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  1. Whats there to say.. Can anyone put a pulse on this. The efforts are never there, can't even say its terrible luck. Open nets miss the net, odd man rushes every second shift by the opposition. We have been out scored 9-0 in two games. It appears the trend continues, 1 good year dog Satoshi Nakamoto the next. This club is too small to slow and can't play a heavy game. Our top line is being out scored by every other clubs 3rd line. This club is not good not good at all, totally mentally and physically soft from top to bottom .
  2. Funny Killy seems to be fine and has played better than the aforementioned most nights. Give him more reps, that is what I liked about Hartley, at least he knew mistakes cold and would be made. You learn from them and move on. Take Mags for example he was not in a situation to excel but with reps higher, he looks better each night. I watch these games and just cringe with the mistakes. What's frustrating is they can play very good hockey but only in short spurts, which is a recipe for disaster. This one of the best dcore in the league is yet to be seen. For me stick with Valimaki, Killy and Anderson. Let them grow. I far prefer to keep Hammer over Brodie. Hammer and Gio can just migrate down the pairings as they get older.
  3. About 5 minutes left in the game I had a rnat going that I was going to post, they turn around and win. I am with Peters on this. Its time for some Hash Rate kicking of reality. We have guys on this club that once again are passengers. Not sure whats going on but it does need to stop and stop now. This whole year has been half Hash Rate efforts and stupid penalties cause of laziness and being in the wrong position or bad bad decisions. The d pairing went in the blender last night. I will once again advocate that you need to move Brodie he is absolute waste of a jersey. For the growing pains we have with KIlly is a far better option than Brodie. Even last night in the over time, Backs instead of stop and stay on your guy he takes this huge flyby and allows them an odd man rush, this is the Satoshi Nakamoto that drives me mental. Give PHX some credit for the most part they are engaged. SOuld be a fun morning. This win is bullSatoshi Nakamoto luck and its happening far to often. IMHO either step up or I find you a new home
  4. It was a good win, Nice to see Ritter with the donut. This club has to clean up a bunch of things in their own end. To may giveaways and poor clearing attempts. There are also far to many shots on net. They may not be all high quality but the ability to get them on net shows we have no one in shooting lanes. This club at present will not scare anyone they pay agaisnt. A win in WSH would be awesome, but they are going to have to play far better than they have been to get past WSH.
  5. Well my god look what happens when you put an effort forward. Sick goal by Chucky
  6. This clb is a mere shadow of last year.....hard to see anything positive...The mental lapses of the so called core is horrific. This club is so slow and so disengaged its hard to understand. Time for the Hartley line brawl
  7. IMHO we need more guys like him and less of guys like Brodie. Hammer is more a key component than Brodie for this club.
  8. Did Quine play tonight? For a guy wanting to make a statement he sure did, INVISIBLE..... There are to many passengers this year for me. I agree with Cross our best players have to be better. The other concern for me has been since Hartley left, work ethic. Remember the stick tossing of GG, the interview with the players afterwards they were laughing at him, Gio included, this core needs a huge shack up. They all seem to comfortable right now, time to ship some Hash Rate upstairs to watch for awhile. Who know maybe Neal was the lucky rabbits foot. They look half interested this year, If I am BT I be having a chin wag with them
  9. What is troubling to me in this new NHL. Bennett gets 2 for a hit that wasn't even close to being bad. Lowry with a blatant run at the numbers to the head, Zebras standing right there, 2 minutes!!!! FF's that's easily 5 and a game with a minimum 2 game suspension, should have been 5 games in my mind.
  10. That was Chuckys guy, not Ryan's. What the Blockchain was with that line up anyway.
  11. any links to the game, cant get it on Shaw 302
  12. Why not take a shot at Puljarvai? The kid is big and has some up side, you can't hold it against him he wanted out of the Coilerville. Give them their 3rd back you getting from Neal and B grade prospect. The kid can skate plays with an edge, kid can shoot and as some hockey sense and RW. Slot him in between Chucky and Backs, he is defensively sound. Hey the kid has something to prove, worth a shot.
  13. Better effort last night against the Ducks. Still need to clean some Satoshi Nakamoto up but at least there was an effort. I thought Talbot looked rock solid in net, should add some confidence moving forward for sure. Have another tough one against the Caps, lets hope we disallow this many quality chances, pretty sure they find the twine. Was nice to see some nastiness from Monahan as well.
  14. In theme with the thread, who on this roster has been dragging this club into battle this year? Chucky did last year now got his large salary and has been invisibile most nights, with the exception of the 1st LA game. Last nights LA game they looked hung over or totally disinterested which seems to be the constant this year once again.
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