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  1. 5-1 VICTORY
  2. Our 5th 20 goal scorer!
  3. Go Flames Go Was 1-0 Sens when I left for home. 2-1 Cow when I got there. Doh...make that 3-1
  4. A day of no consequence....... 8177
  5. My explanation above was simplified & would usually be sufficient but after drilling down into this a little deeper I have realized the error of my ways. Arizona [78 pts] plays Minnesota [77 pts] on March 31. They will be a winner so either ARI will have 80 pts or MIN will have 79 pts. Either outcome results in pts greater than a 78 pt LAK max > LAK mathematically eliminated! Thanks for making me reassess my reasoning.
  6. Yotes at 78 pts with 32 ROW Kings at 58 pts with 23 ROW with 10 games remaining If the Yotes lose out & the Kings run the table without any shootout wins, the Kings will have 78 pts with 33 ROW. Not mathematically eliminated but hanging by a little finger fingernail.
  7. I have no explanation for outage but a period of silence in memory of FF52.-_-

    1. conundrumed


      Nice one Pyro!!

      That's epic.

    2. Carty


      Works for me...

    3. Carty


      and I'm pretty sure that FF52 would have smiled at that one too Pyro...

  8. 4-2 VICTORY Best GDT ever!
  9. No one mathematically eliminated from West yet. Fans strung along with false hopes due to the loser point! 7910
  10. Bolts claim Trump's trophy 7841
  11. Is it in yet? Yes it is thanks to the OOT scoreboard. Playoffs here we come! 7743
  12. 7464 19-03-16 @ 10:30: Revised as East WC projection used for supplementary calculations was 95, not 96