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  1. Louis23


    Joni Ortio, or how to start the year as the 4th goaltender of an organization and become number one! (mix of luck and good play)
  2. Louis23


    Ramo should play the next game. If he doesn't, favoritism written all over again.
  3. Louis23


    Daily Faceoff ‏@DailyFaceoff36 min Karri Ramo who is scheduled to start tonight got hurt in practice, will get an update shortly #Flames
  4. Louis23


    Berra just CANNOT start the next game. This would be sooooooo stupid.
  5. Louis23


    The way Hartley has handled Ramo is just a joke. Not like Berra won us 10 games in his starts and had good stats. His stats are horrible, even if he has been 'okay' and 'good' at times. NO reason to treat him as if he had been a stud. Ramo needs his chance, otherwise we're gonna kill his confidence and his rhytmn. Totally stupid, and I'd be pissed if I were Feaster, who went out and got him to come to North-America. IT was Mac in the beginning, now Berra. Ramo has really been treated unfairly.
  6. Louis23


    What message do you send to Ramo after giving ANYONE but him (MacD, Berra) ALL the opportunities in the world? Clearly, Hartley hasn't been fair to him at all. Berra and McD have struggled yet they got starts in a row. Hartley's favoritism is getting annoying.
  7. Louis23


    I say take advantage of the Ducks goalie situation. There is this guy Andersen who seems like he's gonna be good (already had very great numbers in the AHL) with Fasth and Hiller, so something's gotta give.
  8. Louis23


    ENough of Mac now. If Ramo doesn't start next game, I call bullelbowing.
  9. Louis23


    lol, Ramo never even played a game for the Habs.
  10. Louis23


    Glad for Mac, but I'm sad we're gonna have to see him in the net again for maybe 2+ starts in a row... i guess there is our goaltender for the future. In all seriousness, congrats on a good game.
  11. Louis23


    Again, why in the WORLD are we playing this goalie? He is an AHL plug and an average backup AT BEST. We're just WASTING our time. We should be playing Ramo to see what he really has and if he can't answer the bell then we should be trying out Berra. MacD is a guy that's been on waivers many time. I don't know why we love him so much. We say he's been good yet he is the 40th ranked goalie in SV % and GAA. We say he had a good game yet he let in 5 goals on 28 shots. It's like Ben Street, I don't why the coaches love him so much. He hasn't been better than Ramo, and at this point, if he hasn't outplayed Ramo and forced the coaches to play him then he shouldn't get the starts. Ramo should be getting the starts by default unless he is outplayed by MacD. We brought him in for 5M to see if he can play in the league, not to sit and watch MacD play. We know damn too well MacD will be gone by next year..... what a waste of time, geez!
  12. Louis23


    Although this isn't KHL. KHL level is higher. I'll wait and see on Ramo, I guess.
  13. Louis23


    jhahahaha Irving and Taylor on top of that list
  14. Louis23


    Ramo lol? what happened?
  15. I give up for this year. Definitly NOT buying this expansive bullnavajo fry bread that is Centre Ice to watch flames hockey. Not going to bell centre to watch the flames either. Going to watch games on CBC/TSN and that's it. Will be glad to chat/comment results, but no way that i'm spending money for these geedy motherwell done steakers after this.


  17. I guess no Wildrose for you my Albertan friends.

  18. Bringing back Loubardias for next year should be our biggest focus.

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    2. mrjohnnycanuck



    3. Leviathan
    4. Coolie


      I'm hoping they do. Kerr just doesn't compare.

  19. Hey fellow members of the Calgary Flames Yahoo Hockey Pool, is there a playoff pool? Or can we do one? People?

    1. The_People1


      Yahoo doesn't support playoff pools. There are no plans to do a playoff pool either. Stay tuned for invites to next season's pool.

    2. Louis23
  20. Missing the playoffs and picking up at a middle rank: another epic FAILED year.

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    2. DirtyDeeds


      Epic Fail would only have been if we were expected to end up near the top of the pack. We ended up right about where most predicted we would, before the season started, so there is no Epic Fail here at all.

    3. DirtyDeeds


      That would be a Feaster fail then Tach.

    4. Flyerfan52


      It's only a fail if you prefer a lottery pick over trying for a playoff spot.

      We didn't make it but @ least we didn't ditch for a high pick.

  21. Feaster, pretty words but no action. Expected.

  22. ''We wanna win right now, we wanna be a playoff team'' - Jay Feaster


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    2. mckemaus


      There's going to be a lot of depressed Kings' fan tomorrow :)

    3. sollostyles


      If you guys could only get rid of the lat one ! The Sutter curse will finally be lifted .

    4. Louis23


      Dutter's face behind an NHL bench will be PRICELESS!

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