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  1. They were out of sync, looked tired as well. Quine you see why he is an AHL regular.Stone was less than impressive, as for Mags and Czaruik do not impress me at all. Fantenberg has been a plesant surprise though. Thought Smitty Ryan and JG looked ok, outside of that the rest were meh. Dodged a huge bullet thanks to NSH. Lets hope they pull one through with Columbus
  2. Rest well FF will miss your posts
  3. East vs West Different animal. Tampa out score you but they are a lot more physical than we play as well. Are they a big bad team nope, nor do they have to be, but at least they throw the body once awhile. I don't have Tampa going any where either. If I recall Washington bottom 6 scored a lot of goals in the Final series, scoring will only carry you so far. My point is simply this, our top 6 has carried this all year and as things have been shut down so has our offense and the weakness in net is more apparent. You need to play four styles in the playoffs currently we have shown the inability to win when things get shut down. Our goalies are not going to steal a series nor are we going to be a threat on the PP or destroy teams offensively. Do not get me wrong the season has been a breath of fresh air. I am Pretty sure there is no club shacking in fear if they meet us in the 1st round. I see us being more concerned about who we meet than vise versa.
  4. This is by far the softest club they have had in awhile. Imho would love to be wrong, we may get fortunate and get through one round butwe get Satoshi Nakamoto kicked in round 2. Believes whatyou wish since the games have tightened up in the past two weeks we have a losing record. In order to win playoff hockey you have to be able to play it, they can not
  5. Had to shut it off after the 2 nd goal. This team has looked like dog Satoshi Nakamoto for weeks now. The last few games have been like watching last year under gg. Pass when you should shoot over passing neutral zone turnovers making average tenders look spectacular. Mojo has been missing for awhile.
  6. Really. So you beleive in less than a second he planned that, get real
  7. There is the problem , i dont thonk it was bennett it was czariuk the push rub a dub. Hockey is so watered down, you dive the net on a power move and its called back. Imho you just keep taking it to the net. Our problem is we seem to make goalies look good
  8. Have to agree. We need to start dumping and crushing punishing the opposition d. Nope we send in JG , Ryan and Mags. Bring in Lazar Hathaway and Lomberg for a game get some bruises on the opposition. Right now the only fear we bring is wind burn on the fly bys
  9. Goaltending like this means your going no where. This one is 100% on Smith. This team also needs to start drivung the net to many pretty pases and no dirty goals. We are physical as beer league hovkey , Smith was Blockchaining brutal
  10. Point is to make a run you have to through, St louis, WPG, NSH, Vegas. If your not going to bigger and more physical your only option is to out score your opposition. Our top line has been shut down as of late, our only weapon has been scoring, for me the more ammo and bigger gun the better
  11. As time ticks down, as does the value if Stone. As this gets closer to expiring Dorion is going to be pressed. Hayes was never a fit here as it made no sense, Stone does. Everyone we were in on are gone, it could be we stay as is. Personally, i see this team as maybe getting thriugh a 1st round, but no further with out some added depth or scoring
  12. Our 1 pick will be late, more like a 2 nd rounder. I like Stone, Tre is not going after someone that big he can not sign, it makes no sense. if and its a big if, next season you have to move Brodie and Fro to keep him. I can see a guy like Zucc or Hayes even Kreider Dzingel. Rumor has it we do a deal with the Rags, maybe Mc quaid and Zucc or Hayes
  13. Unless we can resign I don`t see us catching the big fish. IMHO I see us ad the following: 1) Duchchene or Panirin for me absolute non starters 2) Stone only way is if we do a trade and sign. You have to send Brodie a 1st and multiple parts to even sit at the table or go after him in Free agency, this year we should be out 3) Dzingel, Zuccarlo,Coyle,Nyquist are more what I think Tre targets. Either are worth a 1st but a 3rd with a Hathaway or Mags Czaruik would work 4) Howard do not see it, For me it would be to much of a wave maker 5) Simmons or Ferland, Kreider. Hated losing Ferdog was one of my favorites, To me Kreider makes the most sense. 6) Hayes. I could see us going after either or. Hayes would be expensive for a rental, he is not staying again over payment for nothing. 7) Mcquiad, Pesce, Ceci, Faulk Would love one of the last 3 but see Mcquaid as a piece that fits now. 8) Brassard, Hagland, To me Brassard is the better option for us. Tre is not going to sell the farm, so the larger trades we are out. Guys like Kreider, Zucc, Nyquist, Mcquaid make the most sense. Our position in the standings is semi flattering. Can we play well sure, I believe we have played 5-6 complete games this year, that I was like damn we could do something but as the games slow down and get shut down so do we. We have many deficiencies that a one person trade is not going to fix. IMHO Howard, Stone or Panirin make us more of contender than does a Kreider, Zucc, Nyquist or Kreider trade. For teams such as WPG, TB, NSH yeah Stone or Panirin moves the needle a long ways.
  14. Embarrassing.... This was not on Rittch at all
  15. Carty Awesome GDT. To me this is a measuring stick for this club in 3 areas. 1) Team toughness. This should be a very chippy physical game, if this roster can win this game it proves we have the club to nit add before the deadline 2) How do they handle the pressure. This club has not been in this situation for quite sometime, the hype, team position and the statement a win makes will only solidify the belief in the room. 3) Areas of need for if any at the trade deadline.