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  1. This whole process is some what perplexing. The goal is to improve the team as a whole. We got arguably the best goalie in UFA, but without improvements to the people in front you have improved nothing. All we have done is put more pressure on Markstrom to carry the load. Based on what we know it appears we have not improve but digressed. Would it not have been better to allocate money to stabilize the d and add to the forward group with a resign of Talbot. Our goal tending was overall not the issue last season it was a poor group in front, from which you lost, Brodie, Reider, Janko, Hammer. Replaced them with Tanev, Robinson and Rinaldo look out world, I can just see the rest of the league trembling in fear when the see this roster, I know it scares me
  2. So after all of this are we any better? We have better goalie, worse d and same slack Hash Rate forwards... yup big changes in Calgary. The Markstom deal I get, the Tanev deal I can understand but the value is to high. Unless they get a top 6 forward to assist the top line, next season will be a waste
  3. And I agree. Hall would be a target for me as well. However if i am Hall I want to win a cup, this club is far removed from striking fear into anyone. Whos your goalie Talbot, Rittch yeah thats not good enough? Defense your best guy and captain have already degressed to 3rd pairing status. Outside of our top 6 things get bleak, and now with the chatter of moving Mony and Gaudreau your team doesnt look much better.
  4. So if a OEL would not sign here, does anyone hold hope that Petro will? This is why we seem to get boot fracked based on large dumb contracts is you have to over pay. It also speaks volumes on how your club is viewed by players as non contenders. Makes a guy gag a little when you hear the Orcas are a better option than us
  5. Yeah its a Satoshi Nakamoto trade. Vorcheck is a downgrade and you could sign hall for equal value far better player. Trevling with his Blockchaining reclamation projects Ghost is no better than Gustafson Resign him than at half the value. Johnny wants to go to Philly great let someome else take it up the arse. Ship his Hash Rate to the highest bidder, and be done with it. Unless Philly eats salary plus adds picks and a prospect, forget it. God makes me gag ever time our gm trys to play mother Thersa and recreate players carrers. If this trade goes down, he should be shown the door immediately
  6. The trade for Gaudrea not sure what the return would be, I would think he gets similar to the Laine request. I know the talk is Philly but what are you getting coming back? Definelty their 1st, I would definely ask for Nolan Patrick ( risk but worth it) but who else? They need to add and it has to be a younger marquee player, not sure who though. I thought the Rangers but they will have Lafreniere so that maynot work. I thought maybe Kappo and their 1st from Carolina, for me thats the type of trade that needs to happen. If we don't get a quality player in return whats the point. Or what about a Mony, JG and Hanifin for their 1st overall plus a prospect. Gives them a 1st or 2nd line center, 1st line left wing and top 4 dman. Rangers are buyng out Lunquist and have the space JG mony and Hanifin only take up 15 million it allows them to fill their gaps with the 13 million left. With JG wanting to be near home this checks lots of boxes and may work for both sides, Does Rangers GM or ours have moxie to pull off such a trade though? Could be a pipe dream but dream large I always say. For us we get a franchise LW coming in, opens up cap space to fill the voids for UFA's as well. We have 16million and would now have 31 million in cap space. WIth JG gone Hall is coming in at 8 Million, your than in need of a goalie. Markstrom could be had, Kuemper could possibly been done with our 1st which now leaves us with 18 million, you could make a run at Petro for 9 Million, with 9 million left to sign what we have to sign. There is also the rumor of Monahan to Min for Dumba. I like Dumba but not at a one for one trade. Dumba a 2nd and prospect for Monahan sure. Also what about a trade with ARZ, for OEL, Kessel and Kuemper( 15% retained on Kessel and OEL) would Hanifin, Ryan Kylington our 1st and 2nd work? May not be enough but it provides them a good D prospect, a top 4 dman young on a good contract, and a veteran player that can fill alot of voids. For us OEL is an upgrade over Brodie and with 15 % retained would be the same value if we resigned him, Kessel now fills the void at RW veteran guy has won 2 cups, 15 % retained fits the need, Kuemper self explanatory.
