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  1. To Toronto Giordano Bennett To Calgary Rielly Kapanen Gio is our leader and best player most nights and is definately a blow to lose. Toronto needs defense and a gritty centre. We absorb the injury hit on Rielly for 8 weeks. With Gio having his best season last year this trade makes toronto better now and for the 2 years left on his contract. Thoughts?
  2. I believe JC to be a good backup on a good contract locked in. DR is not a cap dump but its a bottom forward with a cap hit of 3 million next year. Lastly the second round pick is the cost of trade deadline trades. As i said. Its not a trade that suddently puts us into cup conversation but i does makes us better for future growth and allows us to still make a bigger move. Personally i would rather be sellers at the deadline and get assets for our ufas and trade some bottom 6ers out.
  3. I would take toffoli if we were able to send derek ryan back the other way. TT isnt a move that pushes the needle enough to to justify a rental trade. I would suggest To Calgary Tyler Toffoli Jack Campbell To LA (thanks) Derek Ryan Cam Talbot 2nd rnd pick 2020
  4. Concerning the Riley Nash proposal, personallyni hate the idea. Riley Nash is a worse player than every player on our team and has another year after this one. Frolik is a great defensive player aside from having a moderate scoring touch. I would rather hold off on signing Tkachuk for a month so that we can give him the contract he is asking for. If we waited on signing MT and Mang for 1 month into season, we would be able to sign to get MT for 5 yr at 8.5 aav or less and still sign Mang for 1.4 aav.
  5. TheBurn


    RIP FF52. I havent been on in a while and am sad to hear that part of our hockey circle has passed. He was always active in these boards through the good and bad. Always posted his counter arguements with thought and humour. His discourse will be greatly missed in the game day threads and flames discussion threads.
  6. Im not a fan of Talbot coming to Calgary but if we sign him for 1 million without conditions, we can send him down if he doesnt perform without any consequences other than paying him a lot for ahl play. I would even be okay with signing him for 2 or 3 years at that as we dont have anyone chomping at the bit.
  7. I think Calgary should trade a second (first if we have to) in 2021 to send Neal (and Stone) to a team like Ottawa. I agree that Neal had a down year and will bouce back somewhat but his contract blocks us from improving our right side. A trade that couples Brodie and Frolik would be great for any team with the cap room that could recoup the pick and return us an nhl player. With all that cap space we can make a move to sign a top flight right winger a second or third line right d and maybe a cheap winger like Justin Williams on a one year contract.
  8. RANGERS James Neal Derek Ryan Dillion Dube Dalton Prout 2019 1st rnd pick 2020 1st rnd pick 2019 5th rd pick FLAMES Kevin Hayes Mika Zibanejad Anthony Deangleo
  9. With the leagues 32nd team, lets play the fun game of vote for the best name, come up with appropriate new names or post pictures of jersey mock ups. Seattle... Sockeyes - Alliterative. Named for salmon of the region. Steelheads - similar to above. State fish. Taken from an all negro baseball team to play in seattle during the 1940s. Evergreens - named for unofficial state tree which lent its name to the monikor 'the evergreen state' Mammoths - Named for the state fossil Metropolitans - named for Seattles former hockey team of the early 1900s. Totems - named for Seattles former hockey team of the early 1950s. Named in relation of the west coast aboriginals that built iconic wooden emblems. Spacemen - named in relation to the iconic Space Needle constructed for the worlds fair that has prominantly been associated with the city since the 60s. Emeralds - named after the city nickname which originated due to the rich forestry surrounding the city. Sounders/sound- this is already the name of the seattle soccer team. Named for the geological locale of the city and conjures feeling of the grunge movement of the 90s. Could possible buy the naming rights from the soccer team. Lumberjacks/ Loggers - named in relation to an occupation in the first large sector of the state economy. Kraken - an imposing monster of lore that indicates a relation to water. Sea Monsters - alliterative variance of Kraken. Snowcaps/Snowpeaks - an alliterative homage to the states iconic Raniere Mountain Seals - named for a prominant animal that populates the region Stags - prominant animal that populates the region Timber - forest related name Scarecrows - a play on the emerald city monikor of the famed book the Wonderful Wizard of Oz Blacksmiths - fairly generic name alluding to the history of seattle as a through port to repair miners tools during the gold rush or the long history of shipbuilding in the area.
  10. This is a thread about speculation. It is not intended to run a players name through the mud. With that in mind, the information that is public and the parties that have chimed in, can lead one to assume the simplest explanation. With Hoffman having been previously linked to Calgary, there is a place to discuss the allegations and the affect on his value or place on an nhl team. I do not believe that if his fiancee did do this, that he would necessarily know. Ones online antics are not always a discussed thing. It very well could have been that when EK confronted him that he heard about the harassment for the first time and didn't believe it, confronted her and was faced with her denial.
  11. I would offer something for him solely to help the senators locker room. The wives of former senators that know both of them have spoken out but this (alleged) POS has probably make others wives of current players uncomfortable too. Get him and ban his wife from any nhl related event so that the senators themselves can move on from this. As passionate fans, we can chant ditch the witch every game too. Let him walk when his contract is done.
  12. TheBurn


    The whole cold argument for lack is garbage. He played against the blues in relief of Smith for two periods and then started the next game. If that is cold, then he should not be a backup in the league. This is even more reason to cut him.
  13. Thanks F52. I did not realize people value Faulk so high. I personally don't think he is that good and consider him just a little better than Stone.
  14. Williams contract will expire just as Bennett, ferland and mcginn will need new contracts. The money from Smith and Williams contracts expiring can go to extending these contracts
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