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  1. FFS...saw that coming from a mile away!! 😖
  2. Never give up on our Flames. I had my doubts they would be able to pull an equalizer off. 🙃
  3. The Fox Dallas pbp dudes are such homers! 🥺
  4. As nasty as we think the decision was it does appear a distinct foot push was evident. 😟
  5. lol...my stream is dramatically delayed
  6. Talbot needs to sharpen up. Maybe BSD time!
  7. Talbot almost had that one.... Defensive breakdown 😒
  8. Go Flames Go In 60 minutes of hockey you will be able to wish upon a fallen STAR! .....unless Chucky makes it happen sooner! ☺️
  9. I feel for the Jets! 🙁 Won't feel a thing for the Leafs, Oil, and hopefully the Nuckheads! 😊
  10. Covid elbow bumps coming up....or handshakes?
  11. Yahoo!...bring on the real playoffs! 😃
  12. Sure am 🙃 The 2&1 routine has decimated my Net presence....
  13. Years since Leafs won SC + 8 years = Avro Arrow Jet grounding in 1959!
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