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  1. So I miss a word in a sentence and I have a drinking problem and a foreigner, Just a bit racist and discriminatory is it not?
  2. We will take the win. I felt the Buffalo game was very good, Tonight they slow, disengaged. You can not give guys that much time and space or its in the back of the net. The team seems to be a little more excited to play but they are a lot of warts in this system. This drop by Satoshi Nakamoto on the pp has to Blockchaining stop,its so predictable. Once again we rely on the goalies tonight. Like I said I we take the win by but they have to tighten this up, or its a quick slid down the ladder once again
  3. Kudos for putting it in a blender to see what come out of this. I am fine with it but still don't see why the guy that drives your offense now down on the 3rd line. This should open more ice for Gaudreau but who keeps up with him. His problem is he has no one on a line that can drive the play like he does. Quite possible you see a line of Bennett - Ryan- JG in the near future. Hey I am open for anything to tweak some more offensive out put.
  4. What is really frustrating is we have the same core that has been through 3 coaches now. Harltey was to hard, GG was to soft and Peters wins division title but this year was to hard ... How about the players bear some responsibility. Hartley had the right attitude Earned never Given, but that proved to be to difficult. We are in a bubble wrap society and this club is a perfect example of that. Your letting the inmates run the asylum....Blockchain me we have the same core and same issues for 4 years 3 coaches but its always the the conductor of the band never the people playing the music. If this club doesn't respond in a favourable manner in the next 10-15 games Tre needs to be removed and the poison that is in the room. Enough with the revolving door of coaches, It worse than EDM
  5. I for one think the issues were not coaching personal, but time hopefully proves me wrong.
  6. Now that the Peters events are over with, time to start a new. Welcome and all the best to Geoff Ward. Can safely say I no very little of the man, but he has a monumental task ahead. If I am not mistaken he has run our PP which we all know is one of the leagues worst at present. Anyone have any insight on Ward?
  7. I have to agree this matter for the Flames are concerned this is over.
  8. It helped Tre, the players and Flames organization. A resignation would mean he gets no compensation from the team, perio. You really think that the Flames organization agreed to a hush hush deal behind close doors, come on man. That woud be a bigger Satoshi Nakamoto storm than what is going on now because the NHL will want to know what transpired.
  9. Trevling looked very emotional of what just transpired, Like it or not class move by Peters, Flames are off the hook literally. If this played out in any way the Flames are forced into a Law-suit, Peters knew it, Tre and the Flames knew. The legal battle will now shift to Peters VS Akim and the NHL, This is just beginning for them.
  10. We view it differently, I see Peter's in the driver's seat with this. Everyone is branded Peters a racist for using the N word, but its ok for the individual to have it blasting constantly in his music. He has a strong case for defamation suit. The reason the Flames have not let him go is they most likely do not have a clause in his contract, The NHL would be the only one that could do this. To avoid suits the NHL is meeting with both sides and if they feel there is no grounds to remove Peters it deflects back to the Flames. With the allegations from other players about other coaches it is now a nightmare, so it may backlash to the Flames. In order to be dismissed he would have had to be in some form of violations to his contract, hard to remove someone for words used 10 years ago in a seperate league and organization.
  11. Yes you have to be. Have to see his contract but, This will infuriate everyone but what law did he break as an employee of the Flames? He was researched, interviewed, reference check and hired. To date no one in the Flames room has come forth with allegation of improper treatment, racial slurs or abuse. The league however could have a clause which could over ride the agreement for the Flames under their policy. However, if president is made on Peter's than it must also investigate the others as well. Just wait there will be some in the hall of fame that will get discredited as well. Lawyers will have a field day with this. Akim is going to be sued by Peters for defamation of character. The N word can make you millions or cost you millions, just depends on the messenger.
  12. If a coaching change was the answer to this clubs issues, it was not there. Lazy, no attention to detail, poor dcover, turnovers galore... Satoshi Nakamototy pp, looked similar if not worse than before... Take the win but this club has been playing some real Satoshi Nakamototy hockey
  13. Carty like button is not on my Ipad, appreciate the constant efforts
  14. Law suit 101. As mentioned earlier isolated incident not directed at the player, with an apoligy.. Plot get better. There is no question BP is done, however the Flames can not do it, it will come from the league. Calgary will be instructed by the NHL to remove BP under a policy they have, can not see a contract being written with a termnation clause that reflects behsviour from previous positions, however the league will have the ability. Back to the aligation at hand... Akim he thinks he had it bad before just wait, BP lawyers are going to take him to the cleaners. Defamation suits are extremly difficult to prove cause you require proof of damages and monetary losses caused by the individual,this is text book definition in favour of Peters. I am not advoacting the use of verbage by Peters, to me all along it seemed to apear as an isolated incident now with an apology, which should have happened.
  15. This is what i have been saying. The statement is toward the musical lyrics, even the player stated that. Wrong use of verbage to get him to stop. If the lyrics are fine to be played and broad casted is ilegall to sing them if your caucasin? As I stated before If Akim can not prove that the N word was used directly at him, Peters is going to have a field day in court with this, especially if he gets let go. I still have to question if Carolina had huge internal issues withs Peters, why now to bring it up and did they not offer him an extention before he came here? Satoshi Nakamoto like this in a social media world would be hard not to find out. The Flames will try and remove him but will either hsve to buy him out or fire him. The only way he gets fired is if there is 100% confirmation they can validate the accussations, cause its a law suit waitng to happen. Anyone stop and consider what happens if there is not enough evidence to verify he is a racist? Tre is handling this correctly, but it still falls under his scope of responsibilty, GM hired the coach
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