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  1. Well a that was a huge dissappointment. Whats scary is you just witnessed 4 dman and our bottom 6 forwards , all just a huge steaming pile of gargage. It may be preseason but that was beyond bad. Plus the added bonus not one prospect made you think hey we may have something there. Out side of the goalies there wasn't one guy tonight I give a roster spot to, if they were playing for jobs they really don't want one
  2. I agree but disagree. I belive we should have offensively more punch, for me it all depends on the D. If Sutters systems can make our D core 25% better we could be in for a surprize. We have to remember out side of Doughty he didn't have stars in LA nor did he have rock stars here in 04. We had solid goal tending and were defensivley sound, with one line leading the way. We have potetnially 5-6 forwards of 20+ goals each, Mags, JG, Lindy, MT, Mony Coleman and possibly Dube. IMHO our offense should improve the intangible is " IF" Markstrom plays any where close to his potential and Sutter can impliment a system for our D players we could look better than what we believe. Despite what past may have looked like Sutter wanted Gubranson and Zadorov for a reason
  3. This. Your point has always been my bone of contention with this club. Put forth an effort to be proud of, win or lose.
  4. The second game was far better the first. Players that would be interesting to watch. 1) Zary is sound liked what I saw. Seems to be around the puck and very good hockey IQ. Reminds me of a better skating Monahan 2) Jereme Poirier, Love his puck pose, skill set and skating. This kid reminds of Chabot or Karleson. If he gets more polished this could be a gem 3) Jacob Pelletier Good motor good skills, not afraid of hard work or the dirty areas. Reminds me of Frohlick 4) Walker Duehr. Good skater, seems good defensively, not afraid of the dirty areas, good power forward Simialr style to a Greeenway Josh Anderson type just un polished. 5) Wolf Fast agile, competive, although small battles well positionally sound reminds me or Quick. 6) Pospisil another large guy good skater above average skills power forward type, physical reminds me of a Sam Bennet, Micheal Ferland type 7) Nikolaev skilled great vision agile, good skater... limited viewing to soon to tell 8 ) Ryan Francis great shooter, high skill set he is small but seems to find the open areas... Reminds me of Yakamoto, 9) Yan Kuznetsov good first passer, uses his size well, good reach, not physical. No comps 10) Solovyou. Good size good use of players around him, he didnt make to many large gaffs. To early to tell but gelled well with the other Russian players on a couple of shifts. 11) Zavgorodny Appears skilled in spurts than disappears for me is still really green needs to put more compete into his game. The rest for me never really moved the needle much, but its really only been a couple games. This group played well against what was a older more experianced Oilers prospect field. The one positive that we can say about Tre is the prospects look far better than years previous. Stockton may should be fun to watch this year. It would be good to allow them to stay togehter and create a winning culture for thos who move up. I think offensively we could be above average and Wolf IMHO will steal some games, It will boil down to D. They could have a great year in Stockton. Looking forward to see how the progress
  5. He reminds me of a Frolich style of a guy. Good motor average skills and could be a good energy guy for a bottom 6 position.
  6. I don't get what everone is bent out of shape for. So family is involved with the negoations, they have been trough it, no big deal. Speculation has alway been Brady was the next captain, not sure the issue there. So the old man isn't a Sutter fan, well at least Sutter has 2 more cup rings than Dad. Now with the contract negoations for Matty he is suppose to get a raise from 7- 9 Million, into perspective a 22% increase, look at it as $11.00 hr to $14.25 pay increase same percentage. If your bosses offered you a 22% increase in wage would yuo turn it down? The amount of zeros on the back end may look different but pretty sure nobody says " hey in the teams best interest pay me less". Guys occassionally take a discount to win a cup, we are not one of those teams. For me I wnat this club to win a cup, period. I grow tired of the oh its in Alberta, Taxes, Weather, Canadain city BS. Strange years ago you couldnt get guys to play for USA based teams, now they all want to play there, change the perception change the direction. The sounds of things Tre couldn't find a dance partner for the players we have, which screams trouble as the value is most obcviously not there. So we have 2 players who are key to the team iup for renewal, both are going to push to that 8 Plus million mark. Both slided last year but IMHO Matthew slide more than JG. Loved the MT from a couple years ago, last year he was like a petculant child. Logistically I feel JG is worth what we pay him now, Matthew has shown he is not. I get every team wants what Matty has but not just when Matty wants to bring it. We know ownership doesn't want to rebuild or tank, however it may happen by default. If both players require 23% of your cap space and have yet to move you in a direction of obtaining a cup is it worth the investment? The other issue is we couldn't trade either because values were to low and teams are cap strapped this club is not in a very good position moving forward. As I have stated before Tre has done some good things, but the key decisions have placed this club in a very poor positon moving forward.