  7. Some one mentioned Kessel out of ARZ, it was something I actually don't mind. Really if you want someone that can fit a need at a good value he would be not a bad option. - Kuepmer to me is an option but not at the asking price and will once again ask for Resigantions if he trades our 1st or 2nds again, Sign markstom at the same value and it doesn't cost you assets. - Hall I think he would be a good fit here as well, Hall at 7.5 for 6 why not. - Perto, would love to see it but can't see it. Petro is going to 8,5 plus for 7-8 years. Your going to have to move someone to make room for him, Hanifin would be the odd man out. We have 16 Million left actually 13.5 after you sign Mags. Goalie is 5.5 -6 Million, leaving you 7.5 million left without moving a roster player. If you move out Hanifin that leaves you with 12 Million, meaning :Petro is doable at 8.5-9 but you still need a 5-6 d with no funds left
  8. Have to agree on most of this, with a caveat. I for one would do 5 - 5.75 for Markstrom possibly 6 depending on term. This process is a double edged sward, either you get a world class goaile and keep your Satoshi Nakamoto defensive style/ players in place or get better coverage and defensive players with an average goaltending. I weigh on the side of good goaltending. We need defensive dman, which can be had. Not to often a stud goalie comes around in a time and periods where 2/3 of the teams are not spending and we have the capibilty to. Markstrom moves the needle more for us than a stud Dman like Petro. Will Markstrom get paid yes as he should, if its in that 5-6 mill mark why not us.
  9. As did Talbot, does that make him the best option? Not saying goalies can get hot and cold, but look at the teams both of these guys palyed on. ARZ is far more defensivley sould,structured than VAN, yet who was more impressive. With out Markstrom VAN goes no where. All I am making my suggestion on is the BEST fit for our club based on what I have watched. Kuemper is good but IMHO is maybe slightly bettter than Talbot. He is injury prone which means you need a solid backup, Rittich I am not backing the future on either. I most definlty am not tradng a 1st for Kuemper IMHO if that happens Tre needs to be fired. WIth the multiple UFA goalies you may as well take a shot at the best UFA out there. If you can not get Markstrom just get a stop gap for a couple of years and hope your development and draft selections pay off. Markstrom would be my first choice after that I jsut fill the void with a short term guy. Kuemper based on what you have to give up potetnial is not worth the risk.
  10. For me any of the aforementiooned are an upgrade on Talbot. I also dont get to bent out of shape with the analytics of the numbers. Our club, despite what some thinkhas poor D, very poor defensive systems to the eye test. Our club needs a goalie that can some what stand on his own as our club frequenlty leaves our goalies out to dry. Based on that the best option for our club would be Markstrom. Comes from a club which has more porous D coverage than ours. Why take a goalie that has looked good on a very defensively structured team ie Coyetes, Veagas. I steer clear of Holby, Murray, Talbot IMHO your just stop gapping a position based on a false premise we have great defense and quality defensive systems is piss poor management. Kuemper may have looked good behind a defensivley sound team in PHX, he is going to look average here. For me Markstrom is the guy that moves the needle the most, that would be my number one target.
  11. OEL does not push the needle for me, he is much like we have older over paid place holders. We need a goalie that is sound but or D coverage and turnovers need cleaned up first. We need Defensive Dman and a better system for our D to jump into the rush. Facts are Gio is no longer 1st pairing and Brodie never was, but we do have to aquire indivduals that can play in the top pairing, not sure we have that in the depth charts.
  12. Any goalie that is between the pipes in thus club better be used to a million shots. Our d coverage and systems alllow far to mmay grade A chances, they all willlook below sverage
  13. Not surprised but also disaapointred. Tre made mention he was the best guy out there, bullSatoshi Nakamoto. This team never made any major advancement under Ward. The systems are awful, players havre no deire to compete. This was a simole hire for Tre, pretty certain we falter this year than previous year. Another soft coach the players can maneuver they way they want
  14. No surprise.... another season of below average. The sad part is the hrad work is there but this orginaziation lacks compete
  15. So here is my 2 cents. Lets look at Brayden Point as a HUGE failure in the Flames Organization. Alberta product that was much like Gadreau, domintated in every league. I rember watching this kid in the WHL playoffs a 16 year old. So here is a kid that lead the playoffs on the team with points, in the PLAYOFFS. I am good friends with the family he stayed with in Junior, great mild mannered kid. So local kid, playing a province away for 3 years, but always was the best player on the ice nigh in and night out. This was the year the Flames drafted, Bennett, McDonald, Hunter Smith, Brandon Hickey Point was drafted 79th overall, and if anyone is watching the current playoffs, the best playeron the ice. Now Point was small and skatikng was a concern but funy that NO ONE in the Flames organization or Edmonton for that matter never took a chance on this kid. I get every team passed on him but when your a local kid with that much talent, how is it that your local teams never took a shot. This goes into what I have said before, everyone else seems to find diamonds and we currenlty get fools gold
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