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  1. Thanks for the welcome! Thanks for the welcome!!
  2. From all I have read, the big finn and Oliver Kyllington stole the spot light at the scrimmage. Tkachuk going to work on his skating with Gary Roberts this summer is great, he will definitely be working his butt off until September. Guess now we just wait and see- September could be a whole different story.
  3. Hey guys, new to the site- huge flames fan. This offseason has been great imo. The draft we had was excellent, in signing a goaltender in elliott to having Matthew Tkachuk fall to our laps... we have definitely made some very positive moves. Quickly want to mention Troy Brouwer signing, I like it and yes it is a million dollars more and a year more than it should.. but thats free agency. We also filled a huge void we have on the team, adding some skill and size to the top 6 and getting a big RW. I personally think he was brought in to play with Sam Bennett, they mentioned having a veteran presence on his line this season. Okay now the main question that pops up on every fan page and in every lineup projection for us next season.... Will Matthew Tkachuk be on the team next year, and what is best for him. I think he has the size, maturity and skill to be on the team next year, but I do not want to see him getting 3rd and 4th line minutes. Apparently our new coach is good at working with younger players, he helped develop Jamie Benn, and it looks like he had a positive influence and Baertshi's strong play last season. So if he wows in camp, I say give him a shot, at least for the first few games in a top 6 role. I also think it would be great for his development if he spent an extra year in London refining his skill and taking the leadership role on that team. It is a great system and an extra year in London will likely be a positive. I can see Tkachuk being a Corey Perry type of player if he continues progressing, and am so stoked we were able to draft him. I think the flames have a shot at being a playoff team if younger guys continue to take positive strives developmentally, we need a big year from Bennett and of course Monny and Gaudreau. If we get good goaltending, which I expect we will, this should be a very exciting season. What do you guys think/want to do with Matthew??
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