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  1. The Flames time is just starting, Vancouver is fading.
  2. C'Mon..put those filthy Car-Burners out of OUR misery already!!

    1. DirtyDeeds


      Tonight.. Just watch..We will show no mercy

    2. Flyerfan52
  3. This whole goalie thing in Vancouver has reall humanized Lou. he was a faceless enemy before, but he has handled all this with humor and grace. I think the Canucks painted themselves into a corner, and wer forced to keep the right guy in the end, I don't think Lou will sandbag or anything. I bet the Canucks get a top notch Lou. tales of their demise are jumping the gun.
  4. I'm not entirely sold on Minny winning division though. playoffs, for sure, but they and the Nucks will be tooth and nail til the end for division, I think.
  5. The problem would almost never be between the two goalies. The danger (and i am not suggesting it is there yet,) would be frustration and possibly animosity from one or both of the goalies toward the organization, if they feel their careers are being unfairly harmed by splitting duties.especially if one or the other thinks they have earned sole rights to being the de facto starter. if what we just saw against the Preds is the kind of game the 'Nucks can find regularly fr the rest of the season, then they will finish top 3. if the down time was more than a hiccup, they will have to claw for a spot. last half is gonna be interesting.
  6. I think Edm and Cgy are effectively out of the chase, Vancouver could easily drop out of the playoff picture if their current level of play does not improve. Van is only one point ahead of 9th,and there re too many teams clustered from 6th to 11th for anyone to survive a serious slump. I still think Van is a playoff team, but there is a good chance they won't be if they don't turn it around quickly.
  7. Strong possibility of no playoffs in western Canada this year.
  8. Oh I don't doubt they will make the playoffs. probably have a great run again. But I do think the rigid, and tough system Sutter plays is hard to play consistently. They won't ever dominate wire to wire. During the span where they aren't up to the intensity the system requires they won't look too good. When they are up to it they will be very very good.
  9. I remember when Sutter was still coaching the Flames that there was a lot of talk (especially on the Fan,) that people thought possibly Darryl's system was too much of a grind, and took too much of a toll on his own players, that it might be hard to keep it up successfully for longer periods of time. I wonder if there might not be a grain of truth to this.
  10. Backlund tripped on it too. It's really weird, because all 3 times I have seen someone trip, it has been the exact same spot on the ice. Is that spot close to any of the overhead pyro?
  11. FF52 I think a big part of the issue with that is when JBo was acquired and signed to that hefty contract one of the biggest PR points (actually THE biggest selling point,) was the offense he was going to add from the blueline. Without that it doesn't matter how well he performs his primary defensive duties. Without the scoring he doesn't fill the role as advertised, so people will consider him as a failure. The contract is enough money to be both rock solid defensively, and add goals. He's actually a pretty good defender, but he doesn't provide the sizzle that was sold. No scoring, no big hits, and frankly on TV people won't see everything he does right. Watching games live you can see what he does more clearly, but for the masses who don't get to go to many games they don't see any of the flash associated with the most highly paid D-Men (scoring, crushing hits.) if his contract/hit were cheaper his image would be different. But he hasn't done everything that his contract entails.
  12. Did they wear the throwback jerseys again tonight?

  13. I wasn't meaning it was the only problem, but everything else is magnified if you start out your season by digging a big hole. You remove your margin for error.
  14. It's a result of the missed points early in the season. The Flames need to play with 100% intensity down the stretch, but it is hard to do, especially with such a large percentage of scoring coming from the older members of the team. When the inevitable lull comes, (due more to fatigue IMO than anything,) in the modern era even the bottom teams will beat you when you aren't at your very best. this will be the 2nd year in a row that the Flames poor start has bitten them in the tail because it requires a near unsustainable level of play down the home stretch.
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