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  1. 19:59 (3rd) - Juuso Valimaki EN (1), Unassisted 4-1 VICTORY
  2. I really hope the rooks get to show their stuff in the next few weeks. Hopefully back to the earned - not given mantra instead of the BS we saw with the GG last year. Who cares if $$$ sit or are sent down to Stockton.
  3. 9:09 (3rd) - Brendan Leipsic (1), Alexander Edler, Reid Boucher 3-1 PENALTY SUMMARY
  4. 7:33 (1st) - Matthew Phillips (1),Juuso Valimaki,Gilbert Brule 1-0 8:53 (1st) - Spencer Foo (1), Glenn Gawdin, Dmitry Zavgorodniy 2-0 6:49 (2nd) - Andrew Mangiapane SH (2), Dillon Dube 3-0
  5. Go Flames Go Way more entertaining game than this mornings which put me to sleep again for the 3rd.
  6. Hope the next 2 periods are better! 3 shots for the Flames! Sad!
  7. Go Flames Go Looking forward to this one! More practices, more experiments, more chemistry. We will crush them! A more reasonable start time. Won't pass out,fall asleep for the 3rd period this time.
  8. Can't believe the empty seats. Peeps scared of typhoon Mangkhut.
  9. Go Flames Go Late night & 1st log on in a long while. ....and with that a Gio from Gaud 3-2
  10. Thought I would post this in here after our 23 game push to be included in the drought side of things.
  11. Copy NHL standings or whatever data I'm interested in into Excel & the formulated spreadsheet does the rest. Been playing with it for 30 yrs. I stay away from the new advanced stats though as they may cause insanity.
  12. West - 4 teams & 3 spots Someone going home crying in next few days. Dallas only prevented from crying by math. As for us, we never had a chance to cry as we looked on in horror to a brutal collapse of epic proportions! My "wait til next year" convictions need significant strengthening by a few off-season moves. You peeps have eloquently stated what they are! East - Florida toast for sure. The great 8 virtually decided.
  13. Speaking of turtles (off-topic )
  14. That is fantastic. I've been an enormous fan of turtle racing since I was a child. Looking forward to Troy leading by example & showing the terrapin racing stock some wicked moves.