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    TIme Out

    Gentlemen ( ladies if there are any here). Last night was a turning point for me, it will be my final watched game. The aggitaiton frustration, emotional lows for years will now end. Have I been hard on this club, negative yes, but it has been justifiable. Been a Flames fan longer than some of you have been alive, but its time. For the past god for as I can remember I would schedele my nights around watching this team play, if there was a game on i watched it. When the forum was down for me was a hard adjustment. I read posts from eveyone that like me is a die hard fan of the Flames. It was a great day when it came back on line, didn't realize how much I missed the comments and individauls who wrote them. I just wanted for what its worth, to thank those who have taken the time, effort and energy for these forums. The conversations comments and readings have been a huge part of my daily routine. I am a competive person and watching this is extremely frustrating to me. When I am more agitated than the players and staff, its time. This organization is a shell of what it once was, I truely hope that one day it finds it self again. As the sabres fan stated so perfectly, If I had a cardboard cut out in the stands I would remove it to not make them suffer watching this. This is a hard chapter to close, been a routne for years this forum has meant alot to me. I truely and sincerely wish everyone nothing but the best and once again thank everyone for their efforts.
  2. Gully lost the room because he called them out but had absoluelty no respect in that room. Gully was a Satoshi Nakamoto coach no question. The one thing he did say that has resignated since he was coach. The team is weak mentally and folds under pressure.....That has simple not changed in the years since, nor have the rosters or leadership with whom it was directed.
  3. Anyone ever figure out the idenity of this club? The time and space they give teams and allow easy enterance to the zone and non pressure on teams is frankly bafflaing to me. Can anyone anyone show me a game in the past 2 years we played an upbeat pressure game? All i see is blowbys time space no gap control and they play scared. Anytime you play scared you make mistakes, this club plays afraid constantly. There is no swager in this club no confidance, it is time to admit that Trevling has failed at this rebuild.
  4. Great GDT as always. This club to me has checked out or they simple do not belive in the systems. I get you may have a couple guys have terriblegames or slow starts but 18-19 guys nighlty is fricking crazy, . and awhile its 98% of the games with the exception of the goalie. This club has not been able to play agaisnt teams that pressure and that is total systems and players not wanting to buy in. This system doesn' t fit this club, the cycle game doesn't work, they are never moving especailly the dman. I Agree with those who are finger pointing at MT, he has been so lackluster this year its glaring. As for Ward nice guy but this has to go done as hte worst hires in franchise history. IMHO I have seen enough out of Tre and Ward that I am comfortable showing them and a couple core palyers the door at years end. Tre's had his shot his tenure has been average at best
  5. Well thats better. Finally an effort, good win.... This is how you win, team was engaged. Keep it going
  6. They wonder why i toss F bombs around as much I do, this just typical. This club is the worse we have seen in years. Dump and chase and never win a battle wtf. Dont even get me going on the line up, Ward needs to go, seems like a nice guy but this crap we are seeing is on coach and gm for allowing the hire. Your in your own barn 3 peanlties and out shot 17-3... Tonight is a must win tonight to show what this team is made of, if not it has to be house cleaning time enough is enough
  7. Hmm, hit a nerve. You could just skip over them however it is more important to make make a comment. Hey love the passion your defending the team , and thats exactly what is missing on the ice, some BALLS.. As for doing a consesus of the leagues teams as a whole, why? The whole premise of sports is TO WIN. If winning isnt the most important thing why keep score. Also, your wrong in that the idenity of a team is not created on the journey to the cup. The description of both those clubs was established well before they entered the playoffs. Secondly, I am not of the mind set generation of " oh you tried, or hey you showed to work, hey thats a gold star. You do not get paid to show up you get paid to do your role. I had a good chin wag with Tim Hunter, Theo, Jeremy Ronick, Clark Gilles and Dave Semenko a few years back, They described todays players as this:. Todays players are pampered privilaged whinny brats. Its hand holding soft talk, and stroking them every day because the can not handle adversity. There is a HUGE problem inside this organization and denying it doesn't help. From the top down it needs to be corrected, If you like average to minimal effort than this is the perfect club to cheer for. I want to see a cup in Calgary end game, just not make the playoffs is a losing mind set for any orgainization. The if statements from the coaches players and GM just solidify this club is and will flounder till someone creates a vision. From there your vision creates the strategy which will dicatate the mission, our vision is limp into the playoffs and hope, its a system designed to faiil
  8. So this topic is more about identity. I know some belive that this phrase is a term that really has no merit, however I disagree. Everyone everyting has an some form of an idenity whether it be subjective or objective. So we look at last years winners of the cup one could demise that they were a fast well structured skilled team, Dallas was a larger phsycal well structured team, those are Idenities. So when you have people, fans, former players making comments that Calgary has no Identity or lost its idenity is a huge problem. Calgary regardless of the ERA, was a tough building to play in. Hell it was a battle to scrap points out of here and if you did, it was with ice bags and bruises. Now I get hockeys gotten more like a teen age girls pillow fight, howver it doesn't mean we can't be tough to play against. Our idenity subjectively or objectively all points to these points We are a semi skilled poorly structured soft hockey club that belives they can win games because they have been lead to beleive their good. Prove me wrong
  9. Which stripper joint to attend. Dont worry though they couldnt score there either.
  10. But is this not the problem, will consider? What the hell has he been watching!!! The guy is fing clueless in his role clueless. Your players are a reflection of the coach, he is not a in your face guy, hes about oh you tried heres a metal. The facts are this clubs core has not been pushed and when they have they fold, or coach loses the room. The GM is to blame as well this club has regressedc into a country club attitude with no accountability.... Inside of 14 days around this club i could tell you what and who the problens are. Pretty sure the GM does as well but does nothng about it
  11. Hey was a well executed game, no effort, no heart, poor line structures no established fore checks with loads of give aways, typical Flames game ... Woulld be 7-1 if not for the goalie. Man was so optimistic that brining in Markstrom would have provided a boost of energy to these guys. So Benny is going to jet, good for him. I hope the player finds a club that will give him a chance. Hate to say it Trevling but you have failed misearbly in every avenue. When they fire your Hash Rate take Ward and his coaches with you.
  12. The tin man didnt have aheart, lion had no couarge, scare crow didnt have a brain..... Flames dont have a spark.
  13. Wow, it makes you wonder how inconsitant this club can be. Name me aplayer that stood out? Man it a wonder I have a tv left. The frustration just watching this circus is so frustrating. One thing forsure is Ward makes Gully look good as a coach. Early indicators show we are no where good enough to be a dangerous club. The so called depth is a no show, our ypunger guys are not as good as advertised and we have by far the worst coaching staff in the league. Bright side is we have a goalie
  14. This situation is and was prventable. You can not tell me that Tre didn't know Benny was unhappy. Good lord we could see it as fans. You can put some blame on the player but you the lions share of this is on management. Extremely poor development for this young man, plugs for line mates that even some of top players in the league counldn't make look good. Bennet has been the great pro about this whcih shows tons of character. Unlike some other who just act like spoiled children to get their own way. He has been a good team mate and shows up most nights. Always felt the player got the raw end, but I don't run the team. IMHO this is 85% on the GM and coaches.
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