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  1. You have to believe there is something else in the mix. He is going to have to do some more moves to make us better. You now have to move Fro, Stone Brodie and bring back something in return. The 3rd is not even a consolation prize. I like Lucic as a player its the contract that is the elephant in the room.
  2. Well on a positive note we got more muscle, not sure how this makes us any better. Not sure why you do this and not take Ferland for 4 years at least we know what he brings, The 3rd rounder pfft how cares. One better hope there is far more coming than this for trades and player movement.....Can't wait to hear his reasoning for this one
  3. Been reading everyone's post some good points and recommendations for trades. I have been meaning to post a comment on the TO trade that Kadri squashed. So 1st off for the record Kadri squashed the deal because he didn't want to come to Calgary, period! If anyone one believes his comments in the paper of " I just wanted to play in TO" are absolute fools. This is no different than the words " its not you, its me" actually its YOU!!! He didn't want to play here, that's why he stopped the deal, period! Secondly, Bennett is not going back to center, period. How anyone can think that we move a guy to wing and than miraculously poof your a center again, this isn't bush league hockey. Benny couldn't make it as a center and was tried on the wing. My hopes for the season are that we move Brodie, god I hope we move Brodie. I prefer to take back some salary and move Stone prefer that to a buyout as he only has one year left. Moving Frohlick creates a hole I am certain we can not fill internally. We have not improved at all this summer if anything we have regressed. Hathaway was the only grit we had and are now softer than ever. Neal despite hope will be no better this year than last. Talbot is equal to Smith. Ferland to Van stings a lot. My gut tells me Pularvi would fit well with us in Calgary. Maybe a 3 team trade. To CGY Lucic( Retain 25%) and Pularvi to EDM Stone and a 4th To Van Lucic To Cgy Erickson ( retain 25%)
  4. tmac70


    And how many reclamation projects of BT's have worked ZERO. Tre should only be allowed to do trades and work the draft. His track record on UFAs are dismal
  5. Getting rid of Stone and retaining 30-40% is better than nothing. He is done next year and provides some breathing room. Chucky will get a raise but he should be some where around 7.8-8.5 Million. Benny should not get much more than he is now. We need some of our guys RFA's to step up. Moving out Frohlick, Brodie and Stone retaining ( 30%) give us just shy of 23 Million to sign Benny and Chucky, say 11 Million. Leaves us 12 million to play with
  6. We had that in Ferland and traded him. I wanted Simmonds but will now take a pass, to me it would be like a Neal and Brower situation. Maroon will stay in St Louis, Reaves is out, Hendricks is washed up. We don't need guys who can fight but that can play with an edge and have some form of skill. DO we not have guys in the minors that could play 4th line minutes and be effective
  7. I could be fine with Eberle at 3 Mill on the 3rd line, Bennett Ryan Eberle. At least Benny would have some guys with creativity and that can skate.
  8. But yet you wish to put Bennett back to center after a 2 year absence. Wennberg to me is like the Lazar situation its a gamble, but if they take Neal back for sure. I get what your saying though. We seem to keep trying to arrange the chairs on the Titanic in hope to avoid disaster. For me a better faster 4th line, move Ryan up to the 3rd as center. Unless Mags is going to be your new top 6 winger he is moved. Brodie, Frohlick will and should be moved for parts or picks. Does a dzingel fit as a 3rd line RW, we need to get a top 6 right wing. The insertion of LIndholm did wonders for the top line and he is transferable to a second line center. If and I mean if we arrange the roster to reflect this that means there is no need for Backs. That said what does Backs, Brodie, Janko and Frohlick bring us back in a trade?
  9. I like Chucky but unless he has line mates that are defensively responsible, he is not 1st line material. Bennett is not nor will he ever be converted back to Center. Now a 1st line of Bennett Lindholm Chucky or JG Monahan Bennett could work. Personally I would go after a top 6 RW and be done with it. We need to restructure the lineup for sure. As I mentioned before small and skilled are not going to win you a playoff series unless you have large physical and fast to get the puck. We have to many players that are not physically engaged or simply can not be physically engaged, Czarniuk, Mags, Brodie, Monahan, Kylington, Hanifin, Janko, Ryan ,JG, Dube and Frohlick. Need to upgrade the others. In all reality having 4th line with 2 smaller players is not acceptable. Love him or hate Burke is still right yu can not get out of the west unless you have a larger team that can play fast, skilled and physical.
