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  1. This statement can applied to most players. The man crush some have for this player, I do not. Not to just single him out, he has done nothing to separate himself from the group, actually none of them have when given the chance. Backs love Backs he is not a finisheer though. Bennett looked good last night but than drops the ball when put in place further up the line up. Now Chucky with Monahan and JG doesn't work, JG- Lindholm- Chucky may. Chucky needs a defensive center, Backs and Lindholm fill that. I will remove my previous content that Bennett at center is not good, however I did like his game last night better than others. To play with speed is essential in today's game, however the smaller framed players will struggle. There is no panic mode yet however if histroy proves to be an indicator there are some HUGE warning signs right now.
  2. What is strange to me is this. We have a roster that has played damn near 100 games together, yet look like it was just assembled. The top 6 look average, the bottom 6 still garbage. Where did Ryan go? Janko has been invisible, Czranuik is a career inbetweener, Mags has not shown me anything. Looch is Looch, If our bottom 3 are going to be smaller skilled players such as Mags, Ryan and Reider the results are going to be loses. Kylington even with his blemishes is 100% better than Stone as a option. I do agree that there needs to be a better balance however we are short 1 top 6 guy still. Regardless of how you shuffle these cards we have a hole in the top 6.
  3. Have to agree for a club with minimal roster changes they sure look like a new roster. B2B or not this effort and execution are very concerning. Once again the shot clock looks flattering as the shoot from the easy spots to stop. no net drive, easy to defend as they are predictable as hell. There needs to be some major changes and inject some life into this club as it has no pulse right now
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    FIrst Off welcome to the Oilers fans... To badabout there board. The Oilers are my least favorite team in the league, I always enjoyed watching them suffer, lol, but there board was always entertaining. As with the Coilers this year, hey they are having some early success. However, if your comparing them to there competition they are doing well, although I believe it will come to a halt here shortly. They have some chemistry going, which is more than we can say about our club right now. IMHO the biggest difference is they have some players that are sick and tired of losing, we have some a roster that is still stuck in the clouds about what they did last year in that hey 20 minutes a night we can win the division is not going to work. On paper we have a very good club, in terms of heart, passion and drive right now a 6 year old soccer team looks more organized and passionate about winning than us. The Oilers fans, as of now can enjoy, winning is fun, reality will set in here shortly, enjoy while it lasts, it always does
  5. I have mentioned this numerous times as recently as last night. This club for years has no moxie and hatred. Outside of Gaudreau, Lindholm, GIo, Ritter, Hammer it's a crapshoot who shows up. For example Chuckys best game was against the Kings, Cause he hates Dough Head. I find in this NEW NHL boring lacking and physical intensity and hatred. Funny best game last year was the 1st one against the coilers, everyone loved that kind of hockey but yet its not encouraged for style. IMHO you have a roster of players that do not have a hatred of losing. I love the drive and emotion of JH as he may be small but is competitive. We have to many that have been either watered down by systems/ teaching or just lack that competitive spirit. So your constantly line juggling to find a spark, how many times have we heard that. THis team needs anyone to drag them in to battle, Chucky was good at that, maybe fat wallets lead to piss poor work ethic.
  6. Hate to say but add Bennett to my trade list now, he just doesn't have it. Has the speed, physicality but limited hockey IQ. The lack of desperation is concerning as well. Satoshi Nakamototy passes never playing 60 minutes, been a trend for couple years now. IMHO rock the boat with a trade or sit someone out to send a message, just to many passengers again.
  7. Ritter struggling as is the whole team... hard to believe this roster is the same as last year.
  8. That bolded statement, if true is where he failed. If any pro athlete comes in to camp unprepared they deserve their fate. Also I know many pro athletes none of them take any of thing for granted, the league has changed to fast. One day your a star the next you can`t find a roster in the AHL. If anyone miss read this situation was BT, as GM you could assume that any athlete with any form of competitiveness and compete would have pushed themselves to be ready for the opportunity, Neal clearly didn't. If anything Neal had his eyes opened that he isn't that Blockchaining talented without preparation. Will he score more goals with Dry saddle and MC Jesus, Blockchain who couldn`t, plus he put the work in this year, it will most likely pay off. Ss if we use your analogy of accomplishments from last year, heis bottom 6 on this club, over paid with no contributing factor. Lucis same pay is more effective in that role. In the 2 games I have seen Lucic has been more of a factor than Neal was all of last year.
  9. Is this not the reason they have Czarnik speed and offense, other than pre season he has been less than impressive. One I would not mind getting is Puljaravi to me he has far more upside than these two.
