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  1. FFS...saw that coming from a mile away!! 😖
  2. Never give up on our Flames. I had my doubts they would be able to pull an equalizer off. 🙃
  3. The Fox Dallas pbp dudes are such homers! 🥺
  4. As nasty as we think the decision was it does appear a distinct foot push was evident. 😟
  5. lol...my stream is dramatically delayed
  6. Talbot needs to sharpen up. Maybe BSD time!
  7. Talbot almost had that one.... Defensive breakdown 😒
  8. Go Flames Go In 60 minutes of hockey you will be able to wish upon a fallen STAR! .....unless Chucky makes it happen sooner! ☺️
  9. I feel for the Jets! 🙁 Won't feel a thing for the Leafs, Oil, and hopefully the Nuckheads! 😊
  10. Covid elbow bumps coming up....or handshakes?
  11. Yahoo!...bring on the real playoffs! 😃
  12. Sure am 🙃 The 2&1 routine has decimated my Net presence....
  13. Years since Leafs won SC + 8 years = Avro Arrow Jet grounding in 1959!
  14. Need another goal to extinguish ANY glimmer of hope for Winnipeg and keep the Jets grounded!
  15. The Hub Cities are going down. Nucks can join them too!
  16. Hey all...Glad you all still exist!☺️ Go Flames Go
  17. Our fate is still in our hands. Hold off the Nuckheads & we're in! Relying on a wild card spot is a crapshoot at best. A 1st round BoA could be epic. On the other hand I wish nothing but failure for my 31th favorite team just edging out the Nucks at 32nd. 2266
  18. Detroit RIP....truly the "Dead Things" this year. 😦
  19. How frustrating! This game is an emotional rollercoaster! The TV narrowly survived a traumatic debilitating injury! 😒
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