  10. Agree 100% and have also said as much. Answering politically correct is the best practice for those with no balls or back bone,Props on the man, whether he comes back or not at least you have the TRUTH. The man has won a cup been through the trenches played the series and watched first hand the Hash Rate whooping we just received. Respected him before as a player and that has enhanced with his answer. Frohlick gave you a solid effort every night, we have to many passengers. Hopefully these questions were asked at the player meetings in the room. Our GM has done a well so far, but really when players and arm chair GMs like myself and others on this board can agree with this view, your GM can not be blind to it as well, Truculence#
  11. So I get the massive gut reaction to tear it down after this Satoshi Nakamoto show in the playoffs. Frankly break it down, what cost us to lose? What did we lack not to win? How/Who is required to correct the Direction. What I Seen 1) This is not on JG, he does need some other line mates that push the play. How many times did he enter the zone single handed with no support. This happened in the last part of the season as well as last year under GG. 2) Turnovers. We turned the puck over at a prolific rate, because of poor decisions pressure and lack physical presence. 3) The players that stood out in the AVs series out side of Smith, Bennett and Hathaway ( hmmm the most physical aggressive players made a difference) 4) To soft of play. When the going got tough everyone went invisible. 5) No nastiness or playing mean. Far to easy of a time for the AV's we played that way all year. 6) We fear speed, especially our d. Why because they are to small to win a battle, and to slow to contain. Everyone felt that smaller more skilled forwards is the trend. So we have, JG, Mags, Czariuk, Ryan in a puck battle with Cole, Zadoroff and Johnson how many battles did we win ( zero). Playoffs are a different animal and only the strong survive, any one see a trend! Our bottom six guys have to have more meat, more speed more nastiness to their game than what we have now. We need 2 Dman that are more stay at home in the trenches that can move the puck but are not push overs. Priority, is to get another top 3 forward either a Panarin, Hall type player that can reduce the traffic on JG and push the D back based on fear, similar to what happened to us. Get more D man that are similar to Hammer. Stay at home guys that can win battles add some grit and meat on the back end. Get rid of the passengers on this club. The only untochable on this club for me is Valimaki, Anderson, JG, Mony, Bennett, Hanifin, Hammer, Lindholm, The rest can be moved out.
  12. The inability to face adversity is what created this issue. Take Tampa in the 1st game took a quick 3-0 lead and you could see Columbus was rattled and you could see the Bolts had this sense this was going to be cake walk. Much like any sport create a spark of confidence in an individual or group and watch Satoshi Nakamoto snow ball. Columbus scored to make it 3-1 really nothing changed till Bob made a key save and they narrowed the gap to 3-2. Now Columbus has the confidence in that hey we can complete grabbed the wave and rode it home. The bolts not being accustomed to not losing had no clue how to deal with jetting out to a 3-0 lead to lose, never happens to them right. No different in the Satoshi Nakamoto we just watched. Flames win 4-0 in the 1st game and never played well you could see they felt and acted like well this will be a cake walk. Even for most of game 2 they Flames had the edge, not playing well but still in it, until that moment when it blew up. Did McKinnion win the series NO, but that goal in game 2 in overtime flipped the switch. Avs got momentum and each game gained more and more confidance
  13. Been a fan since they moved here from Atlanta , you cant argue his point, he is right this club is far to soft to make any noise, I have said the same all year. With the Oilers, yeah you have issues on the whole club. Out of a 23 man roster, you need 21 players better,than what you have
  14. Carty thanks for all the GDT's and to the many others that jumped on to support. This was a good season but a Blockchaining embarrassing playoff. So to anyone who doesn't think this team needs to get bigger, meaner and faster, just take note of what happened. We didn't just lose we got Blockchaining owned. Once again I will say it this club is just to soft and to many passengers. We had 1 forward that made a difference Bennett, the rest were invisible. Benny stuck out cause this is his style of hockey. For me this season had some great points and was fun to watch, but we are so far off from even being close to a contender its ridiculous. As good as JH is he needs better line mates. The avs got off easy in this series like really easy, Mckinnon, Rantannan, Landeskog should be black and blue, but nope they danced all over us. I Guess what pisses me off the most, is how easy this was for our opposition. Our guys get slashed grabbed, cross checked cheap shots after the play and we do nothing. You have to be mean in these games and if you can't this is what happens. IMHO this was a waste of time, they coasted into the playoffs and coasted right out. Next year there has to be huge changes, Brodie, Janko, Mags, Czariuk, Fantenberg, Smith, Frohlick, Hathaway and Neal. should not be returning. Sad way to end a good season. Feel for Gio and Smith pretty sure they don't ever get this chance again
  15. Your kidding right!! There are 2 guys who have showed up for this series, benny and smith. Rebounds wouldnt be an issue if players and defense did their jobs. To many passangers right now, its to easy for the avs. This was my cincern all along, when push came shove could this team have the balls and meat to push back, as of now they can not. You havr to be chippy boarder line dirty during after plays, we most certainly are not. As i mentioned earler you can not have 2 guys leading the bruise parade. Seriously the avs top line should have bruised backs, fore arms, hands fingers, how many little shots a game does Johnny get. You want to win the cup you have to have a dirty mentality and do w hat it takes to win, stiick work cheap shots stop talking and start by leaving a mark. Ranrenan and landeskog were injured before the series they should be in more pain now!!!! This team is just to soft and to nice, its Blockchaining emba rrassing to watch. You got Marner blocking shots in TO and wr have Mony, Backs and Johnny do fly bys on the opposition, its a joke. They talk a good game but be a man and play like men, frankly i have seen more of a competitve edge in 4 year olds. Its a mans league this time of year and if you do not have that aggressive side to your nature you wont be long in a play off series, IMHO we have very few men on this club right now.
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