  10. I found the game frustrating to watch. Was nice to Zadorov get BTC slapped last night as I though the game settled down after that. Penalty kill is Satoshi Nakamoto still. Thought Kylinton looked fine last night , was not overly impressed with Anderson or Hammer. I still am a huge advocate to get rid of Brodie, once again everything he does is a bonus to the other team. Last night showed more glaring issues still. For a team desperate to show redemption last night left you questioning a few things. Czaruik, Mags spent more time on the ice than on their feet. If there in the line up to create offense Rinalodo could be just as effective as he could at least create some turnovers with his physicality. Lets hope the Vancouver game so more guys show up. For a team where much of the roster is the same they left you wishing for more
  11. For me Reider, Ryan, Dube, Anderson stood out. AMac and Stone were ok. Talbot looked more at ease. I don't see Kylington coming up and for I leave Mags down as well. IMHO he lots his spot to Reider. Janko is never going to be a stand out but he is responsible. IMHO I see them keeping Reider and AMac for the PTO. Amac is a better choice than Stone. Dube for me much like Reider fast creates space and good on the fore check. Peters loves his speed players and thats what killed us in the playoffs.
  12. I am not mistaken Peters mentioned that it was AMac's spot to lose.
  13. Watch the game in Calgary and than switched to game in Victoria. Here is my 2 cents on what I saw. The team in Calgary came out faster and dominated and than fell flat. We once again had a million shots with nothing to show but a loss. I get its preseason but the ability to start on time and never finish strong has the same appeal as last year. Calgary Game Bright spots. I thought Gadwin looked good till the puck in the face. Frohlick, Gio were their usual selves, 100 % effort. Rinaldo looked better than Smith Pelly. Lucic is what he is, he looks a hell of a lot better than Neal. For the role he is going to play, he will be great, just over paid. McDonald was good prefer him to Stone. Luke Warm. Lindholm, JG, Mony,Backs, Hammer. I get its preseason but they were not overly impressive. Hamilton was fine but you could see he was nervous. Rittch really wasn't tested. Weak Spots. I get the pre season thing but Talbot was horrific. The shot form the blue line may have gotten redirected but the others were stoppable. Brodie once again the muffin man is back. Smith Pelly didn't impress me much. The lack of finish and desire to play to the final whistle would be my largest concern. Victoria Game ( only seen 1/2 second and 3rd) Bright spots. Rudizika, Phillips, Dube, Anderson, Parsons, Czranuik and Zags looked good from what I seen. Luke Warm. Janko, Davidson, Robinson, Reider, Kylington. Oliver is one of those guys that just when you thinks its all good he Satoshi Nakamotos the bed. Starting to remind me of Brodie. Weak Points. Hard to be to harsh at this moment with anything other than, much like the big club, they get ahead and sit back and hang on. To me that is a learned behavior which falls on coaching. If this club can play from start to finish they will be dominate once again. My concern is they get ahead sit back and collapse that was the issue last year in the playoffs. They never had that killer instinct or drive to stay on the gas. I give Talbot a couple more games in the Preseason, however if he hasn't turn it around before it starts, you may as well stick with one of the others, the results would be better or the same. Moving forward, I still stand behind, keep Fro Move Brodie
  14. Mention the word greed and every one gets bent out of shape. One thing BT is good at is negotiating new contracts for players, he is abysmal on UFA contracts. For those who think attendance would drop because either are on the roster is foolish, 1 guy does not make a team. Here is my issue with it, A player making 4 Million for 82 games, is making $48,780 per game, they play average 15 minutes a night make $3,252.00 a minute, frack that's more than most people make a month. The argument of short careers and hard on the body tell that to a nurse, construction worker, assembly worker mechanic. Your playing a sport you love making millions and you can retire at the age of 35. If yu need more money sign an endorsement. Now you get the argument of the owners make a ton of money off the back of the athletes. I can guarantee you that 99% of people given the ability to do so would not venture to take the risk into a professional team or any large investment, there has to be some form of balance or it will not work. Your employment is because someone took the risk. You leave your job its $50- $80K a year, a business shuts down its some cases 70-80 Million which would you rather have.
  15. Tre has spent money in worse ways... Stone kind of comes to mind. If this is true good on Mags, making a statement of confidence in his abilities. Sign him and see what Chucky does. Hey I mentioned in a different post, prefer he signs but if not in a certain time frame, his Hash Rate can sit for the year.
