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  1. Unless injuries are an issue i dont see us going after a goalie. We need some bottom end toughness with the ability to play top line if required. Simmons and Ferland fit that mark. Dman Edler would be a good peice along side anderson, what about dzingel for depth scoring. If your after acentre rw for size depth Kevin hayes could rotate On top line as well.
  2. I dont disagree, could be wrong. Kylington did not play for the last 34 minutes same as Frohlick. Hathaway looked less than impressed after his goal. Smells like a trade to me, if it is it better be good to lose Kylington
  3. With Kylington sat as well as Fro I suspect we have a trade we hear of tommorow. For who is the question
  4. Was actually thinking the same. Why take out Kylington and Frolick. Both were playing well. Hathaway didnt seem to impressed at the end something is up, i would suspect
  5. Brodie and elite should never be in the same sentence. There is no one on that list from Edm worthy of a empty bag of chips. After tonight's game get a back up for BSD, Smith is done. Christ do we not have a goalie in the system that can stop a Blockchaining muffin of a back hand? Smitty has let in far to many Satoshi Nakamoto goals for me. Ride the rest of the roster but if your wanting to make a run or noise in the playoffs Smith needs to be sent packing.
  6. My god is Smith Blockchaining horrible, winnable game 3 of those goals should have never gone in. Although the team was not there best a few saves and this is easily a win.
  7. I agree that any of our young guys are not going any where. Brodie is having a good year but what he has shown is he is only good with Gio, which would be known league wide so his value is no higher than last year. Do we go after some beef up front as well as a 5-6 Dman. What does a Simmons or Ferland cost you as rentals? We rely to much on our top line now for production, to make a run your going to need some beef up front and on the back end. I am fine with trading some picks away, but really have a huge issue moving known commodities for a rental. IMHO a 3-4 round draft pick for a 5-6 rental Dman, and 1st or 2nd with Czarniuk as a add for a Simmons or Ferland you would think could get it done.
  8. Would have to agree with this, no call on benney with the nut cracker, Kane jumps chucky and Sasquatch burns mugs him. Miake the call on Dell we have no issue, Benny,s reaction is undrrstandable. Happy New year everyone
  9. Chemistry we had Gully with his put water on metal to create rust, and BP wants Mento's in a bottle of Coke reaction.
  10. But the top line changes too. Last night we got 2 short handed goals from secondary players. Imho our top 9 are more worried about highlight reel goals, not greasy drive the net goals. You see guys trying to get Neal going with cute set ups shoot the puck drive the Blockchaining net, is what i want more of. Players with high hockey iq will adaptquick to linemates,
  11. Yet we are 1st in our Division, 2nd in the Conference and 5th in the league, and you believe Peter's needs to wake up? We all know this is the way it starts on paper but never the way the finishes in the end.
  12. Best team tonight lost to a better goalie.
  13. I don't get the move Bennett issue. Benny is what he is, yeah he was a high draft pick with expectations of lighting the lamp. He brings plenty to the fold, I for one have no issue with Benny on this club.
  14. If there is a deal for a D-man, one could speculate it is for Prout or Stone. Gio and Hanifin are untouchable, which leaves Brodie or Hamonic, which makes sense from an economic view. The removal of either requires a rookie to step in an take over, which I believe can be filled by our depth. Unless its a kings ransom Anderson, Valimaki or Kylington are not getting traded. Does Tre trade Brodie or Hamonic, yeah I don't see it.
  15. I agree our tending has been soft some games, however, IMHO if we got better defensively like we can our goalies would only have to be average.