames. As for professional athletes on Canadian teams getting a tax break because of the variably mythical higher tax rates and the $CDN when they are paid in $USA - What a ridiculous concept! Obviously there is a lack of "learned thinking" in the Flames management.
  13. Thank you Preds. Makes up a bit for the Ottawa, Canada, and Brooks Bandits loss yesterday!

    1. rocketdoctor


      Preds all the way.   Must be something about those awful  yellow jrerseys makes me want to shout for them!!


      Hope they beat the Sens or Pens in the SCF.

  14. Ahaheim - Get the duck out of the playoffs! I hope you cry, your families cry, and your fans cry! Please CBC - Do not let Paul Romanuk & Gary Galley work the SCF! Pathetic back & forth bandwagon jumping within a single game. My TV's health depends on this! Go Predators Go
  15. Nashville @ Anaheim - Predators in 6 - Yuck!...Pluck the Ducks!...No more puck luck!..Rinne is a winner! Ottawa @ Pittsburgh - Senators in 7 - The Sens partially erase the Trudeau/Liberal taint emanating from Ottawa Will chart up the last round sometime this weekend........