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  1. For sure. I'll follow it closely because it has some interesting elements. Though for everyone's sake I hope it settles.
  2. From a legal point of view it's interesting. As it was filed in the Calgary courts it will likely be interpreted by Canadian courts. For Henderson, this is a negative, as Canadian courts are much less likely to pay him for pain and suffering. I haven't seen the court filing, but I assume he's claiming the tort of battery, which would require him showing that Wideman "intentionally" hit him. This language has very distinct meaning in the courts and it would actually be a very high bar for Henderson to show. Wideman's defense of "I was concussed" would actually carry a lot of weight in this argument. The other issue is damages. Frankly, $10+ million is way out of whack of what a court (in Canada) would award for this. I can get into the reasons why if people are interested. But that being said, plaintiffs often claim outrageous amounts of money upfront as a bargaining chip. Everyone will expect this lawsuit to settle.
  3. Would you be opposed to a two year deal? I don't know if it matters that much if you get a little discount.
  4. I feel bad for Wideman. As someone who has suffered from several concussions, I really struggle with this issue.
  5. That's the thing. This isn't the same situation as Iggy. We are a team heading in the right direction, whereas with Iggy we were heading in the wrong direction. The only questions for me are: Can we get there while Gio is still contributing; and If we can't get there while Gio is still contributing, is his leadership and experience more valuable to the development of the flames than a trade? I don't know the answer to either question, but I will say that Gio's story is more compelling than just about anyone else's. If there's one player you want your team to model itself after it's Gio. Just some thoughts.
  6. Tkachuk's composure is unreal. He never showed an ounce of emotion, whether he was spearing someone or scoring a goal. Very impressive demeanor. That's not to say he had no emotion, just that he was very composed.
  7. Depends on whether we are a contender in the next two years or not. If we are then don't trade him, if we aren't then I think you look at it.
  8. Good news is I think we're a good goalie and a little experience away from being a fairly competitive team.
  9. I was talking about this with my friend during games 3 and 4, and I think Gio has lost a step. He looked good on the ice and he can still skate with the best of them--when he has to. But he's certainly not dominating the game like he was a couple years ago. I'm very scared his contract is going to be an albatross very soon. If we can get a good return for him I'd be completely open to shopping him. And to those this will insult, I was the biggest Iginla proponent on the board and hardest to resist trading him. Lesson learned. It would have been better for the team and Iginla if the trade had happened two years earlier.
  10. As have we.
  11. Lol, I don't know if I should be insulted or flattered.
  12. The real question is a personal one for Gaudreau: does he want to be here? I don't think anyone can question the kid's skill or drive. You don't excel in the NHL at 5'7" if you lack either of those. But there is a question of what's important to him.
  13. That's good news. I'm more upset about another southern expansion team than the prospect of losing players. But if it helps us I won't complain as much.
  14. Thanks. I honestly have paid zero attention to the expansion draft. It irritates and I don't like that it's happening. So my approach has been to stick my head in a hole and pretend it's not happening.
  15. Wait, are you saying we don't protect Tkachuk? Or is there some reason we don't have to?