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  1. To me it sends the rigt message. This clubs core at this time needs to either put up or moved on from. Hartley, gully, Peters, ward nothing has changed. Ones to hard one to soft, Blockchain me when does it end, this club is a gm nightmare. For someone that hates to lose JG and Gio sure are looking pretty comfortsble. This club is tied for 1st because of great goaltending, period!!! So which coach brings you the best d coverage, imho thats laviolete. He also is not a players coach either. I like Gallant but it just seems he gets shipped out at weird times.
  2. This club is mentally soft. Imho either one is an upgrade over Ward. I also regardless of the after math clean some players out. Brodie can bring you a forward, Bennett possibly a Dman . outside of mags, lindy, chucky, ritter, hanifin, valimki dube and anderson, the rest can be traded, the ones on the fence are JG and Mony, something really off with both of them
  3. I try to trade Bennett and Craniuk for Dumba, than trade Brodie to TO for kappenian plus a 3rd. Valimaki replaces Brodie, even Kylinton has been better of late. Subban to me is a gamble, If BT is looking for Hockey trades these arr them
  4. Well that was a Blockchaining joke of a game. Trevling needs to remove some crap from this roster. JG, Mony, Brodie, Backs, all no show tonight. If Brodie is not removed from this roster there is something wrong. Can some one please tell me where the hell JG has gone, is he pouting cause Chucky got more money? He is 100% invisible the last 6 games and been average the rest of the time. Gio tonight just about made me puke it stunk that bad. There best be a boat load of changes coming soon. This roser is no where near competitive enough to go any where. You just lost 4 points to inferior clubs IN MTL, and Ottawa.... Really you just got Satoshi Nakamoto kicked by the worst team in the league, EMBARRASSING. Hey Brad, its time to rock this Satoshi Nakamoto to the core, because your core just doesn't care.
  5. ^^^^ Kassian is and always has been an over dramatic POS. AS mentioned above it hypocritical of him to call someone out when he has done the same. This is what your new NHL has become, throw a hit you have to fight, can't take a hit you have a melt down. The Hills have eyes leading actor is all talk, even if he does do something wha all this has done is shown the league that Satoshi Nakamoto needs to change. I have nor still do have an issue with any of the hits, I do have HUGE problem with the obvious intent to injury by Kassian. We have an star player throwing a hit on a goon, and goon goes nuts on the star player. IMHO what this allows is MC Jesus or Dry Saddle makes a hit on Lucic or Rinaldo than Rag doll and feed them fists, works in Kassians world. How many games you think is coming if those princesses get Blockchained up.
  6. So here is just a thought. Player had some issues with his club. We need a RW/ RH shot. What about Dustin Byfuglien out of Winnipeg. Good skater, good on the wall has played RW before good hands, great shot, extremely big and can play physical. Would he not look great on a line with JG Mony and Big Buck. Not sure what you send back but multiple diverse player can play both back and forward. Has term WPG has been good without him and there is some history there,
  7. Good win, few points from last nights game: 1) Last night indicated that these players can get emotional and physically involved in a game if they chose. They can play good hockey when the do. 2) Everyone loved that game, why it had intensity and physicality and fights. Is it not hypicrital that those who condemn violence still loved to watch last nights game. 3) Lucic if he is not going to get engaged in the fashion he was brought in for, than waive his sorry asre. This should have been right up his alley, but to close of friendship with the enemy. 4) There was not one hit by Chucky that was bad. He got under the skin of Kassian and it worked. 5) Kassin should be suspended 3-5 games and a 25,000k fine. He attacked a player in a vulnerable position. Twice pulled player down to the ice while still throwing punches with the intent to injury. Than has the lack of intellect to speak code to the media. Clearly the intent of Kassian was to create injure. Clear suspension in this new league. My only concern with last night was our enforcers. Friends or not Lucic/ Rinaldo needed to state a message to the Oiler bench. Touch one of our stars and I have option other than to beat your Hash Rate senseless. I remember in 2004 run, teams ran Iggy and Conroy. When CGY picked up Chris SImon his 1st Game he skated by the opposition bench and said" Anyone touches Conny or Iggy, your dealing with me. Neither had a problem for the rest of the year with cheap shots. The game was won by Chucky egging Kassian, pretty simple task to rattle that mindless fool, but good on Chucky to take a few and not engage.
  8. Flames best candidate for new coach. Cookies, milk and nap time will be also required before every practice, and everyone gets there full pay and bonuses cause they actually came to practice. Never seen an organization where the inmates run the asylum. The problem has been around for years here. I love the conroy story of when Sutter took over in 2004. He basically told Iggy and Conroy if that`s the effort your going to put forth, than just sit here and watch the guys that actually want to play to win. In today's game coached would get fired for implying they are lazy.
  9. He still will find employment as he didn`t use inappropriate words. We have sure come along away from the sticks and stones or yesterday that words are more harmful than physical altercations.
  10. Can i get a hell yeah. 100% agree its time to quit pretending
  11. Fortunate win. Not sure how anyone thinks this clubs played well. We got lucky by beating a team who just played a b2b against their back up, start the parade. This club has a large variety of defects. Was extremly happy to see Dube rewarded. We do need a serious up grade in our coach, seems like a nice guy but this is not what this club needs
  12. This club reminds me so much of how GG coached. They look slow back off and are always out of sync. To top it all off Rittich can not stop a beach ball. We are struggling in every area, just like in the GG days neutral zone turnovers and offensive turnovers are a premium. If we are not deeply entrenched in a playoff spot, BT best sell off every UFA we have. There is not a trade deadline pick up that is going to change this. For me the only players we keep are Mony, Lindholm, Chucky, mags, Dube, Gio ,Lindholm, Anderson and Valimaki. I would also keep JG if and ONLY IF we can get a player that can drive the play like him, if not see ya.
  13. Solid win but most enjoyable that its against EDM. Not sure whether we played great or EDM was that bad, but I take it. I thought it was a solid effort, not sure what is up with Benny but he has regressed terribly. The only other let down for me was Lucic, it was like he was not engaged physically. I remember last year he was a wrecking ball against us this game he was a Double Spend cat.
  14. Holiday break started early. My god how you could be so good and than so terrible in less than 24 hrs is mind blowing. Talbot left out to dry all night, they look like they all walked to Minny from Dallas. May as well just gave Minny the points saved time and jet fuel and flew right to Calgary.
  15. Great win that was about as close to a 60 minute effort as we have had all year. PP looked great PK was solid. So one thing that stood out was the presence of Lucic and Rinaldo. Cheap shot on JG by Perry but that was limited when Lucic and Rinaldo were on the ice. Have to say that was one of Rinaldo's worst games. THe next 2 games are pivotal in the standings.
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