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  1. CastleMania


    I don't think it makes a difference. Why pull Elliott at this point? Either he goes on a tear and we win 4 in a row or we're out of the playoffs. It doesn't matter who's in net.
  2. I moved to Australia a few weeks ago, but I think it's easier to follow the Flames from here than from NY.

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    2. Saymzies


      Which part of Aus? The only issue with game times is work meetings being scheduled during games but I do my best to move them around to not conflict with my priorities..

    3. CastleMania


      I'm in Sydney. Thankfully, I can usually avoid work conflicts and just watch the game on my ipad or phone.

    4. Anie8706
  3. And... Happy Birthday Kulstad! Thanks for working to make the Flames Forum a better place!

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    2. swtrooper


      Happy Birthday Kulstad!

    3. Pyromancer


      Extremely Belated Happy Birthday...Try as you might..You'll never catch up :-P

    4. s4xon


      Happy B-day bud. Man, I've been MIA.

  4. Happy Birthday JTech! Hopefully the flames can give you a win tonight!

    1. Pyromancer


      Ditto...the Flames will eventually reward all the hardcore fans

    2. s4xon


      Happy Birthday JT. Representing Alberta north.

  5. I can not be prouder of where this team went this year. In October, if you asked if I'd be watching Flames hockey on May 11, I would have laughed at you. But here we are. This team has a bright future ahead and will only get better. I can't wait for next season.

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    2. rocketdoctor


      Absolutely. Been a great year for the Flames.

    3. travel_dude


      It's funny, but I thought Johnny was going to get about 67 points, based on his NCAA career. I never thought he would become such a key guy throughout the season, though. Key, as in leading the Flames to comebacks, scoring key goals, taking the punishment that the NHL dishes out. With him, Mony, and Bennett, we have our future franchise players. That doesn't even talk about the value of Brodie and Gio's play, which was stellar.

    4. Flyerfan52


      Now that the disappointment from yesterday has worn off we're still on a high from the season. Now the real work begins for off ice staff. Make us even better.

  6. CastleMania


    I feel bad for Mac. Actually, I feel bad for a lot of players on this team. Mac is a quality backup, but this team is constantly placing players in positions where they are bound to fail.
  7. CastleMania


    I'm calling shenanigans! Mac just doesn't have the rebound control to be a starter. Let's see what Ramo can do!
  8. CastleMania


    It's funny that in a league where success is determined by Stanley Cups, you discount goaltenders who have won and add value to those goaltenders who you claim are "athletic." You know why Stanley Cup teams tend to have goalies that are positional instead of athletic? It's simple, positional goalies are consistent from night to night. The team in front of them knows what they are going to get and can adjust their play to suit the needs of the goalies. Let's take it one step further. Here's the losing (second place) team in those seasons goaltenders: 2013 Rask - Finland 2012 Brodeur - Canada 2011 Luongo- Canada 2010 Leighton - Canada 2009 Osgood - Canada 2008 Fleury - Canada 2007 Emery - Canada 2006 Roloson - Canada So what is that? 14 goalies from North America who have started in a Stanley Cup finals since the lockout in comparison to 2 (I may have missed a goalie). It's nice that you make all these value statements about North American goalies, but it looks to me that when it comes to winning cups--the only thing that matters in my books--North American goalies are rather apt for the task.
  9. CastleMania


    Umm, Stanley Cup champion goalies since the lockout: 2013 Crawford - Canada 2012 Quick - USA 2011 Thomas - USA 2010 Niemi - Finland 2009 Fleury - Canada 2008 Osgood - Canada 2007 Giguere - Canada 2006 Ward - Canada I think your point is moot.
  10. Happy Bday Kulstad!

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    2. s4xon


      Happy B Day my fellow zombified mod. :P

    3. DirtyDeeds


      Pop over to the bandwagon and I'll buy you a couple drinks and celebrate... HB

    4. Kulstad


      thanks for all the birthday wishes, guys :-)

  11. I think the league would be in better shape if they issued a proclamation on the goals of their suspension system. Do we want a retributive, restorative, or rehabilitative system of suspensions and discipline? If there was some guiding principle in the way suspensions are handed out there would be more consistency.
  12. Everyone i n Calgary, please stay dry. My thoughts are with you guys. Devastated to see the state of my city.

  13. The only difference is that the teams made the contracts and then the teams pushed to change the rules. Also, a lot of those contracts were made when it was abundantly clear that the rules were going to be changed (not the luongo contract obviously, but see weber, parise, suter for examples). So while I agree with you for the most part, I don't fully sympathize with that position.
  14. I think that the Flames were a pre-lockout team playing in a post-lockout world. I think the Canucks are now a post-lockout team playing in another new world. I believe there was a turning point in the way the game is played, and it actually started in the Canucks run. Interestingly enough, the Canucks looked unstoppable that year until Boston started playing them physically and the refs let them get away with it. The game has become much more physical and much more defensive once again, and the current Canucks roster is not built to play that way. It's not really Gillis fault, but the league has evolved.
  15. Let me help you with the easiest way of doing this. Just click the post number in the top right corner of any post. It will give you a bookmark. Copy, and paste. If that's how you did it, then this was redundant
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