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  1. 3-2 DEFEAT Had the chances but not the finish! ...and then there's Smith...
  2. Let the crapping on MJ cease & desist! So much for that momentary span of joy & happiness. Getz no laffs from me.....
  3. Saw a multitude of goose/duck flying V's go overhead around sundown. Estimate at least 500-600 migratory waterfowl in total. Hoping Anaheim's game goes South in a similar fashion this period!
  4. Big 3rd coming up. Early season teams often lose a step as the game goes on. Our early start to the preseason in China may have resulted in player conditioning being somewhat more advanced than the other teams. Now Flames! - Get out there & show the 3rd period heroics we have recently become accustomed to.
  5. Damn..that Duck stopped Bennett from hitting the post!
  6. Go Flames Go Strive for 5! We can do it! Anaheim curse a thing of the past! Carty from Planet 9! - As always, a quacking great job on the GDT.
  7. China trip might be finally paying off!
  8. My post post proofreading got the correction in under the wire
  9. Oh well...nice try Avalanche. 6-5 VICTORY
  10. Go Flames Go
  11. Another road losing streak bites the dust! 1st NYR & now TOR.