  7. Came acrross this: As many think a small major have a negative over tone to the Flames, I will just leave this here: In a article Dom Luszczyszyn of The Athletic wrote less than a month ago, he got responses from over 17,000 fans who ranked NHL front offices from best to worst. (from ‘Dom Luszczyszyn: 2021 NHL front office rankings: Fans weigh in on every team’ , The Athletic — 08/25/21). The Flames placed 24th out of 32 teams, and Luszczyszyn summed the reasoning up perfectly. “The Flames are at the same crossroads that all average teams are at when they realize they’re stuck in the mushy middle: go all-in or fold” Luszczyszyn wrote. “Pick a lane and either try to contend or try to rebuild. Doing neither just delays the inevitable and wastes time for everyone and that lack of vision is obviously going to be frustrating to a hungry fan base. Only 4 percent were more confident in this team now than they were last year, the lowest of any team in the league. Do something!”
  8. Ahhh, so those who disagree or vary in opinion should have no say
  9. You may very well be correct, as micro management never creates a postive result or work enviroment.
  10. For the most part I agree with this, I also can see where the others are trying to stay optimistic with the direction. I, as well as others may come across as negative to the club but really its just an honest assesment. We live in a society where the truth is something no one wishes to hear. If being average is the highest standard we can obtain than they have accomplished the goal. Now has Tre's whole tender been a flop, no, but its much like this clubs success rate has been average to below average. There are many here that have a subjective opinion and others that base theirs on objective opinion, to each their own. However the objective is to WIN a championship that should be what ever athlete strives to do. IMHO when things got derailed is when Hartley took us to the 2nd round, that is when blind optimism took over instead of continuing on the rebuild, that 100% falls on Tre. Hindsight is 20/20 but just consider for a few seconds if we didn't trade those 2 -1st rounders and 4 - 2nd Rounders inthe Hamilton/ Hamonic trades away to try and win now, where would we be? 2015 we would have had Barzal, 2018 Dobson or Farabee where would our club be than!
  11. The Flames can not be compared to the Oilers as we have not had a #1 draft chocie EVER. There is not guarnatee in either system of retool or rebuild. However, there is a commom ground. You have to have a GM that actually has a clue and a coach that can lead the way. We have the coach and he is decorated with 2 cups for it, Queniville, Trots, Cooper have won cups, These coaches can make teams better. However you can only go so far with a good coach, crap roster and meat head for GM. Edmontons issue have always been, Crap coaches, Worst GM's and top draft picks. What has worked is Tampa and CHI did was good draft picks, good coach and GM. LA won the cups with an #1 center, #1 Dman and a rock solid goaltending complimented by a coach that got players to buy in and a GM that understood this.
  12. If there is a Eichel possibility it has to be mostly roster players. The only ones with NTC protection are Lindholm, Hanfin, Anderson, Dube, Mags. Now if and its a big IF Monhan doesn't have Buffalo on his list, Than does a Monahan Anderson Pelltier and 1st get it done. It moves enough cap space out for us. Or Lindholm Hanifin Pelltier and 1st work. To me its more than fair as your getting a top center in each as well as top pairing Dman.
  13. Well I for one like the the new Dman. We have now just gotten harder to play against. Offense is limited on the back end but with Gubranson and Zadorov we just increased the physical presenance of this club. This also smells like Tre has something brewing as well, If its Eichel it has be a lot of roster players to make work. I could see a Hanifin or Anderson moved on D, and Lindlholm/ Monahan moved up front.
  14. One plus would have to be moved for sure in order to make it work, IMHO opinion our window of oppurtunity has been missed by the Dvorak signing in MTL. Trevling could have aquired Dvorak, and flipped Monahan to MTL if the end game. All indicator show Trevling standing at the mic ranting the same message as we belive blah blah blah everyone buying into the BS only to see it hit the same iceberg....2021/2022 is just going to be another eposide of ground hog day.
  15. If others did their roles we would not be a soft club. The NHL has changed alot from the 80's form which we had a club to be proud of. You seem to belive that Eichel would not out perform Monahan I disagree. You also seem to forget that Kessel has more rings than anyone of our core MT, JG, SM, Lindy, MAGS, Hanifin, Tanev, Markstrom. Actually by adding Kessel, he has just as many rings as Lewis ( who I forgot, really not a needle mover anyway) Coleman. You also seem to forgret that Kessel did play well defensivley and produced offensivley to obtain thoses rings. The roster in the bottom 6 is a moving element. I put Phillips in there as now we have a set up guy for others, Kid seemed to flourish in a league thats far more physical than the NHL. That said he can be moved out, maybe you prefer bringing back Alex Chassion to fill the spot, hes a needle mover. If the goal is to stay the same IMHO than you may as well trade the top 6 and flush the season. How many times does this roster have to be provided oppurtunities only to fail. Another season of hopeful feelings isn't going to change the outcome with what we have in place. All this club does is rearrange a few chairs on the deck of the titanic in hopes it may not hit the iceberg. Whats really needed is a better captain( GM) and a change of course to create a different outcome.
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