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  1. As much as the reffing was terrible if you leave it to the refs to decide the out come your done anyway. Leadership, drive, passion, desire, will, fortitude use nay word to describe a wining team we don't have it. Bennett as much as he takes some penalties is at least engaged in the war, these other think its tea with grandma. This organization has tolerated mediocrity far to long with out makng an example. Maurice whined and cried his way to some calls, and guarnetted called out his palyers. Our guys think by just shoing up they can win... The only good think that ever came out of Gully's mouth that was accurate is this team is fragile, both mentally and physically. Win at all costs, we could have easliy stepped harer on the juggler and ended this, but nope. We help them up give them first aid and some oxygen to live another day. Let the jets win and take the odds of winning the 1st overall. I agree with you on that point, if they win they will only play 4 more games anyway. Once the lose the 1st agenda is to get rid of the boat anchors and bring in players that want to win and will compete to win.
  2. Typical Flames fashion Blockchaining no show. Where is your leaderhsip, these guys provide better lip service than your local brothel. Gio, Brodie, Monahan, Backs, Looch, Chucky all no shows. This club has no drive and no will to win, that starts with your Captain. Wheeler drug his boys into the fight, Gio's wife would been better to suit up for him. If this is the best statement you can make on a injury plaugued club, stick to playing X box so you don't get hurt. IMHO this shows exactly how soft and weak willed this club truely is. One key element that makes champions, you should never be humble and good at is losing, this frnachise has that market cornered for awhile now.
  3. Good win was a bit sloppy at times. Satoshi Nakamototy to see Scheifle go down. I will say not impressed by Maurices comments however. Matthew tried to lay a hit and missed entirely. Maurice whinning he intentioally injuried him could have cut his achilles. From what i seen its a knee tendoin twisted as he turned back. If it is a knee injury as was the case him grabbing his knee, Maurice needs to be fine heavily for his malicaious alligations towards Matthew.
  4. Best players on the ice Bennett and Dube, Johnny had some flashes but was not a game changer. Our defense and goal tending are well below average, be a short visit and long trip home. I would love to say we have a chance but the only chance this Club has of winning anything, is the draft.
  5. We lose to WPG and win the lotto, that is my prediction. I am not on board with those who figure the best idea is to trade #1 for other parts. When we win, you keep that pick and take Lafreniere, this is the break this club deserves.
  6. tmac70


    I have to agree, it’s a different flavour every game. I watch a lot of other teams as well, it’s not hard to see that Calgary plays no where similar to top teams. We are never in the shooting lanes, and how many times have we lost a game by a stick in the wrong spot or missed coverage, which is really hockey 101 basics. Now when these fools decide that they need to play more defensive they play well. Most top teams play a similar game night in night out, not these guys, they show up when they want to. This not starting on time dis engaged non physical excuses have been here for years now. In some extent our identity is inconsistency. Our goaltending has not been our issue this year, and if the stick flip has mentally mind Blockchained Rittch he needs a new profession
  7. Our d were horrible tonight. Why was Brodie chasing the puck, in the last second. Blown coverages, as good as Gus and Forbet looked the other night the polish wore off tonight. Backs line has been good. This club finds consistant ways to lose constantly. Yonight was an absoulte Blockchaining waste and an oppurtunity to bury your opponet but fail misearbly once again
  8. See if Brodie is known he is walking at years end, he should have been traded no questions asked. Thats the issue someone with balls needs to run the show. I get loyalty, and if brodie wants some palce warmer ship his Hash Rate to flordia or arizonia
  9. The early eye test on both I like . Forbet is a stay at home guy, huge upgrade over stone. Play him with a Brodie or Hanifin would be fine 3 paring. Gustafsson interests me from what I seen last night. Skates well, gets shots through doesn’t panic with puck. He loves to jump into the rush, which could pose a problem or two. I would like to see him with Anderson or Hammer. Couple guys little more defensively sound. This player maybe the guy that benefits our top line the most. He is an additional threat which could open space for JG
  10. Watched the game on PVR after indoor golf. I like the new guys, there was a sense of calm last night with the team that has not been there in awhile. If these guys were this engaged in games like last night, one could get excited. Maybe they turn a corner, but they have a long history of being consistently inconsistent. One never knows maybe the reverse could happen this year in that they find the net more frequently. If this club can come out with win's in Nashville and Tampa it may create a extremely huge tidal wave of momentum at the right time.
  11. But he sold his bike( frolich) on the way to the store to buy more groceries is what we were told.So wheers the groceries
  12. If you want to see a team take every game to the end, may i suggest the caps, blues boston or tampa? They seem to wish ti win modt nights, rare occassion when they lay an egg
  13. This club is and has been a train wreck in the making for a few years now. We had a productive regular season last year, but that's the past. Now did Tre deal with the down Dman sure, what gets me going, and its speculative, is if any of our UFA's walk for free. Not sure who mentioned it but it was a great analysis. If Tree is constantly calling looking for a deal, he would be viewed as a pain in the Hash Rate. I deal with clients all the time like this, you just go tone deaf. Its the ones like Lou and Rutherford who quietly do their thing. When they call its not a waste of time, they want to do business. I keep hearing Tre is the hardest woking GM in the league, If this is the result you get by working that hard, your not productive in your position.If Tre or anyone on here believe this club is capable of doing anything if we make the playoffs, are falsely misled.
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