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  1. Hi bigchief,

    Are you ever going to remove those 2 warning points that are on my profile. They were from submitting the same comments in more than one topic. I didn't know the rules; it's been years since then.



    1. Flyerfan52


      Chief left the forum years ago.

      You are best off asking a current admin.


    2. Heartbreaker


      Do the warning points create a problem of some type? BC suspended me from the board a few years ago because I suggested that he stop acting so boorishly - that's actually what I said. Anyway, I wear my warning point and suspension with pride. It's like when the cool scar on your arm is because you punched a bus shelter, not that you cut yourself badly when you were slicing a large block of cheddar cheese at Moxie's when you were a prep cook. I digress... 



    3. Cowtownguy


      You said the B-word on the board!? Drinking and posting are a bad mix. Just say no.

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