  16. Players can get greedy, and if I am not mistaken this was Flyer Fans( may he rest in peace) big concern with the player. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree apparently. So much like Panarin this defines the true character of the individual, money before team. Players have to much power, give him a time line than let him sit, as a franchise you can not be held hostage by greedy players.
  17. You have to believe there is something else in the mix. He is going to have to do some more moves to make us better. You now have to move Fro, Stone Brodie and bring back something in return. The 3rd is not even a consolation prize. I like Lucic as a player its the contract that is the elephant in the room.
  18. Well on a positive note we got more muscle, not sure how this makes us any better. Not sure why you do this and not take Ferland for 4 years at least we know what he brings, The 3rd rounder pfft how cares. One better hope there is far more coming than this for trades and player movement.....Can't wait to hear his reasoning for this one
  19. Been reading everyone's post some good points and recommendations for trades. I have been meaning to post a comment on the TO trade that Kadri squashed. So 1st off for the record Kadri squashed the deal because he didn't want to come to Calgary, period! If anyone one believes his comments in the paper of " I just wanted to play in TO" are absolute fools. This is no different than the words " its not you, its me" actually its YOU!!! He didn't want to play here, that's why he stopped the deal, period! Secondly, Bennett is not going back to center, period. How anyone can think that we move a guy to wing and than miraculously poof your a center again, this isn't bush league hockey. Benny couldn't make it as a center and was tried on the wing. My hopes for the season are that we move Brodie, god I hope we move Brodie. I prefer to take back some salary and move Stone prefer that to a buyout as he only has one year left. Moving Frohlick creates a hole I am certain we can not fill internally. We have not improved at all this summer if anything we have regressed. Hathaway was the only grit we had and are now softer than ever. Neal despite hope will be no better this year than last. Talbot is equal to Smith. Ferland to Van stings a lot. My gut tells me Pularvi would fit well with us in Calgary. Maybe a 3 team trade. To CGY Lucic( Retain 25%) and Pularvi to EDM Stone and a 4th To Van Lucic To Cgy Erickson ( retain 25%)
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    And how many reclamation projects of BT's have worked ZERO. Tre should only be allowed to do trades and work the draft. His track record on UFAs are dismal
  21. Getting rid of Stone and retaining 30-40% is better than nothing. He is done next year and provides some breathing room. Chucky will get a raise but he should be some where around 7.8-8.5 Million. Benny should not get much more than he is now. We need some of our guys RFA's to step up. Moving out Frohlick, Brodie and Stone retaining ( 30%) give us just shy of 23 Million to sign Benny and Chucky, say 11 Million. Leaves us 12 million to play with
  22. We had that in Ferland and traded him. I wanted Simmonds but will now take a pass, to me it would be like a Neal and Brower situation. Maroon will stay in St Louis, Reaves is out, Hendricks is washed up. We don't need guys who can fight but that can play with an edge and have some form of skill. DO we not have guys in the minors that could play 4th line minutes and be effective
  23. I could be fine with Eberle at 3 Mill on the 3rd line, Bennett Ryan Eberle. At least Benny would have some guys with creativity and that can skate.
  24. But yet you wish to put Bennett back to center after a 2 year absence. Wennberg to me is like the Lazar situation its a gamble, but if they take Neal back for sure. I get what your saying though. We seem to keep trying to arrange the chairs on the Titanic in hope to avoid disaster. For me a better faster 4th line, move Ryan up to the 3rd as center. Unless Mags is going to be your new top 6 winger he is moved. Brodie, Frohlick will and should be moved for parts or picks. Does a dzingel fit as a 3rd line RW, we need to get a top 6 right wing. The insertion of LIndholm did wonders for the top line and he is transferable to a second line center. If and I mean if we arrange the roster to reflect this that means there is no need for Backs. That said what does Backs, Brodie, Janko and Frohlick bring us back in a trade?
  25. I like Chucky but unless he has line mates that are defensively responsible, he is not 1st line material. Bennett is not nor will he ever be converted back to Center. Now a 1st line of Bennett Lindholm Chucky or JG Monahan Bennett could work. Personally I would go after a top 6 RW and be done with it. We need to restructure the lineup for sure. As I mentioned before small and skilled are not going to win you a playoff series unless you have large physical and fast to get the puck. We have to many players that are not physically engaged or simply can not be physically engaged, Czarniuk, Mags, Brodie, Monahan, Kylington, Hanifin, Janko, Ryan ,JG, Dube and Frohlick. Need to upgrade the others. In all reality having 4th line with 2 smaller players is not acceptable. Love him or hate Burke is still right yu can not get out of the west unless you have a larger team that can play fast, skilled and physical.
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